Bill is my spirit animal. He tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid to call out America on its bull.
Appreciate this audio; ......
I value the analysis, appreciate the choice of guests and need the laugh generated by the interaction. NOTE: YouTube provides the full video on Saturday!
Wish it would play!
Please, whomever at Real Time is responsible for uploading to Apple podcasts - check that it works?! I really look forward to listening to this awesome show on Saturday mornings, only to find a play error.
Getting worse every week
Corporate profits
Mahr—progressively angry old man
Praising himself on his own open-mindedness, Mahr moves progressively to the political right. He resents millennials, mansplains Samantha Power, and defends Kavanaugh’s sexual misbehavior as youthful indiscretions. I can’t listen to him anymore.
Bill Maher
Love, love, love Bill Maher. He can get a bit raunchy at times. But is usually spot on with most topics. I only subscribe to HBO just for Bill. Keep up the great shows Bill. You are very entertaining & address serious topics that we need to talk about & take action on. 👍
Centrist HACK
*see description
Get some humanity. You are a very mean-spirited person.
Complaining about complaining!?
Ma Joad
Tired of Bill’s sniveling.
Good Show, Good Podcast
So glad they have the show in podcast format.
The play back doesn’t work - please fix. Thank you
Was awesome on Politically Incorrect and is more so on Real Time!
Hardly disagree with anything he says! He is a pleasure to listen to during a time when most political commentators and entertainers are nauseating.
Time to get Al Cranken on. We need to hear from him.
Trump For 2020 🇺🇸
Better than Fox News but not by much
Matt Loki
Kudos to Bill Maher for his Trump related prediction, but he has some really problematic things to say about millennials and trans people. Would prefer if Maher was less blatant in his drift toward the right wing.
Smart, funny and relevant
Keep it up Bill
BDS Movement Rant
La Roja Viva
I can’t do it anymore. I’ve listened and chuckled from time to time but his latest rant on the BDS Movement and the meek reaction from his pitiful guests made my blood boil. Bye Bill!
Sadly, Bill has lost it. I Am unsubscribing
I’ve watch Maher for a long time but am done with him. The last several shows have consisted of bashing liberals, supporting corporate candidates, making fun of gun control advocates, mocking people cheering for progressive causes in his audience, and going on and on about anyone who thinks the Israeli government is not perfect and should be held to high standards is anti Semitic. He has changed and i have to fight through a whole lot of crap for a couple of funny jokes. Time to move on.
Love ya Bill!
I've Tried
Really, to like this guy, but I just can't do it. He strays from the proper commie-lib path from time to time, which is hopeful but it just doesn't hold up. Fortunately for him America has become rather undescriminating along with suffering a high degree of dumbing down. There was a time critical thinking was a valued craft, but that's been exchaged for automaton reactions of hatred and anger. I'm sure he'll remain a success without my support.
Jim khdhe
Bill is not a very smart guy but he has some entertaining guests.
Much Needed Voice of Sanity
Thank you.
You can’t go wrong with Bill Maher...he keeps it real and let’s you know what’s really going on...AGAIN HES THE BEST
Prefer the pod version to watching
While I have an HBO subscription, I’m a man on the go and I prefer the podcast version to watching. It just suits my lifestyle better and you don’t miss much of you don’t watch on tv. Please keep posting these cause I’ll always listen. Oh, and it’s Bill Maher. Either you like his brand of non-PC macho liberalism or you don’t. I happen to like it. Do I agree with everything? No. But he’s funny and he’s smart and his humor is cutting.
The podcast recording is at a fast pace which makes everyone sound like somebody else. Can someone slow it down?
Why the F do you make us dig for the most recent episode? Also, please ditch YouTube.
Mr. Glas
Congrats to you and yours on 500 frelling episodes! Each and every one a unique facet of the diamond that is Real Time. Don’t let up now!
Tired of everything being about Trump
Donald in Hawaii
Trump. Trump. Trump. I’m so sick of everything being about Trump!
Informed, intelligent, entertaining guests. Ditto for Bill Maher.
Bill hates women
Misogynists aren’t my bag. Neither are snarky, smug, superior guys with slicked back hair and shark skin suits. If Marr were one tenth of the cool he thinks he is, he’d be amazing. Unfortunately for all of us he thinks he’s all that but he’s just a bitter little man who thinks he knows everything and doesn’t. Hate the way he talks over women. Hate the way he belittles women. Just hate him and his crap show. It used to be worth watching. Now it’s a waste of time.
Starting to sound like an old man screaming @ the clouds
I like Bill don’t get me wrong but his constant dig @ comic book fans gets tiring when he has taken money from Marvel & willingly cashed that check. Seems very hypocritical to me!
Sounds like the chipmunks
Every episode sounds like the chipmunks... it is like it is at double speed. I love Bill Maher ... please fix this!
Monologue Problems
Would be perfect without the cheesy monologue.
