Simply the best.
Vic is a podcasting virtuoso. His love of all radness, from horror movies and cult TV shows to those great classic arcade games. He brings us pure joy in audio and written form on the Retroist site. Bless your face Vic.
Nostalgia blast!!!
Podcast is a mix of one person's memories of a specific game, historical reference material, and availability at Arkadia Retrocade. This podcast has really grown on me. It's loaded with interesting information, great descriptions of game play, and is really fun to listen to. The author puts a lot of energy into high production quality.
Amazing Podcast
Interesting and relevant information. Fun to listen to. Amazing production values. The only criticism I have is I constantly want more.
My girls love this podcast
Thank you!!! I enjoy classic arcade games and this podcast has sparked my daughters’ (10 & 6) interest in my old games. Lexi and Lilli wanted me to request you do an episode on Bubble Bobble! I appreciate that this is a clean family friendly podcast. Thanks again!
Love this podcast! The host does a great job! So glad I found this podcast. I’m a huge fan of anything Atari and Shinto really nails all the info for every game. Keep up the great work!!
Great fun
Kevin Bee
A simple and fun podcast to listen to if you have an interest or passion for classic arcades and the wonderful games that filled them.
A 1-up for your day
I love podcasts, but hardly make the time to get through my list. An exception to that is Diary of an Arcade Employee. It's informative, it's funny, it's nostalgic, and the retro music and sound effects really lift my spirits after a long day. Nothing too deep and never controversial, Diary is a warm look back on the games we loved and lost, or the games we never heard of at all. Vic Sage is a great audio personality and it wouldn't be the same without him.
Professional & Well Planned
In a sea of podcasts of less than professional hosts who treat their podcasts like a personal conversation you around their kitchen table with friends, giving more thought to themselves and personal lives (of which the listener has no interest or investment) instead of their listeners, this is a diamond in the rough. Thoroughly planned and professionally implemented, this podcast is a breath of fresh air. Not only is it well done, but it is also packed with wonderful memories that we all can share in and fun music and sound effects. He somehow packs in a lot of information about each game without boring you with that info. Thank you so much for a year of sheer pleasure. I selfishly hope for many more.
Good Times
You're really taking me back man, Thank You.
Very informative & entertaining !
Addictive, informative
Fat Tug
Love the format, content, and host.
More Retro Greatness
Another fantastic Podcast from the Retroist and friends. Vic Sage does a great job bringing these games from our youth to life. His writing is excellent and his voice is very pleasent to listen to. He has had some really interesting disucssions with guests. This is a great listen for anyone who grew up in the late 70's and 80's and enjoied going to there local arcade, for anyone who asked their parents for some quarters at their local pizza place to play a game or simplies enjoys hearing about pop culture.
Wonderful Stuff
I am a big fan of this podcast, in just a couple of episodes Vic has managed to produce a comforting, informative and entertaining show that I could listen to all day. If you like arcades, video games or anything retro, this is the show for you.
Who loves arcades? Vic does, and so do I!
Tom Berges
Vic once again broadcasts about a subject that's near and dear. Arcades were a place of magic and quarter munching wonder! He's here to bring us his experiences and showcase a game every episode. It's comforting to know a few arcades are still out there...thanks for bringing it to our eager ears!
Vic puts his heart and soul into every show and the result is fun and informative. He is a plethora of retro knowledge and each show is a treat to experience...!
Love this Podcast!
Monty Singleton
Love this retro podcast! A great review of arcade history with a lot of retro sound clips. Also love that it's the Podcast of a real retro arcade, Arkadia Retrocade in Fayetteville, AR.
Enjoyable, but too short
That's my main gripe with this show- episodes don't last an average car ride. Maybe discuss 2 games per show? Also, do we really need to know the game's location at Arcadia? Is that supposed to whet our appetites for playing it? Besides these, Vic produces a solid & savvy product about one of my favorite things. His Mr. Rogers-y delivery ("hello friends") rubs me the wrong way a bit; it's not a person's normal speaking voice. I guess this may lend some sophistication. & at least there's no swearing.
Knowledable and Well-Spoken
I love arcades and listening to this really brings a nice insight to the industry and games of the past.
80s video game fans will love it!
From the Retroist family comes this excellent podcast. Production quality is extremely good, with lots of audio clips, music, etc. Host Vic’s voice is extremely pleasant and easy to listen to. The content is top notch as well, with all sorts of arcade game references. It will certainly unlock lots of 80s nostalgia!
Retro greatness packed into a entertaining podcast!!
From one of the best voices in podcasting comes this amazing gem of arcade stories. Focusing on retro arcade gaming, arcade memories and entertaining gaming ads this podcast stands above the rest. Vic Sage delivers once again with top notch quality in the land of podcasting!
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