October 18, 2019
The Yankees are one loss away from elimination and we just HATE to see it. Today we talk about clown Yankee fans on Twitter and their go-to responses when their team sucks, how great October is with every day being an anniversary of a recent huge Red Sox playoff win or moment, how terrible the Yankees have looked in the last few games, preparing everyone for injury excuses to come up from Yankee fans once they get eliminated, how Kate Upton is still one of the best BBWAA writers we have and how she will approach Gerrit Cole likely winning the Cy Young over Justin Verlannder, Grif Holt winning the offseason once again and why he can legitimately play in the bigs one day and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
October 7, 2019
We are once again joined by Kirk Minihane for his record-setting 3rd appearance on the show. With Kirk we talk his least favorite media personality in Boston, how he ended up at Barstool and how it's been so far, how he hates that no one wants to come on his show to debate anymore, the potential of him joining Barstool Radio in some capacity, how he doesn't trust happy guys, the book he's currently working on, his beef with the Barstool Breakfast guys and we finally talk a little Sox at the end. After the Kirk interview we mention a Red Sox coach that may sadly lose their job soon and preview some upcoming content for the pod. Enjoy!
October 1, 2019
The 2019 Red Sox season may be over but Guerin Austin is FINALLY on Section 10 so that's definitely something to celebrate. Before the Guerin interview we recap that disappointing season for the Sox, call out the idea that John Henry and co. propose of cutting down the payroll while also wanting to keep Mookie Betts in Boston, break down the not-so-positive comments made in the clubhouse by JD Martinez on his status with the team, why Brock Holt's time with the Sox may be over and more. In the Guerin interview we talk how the rivalry with Steve started, recap her last 5 years doing sideline reporting for NESN, break down every aspect of that 'Wouldn't wanna cuff ya!' commercial, recap her trip to Mexico, her experience on the duckboat during the parade, her favorite moment covering the team and how cool it is that she's a role model now. We close out the show talking where this team goes from here and answer several of your Down in the DM questions on this upcoming offseason. Enjoy!
September 27, 2019
While it was a disappointing season for the Sox, we are back for the 2nd Annual Section 10 Award Show! We polled the listeners on nthese awards and got thousands of votes so thanks for killing it there! We announce the winners for the following awards: Favorite Guest of the Year, Favorite Section 10 Nickname, Most Underwhelming Performance, Most Surprising Performance in a Good Way, Best New Section 10 Shirt, What You'll Remember This Season Most By, Best At Hit, and Most Valuable Player. After the Award Show we talk the odds of JD opting in this offseason, give Rick Porcello props for what he meant to this Sox team over the last 5 years, and tee up what looks like the last weekend at this version of Baseball Tavern. Enjoy!
September 23, 2019
The 2019 Red Sox have finally been eliminated from playoff contention as we are joined by a surprising guest considering the history of this show: Drew Pomeranmz. Before the Dwew interview we talk Jared's trip to Milwaukee and his worst Uber ride of all time, the Sox struggling to find a new GM, and take a trip down memory lane with all the negative things that have been said about Drew Pomeranz on this show. In the Pomeranz interview we talk how confusing it was when he was dealt to Boston, difference between playing in San Diego compared to Boston, the wild ways people would find to tell Drew he sucks, biggest differences between John Farrell and Alex Cora as managers, Jared reads a mean tweet he posted about Drew in the past and gets his reaction, the experience of being on the World Series roster but not pitching, what worked best for him in an impressive 2017 season, his preference between relieving and starting, and what he thinks went wrong with this Red Sox team. After the interview we move over to the KFC Radio studio to talk how weird it was to see the Sox get eliminated while Mitch Moreland hit a game-tying home run in the 9th, Yankees fans flipping out over an AL East title, highest point of the season for the team and the podcast, Brock staying the greatest with his IG comments on our posts, and close by teasing the Section 10 Awards Show coming up later this week. Enjoy!
September 19, 2019
The Red Sox elimination number stands at 1 but the Yastrzemski love at Fenway this week was just cool to see. Today we talk how we're already sounding like those old timers talking about the '03 and '04 Red Sox, give major props to Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers for their incredible seasons, discuss how we wish Nomar's love in Boston post-career was more like Pedro's, how this Red Sox Golden Ticket promotion is just another dumb thing in the list of random September crap they do when the team is out of it, how funny it was that the Yankees stuck around in the clubhouse hoping to clinch the AL East just to see the Rays come back to beat the Dodgers in LA and close discussing how weird the MLB divisions were just a handful of years ago. Enjoy!
September 16, 2019
It's a lost season for the Sox but at least they brought the Phillies down with them. Today we talk the huge difference between catching a foul ball clean and ending up with a foul ball, a full list of reasons to watch the last 2 weeks of the Red Sox season, Pablo Sandoval getting surgery to avoid a trip back to Fenway, a certain Sox player that is chasing a very historical number and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
September 12, 2019
Today we are joined by head groundskeeper of Fenway Park David Mellor. For those who don't know, David's life story is a wild one so buckle up. In the Mellor interview we discuss how he wanted to be a major leaguer and had a legitimate chance of doing so before he was shockingly hit by a car outside a McDonanld's, how he hurt himself even further during physical therapy, how he was hit by a car AGAIN in a bizarre incident on the field in Milwaukee, how difficult the next handful of years were for him, how much his service dog Drago has helped him over the years, his transition to becoming the head groundskeeper at Fenway, his favorite experience during the 4 World Series titles he's seen since he's been in Boston, a hilarious Nomar story, how the field used to flood so much that fish started showing up in the dugout and much more! After the interview we talk where this Red Sox season went wrong and what positives we can take from such a disappointing year. Enjoy!
September 10, 2019
The Red Sox have fired their President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski and it's safe to say we have some takes. Today we talk every angle of this firing of Dombrowski, how much the upcoming decision on Mookie played a role in the Red Sox decision to let Davey go, breaking down all of Dombrowski's moves while in charge of the Sox roster, his beef with Barstool a few years back, the Alex Speier report that JD or Mookie likely won't be on the team next year, a full breakdown of JD accidentally grabbing a pair of titties during Saturday's game, and wrap by talking Big Papi throwing out the first pitch at Fenway.
September 5, 2019
E-Rod continues to be the ace for the Red Sox as they try to keep their playoff hopes alive. Today we talk about how great this season has been for Eddie Aces, if pitcher wins actually mean anything, the exact record the Red Sox need to finish with to have a chance at a Wild Card spot, preview tonight's series finale with the Twins and the upcoming weekend series with the Yankees, pick the winners for who is coming with us to Saturday's game, answer your Down in the DM questions and much more. Enjoy!
September 2, 2019
The Red Sox needed to go at least 7-2 on that west coast trip and they went....7-2. This team is keeping their Wild Card hopes alive as we head into a very crucial week at Fenway Stadium. Today we recap that west coast trip, rip the "season is over" people, debate whether this team has the best 1-4 spots in their lineup in our lifetime, preview these series' coming up at Fenway and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 29, 2019
This has been an all-over-the-place season but as it stands right now the Red Sox are as close as they've been in the Wild Card race since August 9. Today we talk that 2-game sweep of the Rockies and how Section 10 listeners dominated Denver, the Sox sneaky being the hottest team in the American League as of late, the Denver airport being one of the sketchiest places on Earth, over/under on 18.5 wins for E-Rod as he keeps his career year going, if we'd rather the Sox sneak into the playoffs to then get swept or just fade off in September, a Dustin Pedroia update and how we just want him to be able to live his best possible life after retirement and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 27, 2019
The Red Sox were out in California last weekend and dreaming of a chance to make that Wild Card game at this rate. We talk Jared's meet-up with Don Orsillo and how much of a treat it is to hear Don calling Sox games, how Section 10 listeners took over San Diego, BJ very much lacking in David Price's absence, the Sox basically needing to go 5-0 to finish off this west coast trip to give themselves a chance in September, how weird it is that the Padres were stunned that Sox fans hate Manny Machado, some Brynn's thoughts and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 22, 2019
This Red Sox season is insanely frustrating but at least it's Walk-Off Day folks. We go over how there's no benefit to cunceling the season when we invest this much time into it and when they technically still have a chance, how this team is like unexpected dark chocolate when you thought you were gonna bite into milk chocolate, predict the Sox walk-off over the Royals before it happened, if Jared and Brynn will bump into Chris Cotillo of The Mexican Times in San Diego, Coley wanting this team to tank in September, Brynn's thoughts, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions.
