Love love love this show .
It’s a life savior for someone like me who is raising a toddler in a socially culturally different world being far away from family and having no friends . I truly appreciate for your show . Started listening very recently and decided go back to all the way to beginning . love Megan and Sarah .
So thankful for this podcast
I’ve listened to every episode and love their refreshing views/approaches to parenting. I’m definitely more of a “Sarah” but I learn a lot from both of their perspectives.
Getting through the on stuff
I just love this podcast!! Their discussions seem to always be so relative to things I’m going through- or to people close to me. I’ve referenced their advice and/or experience so many times I can’t count. So happy I found this!
simply amazing
These ladies are amazing humans and moms. This is my podcast of choice when it comes to cleaning and running errands. I look forward to Sundays and Tuesdays because I know I will have at least 1 hour of entertainment. Some of the topics covered in the podcast don’t even pertain to me and/or my lifestyle but I still listen because they are so relatable. There is always something to learn.
So good
I’ve listened to all the episodes and they’re so helpful. Please keep up the good work ladies!
If you’re a parent, you’re going to love it
My favorite podcast for all things motherhood. I’ve listed to every episode and love them all! It really feels like you’re sitting down to talk to a couple of old friends every time you listen.
The most fun and real
This podcast delivers what it promises. It really is like having coffee with your mom friends and covers a large spectrum of the parenting experience.
So encouraging!!
I love listening to books and podcasts while I work and recently desperately needed mom support and advice. I found the mom hour and LOVE you ladies! My fav episode so far is with hosts from Didn’t I Just Feed You podcast. I laughed, I cried, I felt so heard and encouraged! Thank you so much for brining me community and support when I need it most. Mom of 21, 3 and 1 year old. Roxanne
Love this podcast. Meagan and Sarah are the perfect mix of personalities and experience and are always on point with their advice. They are the mom friends I wish I had in real life!
Best Mom Podcast!
Teacher Mama to 1
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the start because it truly is the best! The two ladies make a great team who always have me leaving the episode wanting more.
Love it
Love this podcast. Lots of affirmation about parenting in pretty much every episode which...let’s be real...we can all use! Sarah and Meagan are thoughtful, funny, and relatable with a very down to earth podcast style and parenting approach.
Thank you for making me feel successful!
I am a mom of two little ones aged 2.5 & 1. I suffered with postpartum depression and anxiety starting with my first, had some reprieve during pregnancy and nursing and then it hit full force when my youngest was 8 months old. Your podcast had just aired an episode on motherhood and mental illnesses. I had already been an avid listener since 2018 but it REALLY struck home then. Almost all of your episodes hit home in one way or another and I love how REAL you are. Being a type one enneagram (Sarah is my spirit animal) there is a lot of room for doubt and second guessing when it comes to motherhood. Most recently I listened to your literacy tips by age. THANK YOU. I had been struggling g to find the balance of trying to read to my two year old who loves books but also include the one year old, who loves the taste of books and the sound of them ripping. I struggled with not sitting her down and reading to her in her crib like I did with my first when “we” read the illustrated Harry Potter series before he was one. Two under two is difficult ( as I’m sure Meagan can relate) and you both help me through some of the most trying times I My life. You are my friends.
Sandy Aronson
There are so many parenting podcast out here, but this one feels like I’m talking to two of my best friends about our children. So good to hear advice for children from baby through adult. Love this podcast.
All Time Favorite!
This is my favorite podcast! I’ve heard every episode and am always watching my feed for the next. I listen to it while I fold my laundry and it has made my least favorite chore into a time I look forward to. It is positive, funny and completely relatable!
Great new find!
Was referred here by Coffee and Crumbs and am now binge listening to all their past episodes! I have a 7yo and a 7mo, so this podcast is right up my alley. I love their personalities and their real ness! Worth you time 100%!
Perfect for my hour drive to the NICU!
Love the podcast
Down to Earth Parenting Advice and Comradery
Courtney 88
The Mom Hour is such a fantastic podcast about motherhood. Megan and Sarah have such wisdom from raising 8 kids. The podcast is fun to listen to and you feel like you really get to know them as well.
Love this podcast!
I love Megan and Sarah, they are so uplifting, real and entertaining!
So relatable!
