August 30, 2016
Joining me this week on Fashion Friends is Founder / Creative Director of Boy Meets Girl — Stacy Igel! In this episode we’re gearing up for fashion month and discussing some of the trends we might see (not like velvet and ruffles but more like see now buy now, live streaming, etc.) We’ll also be talking about the ever changing retail landscape and where Stacy stands on this with her brand. If you don’t know Boy Meets Girl you’re going to be disappointed it took you so long to find out about them BUT at least you know about it now right? Stacy is one of those innovators that was doing everything before it was “a thing” and because of that, she has some really insightful stories and advice you’re not going to want to miss. Plus she’s got a brand new collaboration out that you would never expect in a million years. Let’s just say you’re going to feel super nostalgic (but you’ll have to tune in to find out what it is!) You can find more information about this episode here:
August 2, 2016
Join Fashion Technologist, Chloe Watts of chloedigital, and I as we talk about an array of fashion meets technology topics. Self-taught web developer, Chloe Watts, started her business by creating websites for bloggers and when she felt there was some sort of connectivity missing, she started another outlet of her business where she provides strategy and tech support to some of the world's top style publishers. In this episode we'll discuss what it's like to be a woman in tech (specifically a girl coder!), what the startup scene is like in London (where Chloe is from and where chloedigital resides), how to keep up with social media trends and more. You can learn more about Chloe and get details about this episode on
June 27, 2016
OG Fashion Blogger turned swimwear designer Gabi Greg (AKA Gabi Fresh) joins me this week on Fashion Friends. Discussing the latest fashion news like the FTC cracking down on brands like Shinola and bloggers who fail to disclose their paid partnerships. Who better to discuss than two bloggers?! Find out how Gabi got started in blogging, how she found a plus size community online who felt the same way about fashion that she did, and how this all got her to where she is today (including adding "swimwear designer" to her resume!) You can find more information about this episode on
June 9, 2016
This week on Fashion Friends, closet concierge / personal shopper, Drew Harris of Shop Your Closets, joins me for a conversation about the latest fashion news and the wonderful world of retail. First up, we'll be discussing brands like Michael Kors who are scaling back in department stores in order to create less supply with hopes of more demand. We'll also talk about the latest Resort shows and how they've become more of a spectacle year after year (think Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton). You'll get to learn more about Drew and how he went from climbing the ladder at Gap (during the golden Mickey Drexler years) to managing several departments at Barneys and how he finally left the retail circuit to create his own business in Chicago. You can get more information about this week's episode here --
April 22, 2016
When you hear about someone who's had a successful career in fashion, we alway seem to assume they've eaten (well, barely) breathed and slept fashion their whole lives. And for those who might admire fashion from afar (with hopes of maybe involved in the fashion industry one day) know that you don't have to take the typical path. You might work in finance one day and then end up styling a major celebrity at a huge music festival...just like my latest Fashion Friend, Whitney Middleton. It's funny how Whitney and I met because she actually took over my job as social media coordinator when I left eDrop-Off to pursue ChiCityFashion full time (and when she did this, it was a big career change for her as well...which you can learn more about when you listen to this week's episode). If this were an episode of Seinfeld I'd say "yada yada yada she now styles Chance The Rapper." But replace that "yada yada yada" with "just listen to the episode" and you'll learn everything you need to know. Whitney's styling career hasn't been something she's been doing for a super long time so you're definitely going to want to hear how she's gotten to work with such amazing clients in a short amount of time (of course, great career advice included!) Before we get to Whitney's story, we'll discuss the latest fashion news like addressing some rumors in the designer musical chairs department (including one of the world's most famous designers possibly retiring). And even though you already know about my love for The First Monday In May it's something I decided to bring to Fashion Friends for a bit more of an in-depth discussion. Visit for more information.
April 7, 2016
If you've never heard of Modern Citizen, then listen up...because this is going to be your new favorite shopping destination! In this week's episode you get to hear from Modern Citizen's founder and CEO, Jess Lee, who has some fascinating insight to the world of fashion startups. But before we get to all that, we'll discuss the week's fashion Alice + Olivia staging their first ever "see now buy now" fashion show at Coachella, the major changes happening at Saint Laurent (who's in and who's out!) as well as Kylie Jenner's new super Photoshopped Paper Magazine cover. And just when you thought everything in fashion has been done before, Jess proves us wrong...with Modern Citizen. Filling the void of affordable, timeless, chic, styles (basics with a twist, if you will), you will be adding to cart as soon as this episode is over! You can find more information about this week's episode here:
March 25, 2016
CollegeFashionista founder Amy Levin joins me this week on Fashion Friends. We kick things off by discussing a very important topic -- Do you need a blog to be a successful influencer? Amy and I have different answers so tune in to find out more. We'll also talk about the surprise winners at this year's Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards. Amy has a very interesting story on how she started her website (not surprisingly...from her college apartment). You'll learn more about how she networked her way to running a successful website with over 3,000 contributors nationwide...and if you're thinking about starting your own website (regardless of your background), listen up! Because Amy has some solid advice for us all. You can get more information about this episode on
March 10, 2016
Join Red Soles and Red Wine blogger / t+j Designs CEO / e-book author, Jen Worman, as we discuss running a fashion brand (which also happens to be a family business) and how she balances it all (her answer most definitely will surprise you). Her new e-book is all about gaining Instagram followers (in an authentic way) so whether you're a brand or an individual who wants to grow their social following, you'll definitely want to tune in. Jen also gives us some solid advice for anyone out there who might want to one day run their own fashion brand. But before we get into all this good stuff, we'll be kicking it off by wrapping up fashion month and discussing two very important shows from Paris Fashion Week -- Lanvin and Saint Laurent. Find out why they're worth discussing (important stuff here, guys!) in this week's episode. You can find more about this episode here --
March 2, 2016
Do you know how much it really costs to get ready for the Oscars red carpet? The numbers might just surprise you (they sure surprised me!) This week on Fashion Friends, my guest (who is also a fellow podcaster as well as author / wellness advocate / fashion enthusiast) Jessica Murnane and I discuss all things Oscars...including the only topic that matters -- best and worst dressed. We'll also talk about how Jessica went from fashion PR and creative consulting for fashion brands to creating her brand One Part Plant / It goes to show you might think you're on the career path you've always wanted but regardless of what happens, it's never too late to do what you really love. You can get more information about this episode on
February 18, 2016
Glossier's Editor, Emily Ferber, joins us this week on Fashion Friends. We'll be discussing our favorite shows from New York Fashion Week as well as our best dressed picks from the Grammys. Emily has a great story of how she worked her way up to Editor at Glossier so this is one not to miss! As a beauty editor, you'll get to find out her favorite skincare products, as well as learn more about Glossier / Into the Gloss and how they've leveraged reader feedback to develop one of the most talked about beauty brands out there right now. You can find more information about this episode on
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