March 14, 2016
Street Fighter V launched last month – prematurely. Despite its lack of features and overall rocky release, how is the game? Is it an improvement over Street Fighter IV? Is it properly balanced with good comeback mechanics? Does it have any problems (aside from the obvious)? We’ll discuss all of this and more with fighting … Continue reading Episode 16: Street Fighter V
March 7, 2016
We’ve all seen competitive games where it seems like is all hope is lost for one side… right before making an exciting comeback! What is it about the games themselves that allow for these comebacks? Can comeback mechanics be too powerful? We’ll discuss all that and more with Andrew Roznovsky. Also, we’ve (finally) launched our … Continue reading Episode 15: Comeback Mechanics
October 5, 2015
In the second and final part in our series on Wrack, we discuss the design side of it with Hani Makron. We discuss various design choices including weapon roles, introduction of elements, and level length. Did we get everything right, blow it completely, or somewhere in between?! Give it a listen and find out! gamedesignpodcast_s1e14.mp3 … Continue reading Episode 14: Wrack (Part 2)
September 30, 2015
With our first game Wrack celebrating its one year anniversary, we’re taking a couple of days to have some candid discussion about the game. Did the game work? Did we accomplish what we set out to do from a game design standpoint, in part 1 of this series, we begin the discussion. We start by … Continue reading Episode 13: Wrack (Part 1)
September 17, 2015
Video game sequels: Do they exist just so companies can cash in on a successful game, or do they offer things the original couldn’t? The truth lies somewhere between the two, but the benefits of sequels is this week’s topic. We discuss the topic with the host of The Gamer Bros. podcast Shane Dyel, and … Continue reading Episode 12: Sequels
August 3, 2015
We know how important tension is in movies (which is why spoilers are a thing!), but what about in games? Does every game need to have tense moments… can they be too tense?! We discuss the importance of tension in video games with friend of the show Andrew Roznovsky using Heroes of the Storm as … Continue reading Episode 11: Tension (feat. Heroes of the Storm)
July 27, 2015
In the final part in this series on arena shooters, we talk about what may be the future of arena shooters – Doom! We got to play the multiplayer alpha of the new Doom at QuakeCon 2015. Is it fun? Is it balanced? Does it innovate the genre? Does it ruin the genre?! We discuss … Continue reading Episode 10: Arena Shooters (Part 3)
June 1, 2015
What is it that makes action RPGs like Diablo and Borderlands so fun? How do RPG elements enhance the action, rather than bog it down? This week we’re taking a look at some games that got it right, and how they got it right. We talk with Super Duper Garrett Cooper who’s developing of the … Continue reading Episode 9: Action RPGs
May 26, 2015
In part 2 of this three part series, we talk about the development side of arena shooters! How can developers get weapon balance right… and is that even possible?! How can developers make an arena shooter that appeals to a wide enough audience for it to thrive, and not be DOA? We talk with w1nters … Continue reading Episode 8: Arena Shooters (Part 2)
May 18, 2015
In part 1 of this three part series, we begin a discussion on arena shooters! With games like Toxikk enjoying some success and a new Unreal Tournament in the works, are arena shooters making a comeback? Are they fundamentally sound from a game design perspective, or do they have fundamental flaws that stop them from … Continue reading Episode 7: Arena Shooters (Part 1)
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