I just nod along with everything Sarah says! Love getting advice from moms a few years ahead of me in the motherhood journey :)
A Wonderful Podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. Between parenting four little kids and part-time work, I don’t have a lot of time for or interest in Mom groups/meet ups. The Mom Hour really fills my cup for chatting about all things Mom/parenting. I enjoy hearing Meagan and Sarah’s perspectives and the Voices and More than Mom segments are helpful and fun additions to the usual content. Thank you Meagan and Sarah for keeping me entertained in the car and making the endless dishes and laundry enjoyable!
One of my favorites
As a bit of a podcast junkie I have to say that this is at the top of my list.. my first choice in the “mom/parenting” category for sure and my go to for when I need to stop and just catch my breath. I love their dynamic.. I love that they come from different places/opinions and can offer various perspectives on things.
Pretty good
I listen to this show because I’m a mom now, but it’s not one of my favorites. I think it’s a combination of their personalities- I believe in their expertise but wouldn’t want to hang out with them personally- and how many times they start out a sentence or answer with “so”, which is one of my pet peeves. Like one will ask the other a question and she will respond with “so...”. Could just be me! I do like the various topics, I just don’t listen to every episode. I’m so happy that so many other women love the show though!
Friendly voices and good tips. Great to listen to while cleaning!
Listener for several years
Jessica lgm mm
Has kept my interest for several years - the hosts are great. Not judgy but helpful and informative
I’m enjoying this podcast so much. It’s light and kindhearted. It’s like overhearing a couple of friends who are talking about all the parenting topics that seem mundane but are actually riveting. After picking and choosing a few episodes I realized how great it was and have gone back to listen to them all - I’m almost halfway through and am already sad that one day I’ll run out and have to wait each week for a new one. Thanks, Sarah and Meagan, for all of the company!
Keeping me sane, one episode at a time
Jaimie Yo
I tell everyone this podcast keeps me sane. It is so refreshing hearing moms who have been there and can laugh about all the ins and outs of everything that comes with motherhood. They offer honest advice and tell what worked best for them in all aspects of life. If there’s something going on in my life, I can go back in the archive and most likely find an episode that deals specifically with what I need to hear about.
Now THESE women are allowed on my couch
So real, relatable voices, funny, and I always feel better and that I learned something after an episode. They aren’t afraid to be honest. They’re not afraid they’ll hurt someone’s feelings by sacrificing the truth. Did I mention they are hilarious too? I want a cocktail or cup of coffee with The Mom Hour!
Nice but not for me
It’s a nice mom chat, I do not agree with a lot of their options and so I was inspired to start my own podcast tackling mom topics and tips for moms.
The Mom Hour = my power hour
I love how relatable Meagan and Sarah are—funny, insightful, and down to earth.
As a mom I love this show! The hosts are funny and relatable.
Lighthearted and wonderful listen!
Sarah and Meagan are so awesome to listen to. I found them last yeah and have listened to all 200+ episodes since! They are fun to listen to, have some very realistic and practical daily tips, and are just happy to be moms!
Encouragement + Practical Tips Galore!
Oh my goodness, you guys!! I cannot day enough good about these women!! They are so encouraging, they are so practical, they are so full of wisdom, and they are so fun & easy to listen to!! Definite must-listen if you are a mom in almost any stage!!
Feels like being in a convo with two of your friends
I never write podcast reviews, but I absolutely love this podcast. It really feels like just listening to two of your friends having a conversation. I find myself nodding along to a lot of what they say, laughing, and really enjoying the varying topics each week. Hosts are so relatable, and down to earth. Look forward to the new episodes that pop up each week!
All Moms Should Listen
Meagan and Sarah do an amazing job navigating all sorts of mom-related topics (and non-mom-related on more than mom episodes). They are helpful but laid back and nonjudgmental. You always walk away feeling empowered and supported. Definitely worth a listen, but I think once you do you will come back and listen to all their episodes!
Empowering the Mom Community
This podcast is like partaking in a good conversation. The balance is beautiful and the ladies are doing their part to empower moms (and dads). In a world where the goal is increasingly shifting to a more perfected image, this podcast is a warm cup on a Sunday you can relax with and sometimes fall over laughing to. I’m delighted to keep tuning in!
