Intersectional money advice!
I’ve been listening to Jessica’s podcast for a while, but her latest episode on money and mental health is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in the personal finance space. It’s so so important to talk about and I’m grateful for the conversation!
Positive vibes!
Always lovely hearing Jessica
Terrible interviews
Terrible interviews. No information, they never get to the point. It’s a jerk off between finance nerds.
Lots of talk, no information
Like a lot of podcasts out there, the interviews here are unstructured conversations that don’t really end up getting at the point or providing actionable tips or information.
Want mo’ of this podcast!
Really enjoy this podcast. It’s such a nice balance of depth and fun and it also has a nice balance of the varied topics in the personal finance space. Also side note: I love her laugh - it brings such a smile to my face.
Finance in language I can understand! Thank you
Jess is a boss and a charming host. I love it!
Awesome show, highly recommend!
J. Barshop
Jessica and her guests share actionable and inspiring lessons on how to become a better investor and (more importantly) a better overall person. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Mo' Money Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach your overall business goals (and achieve financial freedom as a result)!
I listened to my first episode, something like How to Make a Million from Blogging. She interviewed a very successful blogger who was indeed making a million. However in the interview they spoke for about 30 seconds on how to make money from a blog and about 15 minutes on life as a full-time traveler and what it's like to live in an RV. Not helpful and waste of time. Unsubscribed.
Interesting Interviews and Solid Tips
Jessica's podcast is great to listen to. I find that her guests all have something interesting to convey - many make me consider aspects of personal finance I would have never thought of before. There are very few times where anything is Canada-specific (and therefore, not applicable to me). I find it's one of the podcasts I most look forward to when I see a new episode pop up in the queue!
Personal finance in plain English
A lot of people think they break down personal finance for the everyday person but they don't. They don't seem to understand that some people are just starting on their financial journey and they don't understand all of the lingo yet. Jessica helps you understand concepts in terms that anyone can understand. Thank you Jessica. I am a recent listener but, have gone back and listened to your archive. I've loved all of them. You make personal finance knowledge more attainable for the rest of us. I look forward to hearing more! Update 10/7/2017 I still stand by what I initually said. Jessica is amazing. She brings personal finance down to a level where people can understand it. I listened to other PF podcast and they would be so far ahead that I couldn't make heads from tales. She has great guest and I even love her solo interviews. Keep up the great work Jessica. Blink2ice aka Wealthywallet
After a long search for a practical, informative and engaging Podcast on all things money matters, Jessica Moorhouse's is my favorite and the absolute best. Most other money Podcasts are overly technical and extremely boring. Is hard to find one that offers practical advice for everyday people without being judgmental and condescending. Jessica is absolutely neither. She is interesting to listen to and covers topics that are on the minds of everyday people. She also seems to really care about everyone’s success and is a great interviewer of her guests covering a broad range of topics. Thank you, Jessica, and keep up the amazing work. LOVE IT!
Look forward to each episode release
Upbeat and Positive Influence
It wasn't long after I had discovered Jessica's podcast earlier this year that I had listened to and finished all of her episodes! I love the upbeat and pleasant tone of each episode. She really makes the interviews sound like she's hanging out with a good friend which is one reason why I enjoy this podcast so much. The finance messages portrayed helps me stay focused and motivated on my goals. I also learn so much! Missed this podcast over its summer break and happy to have my weekly dose of Mo' Money Podcast back!
Helping people to succeed through finance!
Thank you for providing a great show that helps people be independent and succeed!
Awesome Podcast
Brooke Craven
Jessica, host of Mo' Money Podcast, highlights aspects of investing and personal finance in this can't miss podcast. Jessica and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Simply love it
I love Jessica's podcast. Simple and not filled with jargon yet drives the point home. More power to her.
Great podcast!
Jessica is entertaining and helpful! She is an incredible resource for those of us who struggle with personal finances. Keep up the great work!
My Kind Of Podcast
Impatient Fan
I pop in my earbuds and eavesdrop on fun conversations with great guests about my favorite topic, money! Jessica is easy to listen to, asks great questions and lands interesting guests. Fast becoming one of my favorites!
Trustworthy and Keeps You Going!
Am Ill
I've listened to several podcasts on finance and after listening to about 6 episodes I've come to depend on Mo' Money. I'm of an older generation than Jessica but her words and guests help me keep going on my goals. Also, she doesn't cut anyone down, she is honest and trustworthy. She speaks on what she knows and brings in people, who are wise, to comment on what she doesn't. It's fun and easy and immediately practicial yet still kind of Chicken Soup for the Finanicla Soul while moving you forward on your goals.
