Listening in the mile high state
Parker Colorado
We listen daily and I agree with others... play the entire show would be wonderful. I feel it’s just not enough to get the full story of the events discussed. I like the show just need more.
Why Keep repeating his name?
Steep Rock
I like the show’ listen most mornings but am wondering why Joe and others who profess to despise Trump and his horrible impact on our democracy keep giving him power by constantly mentioning HIS name? On any given slice of a news story you hear Joe and others go off like “Donald Trump said..then Donald Trump did..but why would Donald Trump...etc. etc. Why do you give DT power by constantly repeating his whole name other than..oh, no??? Are you trying to boost his name recognition by subliminal means? Repetition..repetition..repetition!
Gosh, just when you think Joe and Mika cannot be more of a dunce they prove us wrong.
When your show is 3 hrs and your podcast is 1/2 hr it leads me to believe that you are cherry picking the information that is reviled in your show to only highlight what you want the listeners to hear. Or is it that you only put out 1/2 hrs worth of news a day and MSNBC is waaaay over paying you
The Joe problem
Joe Scarborough screaming and stuttering, breaking the momentum of everyone’s points. When he’s not yelling over the panel, he’s clearing his throat loudly into his microphone. Joe needs to go. Update: Stopped listening for a while, too annoying in the mornings. I come back - Joe is screaming even louder, coughing just as much, and interrupting everyone on the panel more than ever before. GET HIM OUT!!
Trash trash and more trash
Everyone :-(
Complete joke. Harmful to the country. Was not to long ago when Joe was a huge Trump supporter. Now they are both spouting lies that any criticism of the president is anti American. Respect is earned and any politician accused of sexually assaulting or abusing hundreds of women deserves no respect at all. They deserve utter condemnation. And guess what booing a politician is protected by the first amendment of the constitution, free speech. How about you two read it. Change is coming and you Uber wealthy are going to have to payback all that money you stole from the American people from tax dodging and loopholes.
Great for fiscal conservatives and socially liberal viewers
I appreciate Mika, Joe, Will and other commentators views on the facts regarding what’s happening in the news and our government. It’s not fake news it’s actually what’s going on in our country and around the world and I respect their opinion even if I don’t always agree.
One of My Favorites
This is one of my Top Favorite Political shows. It’s the first one I play every day. I really enjoy everyone that comes on. The regulars are Great..knowledgeable ...articulate...make great points...contrast history. I’m on the west coast so can’t make the early east coast time. My reasons for Only 4 stars.?? 1) Why can’t you just play back the whole show??? 2). Really are all professionals working in a professional environment.....who is washing their dishes?? Haven’t you learned how to use “MUTE” when Your not the one talking?? I even have everyone do that just for business conference calls.
Morning Joe
I wish you gave us the entire show, I feel short changed! I love Morning Joe, but why not give us the entire show????
Freedom of Speech
Would you stand up and defend a habitual liar whom speaks on behalf of your family? I don’t think so. Why would we give our President a pass? He is not the example we want our children to imitate. America has had enough of him, and enough of your defense of the man whom tried to embarrass you and your significant other. He has destroyed everything he comes touches, including yourself. The truth will come out in the end: “ Lock him up”, I leave that decision to the Jury of the US Senate. May God give them the strength to vote for our democracy, and not the politics of the Republicans or the Democrats, America was found on “ In God We Trust”. Joe in all honesty I can no longer watch your show.
Why so abbreviated?
The show is 3 hours That’s 180 do you cut it to 44 without losing most of it? And WHY?
Boston Barnicles
What is with all the background noise - shuffling of papers, glasses clanging, chatter? Jesus Christ I can barely here the analysis over Joe or Mika or whomever shuffling their papers. People in the booth, are you hearing this? Jesus. Yet I still gave you 3 stars.
Lock him up
Spare me the outrage over “lock him up”. The crowd is not running against Trump. The baseball fans are “the American Public” and we have suffered mightily from this scab formed over the pus of Donald Trump’s mind. He is a criminal and we want to lock him up. And we are right to want this. We are sick unto death of hearing from his MAGA zombies. This is our time to demonstrate our views of the anti-Christ. And yes, that’s who he is. The anti-Christ, the fatal infection, the cancer that is killing our democracy. He needs to be locked up, tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered. The same for his family and Lindsay, Moscow Mitch, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, Charles Koch. I’d be thrilled to see them torn limb from limb. If all we get is “Lock him up” then you should be grateful that is all that happened.
Stop It
Stop propping up white supremacy and its’ feckless idiot.
Why is it cut down to 45-49 mins?
It’s a 3 hour show, yes sometimes the third hour is repeats from the first two, but come on. Please include the full 2 hrs at least. Am joy and Kasie DC are the full two hours, yet this show isn’t? I really enjoy listening to MSNBC on the go, I drive for a living. Also, please post the podcasts on all your shows at least 30 Mins after airing. Deadline White House airs at 1pm pst and doesn’t get posted til 3pm or later. Ugh!
Donald L. Coleman
Capital of liberal trump-bating. We should support our president or at least be fair and report the good he does also: This bunch is not trustworthy Joe scar borough is trash
Need more than the first hour!
I love the show and like listening to it when I go on my daily walks. But 44 mins is way too short for a 3-hour show. Please include at least the first 2 hours. Until this is done I will continue to copy the show from my TiVo to my iPhone each morning and take the full show with me. Unfortunately that means I have to stop periodically to skip the commercials which the podcast does automatically. Keep up the good work telling truth to power.
Awful analysis
Joe cares about one thing only: how much will he pay in taxes. That’s it.
