Why is Joe so disrespectful?
I just can’t listen anymore... Joe’s talking over Mika and humiliating his guests is just not how I want to start my day. It’s too uncomfortable to watch. Too bad because it really could be a good show.
If you want info about baseball.....
I can’t waste my time skipping ahead past baseball endless talk. I don’t listen to a political podcast to hear sports stories lead by Joe. The guests on the show are great, the problem is Joe and to make it worse, he talks over everyone, steps all over other people speaking by shouting. I had to let this go...deleted.
I love this show keep saying the true it well set u free
Morning Joe 10/11/18
The banter has overtaken the news reporting.
Joe, Mika, Willy and guests. All great.
Joe always has the most down-to-earth take on politics. No nonsense. He doesn’t tolerate BS even a little bit. As a moderate liberal he is a conservative I can respect because he has INTEGRITY, he’s smart, and doesn’t put any spin on the political topics at hand. However, I could do without the baseball talk 😴😴😴
Stop with baseball and play more of the show
Sick of having to fast forward over sections of stupid baseball talk every day. Will rate higher when that stops and more of the 3hr show becomes available. Where is the full show??
Even without my Red Sox in the playoffs, I love the Baseball chat...It also represents a way to agree and disagree amicably and that we’re all Americans. I too wonder why we don’t get the full show? Lastly Joe does occasionally Talk a bit over Mika, but in the end the dynamics work. Willie Guist is the underrated anchor… He actually has some of the most controlled segments that are highly informative with great great questions
No joe
bill in bama
The show is cheapened by joe’s baseball bs! And the talking over! Bad form!!!
Ranting and raving
You’ve got it
Your point is more clear when you speak calmly and without emotion. You are at your best when your clear, calm and witty. TLM
Why Baseball ?
Please stop using up to 5 minutes of intro on baseball games. Do a poll on your show and let us know if you should keep it up. I doubt it. We are not here for sports.
Right on !!
Moscow Mitch 😄 Brilliant
Great show
Henry Clay Coats
Love the interaction between you and your guest.
Love you but GOD Joe, stop yelling and stop yelling over everyone else.
So hard to get to the end of this one. Valid points diluted by severely overplayed current poll nose rubbing. I love this show and even I wanted to tape your mouth shut for a single minute to here the others.
DNA dragon
Please, stop talking over your co host. It’s embarrassing and rude.
Need More Mika
I enjoy the information this show covers but am often irritated by Joe and don’t feel Mika gets equal time or respect.
Great chemistry
I love the energy both of you bring to the show. And I love the baseball talk (dominican and proud daughter of a dominican in the softball hall of fame). But ... yes there is a but.... Do not attack my Yankees!... Boston is overrated! 😅... And thank you for creating “MoscowMitch”... genius!!!
“Cut the mic...????”
Unfair Joe. D. D. Is correct in his assessment of Rudi. You owe him an apology. Dr. Douglas Anderson Sonoma, CA 10/1/19
Morning Must
I like my facts with a touch of intelligent humor.
Eddie in Montana
Do you know how you can tell when Joe, Mika, Donny and the rest of their distinguished guests are lying????? THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING! What is with Joe yelling at Mika with great disapproval apparent due her mental midget status of the law, history, economics and basic common sense when and if she has courage to brave his obvious anger and embarrassment speaking up regarding the current rambling of their anal retentive opinions. Terrible of Joe to treat her like this on his program leaving viewers wondering what Mika endures at home. Joe has a history being physical I was told. Did they clear him of one his female employee found murdered in his office?
Guest list please
Otherwise hreat
You set the speed for your podcast playback...yours is set to 2x
Please make the podcast longer
I don’t understand why they are just talking about taking money from the Military for the wall when they should be adding that not only is Trump taking over 3 Billion from the Military but he is using it for the wall instead of using that money for our Veterans that are dying everyday because the Military says they don’t have the funds for all our Vets
Morning Joe
real serious
Why isn’t this podcast released consistently?? Why??!
Good listen
Dr Hampton
I love to listen and disagree with them every morning
Where is the beef
Why are we unable to get the full show? I would love to get the full show. Please upload the entire show. Please!!!!!! If you are going to trim down the show then cut out the weather. Leaving the weather in the podcast is the equivalent to using a sharpie on a 4 day old map.
Listened to the Oath with Nicole Wallace as the guest. I said to myself, why a she talking so fast? Now I’m listening to Morning Joe episode 9/13/2019 and I’m thinking why is everyone talking so fast! It must be that these podcasts are speeded up! Not good.
A new trump inspired favorite
I’ve gone from Olberman and Mathews to Wallace and Scarborough, nothing like the fervor and intensity of the newly betrayed and disillusioned to give me the succor I desire
9/11 anniversary episode
What a great episode for the anniversary of 9/11. Thank you.
Whiney Pants
Once about every 6 months I tune in and see that Joe is still whining. I can see how he and Trump were once friends. It could be a valuable show if Joe weren’t so self-aggrandizing and self-absorbed. You would think people that are intelligent enough to see all of Trump’s flaws would be able to recognize them in theirselves.
