Good, Solid Hockey Talk...Good Guys Too.
Teal Town does a great job bringing you quality San Jose Sharks hockey talk after each game on their live YouTube show. I've had the pleasure of being on their show a number of times and they've been kind enough to come on my show (Lets Go Blues Radio) a number of times as well. It's always a pleasure to talk hockey with these guys. We have a friendly rivalry going on which has been a lot of fun and I expect that to continue. Looking forward to the next SJ vs STL game! Keep up the good work guys!
Go Sharks
Great sharks podcast. That guy needs to stop with the cringey Kermit voice though
Entertaining and insightful!
Hey now! Great personalities, I love listening to this crew after each game, especially their NHL reach-arounds. Lets go Shaa-aarks!
Hockey, all the time!
Teal people, I’ve actually been a hanger on for a while now but I wanted to put pen to paper to thank you all for lacing up the skates and talking to us fans each and every game. It kind of reminds me of the post radio broadcasts that I used to listen to intently coming home from the games. I have been a true fan since the Cow Palace days and though I’m more optimistic than most, I appreciate each persons viewpoint on here. It offers perspective. I find myself commenting to the sounds of your voices, I think I need my meds. All the best to you and yours and again, kind thanks for your commitment to giving us content after every game. It is appreciated so very much. Happy Holidays and Go Sharks!! Tracy
My one stop shop for all Sharks news
Hey there Teal Town USA team. Just wanted to drop a message to say I appreciate the Sharks pods. I have been a fan of the Sharks since the Cow Palace days and it still amazes me at the lack of Bay Area radio sports coverage of the Sharks. You all have filled a much needed void. It is great to listen to every pod cast, especially your special interview pods, love me some Drew! Keep up the good work. Sean Rashkis Carmichael, CA
Enjoyed Throughly!
I have really enjoyed y’all! Good that y’all keep it light, but aren’t afraid to hit the hard topics. I am fond of the guest appearances from Sharks alum like Drew but certainly more variety would be nice! Perhaps other teams version of Pucknologists and what they see when they’ve watched the Sharks?
"I'm Your Biggest Fan" (In a Good Way!)
Laurel Is PitterTwaited
I've been a fan of the San Jose Sharks for sometime now and finding The Pucknologists through @TealTownUSA has made such an impact on the way I look at The Sharks and the NHL as a whole. Very informative and the hosts AJ, Rocket & The Jerk make a great team!
The BEST Sharks Coverage!
If you love the San Jose Sharks, then you will love Teal Town After Dark, The Pucknologists, and Teal Tinted Glasses. You can catch Teal Town After Dark and Teal Tinted Glasses episodes live on YouTube, or catch the audio versions after the fact.l in your pod catcher. Teal Town After Dark broadcasts after EVERY Sharks game, home or away, with a rotating group of hosts. The guys (and Rocket) break down the game and provide their own insight, as well as a “reach around” wrap up of other happenings in the league (get over it Puckguy, it’s reach around, not wrap around - LOL!). In The Pucknologists, AJ and Rocket talk Sharks hockey, and often have great interviews with Sharks insiders which are very enlightening and entertaining. Teal Tinted Glasses covers not only the Sharks, but the Barracuda, and Ian, Kevin and Jerk know their AHL and Sharks prospects. I always learn something I didn’t know. I have been a Sharks fan since day 1 of the franchise, and since I now live outside of the Bay Area, TTUSA a great way to keep up with the happenings of my favorite team in Teal. Listen and subscribe - if you’re a Sharks fan, you won’t regret it!
Great content, horrible audio
Uggo Ruggo
The content is solid. Great coverage of everything sharks and ‘cudas. BUT! The audio for some of the hosts (it varies on who it is) is so quiet you can’t hear anything unless you blast the volume, then the second someone else gets on the mic, it’s roaring loud. My eardrums can’t take the abuse, guys. Pleas fix your audio problems. It’s been brought to their attention before and they’ve done nothing about it. I’m very close to dropping this podcast soon and just reading bleacher report.
Finally Sharks Talk
A group of opinionated Sharks fans talking about all the team’s happenings as well as the NHL itself with a little Barracuda. I had been searching for a replacement to The Gackle Report and found this excellent podcast. As these podcasters have rightfully observed the San Jose Sharks are underserved when it comes to coverage. This podcast helps immensely to curb that trend.
The Best Sharks Podcast
TTG is my favorite Sharks podcast. I've been watching the Sharks since their inception and love getting to hear more about my team. The podcast is good both for the experienced and new fan. They have segments to help teach the new fans and I find I still might learn something despite having watched for 25 years and played for 10. I enjoy hearing the various viewpoints.
New to sports!
Just a guy who likes games
I am thoroughly enjoying this show! And this is coming from someone who knows almost nothing about sports in general let alone Hockey. The hosts are very clear and direct and on top of that, they are very entertaining and funny! Great podcast for people new to hockey and hockey veterans alike!!!
even basketball fans will love it
love the show
5 star
Don't shoot v5
This show is the most fun I can ever have alone with clothes on
Penguins fan
As a Penguins fan I was skeptical about listening to a Sharks podcast but I have to admit, I am hooked. I'm not switching teams but I love this show.
The only podcast I currently listen to. Make more episodes
The only hockey show you need
This is the only hockey show I listen to. Never miss an episode. So much fun. Keep it up guys!!!
If you love hockey look no further!!!
You have to listen to it to believe it. That's all I can say. Have fun listening
Sharks Hockey with a kick
These guys know their Sharks hockey, and they're not afraid to use it! Great for fans looking for a conversation and a good laugh. Ian Reid is a hockey writer for RESN Sports and Wendell has helped build one of the largest Facebook team fan pages. They will make you feel like you're a part of the community. Give them a try!
Just been following the Sharks for 2 years now. I am so glad I have found this podcast. It explains a lot I didn't understand about the game and has helped keep the season in perspective. Great job. Keep it up
Interesting Discussion focused mainly on SJ Sharks
It’s refreshing to find a podcast discussing the San Jose Sharks. Have been a fan since the first season, and have lived through the ups and downs. These guys seem to know their stuff and can put things into perspective. Look forward to hearing more episodes.
Hockey for everyone
Such a fun podcast. Great no matter if you have never watched hockey, or been into it your whole life. Definitely Sharks based
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