Love morning joe
I also wish the podcast mimics the show. The full show rather than a smaller portion. Ending is a bit abrupt.
Fake News
Don’t waste your time
Great and Love it.
CMDR Chakotay
I wish the podcast was the whole show but I have to say I enjoy morning joe. I can listen to it here while out of the country. Keep up the good work!
I like the show but would like the longer version that mimics the whole show
Willie Geist
Willie always does a brilliant job. I love the way he gave Jamie Harrison an opportunity to save George Washington’s monuments. More than once, he gave him that opportunity. But Jamie just doesn’t get it. Too bad. Thank you @ Morning Joe for helping me start my day right.
Please stop giving Trump advice
You’re too logical - if Trump resigns Pence will pardon him and he has too much information & has done too many crimes to be walking around free
The longest questions in history by Joe
Joe’s never ending rhetoric before he allows the next contributor to talk is really annoying. Since I mostly watch the program videos through YouTube, it is easier to skip his verbiage. And please, Joe, stop trying to shine over Mika with constant interruptions while she is speaking. You should learn from her amicable and decent behavior. Thanks Mika and Willie to be so lenient with Joe and let your program be more tolerable.
MSNBC Morning Joe
KH West
I listen to hear what the Centrists from the Democratic Party are pushing. Listening is better at 1 1/2 speed
Annoying introductions
“Good morning! Today we have with us...” WHO CARES it’s the same people every morning
Wake up Eugene, it’s a morning show!
Love your show. Love Eugene, he’s a brilliant Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, but he’s a terrible contributor during this pandemic. His home audio is awful, he sounds like he just woke up, and is barely intelligible. Just awful! I think your show is too early for him. Put him on later in the day. Right now, he makes me want to turn off the podcast!
The Joe problem
Joe Scarborough screaming and stuttering, breaking the momentum of everyone’s points. When he’s not yelling over the panel, he’s clearing his throat loudly into his microphone. Joe needs to go. Update: Stopped listening for a while, too annoying in the mornings. I come back - Joe is screaming even louder, coughing just as much, and interrupting everyone on the panel more than ever before. GET HIM OUT!! Update. Relistening again. Apparently after 10 or so years, STILL nobody’s told hi that clearing his through and coughing into his mic is unprofessional and sounds terrible.
Why hasn’t the news media suggesting that they open new voting station so lines won’t be so long. Easy fix. Next thing you no it’s November
Spilling joe on Mika
sleepless in shanghai
Is it just me or does it seem as if Joe does not treat Mika as an equal? He cuts her off and speaks over her.
Chery Brummett
Mika is an inspiration for woman everywhere. She is incredible!
Your speech today was one for the ages. The passion you generate helps/makes people understand just how dire the situation is. Keep up the good work. Thanks Joe
I love this show!!! And I wish they could play the whole episode, but if not, alert us when it’s over.
I wish she’d read the news in a more traditional way, which is to say without projecting her emotions into what listeners want to receive as facts. I find her delivery stressful.