August 20, 2019
Do the Orioles suck? Yes. Did the Sox need to sweep them? Yes...and here we are. Today we talk the very unfortunate but not that surprising news that Chris Sale's 2019 season is likely over, how amazing Rafael Devers has been and where this season is currently ranking among some of the all-time greats, how few current MLB players we would rather have than Raffy Big Scoops right now, why we may have to worry about Mookie Betts potentially getting traded this offseason, and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 15, 2019
The Red Sox just beat the hottest team in baseball in a series so we are well on our way to looking at another AL East crown this year. Today we talk Devers being insanely impressive and how he's giving us Pinky Higgins flashbacks, Andrew Cashner very clearly being the closer the Red Sox needed this whole time, just how the Sox will win the AL East this year, "Blakata!" being the worst catchphrase ever, preview this weekend's series with the Orioles and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 12, 2019
Andrew Trashner continues to be miserable for the Red Sox and we've had about enough of the blahness of this team. We break down the Sox disappointing .500 week against teams they need to be beating, look through free agents on the market this offseason to see how we can fix the pitching issues, give a major shoutout to the dude in a Section 10 shirt that had Mike Trout take a pic with him from the dugout, preview the series in Cleveland, have a bunch of random thoughts about random stuff, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 8, 2019
This season has felt like a never-ending rain delay and last night was no different. Today we talk how brutal it is that the Sox lost an off-day in San Diego to have to finish a game with the damn Kansas City Royals in extra innings, we call Guerin Austin to get her breakdown of how wild the rain was from the dugout last night, talk the odds that this is actually the last season with the Sox for Dave Dombrowski via Dan Shaughnessy's recent article, how the Sox would have to go 31-15 for the rest of the season to have a legit chance to make the postseason, give the Suns a shoutout for dominating Suns Day on NBA TV, how ridiculous the Players Weekend nicknames are for the Red Sox but still give Chavis credit for trying to fix the Ice Horse error, introduce a brand new segment and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 5, 2019
The Red Sox just got swept by the Yankees and have lost 8 games in a row and everything is awful. We open talking about the Suns because this is the best Suns podcast on the planet, we recap how well the livestream went Friday even though the game sucked, and then we recap that miserable series in the Bronx. We're talking how brutal the Sox have been when Sale and Price start, how no realistic deadline move would have prevented this losing streak, how we expected this terrible play from the 2015 team but there being no excuse for a team this talented to lose 8 in a row, and the Sox somehow still having a 2% chance to win the World Series. This is a tough one folks, be sad with us. Go Suns
August 1, 2019
We will get to how pathetic it is that the Sox made ZERO moves at the deadline in a minute, but in Part II of our sit-down from Curt Schilling's house we talk things that he regrets saying during his playing days, the creation of 'Why Not Us' and which media member that phrase was aimed at, if the 2007 World Series title would have happened without the 2004 team winning it all, revisiting the A-Rod brawl with a breakdown of everything that happened and how much the team hated A-Rod, how much he loves the retirement lifestyle, young pitchers in the game that he helps out now, potentially wanting to rejoin the game as a pitching coach, hardest guys he ever faced and the only two strikeout baseballs he ever saved, and all the aspects that go into being a truly successful pitcher in the majors. We then flip the hell out over the Sox adding NOTHING at the trade deadline, the Astros being the very clear favorite to represent the AL in the World Series now, what we would have tweaked about Rick Porcello's feud with the TVs in the dugout, a brief visit from Willie Colon for Jared to pay him his $1K, and close with some optimism by saying we still think this team will make the Wild Card Game. Enjoy!
July 30, 2019
Today we have soon-to-be Hall of Famer Curt Schilling on the podcast once again to talk how pissed he is that Jared got a World Series ring, how much his character has been attacked since leaving ESPN, how much he knew about steroids in baseball when he was playing and hints at who was juicing, his current relationship with the Red Sox being bumpy, how he found out about David Ortiz getting shot as it was happening, how much he wants MLB players to be mic'd up during games, his favorite Terry Francona moments and much more (Part II of the interview coming later this week). Outside of the Schilling interview we recap our Live Show over the weekend, talk the madness of that Sox-Yankees series, and look forward to what to expect from Dave Dombrowski and company come Trade Day. Enjoy!
July 25, 2019
The Red Sox won that series against the Rays but that whole debacle with the umps and specifically Angel Hernandez was a very confusing process. Today we recap that Rays series and how a sweep would have really been super mega awesome, talk that Didi quote about burying the Red Sox and frankly how rude that was, call up the MLB Rules Department once again to get clarification on the end of the series finale with the Rays, a full preview this upcoming Sox-Yankees series at Fenway with some hints at what to expect for our Live Show Saturday at 1pm at Lansdowne Pub and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
July 22, 2019
Our guy Joe Kelly is once again on the podcast today to distract us from the fact that the Red Sox just lost a series to the friggin Orioles. With Jimmy B we talk how different it is playing in LA vs. Boston, how much he meant to the bullpen during that World Series run last year, if there was legitimate doubt to if he would even make the postseason roster, how much easier his day-to-day life is being home in LA, if his big strikeout late in Game 5 of the World Series was the top highlight of his career so far, how much he wanted to strike out Tyler Austin when he faced him again, how the free agency process went, and his favorite moments in Boston with a recap of that fight with the Yankees. Outside of the Kelly interview we talk if the Sox would consider being sellers at the trade deadline, what the hell is wrong with Rick Porcello, Pluto being the fakest thing ever, which relievers the Sox may still have their eye on and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
July 18, 2019
The Eck vs. Price "feud" is back and we have the solution to end all of this! They should just meet up and do one of those double cheek kiss things. Boom, problem solved. Today we also talk about Andrew Cashner's lackluster debut with the Sox and the obvious reason why he wasn't good, hint at a certain Players' Weekend jersey, break down the ongoing nightmare of a bullpen this team has and how Brandon Workman has had to suffer the most from everyone else sucking and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
July 16, 2019
Benny Biceps, Benny Buttcheeks, Benny Baseball, Andrew Benintendi makes his Section 10 debut today and it's a gem. Before the Benny interview we talk the end of the Eduardo Nunez era, how significant a move it was for the Sox to add Andrew Cashner and recap that series with the Dodgers and further emphasize how much you need to bunt in that 11th inning scenario. Then we get to our Andrew Benintendi interview where we talk his nicknames and which one he hears the most in the clubhouse, the epic catch he made in the ALCS, his favorite moment of the 2018 postseason that wasn't that catch or the final out, how frustrated he is over his current season, favorite moment from the parade, power ranking the drunkest players at the parade and much more. We then talk the Guerin Austin "drama" with Jared and Steve, recap Jared's experience getting his World Series ring and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
July 12, 2019
The Sox are beginning the unofficial 2nd half of their season and it's time to prove they have a shot at a deep October run once again. Today we recap the All-Star Game and whether the Sox actually did anything of relevance, give the latest update on David Ortiz's status following another surgery, talk Tyler Thornburg being released and how much of a massive failure that Travis Shaw trade turned out to be, give an announcement on upcoming Section 10 live shows, break down our 2nd half bold predictions for the Sox and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
July 9, 2019
Today we recap the unofficial 1st half of the Red Sox season and look ahead to what to expect in the last few months coming up, talk Cleveland not being all that bad, what headline we would use on the front page of our hypothetical newspaper to sum up this season so far, what Zack Wheeler would potentially bring to the Red Sox, how bad it would be if Marcus Stroman actually gets dealt to the Yankees, which reliever we trust the most so far, why JD Martinez would definitely want to stay in Boston, recap Jared's bobblehead night in Lowell, Xander still needing more love on the national level and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
July 5, 2019
This Sox team has been an absolute rollercoaster ride but they still somehow pulled that series out in Toronto. We recap that series win, talk Marco Hernandez continuing to dominate in the clutch, the Sox offense having no quit in them, why the Yankees are dumb for wasting all of their wins against the Red Sox too early, why the Sox continue to have Vazquez catch Sale when the numbers show Leon needs to be in there, debate whether using Nathan Eovaldi as a closer is a good idea or not, express our frustrations that Xander Bogaerts had to backdoor his way into the All-Star Game and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
