S R McIlveen
I’m in agreement with the above comments ! As a 72 year old my internal gray matter is stimulated and challenged! Gods blessings be upon you and all !
Fresh air
Thank God for Eric and the truths he brings !!
Greatly informative and educational.
Love his sense of humor and awesome guests.
Forever a follower
Eric , so look forward to your podcasts! Everyone of them are so good . I learn so much . Your bumper music is awesome !
Two possibilities
Eric Metaxas is either an apostate or a walking Russian bot.
K T McFarland gives me hope!
One stock
It cost 1 1/2 hrs and $50 to find out since November the stock code is SUSPENDED FROM TRADING. LAW SUIT of stock holders US is fox com not $3 GET TIDE OF ADD. Vaughn
Wholesome Hilarity
J Montell
This guy cracks me up. I’m a Ben Shapiro style conservative Republican, but more than that I’m a Christian. If you think you’re something similar to that, the Eric Metaxas Show is going to hit. Love the man
My Favorite Podcast
Truth first
My 3 favorite radio/podcasts Eric Metaxas Rush Limbaugh Dennis Prager
Best bumper music!!
If I had to describe this podcast in 3 words I’d say it’s informative, encouraging, and entertaining. Definitely a favorite.
Thought I would love it
I was looking for a history podcast from a Christian perspective but all I got on this was about 15 minutes of talking about nothing, and WAY to may ads. I couldn’t even make it to the point where they began the interview, I tried to fast forward through some of it and every single place I stopped was an ad or a random song. Just do the interview!
Worthiest podcast in iTunes...
If you want a podcast to grow your mind and sharpen your intellect this is it. Eric utilizes his gifting for razor sharp conversation with everyone he meets. He brings out the best and stabs at the heart of what matters most to consider and pursue in life. LOVE IT.
Too many commercials
Almost more commercial than commentary
Enjoyable Conversations
This is an amazing interview show with varied guests on topics: serious and not-so-serious. The interviews are two-way and genuinely focused on the work of folk being interviewed. However, the detail and allowing people to tell their story has follow up questions and helpful clarifying questions. It is a fantastic show and I hope to have conversations like this. Great radio show to catch on podcast.
Just finished listening to two old podcasts (August 9th, 2019) interviewing Mark Helprin. So interesting...I didnt want it to end! Keep up the great work...both of you!
Daily listener
Very informative and entertaining at the same time.
The Eric Metaxas Show
Prince Hal Truestaff
This is a variety show for the mind. Faith, politics, literature, culture he tackles everything with grace and aplomb. Eric Metaxas is our secret weapon in the culture wars and my everyday podcast.
The best guests
only way to fly
Eric brings the most interesting stories thru his amazing guests!
Incredible show
Great host and covers great topics
Lily's Papa
So according to Ann Coulter, we would have been better off with Hillary Clinton as president and probably should just vote democrat
Too many ads! A complete turn off. Was so excited to find the pod cast as I truly like Eric.
Excellent show with Doug Giles
One of a kind
To quote he man himself, "sui generis". This podcast is the only one of its kind. In a nutshell, the treat you are in for is this: a vibrant Christian bringing his worldview to bear as he and his guests explore literature, current affairs, art, film, miracles, politics, music, humor, fashion, food, sports....
Great guests and tons of free stuff
inner excellence
Every ten minutes or so you can get your prostate sorted for 3 easy payments and get a free information kit and all kinds of things NO obligations and NO commitments. Just call the toll-free number.
Awesome podcast
Great podcast. Love it
If you are not listening to the Eric Metaxas show, you are truly missing out. Eric has the most fascinating guests and brings a much needed perspective in this chaotic culture. He does this with a rare gift of intelligence, wit, and humor. I always walk away a richer human being. Love it!
Sammy B1
Awesome show and content! I always walk away learning something new.
Christian Humanism at its best
The guests are as eclectic as Eric’s intellect. If some are bothered that he cuts folks off, perhaps you should try having such an active mind. And if he promotes his books a lot, that’s cuz you oughta read them. If he supports Trump too much, it’s because he’s not judgmental of man’s myriad foibles but rather sees intention. He is a true patriot, a genuine seeker of truth, and loves Jesus with the sweetest heart. Albin actually has a sweeter heart but his comparatively tiny ego keeps him mostly behind the scenes.