Not funny
Clearly he needs new writers. When he and his guest starts discuss things, the best moments are when they disagree. This is because they actually pull out stats and facts to back themselves, instead of bathing in confirmation bias. Still, they tend to demonize those that don’t agree with them as “-ists” (race, sex) and “-phobes” (homo, trans) without even addressing their enemies’ actual arguments. The jokes are just clapped for instead of laughed at because they’re just statements of opinion with little humor. If there is laughter, it’s so fake that it hurts to listen to. Bills a smart guy, but he’s a sell out to Democrat ideals or whoever hands him the most cash (he went on a rant about how much he hates Marvel movies, but he plays himself in Iron Man 3 so he’s either a liar or a sell out). I’d prefer there wasn’t an audience so he didn’t feel forced to try and work the crowd and he could just make informed arguments about topics. That way, he could just joke when he knows it’s funny and otherwise he could just talk. Also, without an indoctrinated crowd shouting in the back, he’d be really fun to listen to as he’d be able to have actual convos with allies and enemies alike.
bill is my favorite liberal
Oyster Anpu
He is funny and he talks with conservatives, so rare in this chaos time
Taco Farts
Bill clearly just has a boner for Trump and can’t think beyond it because he’s become a complete corporatist hack who is now willing to buy into any and all of the establishment’s talking points and spew them out like hot trash, which is exactly what this podcast is.
Bill Maher gives me hope for humankind
word to the h
Bill Maher asks all of the questions that journalists and reporters are too afraid to ask. He's smart, objective, and he knows his facts. If only other people with an audience shared his outspoken view that religion and ignorance are at the root of most of the problems in the world.
Always brilliant and provocative
Bill Maher is brilliant, incredibly funny, folksy (yes folksy), informed (of current events and history), and somehow summarizes and articulates what is obvious that no one else has put together and/or is not bold enough or has the platform, that allows Maher’s unvarnished brand of telling it like it is. For example, this weeks show and his analysis of Bob Mueller’s report. He nailed it. Find it and watch it. More than anyone in the media, even Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, Maher gives voice to and offers a novel perspective on the insanity of current events...connecting dots in ways that are unique to his genius and delivered via very smart humor. His is a unique voice. I hope that he lives long and well and never moves in from his HBO show.
Love it!
I only pay HBO to watch Bill Maher and that’s it! Everything out of his mouth is well thought out and sensible!
Trg lover
Not good
Unsubscribed after years of listening
Ive been listening to this show for years, and have noticed the degradation of quality for about a year now, and now I’m done. The older Maher gets, the more egotistical and self-righteous he becomes. He belittles and talks over guests and goes on rants against Muslims and Millennials, and if I wanted that I’d listen to Fox. No matter how many guests explain it to him, he cannot seem to get it into his head that people have different lived experiences from him. He’s a rich, old, childless, white heterosexual man living in one of the most prosperous cities in the world, who openly brags about smoking weed without consequence, but if someone even dares to mention the word “privilege”, even if they’re talking about themselves, he goes into a rant about “the oppression olympics”. (Note: Discussion of sexual assault in the next paragraph) He described the testimony of Dr. Blase Ford as not a big deal, just the normal actions of a bunch of drunk teenagers (yes, because it’s perfectly normal for three drunk teens to follow a woman upstairs, push her into a bedroom, mount her, try to take off her clothes, and cover her mouth so she doesn’t scream. Just normal teenage hi-jinx, amirite?) He refused to even have a conversation about creepy behavior making people feel uncomfortable because “it’s not like they were raped”. He mocks “safe spaces” and trigger/content warnings without having a clue why they exist or even what they are in the first place. He goes on rants about “freedom of speech” on campuses because he is sore that he was disinvited to one and apparently thinks he’s entitled to speaking positions just because he thinks he has something to say. It’s a shame because he has on some really good guests with a mix of opinions and it’s interesting to hear them debate each other. However, listening to Real Time is quickly becoming like listening to the proverbial “old man shakes fist at cloud” wistfully reminiscing about “the good old days”... just with more pro-weed stances. And oh boy does he never shut up about weed. We get it dude. You’ve got a problem.
Pure Propoganda and “Clap-ter”
Say what you want about North Korea’s state-run propaganda broadcasts; at least the North Koreans aren’t dumb enough to pay a monthly fee to watch them.
Canned laughter
Dee Garde
Too much canned laughter and fake applause. Political commentary is great but the Hollywood hype is unnecessary.
Solid pod of the show and w extras
iPad gamerzzz
Perfect way to catch up w the show. It truly works better as a pod. No need to watch talking heads. Sorry Bill, you’re handsome but this is just easier. :)
Now I remember
After listening to Maher sound off on “parenting” the other night, it reminded me of why I used to dislike him— he sounded like an uneducated, aging, curmudgeon who longs for the 1950’s when parents routinely beat on their kids. No wonder Maher has to smoke so much weed.
13 year old review for video iPod dam!!
Dam the top review is 13 years that’s crazy
Great show and podcast
Wireless guy 55
Always informative with great guests for the most part. Bill calls it like he sees it.
Matt Schlapp
This is what I would love to see more of.....Bill going "toe to toe" with someone like Schlapp....Adam Schiff is great but would love to hear more from Republicans/ardent supporters...Ben Shapiro....Chris Christie.....really want to hear opposing views challenging each other.....
Terrible just terrible
True Socialist!
Good show
This is a good show. But every week it is the same thing; just a consistent ramble about Trump.
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