Free Hong Kong
Boycott anyone who kow tows to China unsubscribed 10/11/19
You’ve earned my listenership
Hey Nate, just wanted to say great job on the podcast pertaining to the Hong Kong protests. After unsubscribing to the Hoop Collective after Windhorst’s spineless start to the latest episode, it’s was refreshing to hear your take. Thanks!
Love the China rant
Nearly every other basketball media and podcast proffered some version of mealy mouthed both sideism. Keep telling it like it is, Nate.
Right on
Iron Range Longy
Just listened to your China rant and can ABSOLUTELY say it’s the best I’ve ever heard from you!!!!!!!!
Smart, thoughtful analysis
These guys are the absolute best
Wonderfully consistent, in-depth and entertaining basketball podcast
Wonderfully consistent, in-depth and entertaining basketball podcast content. Thanks for your hard work
More Fred Katz!!!!!
Fred was hilarious on the pod. Loved the dynamic
Excellent content , this podcast is like no other
Great job covering all 30 teams for NBA fans everywhere
NBA Content That Actually Matters
life phase two
Great basketball stuff and everything else, to be sure.
Through the wire
just a kid who plays b ball
Through the wire is fantastic best b ball podcast they update frequently.
Consistent High Quality
Dunc’d On with Nate and Danny is the only frequently updating podcast that I listen to every time. There is no other podcast that comes close to the combination of the show’s quantity and quality. It’s a must listen to for NBA obsessives.
Really interesting NBA podcast
I love starting my day with Nate and Danny. They provide such a unique perspective to NBA coverage, but oftentimes I wonder if they’re listening to each other while the other is speaking. They repeat each other a lot.
Czech Diallo
IMO easily the best NBA podcast for junkies. Nate and Danny cut out most of the self-indulgent riffing of similar podcasts and deliver a ton of substance every episode. They tend to think very similarly but their views are generally backed up with evidence or self-reflexive. Awesome work.
Best NBA Pod
#1 pod there is. They go over everything. Like literally roster move. What it means for the cap and how far that puts from the luxury tax and all that stuff too. They know so much that they have to stop themselves from rambling because 20 minutes about second round picks “isn’t good radio”
The Best
I listen to this podcast so much that Nate and Danny are the only voices I hear in my head anymore.
Great insight
Hammer Von Hammerington
Really enjoy the level of detail these guys go into in their pods. You will not get the roster analysis/cap situation deep dives anywhere else. Hope this comes off as constructive criticism, but my only nitpick is don’t take yourselves so seriously. Nate can be a little sensitive to criticism - he’s a great analyst - and I wish he just wouldn’t care what idiots like me on the internet say about him. Danny is absolutely hilarious when he gets sidetracked, so I guess I’m saying a little less structure would be good! Appreciate all the hours you guys put into the show!
I like it.
Just sayin’
Let Danny shine
Anthony Wahl
This is by far the smartest and niche nba podcast out there. You guys break everything down on such an analytical level that it makes me feel smarter. My only critique is to let Danny run the show for a couple pods. I like Nate interjecting and he would get to do so more if Danny hosted
Great pod when Nate isn’t firing off snot rockets in background
Bobby the Rookie
Analysis is tough to beat particularly on contracts but Nate needs to get healthy or buy a mic w a mute button.
The Westbrook hate is out of hand
They’re so biased in their analysis, it doesn’t even make sense how they’re analysts. They clearly do not watch actual games and feed of narratives. Gave it many chances, but I’m out of it now
Tons of information
This is my favorite podcast. Nate and Danny do a great job breaking down what’s going on in the NBA. It’s the best podcast about the NBA and they have about 5 hours of new podcasts every week. If you want to listen to a smart podcast that isn’t just about the best NBA players, this is the one.
Great Listen
Love this pod. Listening has been a huge influence to how I watch and think about basketball.
WoWser!! Nate & Crew Nails it Again.
Please give up ESPN hot takes & listen & learn basketball. Thank You so much.
These guys are Incredible - simply no pod like this.
Best basketball podcast out there currently. Plain and simple they cover the nba just about as good as could possibly be asked for... these guys make Jeff van gundy and mark Jackson seem like idiots. I also like the Nba confession stand podcast but this one is far superior.
Best of the Best
My favorite pure hoops pod. Raises bball IQ. Makes watching the games more enjoyable. Great at explaining complicated cap rules. No talking head nonsense or hot take artistry. Just two extremely intelligent people pouring all their energy into educating people about the league/sport. Thank you Nate and Danny you have made my love for basketball grow exponentially. Keep up the incredible work.
They create a lot of content. If you don’t have a lot of time to absorb technical, somewhat nerdy information, this may not be for you. These guys are smart and hard working. If you love team building and big-picture NBA concepts, this is for you.
A slam dunc
Funny, insightful, data-driven, and the absolute best nba podcast.
Best NBA analysis podcast in existence.
Hardest working basketball podcast out there. Has he most in-depth analysis and does an amazing job of discussing salary cap and contract minutia while still keeping it accessible to most NBA fans. Their big event pods, like the Mock Offseason and Mock Trade Deadline are the best pieces of NBA content that gets made each year. Somebody aggregate Nate!