Thank you
Thank you for sharing your insight's and being a woman talking about personal finance. I often play your podcasts while driving my daughters around town so they hear a voice they can identify with, talking about personal finance.
Awesome Personal Finance Podcast for Millennials!
Drew Kleiner
This podcast has been very insightful to the world of personal finance. It’s like listening to your best friend have an interesting and fun conversation about money at a coffee shop. Jessica’s stories and guests have helped push me to get a side job to help pay down debt and I’m happy to say I’ve never been in a better financial position! Thank you Jessica!
Great podcast with awesome guests on the show!
Harry Campbell - Rideshare Guy
Just tuned in to Jessica’s interview with Robb Engen. Awesome to hear how he took his blog from a part time hobby into a profitable online gig. Loved the interview and will be tuning in for some more interviews by Jessica for sure!
Finally a Money Podcast that Speaks to be ME and My Generation
I found this podcast because some friends of mine have been guests on the show (Cait Flanders, Anthony Ongaro, & Sarah Peterson) but after listening to those episodes I downloaded the rest and listened through them all and look forward to new episodes. Jessica is a positive and engaging host who asks wonderfully insightful questions to get the most wisdom out of her guests. I also really enjoy her solo episodes where she shares her behind-the-scenes personal experience related to life and money. As someone in his early 30s with multiple college degrees, a mound of student debt, and passions and ambitions that don’t specifically align with the “traditional track” that I went to school for, it is refreshing to hear the experiences, stories, and non-traditional approaches that others have used to pursue the life they really want while being smart with their money. We all know there are others out there struggling with that same things we are, but in the world of personal finance I was having trouble finding people I could relate to. However, this podcast has opened up a whole new world to me. It has given me practical and actionable advice along with inspiration.
If You Want Mo' Money Listen to This!
So happy to find a girl talking about finances. She has a great voice and the guest have been so informative. This podcast is definitely keeping me motivated on my debt free journey.
I hope Jessica Moorehouse is here to stay!
The secret to Jessica's success has been revealed. She comes from good stock!! The podcast with her grandfather was by far her best and most inspiring interview. Improving with each episode, I am expecting great things from the Jessica Moorehouse brand in the future. Thanks for the work!!
A personal finance Podcast I can relate to as a designer(who is 26 years old) who also had to change my original career path. Easy to listen to with great advice.
Love this podcast
jill freeland
Jessica (the host) is so smart. Plus she chooses the most interesting people to interview! I have learned so much from these podcasts!
Great podcast no matter what stage of life you're at!
Really enjoy this podcast! Jessica is very sincere and honest. Her style and format is great for anyone looking to learn about personal finance while driving in the car, working out at the gym, commuting to work or just relaxing at home. With every episode, she gets right to the point and has a wide variety of guests with interesting stories and experiences to share. Add this podcast to your listening library today!
Entertaining and honest
Podcasting is exciting. Audio is clear and crisp. Content is creative. It's great she got her hubs on the mic. Money Bacon Guy approved!
Fun Personal Finance Podcast
I’m really enjoying this new personal finance podcast! Jessica has a great voice to listen to and so far all her interviews have been fun, informative, and I’ve really been able to relate to the discussions and found inspiration for my own personal finance journey.
Great New Personal Financial Podcast
I stumbled upon this new personal finance podcast and look forward to having it in my arsenal of podcasts in the future. Jessica is very open about her own information which is great and the guests so far have been very informative. Looking forward to hearing about company employment plans for non-profits such as 403(b) and 457 since I am facing the dilemma of enrolling in my 403(b) right now.
Fun financial podcast
Relatable and practical financial podcast for millennials.
Glad to have found
I’m glad to have found a podcast about finances. I have listened to 2 of the podcasts so far and both have been informative about how others are making it financially. I feel it will be good to continue listening for moral support.
Great new personal finance podcast!
Kate Dore
I listened to all three episodes and I’m seriously digging it. Jessica’s conversations feel natural and it’s clear she’s genuinely interested in helping other with their money. I especially enjoyed the episode with Cait from Blonde on a Budget. It felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriends, talking money over a glass of wine.
Great New Money Podcast!
Jessica has a terrific radio voice, keeps the podcast moving and really seems to enjoy talking about money! She also picks terrific guests to interview with really interesting stories.
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