July 1, 2019
The Sox went across the pond and lost both games to the Yankees because this bullpen is absolute garbage. Today we talk everything about the London Series, how the 1st innings and the Sox offense never giving up was cool and that was about it, Yankee fans being the most unoriginal humans on, if we have any new ways to describe how awful this bullpen is, how dumb it is that the Yanks easily acquired Edwin Enchiladas, the Xander All-Star snub being one of the worst snubs ever, if it was the right move for the Suns to sign Ricky Rubio to a $51M deal, pitch a potential upcoming Section 10 wiffle ball tournament, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
June 27, 2019
The Sox are heading to London so naturally we open the show using British accents. Today we talk how miserable any Sox pitcher has been trying to close games this year and what possible solutions Dombrowski could find for that position, which James Bond movie was the best, how people were very wrong to want Kimbrel to be gone, how Davey Dombrowski clearly thinks July 31 is the only day he can make a trade, how wild that plane the Sox took to London looked, a summary of your 3-word recaps of the first half of the Sox season, a full preview of the London Series and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
June 25, 2019
We finally got Tom Caron on the podcast! Today we open talking how all over the place this Red Sox season has been, what stuff London is known for, then we get to the TC interview. With Tom Caron we talk what his proudest moment has been with NESN, his favorite parade memory, how the 2003 Sox get lost in the shuffle, the favorite player he covered on the Sox, why Maine doesn't have cell service, how Steven Wright is misunderstood, why Sox players don't use social media, when he thinks people tune in to the pre and postgame show the most, multiple times players have gone after him for something they did in the postgame show, the hardest Red Sox season to cover, what it was like during 2004 season, other opportunities that have come up for him during his 24 years at NESN and much more. After TC we talk who we want to interview next, Stroman vs. Eck stuff, Saturday's meltdown and more. Enjoy!
June 20, 2019
The 2019 Red Sox are not the 2018 Red Sox. But when they show us signs of being "back" then we're gonna get excited. So deal with it! Today we give a huge shoutout to our guy Trig for continuing to make us fire Section 10 shirts (buy them on, recap that Twins series and debate how back the Sox are right now, get pissed off that Xander Bogaerts isn't getting enough All-Star voting love, continue to find it fascinating how much Alex Cora drives E-Rod into the ground, confirm that CC Sabathia is fat and that it's ok to be fat, debate why they would make up a report that David Ortiz wasn't the intended target of that shooting, and finish with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
June 17, 2019
The Sox swept the O's as expected but we're still very glad with what this team has been up to lately so...yea. Today we talk our biggest takeaways from that Orioles sweep, how Cora continues to love nothing more than pushing E-Rod to his absolute max, if JBJ is back or not, Kirk Minihane ripping Jared on his first pod with Barstool, how we are just gonna jump along for the wild ride that is the 2019 Red Sox, how Steve's interactions with Guerin went this weekend in Baltimore, a hilarious Guerin story from Jared, and during Down in the DMs an impromptu interview with ESPN's Jeff Passan on the current state of the AL East and the Yankees landing Edwin Enchiladas. Enjoy!
June 13, 2019
The Sox continue their up-and-down season with a walk-off that we think should be banned: The walk-off walk. Today we talk updates on David Ortiz's situation, how odd the whole story has become including the bounty that was put out on him, why the Sox are obsessed with not letting teams sweep them, recap the Benny and Cora ejections by acting it out, how the Bruins would have won the Cup if they had a different flag waving approach, and wrap it up with our Red Sox Lottery segment and your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
June 10, 2019
Today is about David Ortiz. We try to wrap our heads around the miserable incident that took place to our hero Big Papi in the DR, give updates on his status, and talk our favorite Papi moments ever to try and brighten up the room a bit. David Ortiz will pull through because he is larger than life. He will come back even stronger from this senseless act. #PapiStrong
June 6, 2019
The Red Sox just swept the Royals as we predicted but we wanna talk about how phenomenal Chris Sale was on Wednesday. Today we talk the confusing process of loving to watch Vladdy Jr. but then realizing he's in the AL East, how Chris Sale dildoed the Royals lineup for the first Sox shutout since part-time Section 10 producer Brian Johnson in 2017, break down the 4 complete game shutouts in the Section 10 era, predict the Sox were gonna complete the sweep because we're wicked smaht, if we're surprised that the Cubs signed Craig Kimbrel, how cool it would be if the whole team had social media accounts and were actually good at posting, Eddie's Goat Milk taking over the world on Wednesday, the real reason why the Sox drafted Cameron Cannon, a little Hey Arnold and Mickey Kaline talk, and finish with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
June 3, 2019
David Price delivered on Sunday or else this likely would have been a Suns podcast. We open talking how this series isn't over even though every Yankees fan thinks it is, how much that Price start was needed and a specific thing he did to literally everyone in The Bronx, why the Yankees will be worse when they get their "All Stars" back, why Todd Frazier was so miserably awful on Sunday, how tough that SNB broadcast was to listen to, mixed feelings on what to expect from Nathan Eovaldi when he returns to the rotation, bring back the Red Sox Lottery segment, a little Down on the Farm action, preview of the upcoming series with the Royals and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
May 30, 2019
The Red Sox just lost a very frustrating series to the Indians but you absolutely cannot let us win today against the Yankees. You just can't. We open the show recapping that Indians series and how Greg Allen is obviously the best baseball player of all time, remind everyone that win probability is very stupid, put rain in the bathroom, a brief Down on the Farm segment, recap the Dustin Pedroia press conference and why this news may be a good thing in the long run, Fuckin' with Hubbs segment to preview the upcoming series with the Yankees, and close with you phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
May 27, 2019
Yes, we are joined by Matty Backpacks himself today. Before the Backpacks interview we recap that series with the Astros and compare how the Sox rank with Houston heading into June, give Devers some love and debate how dumb it is that that would-be homer hit the roof, and then rip Roberto Osuna for obvious reasons. With Matty Backpacks we talk the origin of his nickname, how his mindset changed going from starting games to now occasionally closing them, recap the best game he's ever pitched, how hard it is to make it in the bigs when you're from the northeast, how everything clicked for the Sox and their bullpen in the postseason last year, figuring out how to pitch at the big-league level, his defining moment as a pro and whether or not he's converted some of his Yankee fan friends over to supporting the Sox. After the Barnes interview we request more places for you guys to take Section 10 shirt pics, kinda rip Figawi stuff, give a new update for our Down on the Farm segment and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
May 23, 2019
We make the case for Steve Pearce to make the All-Star team based solely off how he's done in his last 4 games. We also talk limited edition Section 10 shirts and which ones you guys want to see the most, Ice Horse coming through in the clutch on Wednesday, debate if we love or hate Marcus Stroman's antics on the mound, pitch things we want you guys to do in Section 10 shirts, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
May 21, 2019
The Cowboy Up man himself Kevin Millar is on the show today and he's even better than you would expect. Before the Millar interview we talk that Astros-Sox series and our biggest takeaways after getting the win on Sunday, a theory on Michael Chavis that makes him look like a not-so-nice guy, and the secret to why Chris Sale walked 5 guys in his last start. In the Kevin Millar interview we talk the 2003 team and how they don't get nearly enough credit for being an absolute wagon, how hilarious it was when Millar threw out the first pitch before a Sox playoff game when he was still playing for another team at the time, what his favorite bar around Fenway was, a hilarious bar story involving him and some of the other players on the '03 team, recapping the day he hit a bomb in a charity game a few years back, and the difficulties of being tight with the players but also knowing when you need to be critical about them on TV. After the Millar interview we continue discussing that Astros series, Jared meeting the Chavis family and Justin Verlander, Steve finally clearing the air with Guerin Austin at Baseball Tavern, Koji Uehara retiring and how much we loved him, give examples of how JBJ can get back to being good at hit, and wrap it all up with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
May 16, 2019
The Ice Horse got his first career walk-off hit and also hit a ball over the moon even though the moon is fake. Today we talk all things Ice Horse after his big night, how Alex Cora continues to push E-Rod because he knows how much he's capable of, give Marcus Walden the credit he deserves as well as a brand new nickname, rip the moon again and present a brand new moon conspiracy theory, vent about how sad we are that the Suns got the 6th pick in the NBA Draft, and answer your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. That and much more. Enjoy!
