DE26 April Forrest Singer/Songwriter from Boston
Published October 7, 2015
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    Born in Connecticut but new home is Boston! Dancing in the Crib! I did ballet, went to New York often, loved hip hop, wanted to be President until Selina's death. Using my dancing to go into music, then took up flute, didgeridoo, and kazoo (not really) but then came piano, I like to describe my music to producers, then by way of selection, I will process and then select. Jada was a band that I spent 8 years in, a Boston based girl group, I brought my dance chops to the table while working on my singing.

    Worked with Red One, and Ray Kaye, both established producers. We modeled ourselves after Vogue, and boys to men. I need to learn how to navigate the business and we kept our circle tight. Working with Surefire creative studios, Jared is the Producer I am working with now, and he is singing on "Believe"

    I was involved with Dancing and Modeling, but felt I was too short to be a Runway model and was not really interested in that. Modeling is an interesting career, but does not always look like it feels! At one time I was asked to take off my top at a photo shoot, and had to cry over this! Not my thing, no one prepared us for this. Dancers have a way of carrying themselves, its hard to get a photo of me, so I am looking like I am swallowing a frog!!!#$%^& 

    I have weeks were I am in creative mode, and it depends on how I am feeling, then sometimes I go 2 or 3 weeks without writing, but I always have idea's in my head!

    Boston had lots of Unique musicians, Berkley of course, Rock, House and Dance music, but not lots of Pop music. Lots of bar bands and open mic's to play out. Focusing on finishing my EP and getting it out there in January. I sang the national anthem with Jada at Gillette Stadium, Madison Square Garden, The new EP will be titled Electric Love and out in January

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    * Electric Love

    * Believe

    * Forever





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