Great stories!
Some of the best stories to listen to, all told through an amazing storyteller. I love to listen to this podcast on my morning runs, the thoughts of “what happened to so and so” keeps me from thinking about how much I dislike working out.
We love it!!
My husband and I love to listen his story while driving.
Terrible narration
The host’s awkward reading and over the top writing make this show a chore to listen to. I got through a lot of episodes just because there aren’t many podcasts in this genre but I can’t do it anymore.
The absolute best.
This is a podcast that I can listen to every single hour of every single day. Nothing short of amazing.
I am confused about why this has so many good reviews. His voice sounds like a robot trying to be human. The intros do not connect to the actual story. Why?
Nice Listen
Entertaining stories in a short format that is great for when you just want a little taste.
Very Informative
High school level writing, with bad puns and rhetoric questions in every other paragraph... The stories are entertaining and have a fun insight on history, worth the listen
Tainted Well
Mickey 🌈
I was amazed to find some family history included in this podcast. I have a collection of my family’s history linking us all the way back to the O’Carroll clans’ most notorious siblings. I actually had similar night terrors to Margaret herself and drew pictures of the “monsters” I saw that look eerily familiar to what Aaron describes. I’m a huge fan of this podcast so hearing it even vaguely linked to my family’s history was SO EXCITING! Amazing research and storytelling skills. I got chills.
Not what I thought it was going to be
Dylaina T Shryock
I gave it four stars because it’s probably my fault that it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I googled the best scary podcasts to listen to and this one popped up. Not so much scary but he’s a great story teller and has a good voice to listen to. The podcasts are just like the description, but if anyone is looking to be spooked, look elsewhere. Otherwise great listen!
How does he make everything so boring?
Drone drone drone
Way cool
I love the creepy episodes. Keep it up Aaron! Great for Halloween! And KIDS! MWA- HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA
I can’t seem to stop listening to this podcast! I’ve seen the TV series and was worried I wouldn’t like the podcast as much but I think it’s actually better! Every episode so far has been interesting and made me want to dig deeper into the subject on my own.
Love Lore
what if world
I’ve been listening for over a year and absolutely love Lore! It was the first podcast I ever got into and love the amount of research that goes into each episode. Eric really tries to acknowledge the supernatural while still keeping a scientific mind about these weird and strange stories.
You see...
Great stories, and I love the research that goes into them. He’s not the greatest at pronouncing things, and he’s not a voice actor, but his voice is somewhat relaxing. However, you see, this rating would be much higher, you see, if he didn’t say “you see” so much.
Amazing Podcast
I love lore history and this podcast does an amazing job with that subject. Informative and interesting. The tales are well presented and even the music in the background is beautiful!
Hooked from the start!
Lore is such a great podcast. I first heard about it from the Podcast Harmontown and I instantly listened to the first episode as soon as I could. Once I found out that Aaron was from a few towns away from me and many of the early episodes are based around Massachusetts and New England I got even more excited! If you like spooky and creepy but also want history then you NEED to listen to Lore.
Love it so much
His storytelling is amazing, the music is beautiful, the stories are great. My only complaint is that I swear it's FOREVER between episodes. You'd have to ignore it for years to get a binge-worthy amount
Could it get any better? (spoiler alert: no.)
in all honestly, Lore is my favorite podcast by far. i’ve been listening since 2017(ish) and i’m still eagerly awaiting a new upload every two weeks. if you’re a fan of the supernatural, this is a podcast for you. if you’re a fan of psychologically thrilling characters from history, this is a podcast for you. if you’re a fan of myths/legends/folktale, this is a podcast for you. and even if you get scared easily and hate horror (like me), this is still a podcast for you. there’s something about Aaron’s delivery that leaves you feeling like you’re sitting around a campfire with friends, listening to spooky stories. it’s all perfectly captivating and enthralling in the best way. i wish i could give it a higher rating. very very highly recommended.
Best stories!
Kate #88
This podcast is amazing!! He’s a great at story telling and the content is stellar.
Just press play..
The Great Wendigo
Lore is a masterpiece that combines history with fear that keeps you entertained. Believable stories that leave you thinking all night. I’m a teenager and hate history and lose interest in things quickly, but this is the only podcast that keeps me entertained while working. Good luck!
Such a good show
Very well researched, written, and delivered.
By far my favorite podcast
Taylor #6
I have always loved folklore and legends, scary stories and horrifying truths about our world, and Aaron delivers that with every episode. I somehow keep coming back to the first episode every month and listening to the entire thing up to the newest, and I can’t wait for when that takes me more than a month!
A Fairy Tale Come True
Kraig Emery Tubbs
I absolutely love Aaron Mahnke and all the amazing podcasts he is a part of, Lore of course was my intro and his podcasts are the only ones I listen to. His story telling ability is something I envy, and the history of each episode is so well researched and informative. If you also love Lore you should also check out Unobscured, Cabinet of Curiosity & Noble Blood. Honestly I would be so sad if this podcast went away, I love every other week because it starts off the first three days of my week with a new episode of these amazing podcasts. My only wish is that one day he will do a Lore episode on mermaids. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK AND PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!
Thanks for the memories.
