DE33 Kimberly Otte from Denver Colorado Sings and writes with Style!
Published November 1, 2015
38 min
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    DE33 Kimberly Otte 


    Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter and master storyteller. In today’s episode, I have a very special guest who is an absolute natural-born artist. It’s my pleasure to have with me on the show, Kimberly Otte straight from Denver, Colorado.


    Kimberly grew up in a home that didn’t allow much extracurricular activities, but she knew deep in her heart that she wanted to make music; she just didn’t know how. Eventually, Kimberly moved from her small hometown of Valentine, Nebraska, to Denver where she studied art. At this point in her life, she finally decided to take music lessons and live her passion for music. And the rest, as they say, is history.


    Now, Kimberly is living her dream writing and playing music. It’s such an inspirational and moving story. Listen for more of Kimberly story now!


    On this episode:

    • You’ll learn what pushed Kimberly to pursue her musical career
    • Awesome sound clips from Kimberly’s song which will surely convert you to becoming a fan!
    • How she came about producing an album and how she has been faring so far
    • Find out what Kimberly does to focus and get in the zone for creating music
    • Check out when, where, and how inspiration hits Kimberly!
    • Find out Kimberly favorite music and artists (she likes soul and RnB, as well as Adele and Anthony Hamilton!)


    Quotes from Kimberly:

    • “I was escaping through music.”
    • “My songs are about empowering women and double standards.”
    • “I write out all my emotions and experiences on paper.” -on how she writes songs
    • “It centers me.” -on yoga
    • “When I run, it’s kind of meditative for me.”
    • “Just keep pushing myself to go to the next step.” -on her challenger for herself


    Kimberly Otte Songs featured:

    • Just One Kiss
    • Lonely Tears
    • Marrying Me
    • Love Is Possible

    Follow Kimberly:

    Kimberly Otte’s website

    Facebook: Kimberly Otte

    Twitter: @KimberlyOtte01

    Reverbnation: Kimberly Otte

    Soundcloud: Kimberly Otte

    YouTube: KimberlyOtte01


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