Why is there no consistency in uploading current episodes
Joe is rude
I’m going to stop listening if Joe continues to talk about sports or whatever when Mika is introducing the show. Or only listen when Joe is on a day off. I like Joe but only when he acts like an adult.
Dear Joe
Would you please stop talking over Mia? It’s frustrating to see you don’t respect her enough to tone it down when she talks. This would be the main reason why I give 3 stars. It sounds like a typical republican male. I’ll never be a republican. Women are second class citizens. I read some of the negative reviews. Mostly MAGA and I expect that. The length of your show is another. Sometimes it seems like the show isn’t over and I agree I’d love a longer show. You all have a great chemistry in telling it like it is. I’ll move up to 4 stars for this reason. Thanks for the Podcast.
Fake news!
dumptruck mike
You guys are fake news!
Boston Barnicles
I enjoy the MJ podcast - and it would be great if they could make the eps longer and get them to market quicker. And we know you hate Trump, but perhaps balance that out with other topics mote often? What I don’t enjoy is the constant sniffling, coughing, chortling, and beverage-gulping background noises fr the open mics of the panelists. Can’t the producers control that? Am I nitpicking? Absolutely.
Great show, uploaded too late each morning
I enjoy listening to the Morning Joe Podcast. Unfortunately, the upload is relatively late in the morning. Come on MSNBC! Get the the show uploaded a little bit earlier each day for the Eastern and Central timezone commuters.
Donald L. Coleman
Capital of liberal trump-bating. We should support our president or at least be fair and report the good he does also: This bunch is not trustworthy
Agreed. Entire Live Portion to Podcast.
But for it being frustratingly only a relatively short preview, I would have given it 5 Stars. Causes me to have to adapt when I would otherwise prefer the podcast most of the time. I am compelled to conclude that there is some benefit to keeping it this way. Obvious answer maybe, to drive us to other mediums. 🎼 🎤 🎸 🎹 ... Just a little bit longer ... please please please .... say that you will.
Can we get full episodes via podcast please?
I absolutely love Morning Joe. Most days I actually wake up early, at 3:00am as I live on the west coast, just to watch. But for the days I that choose to sleep in, I’d love to get the full episode via podcast. Can we get full episodes please?
Cell Phone Alarms
It seems like a daily occurrence that Mika’s cell phone alarm goes off. Can we not get it together enough to turn this off prior to starting the show? And the “holier than thou” attitude is a bit off putting. Today I thought Mika would hyperventilate over Trump’s latest episode. It was an award winning performance. And stop with all the National polls. As long as we have the electoral college, national polls are meaningless.
Improve your ratings
Stopped listening because you are either bashing (changes nothing) or replaying false, erroneous or misleading statements (unbearable) or talking about the polls (no longer apply in this new reality). Not worth the time to listen for the 10% about what is being done to dismantle our government. That is what we really need to know. Will check back to hear if you’ve gotten the msg. Repeated rebroadcasts of the presidents misstatements, which I consider to be a disservice to the media, myself as a listener and my fellow Americans, is the reason I deleted the Morning Joe podcast.
Only a portion
Great show, but only a portion of the whole thing, usually. Sometimes it’s the whole thing, sometimes the episode isn’t uploaded until the next day, and sometimes the podcast won’t even play (broken). Fire the intern responsible for this job and do it right.
Great Preview
This podcast is only a small portion of the full cable cast show. Often the meat of the commentary and analysis exists outside of the 45 minutes to 1 hour posted to the Internet daily. It would be wise if MSNBC ran the full show, in podcast form, inviting advertisers to the medium if necessary. Prepare for a mid-show disappointment here or watch the full show on television, if anyone has time for that sort of thing.
Love the show-Drop the weather
Sadie Benz
Love the show but for a 3 hour show, 45 minutes doesn’t come close to covering the content especially when time is spent on the weather on the East Coast. Please add more real content and skip the weather. Thanks
I agree- drop the weather
Otherwise, I totally enjoy the podcast. Thanks for your work to expose the falsehoods, and questionable actions associated with Trump and the people who cowtow to him.
Cut the weather
I enjoy the podcast, but I’m not sure why they are including weather updates. First of all, many times I listen at the end of the day or the next day and the weather is irrelevant at that point. Second, it seems that weather doesn’t happen west of Chicago and since I live on the west coast it’s again mostly irrelevant, unless there’s a hurricane or tornado that is an emergency. I don’t think anyone would complain about taking the weather out of the podcast and replacing it with more of the interviews or commentary.
Way too short
doing my thing!
I like the show I think Mika is the hot!! Joe thanks for talking truth to power. Moscow Mitch needs to be driven out ASAP.
False promises
You announced Harris and Booker but end the podcast before they come on? Really?
Moscow Mitch
Debbie in AZ
Thanks for the nickname. I’m calling his office every day to tell him to bring the protect the election bill to the floor.
Deceiver Donald gets too much help from Moscow Mitch
The more the government is stacked against citizens, the more damage is done. Reversing destructiveness takes too much effort and time. A company would fail with this leadership. A case in point: Carly Fiorina halved HP’s stock value over her tenure.
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