I like the show it is one of the few remaining serious analysis against the insanity happening in our country As one previous commenters did I wish there will be longer excerpts of the entire show in the podcast I listen the podcast every day in my commuting to work I could easily play half hour more if available I would like also to see deeper analyses of the complacency trap (people not voting or not realizing of the imminent threat) of 2016 which ended in the worst assault to democracy in the US history... called Trump incompetence Your continuous reminder could make a difference. Knowing what is possible, by pass experience, a country can quickly degenerate and descend into an irrecoverable state of moral calamity and tyranny commonly supported by the ones that believe “this will never happen to me” Probably B Maher and GFWill were of the few ones to recognize quickly the danger. You too, Joe and Mika, recognized that very early and before this “mafia” took power including its enablers (“esbirros”) The situation with the police is beyond been a black person although they had suffered the majority of the abuse. It is the infiltration of institutions, the police in this case, of illiterate little authoritarian guys abusing their power no matter if the target is a black, Asian , Latino, or white You only need to see the abuse and harassment of Trump to reporters or people that disagree with him to realize what a little enabler can do to other citizen. That is a reflection of how miserable they can be as human beings. My wife was followed by a police car at night, no lights on, and forcibly stopped at a single line bridge entrance just because the “policeman felt she was following him few miles before” Tell me in what “ dark businesses” he was involved that he felt like that. And so many other histories. That is why people of every race are protesting in addition to the obscene and disproportionate inequality. Please keep revealing the moto of this mafia in power “make the swamp even greater” Good work Joe revealing “Mitch Moscow” and “Mitch chock hold” keep hammering him That is what enablers deserve
A blessing during dark times
I look forward to this show (and Nicole Wallace’s show) every day. It helps me feel better about the world. So needed during these dark times. One note on something the great Eugene Robinson mentioned on today’s show (6/12/20). In relation to the inappropriateness of monuments and school and military bases commemorating the confederacy, Eugene mentioned that “you don’t see monuments of Hitler in Paris”, I would add that you don’t see monuments of Hitler in BERLIN either!
Morning Joe
It’s a terrible left wing show. I used to love Morning Joe but their hatred for Trump has ruined the show. Lately they just make up their own facts. They figure if Trump can do it, so can they. Terrible show with no facts.
Love the show
Love the show! Why can’t we receive the entire show or at least half of it! We never get the deeper dive interviews that happen later in the show! A lot of people can’t sit and watch a 3 hour show, on the podcast, we can be productive while listening! Thank you Joe Mika and Willie!
My morning must podcast listen
First podcast I listen to every morning at work
play the whole show!
dear msnbc, please play more of the entire show. hardly anyone can watch 3 hours but many of us can have a podcast on for that long. i listen to morning joe everyday and hate when it cuts off. all the other msnbc shows are played in full, please do the same for morning joe. thx!
Love the show but not happy when abruptly cuts off
I feel like I’m missing important interviews and can never find the rest of the show to listen anywhere. Is it a money problem with letting the whole show be available?
One of my best podcast.
Please put the whole show on podcast and its video also, thanks! Sometimes we missed some interviews with very important leaders like the speaker of the house. I love listening to this podcast and I work 7:30 in the morning. This is the way I get my news. The best part about this show is humor part of it, make fun of each other and laughing together. Thanks for having show.
Joe, Mika, & Willie-Morning Joe’stsywywwdte
of Srrtw you we I s do like to hear more than 25 minutes, so try rery the
Where’s today’s podcast?
What is holding up the podcast? I’m in MST and the 6/3 show isn’t uploading.
Trump with a Bible. 6/2/20. Media are blind to their own role in Covid19 disaster
Whoa, he must have blisters on his itty bitty fingers today. Mika and Joe, I know that you know that the madness of Donald Trump poses greater peril to public health and the world's future than Covid-19. I should think that you and your colleagues in the mass media realize that you cannot pretend you are not complicit in making this disaster more deadly and devastating for Americans than it needs to be. Thousands of deaths, financial losses, and all manner of horrors that American families have suffered could have been prevented had the media not crawled on its knees and done the bidding of the American Psychiatric Association and the Trump regime who slapped a gag order on Dr. Bandy X. Lee and thousands of American psychiatrists who despite the APA and Trump's threats were desperate, willing, and able to to their duty to warn the American public about the madman in charge of America's nuclear arsenal and the response to the worst public health disaster in a century (APA was only concerned about losing its federal funding). In Nazi Germany and fascist Italy people like Dr. Lee-the academics and intellectuals-were tortured and murdered. They still spoke up. We should be grateful the moral landscape of the European resistance wasn't that of the decision-makers at the NYT, WP, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, AP, CBS, ABC, and ALL the rest, or the world would now be ruled by the ideological descendants of Hitler and Mussolini. Because of the cowardice of the media (and not to mention the evil sociopathy of the GOP) our children may well suffer under the dictatorship of Donald Trump's descendants, who have the brainpower of a headless chicken and the moral compass of a crocodile. Iris Erlingsdottir Lee Northfield, MN
From Oz
Have been listening to the podcast in Melbourne, Australia.... love the show...stay brave and safe.
