The teleporter.
Light worker 73
Excellent show. Wish the trips were longer. About half hour drama, and half hour discussion.
This podcast always makes me think
I love how Rose approaches topics that have potential big changes for us and breaks their implications and possibilities down. Great show!
A great pod doing all the little things right
Cracked Tyler
I got into the show back in the spring and have been following along since the “BODIES” mini-season. The topics explored are always great and often are different from other futurist insights I’ve viewed. The scripting is on point, the interviews are intriguing, the jokes are a delight. I’ve enjoy the recent format of linked opening skits, and I’m sad to see them go, but I’m sure Eveleth, the host, will continue being creative in framing these future topics. I really appreciate the light content warnings. I love the exploration of concepts like restorative justice. This is my favorite new show in a long while, and I can’t wait to hear more.
Excellent show, excellent host
Marco Velasquez Jr.
I can't suggest one episode because so many are fantastic. The host cares, she's insightful, giving us good stories well told.
Fascinating ideas, half-assed research and discussion. And debating poisioning yourself ("Fitness in a Bottle") for an entire episode isn't cute or professional.
Grouping of the prologues
R. Zee
I just started listening a week ago, during my work hours a bit and commutes a lot. I have to say I really dig the grouped prologue mini-sodes. Coincidentally the first episodes that hooked me are the Earth theme season eps, and as a result my favorite prologue was the Snowglobe, even though it was the least popular for the masses. I think they depend on whether you listen to one a week or all 5 at once. I’m bummed that you’re halting the practice, but I’ll still listen to everything you put out! Planning to become a patron soon!
Big ideas, well presented
Every episode of @flashforwardpod is great, but the latest, “Moon Court,” was SO great. The student debate intro is perfect, guests (as always) are well chosen, and it builds to a generous, well-argued conclusion that has stayed with me. Excited for next season.
Five stars
da bean boy
Amazing Podcast
The best way to describe this podcast is science fiction intertwined with reality! The host takes different hypotheticals of what the future would be like if an event, a disaster or a technological advancement came about. Then she talks to experts to see how these events would effect our society and the likelihood of these events occurring. I love how open minded she is, that has to be one of the main reasons why I keep coming back and listening to more episodes!
All the fun of a time travel sci-fi with in depth topics
Media Pete
This podcast is real edutainment. I wish it ran year round. It would be a great format for a full production tv show. The host/producer Rose Eveleth does a great job concentrating a consent with dramatic story and then guiding us deep into the topic with experts. Thank you. I have loved each of this season’s mini series, even the Snowglobe Show.
Great/Interesting Topics, But...
Joshua A. Mangrum
I’ve enjoyed hearing about the future, and it was super interesting for awhile. The different topics were informative and really cool. But... As the show progressed Rose insisted on pushing her liberal views on us the audience, more then the occasional mentioning, which was fine - if that’s what you believe great, good for you. But I don’t need to hear about it, especially since 98% of the time it doesn’t have to do with the show or topic, it just makes her feel better. “Even if you believe the death penalty is warranted in some cases (I do), Which for the record I do not” That’s the most recent example, but it happens in every show: The U.S. justice system is flawed (It’s one of the best in the world) People of lesser race are treated less the White, Straight Males (I am not, white, and I do not believe that people of color are treated less then in modern society) Slavery in the past has nothing to do with the way people today view one another I could go on for awhile, if you are liberal and interested in the future this is definitely for you! If not then don’t listen, I’m unsubscribing!
Great job Rose
This podcast is entertaining, informative and always a great listen.
Really cool podcast.
This show thoughfully and creativly explores versions of the near future with insightful expert interviews and fun scenes that illustrate the impacts of the technology under discussion. Highly recommend this for fans of both science fiction and near future technologies.
Keep up the great work Rose
Kitty Pogonia
Such a fascinating show! And one of my favorite podcasts. She dives into aspects of each topic that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I like that she goes beyond just the science to investigate the social impacts these possible futures could create, because they would definitely have social impacts! Very well researched and informative. I feel like I have learned a lot from listening, and always look forward to new episodes!