Tim of the bees
Craig Honey Co
Love, love the show. Love how eclectic your interview base is. I would never have found many of the people that you interview if it weren’t for you. Thanks to you and your producer. Found you because you interviewed Brant Hansen. Read Bonhoeffer after listening for a bit. It had been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read for some time.
I look forward to your program every day. I love your fast moving awkward wit and all the interesting people you bring to your show. Ravi Zacharias is absolutely one of my favorite people who in his gentle Indian influences comes through with such humility and soaring intellect. Thanks for all that you and your team do.
Great show
B-2 spirit guy
I’d love to hear TobyMac on your show
Witty yet worthwhile. Perfectly balanced!
Metaxas is a breath of fresh air. As comfortable with deep/controversial topics as he is with the humorous/absurd, Eric challenges assumptions about what it means to be a scripturally faithful person in today world. Thoughtfully covering everything from the miraculous, to the moral, the cultural, the political, and beyond, it’s a refreshing change from the norm. And yes, the commercials really are annoying (lol) just gotta skip those (or get Metaxas Super).
Good content but too many commercials
Anglican Priest
I actually stopped listening midway through an enlightening interview at the second commercial break. No other podcast I listen to does this. 15 mins until interview.
Great great show
Love Eric, love the guests he has, so knowledgeable. Small criticisms- jokes are goofy, you don’t have to mention one of your books every episode.
My New Favorite Podcast
I’m loving your podcast! I became a fan of yours after reading your book on Bonhoeffer and recently discovered your podcast after watching the latest interview you had with Stephen C. Meyer. Every guest you have on your show is truly fascinating. Not sure which book from these individuals to read first?! I’m anxiously awaiting your next guest.
Fascinating podcast
Eric Metaxas has fascinating and often unexpected guests. Especially enjoyed the recent weeklong series with Milo Yiannopoulis. More, please!
5 out of 5
Toaster Drewdle7
Eric please have Steve Bannon on the show.
Witty, humble, and full of fascinating people
There are vanishingly few sources of penetrating, thoughtful discussion on the concerns of our day. Eric Metaxas manages to continually find brilliant thinkers, teachers, businesspeople, and the occasional oddball to round out 45min of great discussion each episode, and frequently spends 1.5hrs or more, divided among two sessions. You’ll have to get used to a few lame jokes, but these are features, not bugs, in the content delivery.
Puts the con and confused
The yard bundling bad things with questionable is dirty politics. So if you you like to hear lotta commercials this is your place
Lovin It!
bany boomer fan
I’m such a fan .. love immersing myself in his talk radio biblical World view perspectives! Thank you And the funky music is wonderful! Keep it going!
Always enjoy his wit
Great Guy But Interrupts Guests Too Much
I realize this is his show, his podcast, and he has the right to talk for the whole time. While Eric has a lot of good insight, he cuts off his guests way too much. Eric, bro., let someone finish their thought before cutting them off and disagreeing.
carol the LPN
Who would have thought Erick is the same guy who wrote that very serious and important work, Bonhoeffer. I found him by accident and am so glad I did. A serious Christian who sees the beauty of the Creator in Pop music! And his love for all people: gay, straight, red and yellow, black and white (from the children’s hymn “Jesus loves the little children.). Listen to each podcast!
Quit mansplaining your questions
I am thankful for how much I learn from the podcast and all the interesting people Eric has as guests. After he asks his question, I fast forward 30-45 seconds and that’s usually when the guest gets to answer. It’s a podcast, it’s free, I get it, still everything isn’t a setup for a punchline.
Add Interruptions
Wonderful interview, but frankly a ridiculous amounts of advertisements, even right in the middle of pertinent points being made.
Thankful for this podcast
I love Eric and Albin, his Ed McMahon! The topics are fantastic and quite varied. I don’t think that people realize how truly hilarious Eric is because he has a subtle and dry sense of humor. On the other hand, some of his shows address sublime topics that stretch one’s thinking about the Bible and Christianity and the latest current events. Thank you for this stimulating and high quality show!
Theologically shallow and politically idolatrous
Great show covering every thing. Eric brings the issues of today to light in a careful way that is so needed. He is not afraid to speak what he believes or say what needs to be said. His guests are fantastic and provide all kinds of topics for discussion. I appreciate Eric's wit and quirky comments as well. Very intelligent and extremely insightful. And undergirding the entire show is a firm foundation of Christian thought and worldview! Very relevant and desperately lacking in our society!
Where are the other episodes?
read my review its good
I love this show!! But what happened to all the episodes before August?
Great show but the ad time is ridiculous
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