Love the show - please make the podcast longer!
Flower Dizzle
Love the show - just wish we got more than 40 minutes or so of it! Please capture more of the 3 hour show in the podcast.
Joe & Mika, thank you for reporting the truth everyday.
Great Job!!
Look forward to the daily update, thoughtful deliberation and honest information to help me understand this troubling period in history.. Keep up the good work!! Thank You!!
Need more ppl like Joe
Need more Republicans with courage to become ex-republicans like Joe.
Thank you!
Sometimes it’s a bit much but I get it. None of this will be normalized—keep going!
Keep reminding us!
I really appreciate you Joe and Mika, of all Trump’s the lies, dismissive comments, and incompetence! I think that you continuing to provide the timelines on a daily basis keeps at the forefront that this administration/Trump is utterly inept!👍🏾
Tick tock
How long before Mika gives three time marriage loser Joe the boot? Anyone who wears a suit and no socks as a fashion statement can’t be all there. Do a stage right Joe and give Mika the podium. She doesn’t need you to bore the audience with your ramblings.
Thank you
🍷🍷🍷🍷 just keep it going
So Current!
I love that this podcast is available within hours on the same day! Not old news like next day news podcasts. Smart, current conversation.
Great show, love their camaraderie!
This is the first thing I listen to when I wake up. Love everyone on the show including their regular guests Barnicle, Lemire, and Helleimann. Joe is funny but might be annoying if you are on his wrong side ha ha
Morning Information
I live on the west coast (Oakland,CA). And I get up just to hear what’s in the news the truth based on facts and to hear the guest. And at work I listen to my podcast. Right now I am teleworking, and still keeping up the routine. Thank you for reporting the truth.
Josh H
Great podcast. I look forward to it every morning. The best way to keep up to date on politics.
Please Joe...
Joe, please stop yelling.... it’s a lot. You also speak over your co-hosts (assuming that’s their role)... Have you listened to the show when you’re not present? Total different vibe, a preferable vibe.
Joe Drama to No Drama
Joe’s gone today, thank God. I like Joe when he’s making cogent comments supporting conservative views. When he’s playing the “Crazy Joe on the Soapbox” role he’s a pain in the ass and detracts from the show. Joe, you don’t need to be the firebrand anymore, let’s try Elder Statesman for a while.
Fake News
They failed on radio and now they are failing on a podcast. I won’t be surprised when they get booted of television. Worst podcast ever. Joe is a complete ass.
Thanks for keepin' it real
I always look forward to Morning Joe! Much gratitude for your perspectives and the counterpoints you provided. Your Real news is a blessing!
A faithful listener
gray paw
I am lowering my rating from 5 to 4 until Joe stops screaming endlessly and interrupting Mica in middle of her eloquent words of wisdom. It is sad that I enjoy the days Joe is absent more than the days he rants. I am lowering my rating further to 1. Every day I try to listen and hear the same old rantings. Where is the news? Perhaps after you shut down the podcast?? Why have guests during the podcast? They are rarely heard and, if heard, constantly interrupted by Joe. Disgusting! May 13, 2020 Great show today. No screaming And news!
Great chemistry
I look forward to Morning Joe every day. I am not even conservative, but appreciate their points of view and the great chemistry among the three hosts.
Stop Writing Notes to Each Other with Sharpie!
All you can hear is Joe writing with a Sharpie! Very annoying
Don’t be so tough. Or we will all suffer
The Biden interview was a bit rough. The woman tweeted about loving Russia. You didn’t mention that. Although, the tweets have been erased. I know reporters want to make headlines, but if you break Joe down over this accusation. We will all suffer, 4 more years or Trump. I noticed you are all about women knowing their value., when it comes to your rallies. But you were rough on Hillary. I never felt that you were a fan. Took you a long time to come around. Now look. 🙀
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