Lowkey smartest podcast on here.
Always get excited when I see a new episode has released. Some seasons were a bit rocky in places but the 2019 season is destroying. Look for Rose and Flash Forward to be winning all the awards this year. Get in now.
Science fiction double feature
If you love science fiction, this podcast is for you. I’ve started to see the science fiction in the world around me thanks to Rose and her amazing work. I downloaded the Apple podcast app just to leave her a review.
Relevant questions, discussions, and scenarios about topics that we may inevitably face down the road! One of my favorite podcasts. Especially love the little “skits” at the beginning.
Excellent host and content, horrendous intros
It’s an amazing podcasts, but the openings always being the same/a minor twist is annoying. I also miss the episodes being 30-40 minutes long, that time is perfect for my commute. Now, I have to skip the beginning, because I hate the future parts, and get to the science, pause it once my commute is done and pick it back up... eventually. Rose is a wonderful host and the science is fascinating, but I think the changes/miniseries she’s started make it a bit boring for me and I stopped listening as consistently and stopped recommending it to people.
Top Notch, Playful Research
Caleb Alexander
Love this show. Rose combines wit and humor with the intriguing, sometimes dour predictions of the future. Production is high quality, making the storytelling aspects strong, which is backed up by interviews, citations, and more. Check this out and keep an ear open for her “little references,” I swear they’re in there!
A gateway podcast
This is the podcast that finally got me into podcasts after people telling me to listen to them for the past decade. Rose does an exceptional job at producing, research, editing, and entertaining. The guests she has are always relevant and accurate. I love this and if you are at all interested in science/technology/the future in any way then start listening to this podcast. It Has made my commutes something I look forward to.
Future Fun
I love this podcast! I’ve listened to almost every episode. It’s always interesting and insightful. Rose has thoughtful questions as well as a delightful sense of humor, and the show always has fascinating experts. I only wish I was there to join the conversation!
One of the best
Perseus Gray
This show is well-researches, funny, and crazy educational. There is so much trippy stuff on this show that I listen to then SOMEHOW ends up in the cultural limelight is batty. There is also a LOT about the future I’ve never thought of before, and this show is great on illuminating all the strange pieces of the future you don’t get in books— like how it would actually effect daily life, the government, your security, how classism effects your ability to access technology, and more. It’s a great listen, you can jump in at pretty much any point, the host is AMAZING, and all the guests have interesting things to say. Listen to this podcast, sci-fi fans!! You will not regret it.
Hard to stop listening too
Open minded people enlightenin
Makes you want to keep coming back for more.
I love this podcast!
This podcast is definitely one of my favorites! I am creeping closer and closer to finishing the old episodes! I wish there were more!!!!!
Good Science, Bad Politics
Adam B. Rush
I am giving the Podcast five stars because I want the Podcast to succeed; however, it seems that every episode seems to devolve into Leftist super and overtly politically correct and made up liberal vocabulary like “ableism” and “hetero-normative”. We can ditch the social justice narrative and just stick with the science. Not everything in this world is racist or sexist or marginalizing.
I’m obsessed with this show. I have a crazy commute and spend 3 hours a day in my car and this podcast makes the soul crushing traffic bearable. Can’t recommend this enough.
Lillllll lõplik
I looooooooooovveeeee this podcast. It is so well put together into a full investigative story and has given me tons of insight to how complex pretty much anything is. What a cool show. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
great show!
Urkle-bot Murder Plot
a creative and clever way to learn about the future in an educational way. love every episode
Rose is stellar!
The worse thing about this podcast for me... is that I just listened to the last episode I hadn’t heard already.
Really interesting
Great podcast, I like listening to it when I drive to work
I just came across this podcast, and I love it. The episodes are so engaging and thoroughly researched and thought out.