May 14, 2019
The Red Sox are red hot. So yea, that's the title explained. Today we talk if any team in the immediate or distant future can slow this Sox team down, the specific strategies Rafael Devers has used at school during the day that has helped him perform at such a high level during the games at night, invent a new Down on the Farm segment, how the Ice Horse will always get you the second you start to sleep on him, and remind the haters why it is unacceptable to be bashing Dustin Pedroia right now. We then answer your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and prove that the moon isn't real. Enjoy!
May 10, 2019
Folks, the Red Socks are finally back to .500 so our message to the rest of the league is don't let these Socks get hot. We open talking JBJ's INSANE game-saving catch and who else could even think of making that play, how Chris Sale is definitely back regardless of who he has faced recently, talk which Sox player would make the best president after the Sox visited the White House on Thursday, give y'all a little SOGO segment after the Suns hired our guy Monty Williams as the new head coach, play your voicemail questions, answer some Down in the DM questions and much more. Enjoy!
May 7, 2019
We went to Chicago for the weekend and the Ice Horse took over the damn city. Michael Chavis went OFF in that series vs. the White Sox and we were lucky enough to be in the building giddying up all over the place. Today we talk Ice Horse, how much we love Wrigley Field and the Wrigleyville area, have a deep dish pizza debate, an updated look at the Sox bullpen and who we can actually trust, Chris Sale starting to show signs of his normal self, why everyone needs to not care about which Sox players do or don't go to the White House, answer your Down in the DM questions and much more. Oh and we recorded after Monday's game but barely talk about it because it basically didn't happen. Enjoy!
May 2, 2019
Are the Sox back? Hard to tell. Are they winning more ballgames? Yes. And for that we are very happy. Today we open recapping that sweep against the A's, how miserable it was for Dallas Braden at Fenway, how much the Sox will need more of those phenomenal starts from Rick Porcello, the Ice Horse showing that he belongs in the bigs, whether Dustin Pedroia would be an ace pitcher or not, show some love to Brandon Workman and we put a Sox reliever in the bathroom. We also answer your phenomenal Down in the DM questions, look aheads to us being in Chicago this weekend and much more. Enjoy!
April 29, 2019
We don't know, folks. This Red Sox team has been extremely inconsistent and now we're stuck here searching for answers. We open talking the struggle for this Sox team to find any kind of rhythm this year, JBJ continuing to be absolutely miserable at the plate and how much more of that we can actually handle, how Chris Sale may have to completely reinvent himself this season, and Michael Chavis being all-in on the Ice Horse nickname. We also answer your Down in the DM questions and much more. Enjoy!
April 26, 2019
The new nickname for Michael Chavis is The Ice Horse. It took us a LONG while to get to this name but tune in to find out how! We also talk about this Red Sox team showing signs of being back after closing that series out strong against the Tigers, how the haters are always gonna hate when the Sox beat up on teams that are considered garbage, and also how Dustin Pedroia somehow saves the Red Sox starting rotation every year. We close this one out with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and the Maine Question of the Week. Enjoy!
April 24, 2019
It seemed like Suns Out Guns Out got the Sox back to their winning ways, but after losing both games of Tuesday's doubleheader against the Tigers we are stuck in the middle of a confusing process. We open talking when we can realistically expect this team to play consistent ball, having mixed feelings on Chris Sale despite his 10-K performance, dissect the odd quote by Price about the top players on this club maybe being traded soon, break down which relievers we actually trust right now, how much of an impact Michael Chavis can make right out of the gate and then get into some Suns talk. We close this bad boy out with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
April 19, 2019
The number 1 Suns podcast in the world is HERE! Welcome everyone to "Suns Out Guns Out" presented by Barstool Sports. Today we talk the odds of the suns landing Zion Williamson with the top pick in the NBA draft, recap the pain that the 1993 NBA Finals caused all of us, how we need Devin Booker to be more of a team player next season if we want to achieve our ultimate goal of bringing an NBA championship back to the PHX, which sneaker company we expect Zion to sign with, debate who is the best player in Suns history and which jersey is the greatest ever Suns history as well. We then close with your Suns-themed Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
April 16, 2019
Yes, we are joined by the greatest pitcher of all-time Pedro Martinez to talk about how proud he is to have played a huge role in the culture change with the Red Sox following the World Series title in 2004, how he has remained an "Average Joe" in his retirement as he tries to give back to the community as much as he can, the team of marathon runners that he supported yesterday, how he would have handled Twitter if it was around when he was playing, a behind-the-scenes look at his meeting with Ted Williams at the 1999 All-Star Game and much more! After the Pedro interview we preview the upcoming Sox-Yankees series, tease a potential huge opportunity that could be around the corner for this podcast and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
April 12, 2019
Mitch Moreland has single-handedly prevented the Red Sox from starting the season 0-13...and for that we are very grateful. We open talking Moreland's clutchness and how Devers hit the walk-off because it was a school night and he still had a test to study for so he really needed to be home. We then break down the Red Sox ring ceremony, if Chris Davis' hitless streak will end at Fenway this weekend, how ridiculously false that initial claim of a 505-foot homer was Thursday night by Rowdy Tellez (fakest name ever), Sean McDonough getting rowdy during the radio broadcast, and Manny having himself a hell of a day on Tuesday. We close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and more. Enjoy!
April 8, 2019
Rob Manfred tested out this new Extended Spring Training Program with the Red Sox, and even though it was extremely frustrating, we can all agree that the real Opening Day is on Tuesday. The Red Sox come back to Fenway Park with a clean 0-0 record and we're ready to go! Today we talk how weird it was that the Sox had to take part in that Extended Spring Training Program, put people in the bathroom if they even contemplate booing this amazing team on Tuesday, thank Mitchy Moreland for bailing this team out at the end of Extended Spring Training, forgive Griff Holt for poking his dad's eye, and close it out with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
April 5, 2019
The Red Sox are 2-6. Are we worried? No. Are we a bit frustrated? Well...yes. We open talking what went wrong in that 4-game series in Oakland, continue to bitch about how stupid it is that this team starts the season with an 11-game west coast road trip, debate who is most to blame for this tough start, and break down that bizarre mixup in the outfield with JBJ and Mookie. We then rip into interleague play for a random reason, convince ourselves why we shouldn't be worried about Chris Sale's lack of velocity, try to figure out what's wrong with E-Rod, recap Jared turning 30 out in Oakland, and tease a future pod with Wally. We wrap this gem up with your voicemail questions and Down in the DMs. Enjoy!
