DE35 "Stuart" Reveals, There has Never Been a Better Time to be In the Music Business!
Published November 8, 2015
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    DE35 StuartFM | Master Musician from Portland



    Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter and master storyteller. And boy have I got a story to tell today! On this episode, I have with me the amazing Stuart of I’m excited to have him on the show today, as this music master has got it nailed down! His guitar riffs and slides is heaven to the ears!


    Join us as we chat about his history, when he first picked up his guitar - which was supposedly for his sister - and how the music of legend Jimi Hendrix has pushed him more toward the path of music! I had a wonderful chat with Stuart, and I bet you will too! His tracks are amazing, and worth every second to listen to. Stuart and I also get into the topic of the future of music - fidelity and royalty and how these are important to balance out the equation in the music world - and how important it is to get the attention of your audience. It’s important for today’s artists to have more fans or followers than actually sell records.


    Truly inspiring, Stuart isn’t only a musician but a successful entrepreneur as well, giving rise to the NIA Technique, which is a worldwide fitness and wellness holistic educational company.


    You definitely want to check this episode out!


    On this episode:

    • You’ll learn about how Stuart borrowed his sister’s guitar at 11 and discovered that he had fallen in love with music
    • Stuart tells us about growing up in an American military family and spending most of his life in Rome - because if you’re going to do it in style, then do it in Italy!
    • He tells us about his song “Trees,” which has been translated into Italian! How awesome is that!
    • Stuart talks about his song “Forever,” and how it was written during his period of teenage angst.
    • You’ll learn about Stuart’s business, NIA, which focuses on fitness and wellness and helps people understand the language of their bodies.
    • “Pain, shame, anger, and blame” - the emotions he felt while writing the song “Two Little Children,” as he was amidst a difficult time in his life.
    • Stuart and I exchange our opinions on our music’s fidelity and royalty.
    • Stuart lets us in on what he does during his downtime!


    StuartFM Songs featured:


    Resources and links:

    Stuart.FM - Stuart’s website



    Follow Stuart on social media:

    Facebook: Stuart.FM

    Twitter: @StuartFM7

    Reverbnation: Stuart7

    Soundcloud: StuartFM

    YouTube: Stuart60


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