Climate change episode
True Liberty
You know I almost just skipped this episode because I thought this was going to be another one of these preachy episodes on how we need to do something that is the cycle of the planet but never hear a answer for it that doesn’t require the heavy hand of government but still offers no real solutions at the end of the day. Or if you don’t believe in the version man is bad and evil and it just cannot simply be what our earth has been doing for over a billion years you are somehow some uneducated slug. Well good to see I was not disappointed and to think I actually came in with a open mind and thought this was a photography podcast. Silly, silly me!
Bad, bad audio
Check your connections please. Last 3-4 episodes are clipping throughout the entire audio.
Awesome Photography Podcast
I've been a long time fan and I have truly enjoyed every episode. I always learn new techniques or get inspired to try something new with my photography. Frederick is always entertaining as well as articulate and a pleasure to listen to. The guests are informative and always offer something interesting to the conversation. Truly, one of my favorite indulgences is listening to this podcast!
A well spent hour
Mark NF
Interesting topics discussed by knowledgeable and thoughtful photographers. And when they go off topic on tangents that is often the best part of the hour. I look forward to keach week's podcast.
BEST Photography Podcast. PRRIOD
Trace VanGorden
This Week In Photo is, in my opinion, the absolute BEST photography podcast on the market today. Frederick Van Johnson is extremely knowledgeable and he is, by far, one of the coolest podcast hosts on the web. I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now and it never disappoints me. I can honestly say that I always learn something new and I usually have a good laugh too. I’d give it 6 STARS if I could.
My favorite photography related podcast
Randy T82
My favorite photography podcast. I really enjoy Steve Brazill's segments. He sounds great, asks great questions, and has interesting guests on the show. Keep it up!
Glad TWIP is back on the air
I've enjoyed listing to the TWIP family of Podcasts for some time. I really missed all the information while it was on hiatus. Happy it is back after the reboot. Something worth listening to.
Great shows - particularly Behind the Shot.
Really enjoy the tight focus on a great image, and the insight into the intricacies that go into creation and crafting of the outstanding photographs. In fact, I'd like to see that kind of focused discussion on several images by the top photographers involved. Keep up the good work!
Love it, love it
My favorite photography hang! I like the roundtable format and hope it's not changing too drastically with the upcoming reboot. Frederick is an excellent host.
Mrs made the show awesome
Ive listen to every episode. Been a long time fan. As such Ive seen (heard) all the comings and goings of the show. Its now a show that is seasoned and mature (kinda). The quailty is great, content great and host is an outstandin speaker/interviewer. I know a whole team is behind TWIP and many co-hosts have been a part of making what Twip is today....thank you all
Excellent content!
This podcast has great content for street photography and photography in general. Interesting interviews, informative Q&A plus photo challenges.
Bill of Bellingham
William of Bellingham
Too much talk about bad amature photographers. Fredrick (the host) really builds himself up by putting others down. Not too interesting. I listen to the podcast but I rarely pay attention.
Always interesting and informative
Frederick has such interesting guests that seem to be on top of what is happening in the world of photography. Keep up the good work!
consistently great shows
Chuck in NC
Long time listener and have learned a lot. The guests cover a wide range of topics, that makes each show different. The show is always entertaining and stays positive. Thanks again for putting the time into producing this!
TWIP: Family
I love, love, love the Family Album show with Jenny Stein. As a photographer and mom, I enjoy hearing stories of other working parents balancing work and family. It is great knowing that I am not alone when I find impossible to get a great photo of my own kid even when I have thousands of spectacular shots of everyone else's children. I have enjoyed all of the guests on the show so far, Me Ra Koh has been my absolute favorite though. Another awesome thing about the show is I get to learn! New techniques and fun equipment that can make my life as a mom and photographer easier. Jenny does a great job hosting and leading us through the crazy world as a photographer parents!
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