This is a fever dream
I just watched the first episode, and it’s like a fever dream. Which is good.
Best podcast ever
Juan Awesome
i will fight you if you think that’s hyperbole
Power sword
Really loving this podcast, and suddenly I want to play D&D. Just starting into this, and I am so ready to binge listen!
It’s my favorite podcast!
Pure unadulterated joy
This podcast brings me so much joy. I hope it brings you joy too
Great Listen
I was apprehensive when I heard the premise for this podcast but was hooked after the first episode. These cast members really do a fantastic job keeping the podcast entertaining, funny and interesting. Great job!!!
Funny, funny stuff
Funny, funny stuff
I had high expectations due to the stellar reviews, but found that it just wasn’t for me. The characters and dialogue felt a bit too much like a high school play put on by fans of Magic The Gathering.
My favorite podcast
I love listening to podcasts, and Hello From the Magic Tavern is my absolute favorite. I’ve binge listened to the entire series THREE TIMES so far! It’s absolutely hilarious and just makes me so happy.
Big pile of goofs
ya boi jonnnnnn
Any dork worth their permanent retainer would listen. Don’t worry, the
I’m in LOVE
So I just started listening to the podcast a few days ago (currently on episode 20... of the first season). But I’m HOOKED! It has brought me so much joy, and I love the characters so much! Also shoutout to Felicia Day for the podcast recommendation! So far my favorite guest is Flower, but they’re all so funny and amazing and I can’t wait to listen to more and hopefully catch up with you guys some day!
Unexpectedly awesomeness
Not going to lie, when I found this show I expected to listen to one or two episodes and be done but I honestly haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time. This show is AWESOME!!
Thought it might be kinda dumb but it’s actually good to follow along with at work.
It’s actually good
Yeah it’s good I love the story and the fictional story almost feels real. It’s hilarious as well.
If Shrek Was A Podcast
This podcast is like everything that makes the Shrek movies great. Fantasy and fairytale elements with modern twists and humor. Feels very much like watching that, but it’s a more adult version. Really great and creative.
So great!
For a girl who grew up on Harry Potter and who loves improv, this is a fantastic podcast. The character relationships really shine. Definitely check out Earth Games and Offices and Bosses (my FAVORITE) on stitcher! Ryan DiGiorgi, I love you.
Love it! I wish I had started earlier.
Katy jgdshhff
Love the podcast! It perfectly suits my preference for fantastical fiction podcasts. It’s great to listen to while driving or on a plane. I recommend to everyone who’s looking for a good time, world building, and some interesting characters!
Hours and Hours of Imaginary Glory
The Raven Armed
This show keeps me wondering What’s Next? And when will someone finally answer the door *bing bong* Don’t waste another minute listening to other lesser podcasts until you are caught up with everything in Foon. Also, do not miss a chance to happen upon a Tavern that they may be broadcasting from. It is the greatest experience this dude of reality. - TheRavenArmed
Genuinely great
This is one of the only genuinely funny and interesting podcasts that I’ve heard. Would definitely recommend starting from the beginning and listening to all the episodes. Also it is definitely not real at all!
Episode 11 is when I decided Foon is my new D&D world
Bart the Bear-a-taur Bard
Confidential Courier killed me
How DARE You!
This podcast feeds the insecurities of those with only a single anus.
Absurdly absurd
It’s all made up. They swear. Don’t do an image search for Chunt. Listen, laugh.
A great podcast.
The only podcast I know that makes me want to finger a bear.
Love the banter,
Around there
It is great banter, please throw some love to the ‘Nerd. I would love some new banter about the stuff on this side of the creepy parking lot. :)
Can’t stop listening
Matt from Monster Island
This is a podcast where every episode is a treasure that I love to listen to over and over. Just great stuff!
5 outa 5buttholes
no butthole talk in a while :(
Listened more than a few times, always my goto. Favorite episodes... 1. All of Tom the traveler 3. Unwed mother 2. Beartarvius
Love the podcast but stop it!
Sgt. Meatstick
I loved this podcast up until princess Phillipa episode. I was fine until you started talking about “safe spaces” and “gender normative” nonsense. I as well as plenty of others can’t stand the PC filth that’s plaguing the world. Please keep this podcast neutral. Now it’s just kinda ruined and I can’t enjoy it anymore.
This podcast is delightful. I’m listening for a second time now. I cannot get enough.
Pity review for Arnie
Just finished Season 3 Episode 3 that was released back in August. Poor Arnie was feeling down and needed some reviews to cheer him up after Chunt reviled a new fun fact about himself. Arnie, I got you friend. I am sure that you will rebound while I catch up the present episodes but if not call me. We can talk it out and get to the true source of your self-pity. I started listening a few months ago and have paced myself so I do not get to the day where I have to wait 7 entire days for a new episode. (1st Foon problems) Hello from the Magic Tavern is one of the best podcasts out there. If you have not started listening I suggest you go to the beginning and hang on for a wild ride.