Real moms who’ve been there
I don’t have older sisters or anyone in my immediate tribe who has older kids beyond preschool. I so enjoy hearing Meagan and Sarah’s perspectives on the hits, misses, and lessons learned. I refer to them as my friends when I share a story I’ve heard; they’re the big sisters I look to for many of my parenting decisions. Thanks!!!
STRONG recommend!
i recently came out from under a rock and JUST discovered this podcast a few months ago (despite having a 3.5 year old). i am currently making my way through all the episodes (over halfway done!) and this podcast is the best combination of informative and fun without being preachy or judgmental. i love the range of topics and different perspectives.
My favorite podcast!
I stumbled upon The Mom Hour podcast in December 2018, and I am now a very regular listener. I enjoy the conversation between Meagan and Sarah, and I find the topics engaging. I wish I had found it sooner. Listening to The Mom Hour feels like hanging out with great friends. I am so glad I found this podcast!
Love it!
Love this podcast! Open and honest, supportive and encouraging - just what you need as you try to navigate this crazy life that is parenting.
Authenticity and Fun
I've been listening to this podcast since the beginning and still look forward to new episodes each week! Meagan and Sarah are a delightfulmix of authenticity and fun, practical tips and ideas.
Staying Connected
As a new mother living far away from friends and family, I have found myself listening to The Mom Hour as a part of my daily routine. Meagan and Sarah share honest, thoughtful reflections on motherhood and life in general, and through listening to these conversations, I am able to gain a sense of connection to other moms that I otherwise would not have. I am so thankful for the work that Meagan and Sarah put into creating amazing content, and for their willingness to share openly with their listeners.
One of the best podcasts about motherhood!
This is one of my favorite podcasts! I love Sarah and Meagan’s honesty and ability to make you feel like you’re not alone. They have great, practical advice and also recognize that everyone has their own style. I’m a lot like Sarah in that I worry a lot, I’m very scheduled and we have similar parenting styles. It’s nice to hear from someone a few years ahead of me into motherhood. It makes me excited for my entire motherhood journey. This is definitely a great podcast for all moms no matter what phase you’re in.
Relatable & Fun!
Allison L. Schaaf
I love listening to Meagan & Sarah chat. This podcast is part practical tips & encouragement with a good dose of humor and fun! I love how down-to-earth and relatable both Meagan & Sarah are... keep up the great work ladies! Allison
Looking for fun Mom's with real advice, FOUND IT!
I love podcasts and actually am a fellow podcaster. I love listening to The Mom Hour when I just want that feel of Mom community that can get eleusive when yiur in the trenches. A total bonus that the information is relevant and add value to my life.
Outstanding podcast with fantastic hosts
I have been listening to this podcast for at least three years, maybe more, and I consider it a part of my life. The hosts are incredibly real and relatable, yet also have super useful, practical advice and great insight on all kinds of life things. I especially enjoy the “More than Mom” episodes!
Two sparkling personalities with great topics
I discovered this podcast 7 months ago with episode 185. I’m still listening and laughing and just recently applied a coupon for my first ever Fabitfit fun box. Thank you ladies, keep up the great work. God bless
Love it
Just listened to the more than mom episode about hospitality!! OMG I have a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and was trained by who I consider to be the epitome of hospitality at one of the largest hotel chains in the world. (However I am no longer in the industry because I didn’t find the job demands were conducive to having a steady family life) Your experience was just cringeworthy to me! I can’t even imagine. I loved your description of the shrug emoji! Those people need some major world class service training!! Love your show!! And congrats on 200 episodes!
Real, funny and fantastic
Samantha Day Sleep Consulting
I found your podcast 6 months ago and you had me at hello! After listening to all the new episodes, I am going back in time and enjoying the ones prior to me following. Meagan and Sarah are real, funny and fantastic to listen to and I’m thankful for the time you put into your podcasts.
I’ve learned so much as a new mom
I started listening to this podcast about a year ago, when my daughter was about 7 or 8 months old. I had been struggling with postpartum depression/anxiety and was looking for several ways to help myself through this new transition to motherhood. I found The Mom Hour by searching for mom podcasts and it had so many good reviews, I had to give it a chance! I’ve learned so much, mainly to give myself a break and “it’s all gonna be ok”. I enjoy listening to their stories and experiences, and it’s nice to prepare myself for the future as well. I also have begun to enjoy the “More than Mom” episodes as well; it’s like hanging out with your friends! Thanks Meagan and Sarah!
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