I used to be a big fan. In the beginning Aaron was original and interesting. You could hear the passion in his stories as well as by his research. However that’s all gone now. He sold out. Everyone has to make a living so I don’t blame him. But putting ads in the middle or towards the end of the show is such a let down. You take the listener, who’s engrossed in the tale and put them right smack dab in the middle of real life capitalistic BS. The one thing that has always kept me coming back though is the music. If the composer has a podcast I’ll be subscribing. But sadly I’m unsubscribing from Lore. Thanks for the memories.
Spooky Season!!
and is skxnsjsl
Celebrating October 1st by binging Lore!! (As if I need an excuse).
Love the show, love Aaron’s morals
I have loved Lore since the very beginning. And I LOVE that Aaron called out the gross and hateful actions of someone in his industry. I briefly tried to listen to Sword and Scale and Mike Boudet’s other podcast Monstruo. I was disturbed by how Mike Boudet spoke about women, about murder, about many things. I unsubscribed from Boudet’s podcasts long before Aaron said anything and was so happy when he did. Standing up for what you believe in isn’t always the most popular decision, as you can see by the hateful reviews below. But the work, research, and care Aaron has put into all his podcasts is amazing. So proud of all he’s done! I cannot recommend Lore highly enough.
I Don't LIke It Anymore
Used to be a good podcast, when Aaron was hungry. Those days are gone. Fewer podcasts as Aaron gladhands and dreams of bigger and better things now (what happened to Amazon?). Research and production values have deteriorated significantly. Podcasting, like fame, is fleeting.
Obnoxious Ad
I love this show-up until recently when they decided to use that one odious meth-ladened ad. I can’t even listen to the show during the day let alone at night anymore due to that obnoxious ad.
A review
The podcast is good to listen to and hi Aaron 😀😀😃😃
Worth a listen
Great entertainment. Great length. Long enough to get some actual detail and depth on a topic, but short enough for this who aren’t digging a topic. This has sent me down a rabbit hole to research topics of great interest on multiple occasions. Good writing. Good narration. Any time entertainment can also teach you something is definitely a win.
Good stuff.
Always interesting.
Lost what made it great
I used to really love this podcast as it used to look a lot more at why people tell the stories they tell and what place those stories have in culture. The history and culture surrounding the urban legends was always more interesting than simply reporting on them. As time has moved on it has devolved into a much more mundane paranormal podcast and seems to have lost its more analytical edge. I'm not saying it should push skepticism constantly, but after a recent episode referenced those TAPS charlatans, I realized what made this podcast special has worn away with time and it would no doubt become another 'OoOOooo! Maybe there's REAL GHOSTS' podcast shortly. Unsubscribed, thanks for the good memories.
increasing ads
I realize that ad revenue keeps the show going. However, the ad content has crept up from five to ten to fifteen minutes. Over half the show is a long ad for "Blue Apron." I have also lost interest in this stream due to the huge mess that was the Bathory episode on Amazon. So many errors. . . . .
Super suspenseful and beautifully told stories definitely give you the chills!
My favorite thing to listen to
The lore tv show was so entertaining I watched each episode and wanted more- this podcast is literally the only reason I even started listening to podcasts, and I’m so glad I did. I subscribe and listen to all of Aaron’s shows and enjoy them all but these brief stories are by far my favorite.
I love this! It’s easy to listen to while I’m at work and I learn so much. (I also can crack my ankles and toes on command line the Fox sister, who knew?) I have recommended this podcast to so many others. I love binging so I wait for a few episodes to stack up. The way it’s edited, the flow, Aaron’s voice, it’s just all around good.
The reason I like podcasts
This show is the reason I like podcasts. I don’t even know why people hate on this great podcast. Didn’t their moms tell them if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything?
I’m literally on the edge of my seat sometimes! Fascinating topics! Keep up your great work!
Hi! Fantastic short, yet informative, histories
Best podcast I have ever listened too. Keep them coming!!
Love Lore!!
I can listen to Aaron Mehnke talk all day long!! He is such a wonderful storyteller and the music just tips the scale towards infinite awesomeness!!
My favorite podcast!
Joe I. ( :
Keep it commin’!
Hi Aaron
Great stuff Aaron, I work on boats on the coast of Maine. I was literally underway in Casco Bay when I heard the first lighthouse episode, and now when I’m working in the fog part of me hopes to see the Dash. The sea monster stuff is incredible. Thanks for the experience, and keep the water stuff coming!
Great stories
gulf coast mommy
Hi! I heard about your podcast through Amy Bruni’s Instagram account. I loved your most recent podcast and will be binge listening to your series.
Awesome and meditative
Excellent and informative. I love lore.
Great Storyteller!
Joe the Constantine fan
Aaron Mahnke has an amazing voice for storytelling and he has found very interesting topics and stories to talk about. Highly recommend to anyone who listens to podcasts.
It’s fantastic
It’s both interestingly informative and spine tingling at the same time. I can’t recommend it enough.
Amazing podcast
Been listening to it since the beginning and I still love it! Highly recommend for everyone even if you don’t like scary stories!👍
Episode was good
That’s all I had to say about it. It was good. VSCO girl!
Shortest Straw
What a GREAT episode. Loved the way you tied the stories together. Best one yet and I’ve listened to many of your Lore episodes.
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