Great analysis of Clinton, Gabbard, and Stein
Slide Jackson
So much news and how many ways can we interpret it. I thought today’s was particularly good about Clinton’s statements because you want to shake your head and say”whaaaat?” The Trump propaganda by Mulvaney “get over it” is exactly propaganda for his supporters to see and hear it enough that whatever seems unconstitutional is just uptight people stuck in the old ways. Wish people were more analytical about issues. Thank you guys for doing that for us.
Listen, Repeat
BBB Australia
Love the show, but Joe imediately repeats everything the previous speaker just said. That and baseball, both annoying.
Morning Joe
Morning Joe is very educational about life,politics,families,and social Listing to morning joe makes you think about life and the future.I love the people who heads the Platt FORM of Morning Joe and how know sides are taken but agree to disagree.
Great show but…
I am a long time listener and it’s a great show but… Too much sports talk!!! Getting tired of hearing about baseball every episode! Joe should stop interrupting all the time, it just gets frustrating. Let Mika and Willy move show along before Joe drives the show ooff the cliff like a runaway beer truck.
Joe is an embarrassment
I skipped forward through most of today’s podcast due to Joe’s interruptions of others, his bombastic manner and lack of insightful commentary. I’m beginning to wonder if he is so egotistical that he is simply not capable of behaving like a normal news host. Does MSNBC have any control over this behavior? I’m not the only one who feels this way because it is a common refrain in the reviews.
Great show
I don’t know how Mika puts up with Joe’s sarcasm. I enjoy the banter! Keep bringing in John Meecham. I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s made me want to learn more about our political history.
West Coast listener
Really appreciate the condensed podcast since I’m not up at 3am for the live show. Love the mix of guests from all view points and Joe speaking truth to power. I could do without the baseball stuff!
President Trump
Could it simply be that his policies are guided to protect his hotels?
Joe - please stop interrupting!
Lots of good information from excellent guests. Best when Joe is absent.
Why is Joe so disrespectful?
I just can’t listen anymore... Joe’s talking over Mika and humiliating his guests is just not how I want to start my day. It’s too uncomfortable to watch. Too bad because it really could be a good show.
If you want info about baseball.....
I can’t waste my time skipping ahead past baseball endless talk. I don’t listen to a political podcast to hear sports stories lead by Joe. The guests on the show are great, the problem is Joe and to make it worse, he talks over everyone, steps all over other people speaking by shouting. I had to let this go...deleted.
I love this show keep saying the true it well set u free
Morning Joe 10/11/18
The banter has overtaken the news reporting.
Joe, Mika, Willy and guests. All great.
Joe always has the most down-to-earth take on politics. No nonsense. He doesn’t tolerate BS even a little bit. As a moderate liberal he is a conservative I can respect because he has INTEGRITY, he’s smart, and doesn’t put any spin on the political topics at hand. However, I could do without the baseball talk 😴😴😴
Stop with baseball and play more of the show
Sick of having to fast forward over sections of stupid baseball talk every day. Will rate higher when that stops and more of the 3hr show becomes available. Where is the full show??
Even without my Red Sox in the playoffs, I love the Baseball chat...It also represents a way to agree and disagree amicably and that we’re all Americans. I too wonder why we don’t get the full show? Lastly Joe does occasionally Talk a bit over Mika, but in the end the dynamics work. Willie Guist is the underrated anchor… He actually has some of the most controlled segments that are highly informative with great great questions
No joe
bill in bama
The show is cheapened by joe’s baseball bs! And the talking over! Bad form!!!
Ranting and raving
You’ve got it
Your point is more clear when you speak calmly and without emotion. You are at your best when your clear, calm and witty. TLM
Why Baseball ?
Please stop using up to 5 minutes of intro on baseball games. Do a poll on your show and let us know if you should keep it up. I doubt it. We are not here for sports.
Right on !!
Moscow Mitch 😄 Brilliant
Great show
Henry Clay Coats
Love the interaction between you and your guest.
Love you but GOD Joe, stop yelling and stop yelling over everyone else.
So hard to get to the end of this one. Valid points diluted by severely overplayed current poll nose rubbing. I love this show and even I wanted to tape your mouth shut for a single minute to here the others.
DNA dragon
Please, stop talking over your co host. It’s embarrassing and rude.
Need More Mika
I enjoy the information this show covers but am often irritated by Joe and don’t feel Mika gets equal time or respect.
Great chemistry
I love the energy both of you bring to the show. And I love the baseball talk (dominican and proud daughter of a dominican in the softball hall of fame). But ... yes there is a but.... Do not attack my Yankees!... Boston is overrated! 😅... And thank you for creating “MoscowMitch”... genius!!!
“Cut the mic...????”
Unfair Joe. D. D. Is correct in his assessment of Rudi. You owe him an apology. Dr. Douglas Anderson Sonoma, CA 10/1/19
Morning Must
I like my facts with a touch of intelligent humor.
Eddie in Montana
Do you know how you can tell when Joe, Mika, Donny and the rest of their distinguished guests are lying????? THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING! What is with Joe yelling at Mika with great disapproval apparent due her mental midget status of the law, history, economics and basic common sense when and if she has courage to brave his obvious anger and embarrassment speaking up regarding the current rambling of their anal retentive opinions. Terrible of Joe to treat her like this on his program leaving viewers wondering what Mika endures at home. Joe has a history being physical I was told. Did they clear him of one his female employee found murdered in his office?
Guest list please
Otherwise hreat
You set the speed for your podcast playback...yours is set to 2x
Please make the podcast longer
I don’t understand why they are just talking about taking money from the Military for the wall when they should be adding that not only is Trump taking over 3 Billion from the Military but he is using it for the wall instead of using that money for our Veterans that are dying everyday because the Military says they don’t have the funds for all our Vets
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