April 1, 2019
By signing Xander Bogaerts to a 6-year extension, the Red Sox have done a great job of distracting us from the fact that they've started the season 1-3. Safe to say we have very mixed feelings on this episode. We open talking what the hell is wrong with the starting rotation, what positives to take out of that brutal series in Seattle, if Matty Backpacks has what it takes to be the closer all season, and what Jared will be up to in Oakland this week. We then break down this lengthy deal for that stud Xander Bogaerts, why the deal won't impact how the Sox pursue Mookie, how surprised we were that it got done now and didn't drag into next offseason, and take a trip down memory lane to talk the other forgettable players that have called themselves Red Sox shortstop over the years. We then close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and more. Enjoy!
March 26, 2019
This pod is PACKED, folks. We start with our lengthy predictions on this upcoming Red Sox season including over/unders for total wins and JD homers, starting rotation expectations, bold predictions and much more. We are then joined by shining Sox prospect flame-thrower Dalton Furbush himself, aka Durbin Feltman. We sit down with Furbush to discuss when he found out about his nickname and how much he hears it now, how his career path has potentially changed now that it seems Craig Kimbrel will not return to the team, the importance of having two very dominant pitches, his favorite hobbies off the field, and how excited he is for the potential to pitch in front of the Fenway crowd. All that and much more. Enjoy!
March 19, 2019
Yes, we are joined by Pretty Ricky himself down in Fort Myers to talk how dedicated the Sox rotation was in the postseason, the team wanting to capitalize on the talent they have and win it all again this year, not paying attention to the Vegas odds on who will win the division, when he knew last year's club was special, how much pressure he felt when he came to Boston and how he has found his spot now, how much winning the Cy Young Award meant to him, his experience being on the other side with the Tigers in the 2013 ALCS, and a very funny story on how interactions have been with Kevin Youkilis ever since he charged Rick on the mound. After the Porcello interview we break down the Red Sox schedule for the first few weeks, answer your voicemail questions and more. Enjoy!
March 13, 2019
Yes, we are joined by the ace of the Red Sox to talk everything about his time in Boston, when he knew last year's team was special, how much different he is in person vs. the psycho we see on the mound, which Sox pitcher he would want to steal a pitch from, facing the Yankees in the playoffs, flipping out in the dugout, recording the last out of the World Series and much more! After the Sale interview we discuss the weirdness of Steven Wright's last 3 years leading up to this 80-game PED suspension and answer your Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
March 5, 2019
The Fenway Park organist, Josh Kantor, went on a Twitter rant about us using a YouTube clip of one of his tunes for our intro. This clip has been in our podcast since 2015. How many times has he reached out to us about pulling this song? Zero times. Is Josh Kantor a clown? Yes, and we discuss this madness at length on today's show. We also talk how Dustin Pedroia's impact on this year's team could be bigger than you think, if now was the right time for Alex Cora to call out E-Rod, a random recap of the madness of 2011's Game 162 sparked by a sit-down Jared recently had with Evan Longoria, your Down in the DM questions and much more. Enjoy!
February 27, 2019
For the first time in Section 10 Podcast history we are taking your voicemail questions and they are some GEMS! We first talk about Hanley Ramirez signing with the Indians and wonder why he didn't land anywhere last year, suggest that the Red Sox should base the World Series ring size for each player on how much he contributed to the team, honor Nick Cafardo's life after his tragic passing last week, recap the weirdness of Yankee fans flipping out over Troy Tulowitzki flipping out after hitting a spring training home run, how sad it is that the Yankees need to now celebrate extending their average center fielder, and why Drew Pomeranz was actually a hero last year. We then get to your awesome voicemail questions, and close out with Red Sox Lottery and the Maine Question of the Week. Enjoy!
February 21, 2019
The Red Sox start playing baseball games Friday, Dennis Eckersley just signed a big extension to call a ton more Sox's officially time to party! Today we talk how Jared's spring training trip is going so far including a breakdown of Trevor Bauer's bizarre dating rules, the Manny Machado signing in San Diego and whether we love or hate that kid Yankee fan that lost his mind over it, how pumped we are to have Eck in the booth more and how the radio broadcast is having literally everyone with a pulse call games this year, how much the Sox need to repeat as champions...of the Grapefruit League, and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. That and much more. Enjoy!
February 13, 2019
The one and only Brock Holt joins us today to talk about, well everything. First off, shoutout to Brock for being the first 2-time Red Sox player guest in the podcast's history. An enormous accomplishment. We talk with the 2-time World Series champ about whether or not it hurts that he's not even the most recognizable member of his own family, a behind-the-scenes look at his postseason cycle in Yankee Stadium, how much Dustin Pedroia texts him about this upcoming year, how the Sox knew they had something special during that 16-1 BLOWOUT of the Yankees, an update on which Sox player he has the biggest bromance with after all those post-homer hugs with JD, how everyone on the team saw that Aaron Judge 'New York, New York' boombox nonsense and was waiting to troll him with it once they won the series, a funny story about the Chris Sale flip-out in the dugout during the World Series, the exact moment he knew they were going to win the World Series, whether the #FlowBros will ever come back, and how much he loves his relatively new nickname. That and much more on a packed episode today. Enjoy!
February 11, 2019
We have the one and only Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated on to talk about his MLB Network special titled 'Alex Cora: The Making of a Champion' set to air Tuesday at 9pm on MLB Network. Verducci sat down with Cora and went over his entire life, playing and now coaching career and it's an amazing collection of stories and behind-the-scenes discussion. We also talk to Tom about Curt Schilling's Hall of Fame chances, why he thinks the Red Sox will repeat as World Series champions and much more. Down in the DMs are back as well after a 1-week hiatus so there ya have it, folks. Enjoy!
February 7, 2019
We debate if Mookie Betts is in fact the best athlete in MLB after winning the MVP and yet another trophy in bowling. We also propose a wild idea for Truck Day that would for sure make it way more entertaining, compare the dominance of the Patriots and the Red Sox this century, and go through a lengthy list of listener questions that's obviously capped off with the Maine Question of the Week. That and much more. Enjoy!
January 30, 2019
Drew Pomeranz is gone and we are just a bit excited about it. We recap an up and (very) down couple of years for Dwew in Boston, also recap our guy Jarrod Saltalamacchia's time with the Sox after he announced his retirement, talk the addition of Jenrry Mejia even though he was banned from baseball, dig deeper as to what that pic with Brock and Kimbrel might mean, talk David Price trolling Steve on the Twitter machine, break down your suggestions for which Red Sox player would make the best Patriots player, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
January 23, 2019
We've got Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Davey Dombrowski in the BUILDING for a packed episode today. In the interview with Dombrowski we go over what big moves he has had to hold off on, how many of the big Red Sox upcoming free agents he expects to re-sign, how much money he expects Mookie Betts to get once he hits the open market, what it's like dealing with a huge payroll vs. a small payroll and much more. We also recap our 4th trip to Foxwoods for Red Sox Winter Weekend. We're so thankful for the amount of people that were rocking Section 10 gear and that came up to chat and just talk baseball and all sorts of stuff. You guys are truly the greatest! Our behind-the-scenes Winter Weekend breakdown has it all so sit back and enjoy!
January 16, 2019
We somehow talk ourselves into Bryce Harper signing a 1-year deal with the Sox this year. Just go with it. We also talk Coley's trip to Puerto Rico and a potential Section 10 appearance there in the future, give our expectations for Winter Weekend and discuss some of our favorite moments from past visits to Foxwoods, get a live text update from JD Martinez on whether or not the Drake curse is a real thing, break down what Mookie Betts' record-setting $20M deal for 2019 means for his future with the Sox, and close with our Red Sox Lottery and Down in the DM segments. Enjoy!
January 11, 2019
Will Craig Kimbrel re-sign with the Red Sox? We don't know, you don't know, and ya mom don't know but we break down the chances we see Dirty Craig back in Boston anyway. We also talk Hubbs hating everything about the Yankees' lack of moves this offseason, how the Tulowitzki addition in the Bronx is laughable, break down a list of your Top 5 current Red Sox players you would want to have a beer with, and close with our Red Sox Lottery and Down in the DM segments. Enjoy!