This podcast is my life now I guess
I listened to the whole thing in less than a month. Honestly I should have been fired because I was working full time but took way too many breaks to listen to this. Hilarious, extremely unique, hilarious, and also I love Arnie. And Chunt. And Usidore. Also everything about this show. Also Hilarious.
Funniest podcast out there
I started listening to this podcast when they were at about 30 episodes and since then I look forward to listening to the new episode each week. Some of my coworkers listen as well, and we often talk about all the funny one-liners and all the outrageous characters. If you want a good laugh, this one should definitely be on your list.
Merry Christmas
Apple IS 1984
Merry Christmas!
Surprising in all the best ways.
Moist Drippings
I started listening to this show about a month ago, intending to listen to a few episodes at a time and then get up to date on the other weekly podcasts I listen to... but I wound up skipping every other podcast until I got caught up on this one, and even used the free trial of Stitcher Premium to get the second season of Offices and Bosses and all the Behind the Magic Tavern episodes. Now, it does begin a little bit niche-seeming; as the creators have said, they didn't have *huge* expectations for the show and its audience. However, its branches slowly creep outward, encompassing more and more of the fantasy genre while establishing its own magical rules that they (generally) stick to very well. Wizards are all born from the elements with two buttholes and a love of long-winded names; twins are generally all some variant of chaotic evil; a *lot* of children die in fantasy worlds; almost anything you can think of has its king. Also, this is definitely a podcast for adults. It's not just casual profanity; there's a lot of fairly explicit sex talk. That's pretty much bound to happen when one of the hosts changes form by having sex (although, really, a great deal of it really doesn't stem from that). It's got puns, it's got casual insults, it's got an amazing crew of talented voice actors, it's got occasional moments that are really quite shockingly charming and heartfelt - and it's funny as hell. Oh, and based off a friend's comment: it's got a lot of gross humor, but it's not as bro-y as it might initially seem. The hosts generally seem very much like cool guys, and the show tackles - though a veil of humor and fantasy, of course - racism, sexism, and homophobia at various times. In fact, Chunt himself appears to be bi/pan/omnisexual, which, as an LGBTQ+ person myself, I actually really appreciate. And if you're feeling down about JK Rowling being a big nasty TERF, they've got a fun parody of Hogwarts in there, too.
Earth stuff
Thunder butt made me do a spit take.
Amazing Show
Lee Lee the Goblin King
As a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic and lover of all that is fantasy this is my favorite podcast!!!
This is amazing
I lay here and die of laughter..thnx
So I’ve recently become obsessed with this fantastic podcast. Arnie, Adal, Matt, the podcast staff and their bevy of absurd and wonderful guests do a wonderful job of improvising hilarious interactions about the world of Foon. I’ve binged into the 3rd season over the past few weeks pushing all my normal podcasts aside. I’m finally leaving a review because of Arnie’s apparent desperation and subsequent mild guilt trip in S3E3. Not that they don’t deserve it, They certainly do. Good job boys!
Binge Worthy
I binged this entire podcast in just about a month. There are times I sit there listening and think “what the hell am I doing with my life” and then Chunt says something like “baby don’t know” I end up laughing too much to care. Side note, Flower is the best character. Period.
Absolutely Great
All time funniest podcast you’ll ever listen to. I love it and listen to at every opportunity I get. I’m 13 years old and I love it.
Magically Delicious
Morn's Hammer
I have listened to every episode since the beginning. So... many... buttholes...
More buttholes than any other podcast
This is definitely my second favorite improvised comedy podcast. Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore have an excellent dynamic and they consistently get the right guests for the show. The irreverent humor is right up my ally. I give it 5 buttholes!
So F&$king funny
I don’t know why it took me so long to check this show it it’s hilarious
The best part of my day!
I love this podcast so much! Some days the only genuine joy I feel is while listening to these guys talk. Not enough butthole talk though.
Makes me laugh out loud while working. I’m always in awe of good improv.
Really funny
10/10 stifled, wheezing, giggles.
So clever, always makes me laugh! Discovered over the summer, literally listened to 200+ episodes in 3 weeks so that I could catch up... so glad I did :)
Best. Podcast. Ever.
I can’t believe it took me this long to start this! It’s so so so funny and the fact that it’s mostly improv is incredibly impressive. I really wish I could be a guest. This is by far one of the best podcasts out there currently. Creative and funny, although definitely not for kids. Yay for Chunt and Usidore! R.I.P. Flower
Truly a “runaway train” of a podcast that in actuality is a horse with 3 buttholes
Fushion fall
On several occasions I have found myself laughing to literal tears and gut pain while listening to this absolutely amazing podcast. It’s a truly fascinating documentation of another world not our own where the hosts of the show describe their lives and speak with other denizens of the magical “Foon”
Season 3 is the best so far
The entirety of this season has had me laughing to myself like a lunatic, with the Groundskeeper episode in the running for my personal favorite. After finding this podcast about three or so months ago and binging through it, I can finally say it is one of my favorite pieces of media out there. Bravo Chunt, Usidore, and Arnold.
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