Wooaahh... vinegar
I miss it!
Man, I miss this show and hanging out with Matt and Mark. But if you haven’t listened, go back and listen to them all! Such delightful silliness. It’s good for the soul.
Me likey bamsketball!
Matt and Mark make God’s sport a lot more interesting. Thanks my boogies! You’re the best boogies, and the something else boogies.
It’s a rum-tum tugger of a podcast!
Leave it all on the court
Go out there, give it everything you’ve got, show a lot of grit and bring your A game. Win or lose, Matt and Mark have your back and will sing you golden lullabies of sportswomanship.
piano tape
Perfect sandbox. Amazing ideas and execution.
To the team and broadcasters Literally
It just gets better and better
Love this podcast! These guys are amazingly funny and entertaining, even when calling a spelling bee! Comedy gold, and helped me discover a new appreciation for Billy Joel’s “Downeaster Alexa.” 😀😀😀😂😂😂
The Best
Speichers in China
Matt and Marc should call all rec-league sport. They could comment on ice fishing and I would listen.
Pure joy
If you have any idea who Matt and Mark are, you will love this podcast.
mark and matt are america's greatest living comedians no seriously
this is a chill podcast about two creative people talking to each other but the people in question are the best podcast hosts
Scooter McDinglefob
Could this lobmast bee butter? Probably. But we at the asylum don't know which side our butter is breaded. Mo scrimps!
PSR will get you out of your Dire Straits
Pipstol Skrimps Basketball - the best entertainment out on the field. If there's a Gourley or a McConville, I'm sold. Both of 'em doing play-by-play for a thing they don't understand = a gem of a podcast. And, I learned about Cloris Leachman.
My New Obsession
Ben Vossler
I’ve always known these guys are comedy gold, how have I not listened to this sooner?
If you miss superego, subscribe immediately
I love this podcast
Mark and Matt do a great job keeping their stick on the ice, That was a hole in one. They don't pull any punches. They dropped the ball. They always step up to the plate. They talk a good game. They're a team player. They're in a league of their own. They want to play hardball. (Insert other sports cliches) -Sports Platitudes here-
Simply the best
I have been waiting on pins and needles since the White Elephant episode in Dec. it’s like coming home hearing Matt and Mark. I love these guys and now my life is a whole lot brighter. Thanks guys. Seriously.
Hey m’boogies
Favorite podcast on the earth planet. It just makes me do a smile.
Fun even for non-sports fans
Gary A. Witte
I couldn't care less about basketball and I still find this series hilarious and enjoyable. The digressions, punctuated by gameplay, is a fun, breezy combination.
Pure happiness. I will hear sneaker squeaks and Cloris Leachman songs in my dreams.
So much fun
I love the concept of this show and its dedication to nonsense. Full of friendship, good sportsmanship, sharing, singing, snacks.
Hey iTunes, WTHeck!
This is by far my favorite podcast. My days are a little darker when the team (and the show) are out of season, which I thought was the case for the last four weeks until I realized that my subscription to the show was somehow no longer on iTunes. PRO: I can now listen to four shows in a row. CON: I could have avoided four weeks of dismal without-Pistol-Shrimps-Radio-ness. 5/5 boogs.
Frett Bavre
Best podcast around! Anyone who says otherwise can go screw by putting a barley pop in their ear holes
The mall of my mind
Every store is a Sanrio.
Love it.
I always get a good laugh from every episode, you guys are hilarious!! Keep up the great work! P.S. I’m a Hudson High School graduate and went to Mt Zion Lutheran.
M’Boogs deliver the goods.
Absolutely one of the best podcasts available on any platform. Matt and Mark are a pure delight, and unquestionably my favorite thing to listen to when I’m cooking at work. If you don’t like it, go screw.
Matt and Mark are great!
Hgg merrylind
Two podcasting greats narrate rec league basketball. The hosts have great chemistry and the banter is always hilarious and weird and zany. Plus spoonerisms for days. Absolute recommend
This show never fails to make me happy!! It’s the silliest and most wonderful part of my week.