January 4, 2019
Yankee fans legitimately think we're scared of their club adding Manny Machado. The same guy that has a career batting average of .147 against the Red Sox starting rotation and did literally nothing against this team in the World Series. Good luck with that. We talk Winter Weekend expectations with the big event at Foxwoods just a short 2 weeks away, if we were sad at all to see David Robertson sign with the Phillies, how people need to be more excited for the potential of Craig Kimbrel returning to the Red Sox, give SeatGeek a big shoutout for being our presenting sponsor for the 2019 season, recap how much we love Red Sox alumni returning to Fenway and close with our Red Sox Lottery and Down in the DM segments. Enjoy!
December 28, 2018
Oh what a year 2018 was. Not sure if you guys noticed, but the Red Sox did in fact win the World Series. Had to check with our podcast historian but he confirmed that this definitely happened. We open the show with a brief breakdown of potential moves the Sox could make during the rest of the offseason, then give everyone a big shoutout for all the Section 10 merch they got for Christmas, recap our top moments of the podcast in 2018 including recaps of our favorite interviews and events, Roger Clemens is our Red Sox Lottery selection and we close it out with your phenomenal DM questions and one last farewell to an amazing year for the Red Sox and this show. Enjoy and Happy New Year!
December 21, 2018
The Section 10 Podcast is the most popular podcast in Massachusetts and Connecticut but like no big deal at all, bro. We talk how much life has changed with this popularity, why we actually want Manny Machado to sign with the Yankees, break down a cryptic tweet by Catherine Varitek, propose a must-have item for Fenway Park next season, discuss a Red Sox player tweeting at Jared out of nowhere, and close with our Red Sox Lottery and Down in the DM segments. Enjoy!
December 15, 2018
Jimmy B has signed a 3-year deal with the Dodgers and we just wanna say thanks. Joe Kelly had a very up-and-down time with the Red Sox but we embraced him and he embraced us. He was a phenomenal guest for us on Episode 167 and we can't thank him enough for what he did this October being a big part of the Red Sox World Series title run. We also talk Ian Kinsler moving on, Mike Napoli calling it a career, Jared video-bombing Evan Drellich's TV takes, the Red Sox clearly not being on level playing ground with the Yankees and close with our Red Sox Lottery and Down in the DM segments. Enjoy!
December 6, 2018
Today we do a live movie commentary during the Red Sox World Series DVD and explain the many changes we would have made to it. We also break down the Nathan Eovaldi signing and more. Enjoy!
November 28, 2018
It's that time of year again, folks. You guessed it...Night before Thanksgiving voicemails! We open talking some random Red Sox offseason notes before getting to your voicemails and oh baby, they are absolute gems. We have Alexandra Cooper of Barstool's Call Her Daddy podcast on to explain a certain voicemail that included something a girl wanted to do to Jared, and yea it's wild. We then give our Christmas wish lists for what our friends at are going to get us, Jared calls out a few IG commenters, Steve talks exactly how he's gonna make up with Guerin Austin, and we close with Red Sox Lottery and your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
November 20, 2018
Markus Lynn Betts has won the American League MVP and yet we're somehow still just pissed that Alex Cora wasn't Manager of the Year. We relive Mookie's biggest moments of the season, talk why no one should have been surprised by Bill James' "controversial" tweets, tell Justin Verlander to calm down, analyze why Kate Upton may have to re-evaluate her role with the BBWAA, get pumped over Steve Pearce coming back and confirm that he is for sure from Boston, go through your top guests that you want on the podcast this offseason, ask for your drunk night before Thanksgiving voicemails, answer some Down in the DM questions and close with what we are most thankful for following a World Series winning season for the Boston Red Sox. Enjoy!
November 13, 2018
It's the beginning of Awards SZN in Major League Baseball and that dude JD Martinez just made Silver Slugger history. Jumbo Dong is the first player ever to win 2 Silver Slugger Awards in the SAME DAMN SEASON. This good at hit. We start talking an amazing Fred Lynn commercial that resurfaced, announce the winner of our BODYARMOR contest that got a Mookie Betts autographed ball, give JD Martinez his own appreciation segment, talk how unfortunate it is that the Yankees have won absolutely no awards after a 100-win season, give a big shoutout to Section 10 commenter Brock Holt, a behind-the-scenes story on Joe Kelly, preview a potential Section 10 watch party for the World Series DVD in a few weeks, your reactions to how you survive during the baseball offseason, and close with Red Sox Lottery and Down in the DM. Enjoy!
November 6, 2018
Big-time cookies type of episode today folks. Before we're joined by World Series Champion Eduardo Nunez AKA Noontime, we start by breaking down Jared and Coley's wild adventure on a duck boat for the Red Sox World Champs parade through Boston, how Jared doesn't remember much of anything after the parade was over, which Sox players they interacted with when they were up there, and what Raffy Big Scoops is actually like in real life. We then interview Eduardo Nunez talking about how he just found out about his nickname Noontime, the clubhouse mentality completely changing for this team in Spring Training, this Sox team loving to rock chains, Nunez falling over literally everything during the season and the World Series, how close this team was all year, how the team gets over language barriers especially guys like Devers, Cora laughing at Nunez when he said he was gonna die after getting hit by a pitch, and recap the whole postseason journey. After the Nunez interview we break down the overreaction to the Cora "Suck on it" line, the future of Dalton Furbush, a huge reason why Pomeranz actually helped this team win the World Series, JD Martinez not being an MVP finalist being the dumbest thing of ever and then close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
October 30, 2018
FOR THE 4th TIME IN THE LAST 15 YEARS THE BOSTON RED SOX HAVE WON THE WORLD SERIES! That. Actually. Happened. Where the hell do we even begin? We start things off talking how great it is to update the intro with World Series champs in there, kick it all the way back to Spring Training and talk the full journey of getting to this point, whether JD or Cora was the more important addition this offseason, what one moment sticks out the most when we immediately think back to this postseason run, Jared's time in LA at the games, how pumped we are for the behind the scenes stories in the World Series DVD, how the whole team felt like they let Eovaldi down after his phenomenal performance in Game 3, Sale's World Series pump-up speech vs. Papi's World Series pump-up speech, the National League's rules still being moronic, 3B defense for the Sox somehow being reliable in the postseason, the whole journey for David Price to get to the point where he holds the cards now, how easy the Sox made it look this October but how it didn't quite feel like that as a fan, Sox now owning the New York, New York song forever, Barstool's new championship merch being amazing, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and a major shoutout to each and every one of you guys. You have made this an amazing year and we can't thank you enough for joining us on this journey. WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!! GOLD BOTTLES BABY LET'S GO!!!
October 26, 2018
The Boston Red Sox are two wins away from becoming World Series champions once again. LET US GO! We start recapping how wild a week it has been thus far with the Barstool Radio shows at Lansdowne Pub and the next-level buzz around Fenway, how Hubbs is greatly benefiting from this Sox run, remind everyone that the Dodgers indeed won zero games over the last few days, reveal the reason why we don't break Sox-related stories when we get inside info, if there was too much hype for the Kershaw-Sale matchup, destroy the Dodgers pitching coach for complaining about the fans being too close to the bullpen, acknowledge the wild atmosphere at Fenway for the first 2 games of this World Series, the true MVP of the bullpen so far in the postseason, Cora pushing all the right buttons once again, the absolute shock of Eduardo Nunez hitting a 3-run bomb, David Price's dominance in Game 2 and what we should now call him when mentioning his postseason career, Dave Roberts clearly throwing this series so he can celebrate again with the Sox, Yankee fans not understanding that "Yankees Suck" is a lifestyle instead of a head-to-head only phrase, 5 words to describe what we expect over the next three days at Dodger Stadium, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. LET'S GO WIN THIS DAMN WORLD SERIES!
