Black lives matter protests
Colin bringo
To say that these are a police issue and not significantly related to race is insane to me without any push back from either of the hosts. I usually enjoy this show as a center perspective but a commentators who like to ground their ideas in history I don’t know how they could this. I mean how did we not take into account the responses of the people viewing these protests? There’s a reason why the opinions of these police incidents are racially charged... people bring baseball bats to protest and now they’re riots???? What about guns to predominantly white protests?
Excellent, insightful, and balanced
One of my favorite podcasts to listen to due to thoughtful commentary, attention to balance the perspectives of both sides of the issue, and commentators would have a depth of understanding of both political theory and its application in our politicized and antagonist time. Nice that it doesn’t have an overall agenda to convince or turn you on issues, but inform you on important events shaping our democracy and provide context through both liberal and conservative lenses. Tend to agree with the viewpoints of Michael, due to having some conservative leanings but do not necessarily agree with how the principles are applied currently. If unsure, give it a try and it will not be a waste of your time.
I don’t get what happened to Mike this week
Michael saying Trump was innocent over and over is insane. Mike kept just saying yep to Jay on everything about the mueller investigation. What happened to you? I think this might finally be the reason I stop listening. What happened to back bone. Now suddenly because Schiff is dishonest trump is innocent. It’s really sad
Get better republicans
This Jay Carson guy doesn’t sound like he is too bright and comes across as petty. Typical partisan. His arguments lack nuance and complexity. He’s teaches at a university? 🤨
Guys means white men
Nice to have thoughts from the left and the right but the lack of women’s voices and few scholars of color leads to a narrow discussion.
Opening with an Atheist
Thank you for mentioning atheists in your opening, glad to be here. Is anybody watching out for my minority, atheists? Love your show, annoyed my husband by making him listen to your intro. because you mentioned atheists. Okay I have said the A word 3 times. Socially distancing from everyone here at home. Stay healthy and follow safety instructions.
Very bias
Very left biased, not the open right /left dialog it is portrayed to be
Jay should not be teaching. He is so biased and blinded by his hatred of DT he can’t stop interrupting. He constantly interrupts his guests and tells them thy are wrong in their views, backing it up with his strong opinions instead of facts. His favorite response “thats just not true” “that’s just crazy” “I disagree with that entirely” great, if you disagree back it up with facts. Try a factual debate instead of an emotional smackdown.
Not what I was looking for
111*dont update*000
I tried this podcast out for a few months because I read that it gave a fair portrayal of both Democrat and Republican perspectives. I found it to be very left leaning, particularly episodes that lack any input from the other side.
This podcast tries to appear centrist by using biased data. For example stating “Trump has pardoned fewer people than other Presidents.” That is misleading. Who are you comparing Trump with, a President who served two terms?
MrsVK Gifted
Kristen called Warren unlikable and therefore unelectable. She supports Trump. I get it, but the complete lack of actual rebuttal of such ridiculousness in the face of her Trump support? Wow. Bye.
Matching hosts and guests
Joe Pappas
Love the podcast. Although the latest episode was very left-leaning. Why not have Trey interview democratic guests for greater debate rather than two democrats head nodding at eachother?
Happy to have found
Like others, I agree that it’s invaluable to have a platform for political discussion that allows listeners to really hear what each person is trying to say. It is so much more informative than most political debates/discussions. That being said, in the episodes I’ve listened to so far, Mike still tends to interrupt others and has a tendency to be dismissive. Overall great show!
they say “bipartisan” and “civil” but it’s still too much arguing, pettiness, and sly attacks for my liking.
Thoughts about constitution
Big 1961
Unfortunately you guys are not seeing the big picture this is not about The election it’s about the Constitution and threat against it
I don’t think so... no obvious quid pro quo? Look up the definition of quid pro quo. That is not a legit investigation when a 500 page report spells out how, when and where Russian hackers and influencers played a role in our 2016 election.
Quality depends on the hosts
The quality of this podcast varies A LOT depending on who the hosts are. I’ve listened to a couple episodes that had really great conversations, but others have been just awful. I couldn’t make it through the last few.
Respectful, Open and Refreshing
As someone who is looking to become more informed this discussion based show is incredibly refreshing. They represent both sides and when they disagree it’s in a respectful and educational by party kind of way. I find politics gives me anxiety listening to people argue and disrespect each other. This shows shows what’s possible when believing different things. I have become more informed and found a genuine interest in my responsibility as a citizen because of this show. Thank you!