Love it!
Good Goo 12 12
Hilarious and yay women’s sports!!
Just what I need
I hate that I'm all caught up and have to wait now for the next episode and that I can't binge this anymore. The amount of nonsense that goes on is everything I need and more. Perfect for driving, chilling, or a pick-me-up. As someone who doesn't watch or particularly care about sports stats, I love this podcast.
An improv tour-de-force
This podcast is hilarious! I don't care in the least about basketball but Gourley and McConville are fresher than the breeze blowing in off Aunt Millie's mint patch.
Shistol Rimps Padio
Emily Schmemily
This podcast will both delight you and destroy your ability to speak like a normal human being
Some of the best play by play in all of sports broadcasting!
To the tune of Bionic Six
They are a podcast team, I listen to them, and they talk and eat. As close as they can be, High in North Weddington, or deep in Lake Street. Pistol, Pistol Shrimps, Radiooooouuuu Basketball commentating, but not a lot Pistol, Pistol Shrimps, Radiooooouuuu They are so proud to be, a super feature podcast team. Matt & Mark!
It'll starch your britches
Hooo Dogie!
Great fun & good company. Tell em Kubach sent ya.
Pure Bastetball Entertainment
This gift unboxing podcast is recorded live at a women's municpal basketball game.
Simply The Best
Amazing podcast. You need to do yourself a favor and listen to this
Just a couple of Shristol Pimps
Prawn Mah Boogie
I have been a fan of podcasts for years and PSR is at the top of my list. The comedic momentum that is built from Matt and Mark feeding off of one another's comments, cracks me up for hours. Whether they're calling the game, drift away on Star Wars tangents, or get fixated on interesting physical characteristics of the refs, I remain entertained. Five Stars.
Never fails to make me laugh!
So good
You should listen to this, but you shouldn't
Me and Matt & Marky callin' basketball at Saturn's rings.
Very funny and smart podcast
Two of the best dudes, doing the best comedy commentary about the best LA women's recreational league basketball team this world has ever known - The Pistol Shrimps. There's nothing I can say here besides thank the sweet lord for these two guys and this fabulous podcast. P.S. PLEASE GOD Mark and Matt you have to give the people what the want and what the people want is more Cranch Stansbury: Interior Design Detective, I'm literally begging you for more of it
Best sports/candy ratio
Mark, keep fighting that good fight and keep Matt's blood sugar levels right in that golden pocket of sweet sweet nonsense. Also, mini-golf!
Five of your American basketball points
Lou Kosak
These wise fellows are deeply familiar with the game of Basque-et-balle, which I believe is another name for Jai-Lai, the popular Spanish game of fighting scoops. I have learned a great deal about socks, life, the life of socks, dunking, fields, and the sonic stylings of the Goo Goo Dolls from these scrappy youngsters. It's a pity they were put to death by that sneaky burgler, Donn-o Trumpslers.
Only the best
Me and Jonestown Slappy eating fried dough up at Lardman's Gulch
The Downeaster 'Alexa' is a heaven's music.
Gregory (Greg) Fart
This is Pistol Shrimps Radio, where we call basketball when we get around to it. Matt's body language is fully on the candy and fully off the action. Mark has bibwitching eyes. This is less a basketball podcast, ladies and gentlemen, than it is a package opening podcast.
Mundane is lame but not this podcast
Life just seems less mundane with the smooth vocals of Mark & Matt as they add colorful commentary to the nail biting pistol shrimp basketball action. I go into a trance as I listen to Matt, Mark, and all the wonderful characters of shrimp world. It's like magic. I turn on his podcast and my work just gets done. Anywho love and highly recommend.
Most Valuable Podcast
This podcast is better than "Me and Ned Beatty takin' acid down at Spankman's barge".
Power house sportscasting
Two brilliant basketball commentators call the game the way they see it. With a keen eye and the hearts of lions they comment on basketball.
5 stars
Kevin Ela
Gourley may have a brain tumor this is not a joke
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