October 23, 2018
All we're asking for is for the Sox to win it all, that's really all we're asking for here. On today's World Series preview show we talk how long this podcast has been waiting for this moment, which team neutral fans are picking to win it all, a fun fact that people for sure forget about this Sox club, take a trip down memory lane of how many random things have taken place throughout this season that we almost forgot about, Jared's blog about how he wouldn't be here without the 2013 Red Sox, our fondest memories from the 1916 World Series, all-time hypothetical lineup made up of 04/07/13/18 World Series rosters, Coley's dog making his Section 10 debut, and we close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and some parting predictions for this World Series. GO SOX!
October 19, 2018
The 2018 Boston Red Sox are American League Champions and on their way to the WORLD SERIES! Let's GOOOOOOOOOO! We open talking David Price and his remarkable performance in Game 5, how wild it is that Alex Bregman didn't think his IG story troll would become a big deal, how shocked we are that this series only went 5 games, updated feelings for Chris Sale after his trip to the hospital and being pushed back in the ALCS, what we expect from a struggling Craig Kimbrel in the World Series, how a former Red Sox player came out of nowhere to help the team advance, what moment meant the most to the Sox beating the Stros, if any of us expected this kind of performance from Jackie Bradley Jr, recap the madness of the fan interference call on the potential Mookie Betts catch in Game 4, a theory on why Kate Upton was so upset on the Twitter machine, and look ahead to expectations and who we want to face in the World Series. We then close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and more. WORLD SERIES LET'S GO!
October 16, 2018
Coming off a couple great Section 10 Live Shows in Boston, and a big ALCS Game 2 win, we are ready for three more in Houston! We start talking favorite moments from the Live Shows over the weekend, recap David Price's start and if we feel any differently about him for the rest of the postseason, the bullpen being surprisingly impressive so far, updated feelings on Chris Sale after his lower average velocity and visit to the hospital, what we are most looking forward to in the upcoming games in Houston, Matty Barnes "pine tar" nonsense, and what we think about Alex Bregman's somewhat random yet expected IG troll of Nathan Eovaldi. We then close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and more. Enjoy!
October 11, 2018
The Red Sox just went into New York and ended the Yankees season. In what's been a historic year for this club, they also get to say they sent the New York Jankees into the offseason. LET'S GO! We start talking everything that went down in Game 4, how Jared was actually prepared to fight Yankee fans, the perfect silence in the stadium after the Yankees lost, a couple of could-be grand slams, Kimbrel having a wild 9th inning, the joy of celebrating a playoff series win in the Bronx, Giancarlo Stanton being awful, Aaron Judge being the sole reason the Yankees lost the series, why it's ok for this chapter of the rivalry to not be like '03 and '04, and the madness of the Yankees not knowing the start time for Game 3. Then comes our Fuckin with Hubbs segment where we talk the current state of Eric's depression, Twitter needing to tell him to not kill himself, how the Yankees hit no homers at home in this series, which Yankees thing helped the Red Sox more between #DoDamage, We Want Boston, and Judge playing Sinatra by the Sox clubhouse, and how gracious Hubbs actually was in defeat. We wrap with the exhaustion that series caused all of us, a shoutout to Brock Holt for making postseason history, an announcement on an ALCS Live Show this weekend, recap our ALDS bold predictions, and who won the hypothetical series MVP. Enjoy.....DAAAAAAAAAAA JANKEES LOSE!
October 8, 2018
The Sox won one, they lost one, and we're on to New York. We open talking how WILD the Section 10 Live Show turnout was - You guys are simply amazing for flooding Cask n' Flagon for our show, line out the door, show intro was insane, all we could have asked for. This Just In: We're looking to do another one ASAP! Then we got to talking about David Price's Game 2 start and how we actually had some confidence going into it, what we do now after another postseason stinker for him, why the atmosphere at Fenway seemed a bit off for the first two games of this series, how the Yankees would have definitely won Game 1 if baseball was 10 innings long, if Mookie Betts isn't getting enough blame for his poor postseason performance so far, what the Sox will do with Chris Sale in the rest of this series after his impressive performance in Game 1, recap our general feeling right now as the Sox are set for two games in the Bronx, aliens potentially ending the world so none of this mattering, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
October 5, 2018
This is a BIG ONE, folks. We are joined by Jumbo Dong himself, JD Martinez, from the Red Sox dugout. We begin the interview talking the longest offseason of all time and how miserable it was when we briefly thought the Sox weren't gonna land JD, him getting noticed a lot more as he started to dominate this season, how much he can lift (bro), a story of how he met Manny Ramirez and learned a unique hitting tip from him, being raised to respect the game and not get too cocky but how he still loves guys like Javy Baez who leave it all out there, talks a funny story of almost getting concussed trying to catch A-Rod's 3,000th hit, Yankee Stadium dimensions being ridiculous, how he wanted to face the Yankees in the ALDS, his expectations for the madness of this series, funny breakdown of how he got his walk-up song, Mookie Betts even pops in at the end. All that and much more! After the interview we reminisce on an amazing regular season, do a full preview of the ALDS with bold predictions, look ahead to our Live Show at Cask 'n Flagon this Saturday, and prepare you for the war that is starting at Fenway Park on Friday night. LET'S GO!
October 2, 2018
It finally happened. Big Papi is in the BUILDING! Very excited for today's interview with the most clutch hitter in Red Sox history. In our sit-down with David Ortiz we talk about the 2004 ALCS and how much he specifically remembers from each game, the time he almost killed Tanyon Sturtze in a brawl with the Yankees, how brawls in baseball today have changed, whether he ever considered coming out of retirement, what he told this Red Sox team after they set the record for most wins in franchise history and more! After the interview we talk our immediate feeling for this Sox team in the postseason after Sunday's game ended, how wild it is that we barely talked about Andrew Benintendi this year, a little Wild Card Game debate, and compare JD's stats to that of Manny Ramirez in 2004. Enjoy!
September 27, 2018
Here we are. The 1st Annual Section 10 Award Show. We asked and you guys delivered with 10 awards to give out after a memorable regular season for this podcast and the Boston Red Sox. The awards are as follows: Favorite Guest of the Year, Favorite Section 10 Twitter Trend, Most Surprising Performance in a Good Way, Best Section 10/Red Sox Related Barstool Shirt, Biggest Waste of Space (Put Him in the Bathroom Award), Red Sox Beat Reporter Guest That Sucks the Least, Most Memorable Red Sox Moment, Best at Hit, Most Trust-Worthy Reliever, and Most Valuable Player. We sprinkle in some surprises throughout this Award Show and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
September 25, 2018
The 2018 Boston Red Sox have now won more games in a season than any Sox team ever...and that's something to celebrate. We open talking the latest on a possible Section 10 Live Show before Game 1 of the ALDS next Friday, recap how the Sox celebrated clinching the AL East title in New York last week, the phrase Boom Sauce gets thrown around frequently, whether we'd rather play the Yankees or the A's in the ALDS, the latest on Didi Gregooski's status, thank Alex Cora for putting Drew Pomeranz into a game that we didn't want to watch anymore, a twist that we may throw into a future interview with a Red Sox star, the Yankees acting like they won the World Series after clinching a spot in the play-in game, an updated list of Red Sox relievers that we trust, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
September 20, 2018
Red Sox Hall of Famer and fan favorite Tim Wakefield joins us today to talk his very first memory of playing in Boston, the wildness of pitching to Jason Varitek in the 2004 ALCS, not loving the stigma that comes along with being a knuckleball pitcher, a behind-the-scenes look at Doug Mirabelli's police escort to Fenway, the best hitters he's made look silly, a hilarious Jose Canseco story, giving up a homer to Barry Bonds and the gesture he gave him right afterwards, a special moment he had after winning the ALCS in New York, his current relationship with Aaroon Boone following Game 7 in 2003, the atmosphere starting Game 1 of the World Series, his top memories from the parade, why Josh Beckett deserves more credit for his time in Boston, his favorite Terry Francona stories, when he knew it was time to hang 'em up, a funny story involving Steve from 2007, and whether or not he expects to get his number retired by the Red Sox. After the Wake interview we talk the disappointment of this Yankees series so far, what we expect the Sox to do to the Yankees road clubhouse if they clinch tonight, how bizarre that story of those two Somerville goofs picking up the AL East champs banner was, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
September 18, 2018
Mitchy Two Bags himself joins the podcast today to talk his top memories from playing with the Rangers - including his relationship with Ian Kinsler and favorite Josh Hamilton moments, his pitching career and how it was almost his full-time decision before hitting got in the way, when he first heard the nickname Mitchy Two Bags and his reaction to it today, where he got his toughness from with a special shoutout to a Red Sox alum, the steak and potatoes sound bite and how he was shocked it blew up, what All-Star week meant to him, an emotional call with his dad, biggest difference between last year's club and this one and much more. After the Mitchy interview we talk the exact scenario in which we want the Sox to clinch the AL East in New York, why day postseason games suck, odds of Chris Sale winning the Cy Young at this very moment, why the Sox and Mets need to play each other every year, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
September 13, 2018
This is a wild episode, folks. To celebrate the Red Sox reaching the 100-win mark for the first time since 1946, we have 100 guests on to give their Red Sox hot takes. Well not quite 100, but here is today's guest list: Dave Portnoy, Evan Drellich, Gary Striewski, Scott Zolak, Rob Bradford, Steve Buckley, Chris Cotillo, Mike Mutnansky and Jimmy Stewart. We fly through Jared's contacts and get hot takes from each one of these studs. Strap in, because this is a rowdy one. Enjoy!