Informative and Fun!
Love the variety of speakers and the content provided. Always a great listen.
Great podcast!
I like that you’re not afraid to strongly disagree with each other, it’s refreshing
Doesn’t live up to the billing
While the conversation makes you feel like you’re hearing opposing view points have a balanced conversation, realistically you’re mostly getting leftist Mike control talking points with more centrist pundits. A true conservative opinion every now and then would be great...especially if they could directly counter Mike’s half-truths.
Great Show!
Love the show interviewing David Hawkings and his project The Fulcrum! A+++
Please fix your audio
2 weeks ago it was bad. It’s horrible again. I only made it 2 minutes before I had to turn it off.
I’ve been listening two or three years and this program slants more left almost every week. Saturday’s program was all one sided. I thought the whole premise was to present both sides.
Not As Advertised
Jay Carson just wants to talk over every other host and not let them finish a point as he trips over himself to defend any bigoted, unconstitutional decision the president makes in any context. Everyone else just bows to him over and over and over and over. Used to like this, now just a nicer calmer Fox News. Thanks for nothing.
Trump Approval rating 5/15
This episode was so disappointing. The female is a bigot. A person isn’t disqualified from running for office because they are male, female, a minority of color or “in their 70’s”. She’s got a closed mind.
Howard Schultz
zach mixon
Awesome show love the podcast. I would like to hear what the show thinks about a centrist candidate like Howard Schultz.
Jay missed it.
Awesome podcast. Just here to point out that Jay went on record saying that Hillary would run for President in 2020, and she’s now publicly stated that she has no intention to run. Mike, congrats on calling this one right. Love this show, keep doing what you’re doing.
Best there is
Peter Ca
Won’t be a good fit for those looking for some to regurgitate the views they already have. Won’t be good liberals who are afraid of hearing from a Conservative. Won’t be good for conservatives who think all republicans should be supporting trump. Diversity and people in the know make this the best there is.
A Candid Discussion
Interesting aspect on what is really taking place.
My first political podcast
I usually stray as far away from politics as possible, but this podcast has really broadened my horizons. I have started to understand on what’s happening in American politics because of these guys! My favorite one to listen to would definitely have to be Trey. He explains things in a way that makes it easier to understand!!
Used to be good
Used to be good. Now it’s very clearly biased
Lacking Nick
Springfield Daddy
Just another far left hater...
No more Zach
This is a great podcast. I appreciate the different perspectives and rational discussions. The ability to see a different point of view is something I appreciate. I'm not a patreon supporter so please listen to those who help financially support the cast Mike and Jay are great - I miss them when they are not on. Trey whom I most agree with is also good although he overuses the word "fascinating". Ken can have an annoying viewpoint but he uses rational arguments. Will is a decent fill in as were the the recent hosts with a female perspective. I found Zach to be not representative of the above. He failed to provide rational discussion points. For example I believe there are several good arguments supporting universal basic income but the fact that people Zach knows in the Tech industry that are paid for not working is not one of them. Additionally his characterization of the governor of Virginia as typical of the people of that state was baseless. Please don't bring him back.
Great but...
I love the reasoned debate, but I often wonder how it would look it Jay was actually challenged on the way the current admin is run. It comes across as a bunch of “we will agree to disagree”. I want him to be actually pushed and defend what his party is doing. Stop softball-ing him.
Thank you
For striving to debate issues in a civilized manner. I’ve given up on most media news since they continue to push their views for rating rather than report facts.
Balanced discussion
dis blood runs preeeet
Overall good political discussion providing some much needed neutrality and civil debate. Jay has gotten way harder to listen to, but I guess that’s the point of the show. Seems more partisan than before in that he voiced support for national level GOP stances which to my ear do not necessarily align with his well enunciated underlying political philosophy.
Phone line.
They never shout at each other due to Right guy has dry personality or little passion in his voice. The Left guy is more interested in hosting the show and is not really putting his real passion into the politics. It’s like they both live in a bubble or fish tank. Like a weird political doctor Katz from 90’s.
Great alternative to MSM. I learn something every time.
California searcher
The discussions are respectful, focused on issues, well-informed and insightful. Great way to try to understand what's happening in politics.