Totally unique, even-handed, and fascinating
Rose is a scary-smart powerhouse who creates one of the best-produced podcasts I've ever had the good fortune to pour into my ears. She is funny and earnest and completely genuine. Every episode is an extended inquiry into a possible future, and in the process, Rose interviews people from many different sides of the future technology at stake. My personal favorite episodes are the ones about AI making art, ocean-farming collapsing, and universal basic income.
I LOVE this podcast.
Desiree Sarchet
Rose does a fantastic job at past, present and future! It’s so smart how she takes you to a potential future and then tells the story of that hypothetical based on history, experts, and ideas from various viewpoints and both sides of the coin. I love it and can’t get enough! Well done 👍
Consistently interesting and creative
Rose does a great job of examining interesting ideas and exploring futures from sci-fi and science. Always well researched and entertaining!
A podcast for the curious and the skeptical alike
A thoughtful and fun show! The topic selection is fantastic, and episodes are well-written and engaging.
Thought-provoking but depressing and one-sided
"Tune in next week and hear Rose Eveleth destroy any hope of a bright future". That's the line that comes to mind when I think of this podcast. I listened to at least ten episodes and tried to give it a chance, but as someone who wants to believe that the future could be good and technology can help the human species, this show is a real downer. Maybe that's ok for you if you're a techno-skeptic and like hearing about how every innovation will be just the worst. In the show's defense, it does dig into some potential consequences of whichever future, and often those consequences are quite unexpected. But at the same time, why are the consequences the show delves into almost always bad?
Entertaining Educational and Thought Provoking
I love everything from the creative audio drama bits, Rose’s sense of humor, the science communication, historical context and the thought provoking questions about what our futures might look like.
Makes my work days great!
One of the best shows I’ve ever heard! I recommend it to all my podcast people
Best science podcast!
One of my favorite podcasts, informative and entertaining.
Entertaining and interesting
Rose always does a great job laying out whatever scenario she's discussing and her sense of humor is subtle and hilarious. Give her a listen!
Entertaining and makes you think
Socks 404
Unlike any other podcast out there. This is a fun and entertaining dive into thought experiments and research. Each episode has a mini radio play that illustrates a theoretical future scenario, then interviews legitimate academic experts to explore the possibilities. Guests are highly qualified and The hosts does a great job tying it all together in an entertaining and educational way. Rose basically does this work herself and puts out consistently quality content. She deserves recognition for the great work she does!
Love listening at work
I’m learning so much! Plus now work goes faster... :)
This podcast is very informational
Brain food
WOW, just WOW
I love Rose!!! How can you not, honestly? Personable, friendly, and considerate. What about the show? It’s well researched, magically produced, and amazing thoroughly for every episode (as much as anyone can with only 45-50 min). I do have one suggestion though! If you keep the future portion to a set amount of time for every episode, listeners will know what’s going on instead of wondering. For example, if you set 5 min for every future intro, people won’t have to wonder how long is this, or when is it going to end, or how much do I have to skip forward (in case they happen to not like something). I love the flash forward parts, I get to see you being really creative! But I noticed some reviewers didn’t like snow globe haha. Anyways! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!
best science pod
this is the best science pod period.
This blows my mind
I love it! My mind is constantly being blown. It’s very interesting. You should do a video on the future of quantum bit computers, or just the future of computers. (Do you really read all the comments?)
Smart & thoughtful
My new favorite pod!
The Best Podcast
This is by far the best podcast I have come across in the 4 years since I’ve started listening to podcasts. It is incredibly entertaining, it’s super informative, and the educational value one gains from listening to an episode cannot be overstated. As a student of mechanical engineering deciding what problems of the future to dedicate myself to, this podcast has been instrumental in widening my field of vision, so to speak, when trying to envision a better future. I hope it is around for many years to come and I just want to thank everyone involved for all the hard work that goes into producing each and every episode.
Shark tank crap
As a first time listener, starting off with that horrible shark tank thing at the beginning was just confusing and not entertaining at all. It made me want to stop listening and write this off as a terrible podcast. At least add time codes in the description so I can skip past it and get to the content I came here for
      0:00:00 / 0:00:00