September 11, 2018
#MyManager is in the BUILDING! This has been in the works all season, and Alex Cora delivers. Before the interview with the best manager in baseball we talk about how long the journey has been to getting access to interviews like Cora in the Sox dugout, thank each listener for their continued dedication to the show, what JD Martinez meant when he said it's like death looking at statistics, a certain Jimmy B clip being amazing and then it's Cora Time. In our interview with #MyManager we talk what his actual speech was to the team after they were no-hit in Oakland, how this team has stayed motivated while having a big lead in the AL East, the approach for Chris Sale and if he expects him to win the Cy Young Award, what specific moment he knew he had something special with this club, how moronic those ESPN in-game interviews are, the challenges a 5-game ALDS provides and the pure madness of the Wild Card Game, his 'quality start' comment on Luis Severino and how he regrets saying it, and close with a funny hypothetical. After the interview we rip a certain group of individuals, give an updated list of bullpen guys that we trust, talk our biggest takeaways from the Astros series and how much a matchup with Houston would concern us in the postseason, the Sunday Night Baseball crew still being an odd mix, and Dallas Keuchel calling out MLB for some conspiracy BS. That and much more, enjoy!
September 6, 2018
Brandon Phillips is the greatest Red Sox player of all time to wear number 0. What. A. DEBUT. We open talking how amazing Dat Dude's performance was on Wednesday, how sad it is that the Yankees, Luis Severino, and Gary Sanchez legit suck, Drew Pomeranz still needing to GTFO, how enjoyable it is to cancel plans to stay in and watch the Sox, where Rick Porcello ranks among MLB's greatest hitters of all time, why bringing Pedroia back now makes no sense, give more much-needed live updates from the series finale of Sox-Braves, a Red Sox Lottery segment where the player we picked actually called in live to the show - this was awesome, and close with an update from the top DM last week involving Rachel and Dylan. Enjoy!
September 4, 2018
The Red Sox are likely on their way to a third straight AL East title but they sadly won't be joined by the one and only Dalton Furbush for the push for October. We open talking an upcoming live show for Section 10, give much-needed live updates from today's Sox game, debate our least favorite parks to watch the Sox play at, a key takeaway from the White Sox series, every Dalton Furbush take under the sun, what impact to expect from Brandon Phillips at the big league level, chances that Chris Sale can still win the Cy Young Award, reaction to Big Papi ripping that BS betting report, when it's time to pay close attention to the Magic Number, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 30, 2018
The Sox swept the Marlins and now we can all calm TF down. We open talking the 11-run inning madness that happened Wednesday night, Kimbrel and the bullpen being VERY unreliable right now and who we can actually trust in this pen come October, break down expectations for the last month of the season, and then we're joined by Marty the Mush. This guy may be our biggest concern in October because he's got curse potential written all over him. We talk Marty's background (including a random appearance on House of Cards) and look ahead to his upcoming bets for the postseason. We then close the show with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions and more. Enjoy!
August 28, 2018
Yes, we have friend of the program and 3-time World Series champion Curt Schilling back on the show to celebrate our 200th episode. First off, this one goes out to you guys. YOU are the reason we do this show. A lot of work goes into this podcast and you constantly prove why it's all worth it. The shirts, yelling out the catchphrases, following along with us on Twitter for every game. Simply put, you guys are the real MVP. To the show! We start talking the wild ride we've taken to 200 episodes, the early days in Pete's basement all the way to recording in the studio in NYC and Coley joining the show this year. This leads us to the Schilling interview where we talk recent Red Sox struggles, Curt's concern about Chris Sale, the biggest challenges the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox faced in their World Series runs, if JD and Manny comps are legit, the importance of winning the Cy Young Award, and Curt closes it out with a jab at Dan Shaughnessy. We wrap up the show talking how the Sox need to either fix the nicknames or just straight up ban the Players' Weekend jerseys, how wild it was that they almost went a calendar year without getting swept, and laugh at Yankees fans that actually think they are back in the AL East hunt. Enjoy, and than you again for your loyal support!
August 23, 2018
This Sox-Indians series has a different kind of feel to it. An October feel to it to be exact. Today we talk which Red Sox pitchers we would actually trust in the postseason, FLIP on the 2019 Sox schedule which is maybe the worst schedule in the history of schedules, find it funny that Yankee fans actually think they still have a chance in the AL East, give Pedro a shoutout for roasting the Yanks and answer your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. That and much more, enjoy!
August 21, 2018
Chris Sale is heading back to the DL and we are sorta kinda not worried...sorta. We start with some breaking news involving Wally and Jared, implement a new Section 10 signal for everyone to use in public, how initial reactions made it sound like Chris Sale was dead and whether or not Manfred has actually secretly banned him, the Yankees being dickheads for not being able to catch up and make this a fun pennant race, the PawSox sad move to Worcester, updated requests for Section 10 shirt pics, David Price continuing to make Steve look dumb and rip reporters in the clubhouse, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 16, 2018
1995 AL MVP, 3-time All-Star, and Red Sox Hall of Famer Mo Vaughn joins us on the show today. We talk his new clothing line, how the Red Sox winning it all in 2004 made life so much better for all the alumni that came before that team, Mo loving everything about playing in Boston, how he's not worried about getting credit for being the last wave that led to the title in '04, where his "Hit Dog" nickname ranks with some of the best in baseball in the 90s, what it meant to be the last Sox player to wear No. 42, the tough decision to leave Boston for Anaheim after the 1998 season, his much-enjoyed time playing in the Cape League, how much he follows this current Sox team, hating social media, and David Ortiz comps he's gotten over the years. After the great interview with Mo we talk a wild event that almost happened on the podcast, give Kirk Minihane a shoutout, continue to discuss the greatest Triple-A player ever, how Rick Porcello is the United States champion, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
August 14, 2018
Chris Sale can't be stopped, the Red Sox can't be stopped, who needs some extra wins? Because we got 'em. We open with a little bday debate, then talk David Price making Steve look dumb, how it wasn't even that fun watching the Sox sweep the Orioles, Steve Pearce being a legend, comparing this team to the 2007 Red Sox, Chris Sale being insanely rude by not allowing other teams to hit the baseball, a quick in-show call to Jonny Gomes for an exclusive item that we need, cycle talk and where Mookie's cycle ranks among our favorite single-game moments ever, updated JD Martinez HR and RBI predictions, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. Enjoy!
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