Difficult to listen to!
I found the guest extremely difficult to listen to and almost felt like I was listening to a beauty pageant Q&A! Talking slow and “whatnot” and “so-on” and “you-know” and slowwwly enunciating each word WILL NOT fool the listeners into thinking that you know what you’re speaking about. And regurgitating an old article about President Trump’s tax returns, as well. Even going so far as to bring his dead father into it. Making a “generational-crime” tie, yeah, that’s the ticket! Not! If Trump’s tax returns are illegal, I suspect that it won’t be the newspaper breaking the news, but that the IRS will be taking care of business. They Have Zero Love for the “Right”! I have yet to see a Dem OR a Rep. pay in more than they have to or bypass a loophole or a deduction they can legally take, and rightfully so! Until laws are changed it’s not illegal, but quite smart! You know how that ol’ greedy man in the White House is, trying to get double the pay; oh wait, he’s not taking a salary at all, is he? Pfft Try Again! It’s sad really, this was my first episode, as I was excited when I read this was a bipartisan P’cast! To the riches goes the spoils; or something along those lines! Bipartisan Lines, of course! heh Sayonara Sheri F.
Interesting and CIVIL unlike most of what is on TV. They should keep working to make it better. A recent episode for some reason had one voice on the left channel and the other on the right. That was extremely irritating and I hope that was just a production error.
Great commentary
These guys are awesome to listen to. They keep an even kilter when talking about hot button issues and give you a good insight with a practical bipartisan discussion of events. I even like them more then npr. This is the only podcast I actually frequently check to see when a new one is out. Keep up the good work guys.
Balanced, well-informed discussions
These guys are well-read and intelligent, and they disagree civilly and often. It’s a great discussion, and helps me stay well-rounded in my understanding. Mike, Jay, Trey, and Ken all bring nuanced perpsectives from different viewpoints and are very worthwhile to describe and to discuss topics.
Thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and balanced news about politics
I really appreciate this show for how well thought-out each episode is, for the wide-ranging representation of political philosophies, for the lack of unproductive yelling, and for the general respectful exchange of ideas. Whenever something happens in the news, this show is one of the first places I go to inform and clarify my own thoughts on the events...since mainstream news can be so hysterical and emotionally charged. Thank you for all you do!
Has turned just as awful as cable news
This started with, I think, a genuine desire to create a show that was factual and civil. It has now evolved into something that in terms of quality of content, factual integrity, etc, is no better than standard shouting matches on cable news channels. Serious need for fact checking, as partisan speakers throw in lots of unsubstantiated claims. And serious need for thinking about the format, role of moderator, etc. Deeply disappointing. Do not waste your time on this one.
Two white dudes faking like they’re super rational while discussing the political pros and cons of separating children from their adults. Into kid jail. Nope.
Decent balance.
I domt want a nickname
Found these guys because they had dan Carlin on and I enjoy him. Ended up staying with them since that interview. While jay will continually tow the party line on most issues, I find mikes thoughtful deconstruction of an issue educational. While they don’t get to deep into the weeds on issues, they still manage to give each topic a decent length of time. I listen to quit a few podcasts and these two tend to be the most balanced.
The Best of the Best
Anne HW
I can't remember how I found this show, but I'm so glad I did. I can't recommend it highly enough. Mike and Jay are a great team who give both sides of the political perspective on current topics. They often don't agree, as expected, but they often do. I tend to be slightly more conservative and I truly appreciate hearing Michael Baranowski's more liberal side of the conversation. Things occasionally get a bit heated, but they are never disrespectful towards one another or their audience. I've learned a lot more about "policy," which is what is lacking in a lot of the online rants.
Civil, intelligent discussion
I listen to a lot of political and legal podcasts, across the political & ideological spectrum. The Politics Guys is one of my favorites. It is possible for intelligent, rational people to disagree without demonizing one another. They have interesting discussions, and they explain their reasoning in a civil manner. I highly recommend!
Level Headed Conversations
I get very frustrated with the partisan ranting that colors what seems to be the majority of our political discourse in this country. Its enough to make me want to pull back and just not care anymore. I love hearing the thoughtful discussion and debate on this podcast and nobody gets upset or makes wild and ridiculous claims about "the other side". There is disagreement for sure but they are very respectful in their criticisms of each other and this is a delight to hear. Highly recommended!!
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