This is a great NBA podcast
Smartest podcast I listen to
Daniel Joseph Bennett
Invariably the most reliable and consistent source for hyper in-depth coverage of the NBA.
NBA Xs and Os coverage without the BS
I love some of the more “reality Tv” aspects of the NBA, but this pod is a deep drive into the NBA without any fluff/nonsense. Expert cap knowledge and great player evaluation perspectives. Definitely listen and support
College ball was more exciting than NBA...
Until I found this Podcast. Still love my Heels, but it’s a lot harder watch now that I understand the game better. I’ve always said basketball was my favorite sport, but thanks to being short, slim and homeschooled, never played enough to really know what was going on. I wouldn’t say ima maestro at this point but I get it a lot more. Not always an exciting listen, but I don’t miss an episode. The level of detail, the passion for the game, and the understanding of the business have made me love the game again for a lot of new reason. Keep up the good work guys.
These dudes are super boring and have never touched a basketball in their life yet think they know it all. Anyone can read stats off a spreadsheet and sound smart.
Best analysis
This pod has the best nba analysis out there. New listeners, Nate’s voice can be hard to listen to at first, but you’ll get used to it. He simply sounds like a big 6’6” dude, which he is. Nate and Danny should be proud of their work. This is what the modern nba fan wants, not the garbage on espn.
The best there is
I’ve been listening to Dunc’d On for three years now, and it’s hands down the best basketball pod. I can’t even listen to other b-ball pods anymore because the analysis just isn’t as good. For someone as busy as me who can’t always keep up with all that’s going on in the NBA, I stay up to date with Dunc’d On.
Da Best
The BroBraj
Welcome to basketball nerdvana, population: you (when you listen to this podcast). There are a multitude of things that I appreciate about this podcast. I will name a few of them here: — The hosts stick to things that are mostly related to play (on-the-court things, injury updates, draft stuff, prognostications, and contracts), as opposed to constantly delving into the sphere of drama that the media often perpetuates. — The hosts are supremely detail-oriented, even devoting 5-10 minutes to talk about things like the Danuel House Jr. contract situation (which was something I appreciated, since I have followed him for a little while) or geeking out about Juancho Hernangomez. —Just listening to Nate, I can say that my critical thinking and reasoning skills have improved. The guy has an incredibly robust and dynamic mind, to say the least. Danny is sharp and extremely personable, as well. They also work well with each other, forming a nice duo. —No ridiculous homerism; fair and relatively unbiased coverage —The podcasts come out pretty regularly, so they are always pretty relevant in terms of what is happening in the league currently. — The business/analytics angles are enlightening and more digestible than I would have thought. — Even if their picks don’t always pan out (which would be impossible, anyway), I appreciate the thought process and methodology behind them. Awesome job, guys!!
Zero Oversight.
I am a complete basketball nerd (which I take pride in) and these dudes break down all of the things that don't line your Twitter feed or First Take diet. They actually discuss basketball in an educated way that helps even a nerd like me understand the game better. There is zero bias. Sometimes I don't much have interest in a Hornets vs. Suns game, but these guys do. They might even make you want to watch it after the fact. Please keep up the phone exceptional work!
An in dept look at basketball
Retro Godd
Most of the time I like how they approach the game!!
Best podcast in the business
Nate is great. Best salary cap analysis out there and we appreciate this detail. They post quite a bit. I'll even shop your sponsors! Keep up the good work!
Fred Marvel
Duncan and Leroux know basketball, but only from an analytical perspective. It's interesting for awhile, then you find that you can't really gain any insight here that you can't look up yourself on basketball reference or synergy or cleaning the glass. And you can only listen to their bad takes so many times before you have to unsubscribe. Also they are both on the West Coast, so they seem to favor CA teams; although that might have more to do with Leroux covering the Warriors.
Lacks substance in analysis that isn’t in the form of an excel spreadsheet. Duncan’s “Know-it-All” attitude without actually knowing it all or admitting to when he’s wrong shows how out of touch he can be.
Self scout
Don't worry about my name Dawg
This podcast shouldn’t be this boring.
Homer for warriors
This is a very warriors biased podcast. I tried listening as just an overall fan of nba but was too much
J Dyll
Look no further if you want all the coverage and prowess without the pomp and circumstance.
Best basketball pod in the world
Best in-depth analysis you’ll find from game recaps, to the always wonderful mock deadlines/free agency, to top 10 position rankings. Nate and Danny keep it fresh with each episode all year around to feed my basketball fix.
In-depth analysis
I use this podcast to keep up with the league and I appreciate the content, which is number-oriented but also explicated thoroughly and integrated into season-long storylines.
An acquired taste
Kiwi Sheep Pimp
Know their stuff (especially the cap stuff and numbers stuff)even if you don’t agree with their takes. Do some pretty interesting/entertaining mock things including mock free agency. Takes a bit of getting used to the dynamic between Nate and Danny. Not as technically polished as some other pods but that makes it more enjoyable. A top 5 NBA listen.
Nate is insufferable
Title says it all
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