What I have been looking for.
R Stauber
Finally a replacement for Jean Shepherd. Smart, entertaining, and funny.
Amie Cairo
LOVVVVVE this podcast. The baby name one is hilarious!!!! Love the energy, the tone of her voice and it is totally engaging! So well done, get it!
This is my go-to podcast when I’m looking for a laugh. It’s smart, funny, sometimes touching, and always entertaining!
Johnny Sanfrancisco
I have to say, this is the most fun and refreshing podcast I’ve heard in a long time. Anita Rosner’s way with words and delivery are something like a magic happiness pill.
Great entertainment
Clever and lots of fun to listen to. We really enjoy these, find a lot of truth in them, laugh out loud while listening and look forward to the next one! Definitely recommended!
Carrie Kerpen
Short, peppy, intriguing. I LOVE IT!
Beryl Watson
Loved SNORK the podcast! Anita Rosner's perspective is smart and funny.
Funny and well read
Podcast Addict22
I like the tone of the show. It is well read and funny.
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