January 2, 2019
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December 12, 2018
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November 14, 2018
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October 10, 2018
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October 6, 2018
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October 3, 2018
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September 26, 2018
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September 19, 2018
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September 12, 2018
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September 5, 2018
On this weeks episode, Joe addresses Eminem. Joe explains how he received the news of being dissed (17:26). He then talks about his experience while being signed to Shady Records (36:24) and shares his thoughts on the demise of Slaughterhouse (44:25). Joe also states in this episode “I’m glad this day has finally arrived so everyone can be truthful” and reveals that he believes he is better than Eminem (58:50). The guys then discuss Colin Kaepernick being supported by Nike (1:51:42), Kanye West attempted rebrand (2:02:41) and Joe’s Breakfast Club interview which leads Rory and Mal to respond to Charlemagne tha God and DJ Envy (2:18:15). This episode answers a lot of the questions floating around, tune in and get the answers. Sleeper Picks of the week Joe: Ye Ali - “T-Shirt (Interlude)” | Rory: Prince Hakim - “R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y” (feat. Walt Anderson) | Mal: Jack Marzilla - “Bacardi Bluez” |
August 29, 2018
Joe, Rory, and Mal had plenty to address this episode. They began with sharing stories about their weekend (7:19), Aretha Franklin not leaving a will for her family (18:28), and Jemelle Hill moving on from ESPN (26:22). That leads Joe to share why the universe is funny and teaches us how it works (28:38). Also, Mal is never afraid to speak his mind, and shares his unpopular opinion on Lauryn Hill (37:38). And Joe recaps Power (1:21:02) and shares a message for a few R&B artist (1:32:00). Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Bryson Tiller - “Leaning” (Remix) | Rory: Blood Orange - “Hope” (Ft. Puff Daddy and Tei Shi) | Mal: Young Chris - “Angles” |
August 22, 2018
On this episode, Joe, Rory and Mal begin with recapping the VMA’s (14:39). Joe highlights his issues with the awards show (17:09) and also realizes his appreciation for Travis Scott (44:08). The guys then discuss Nicki Minaj beefing with Travis Scott, Nicki potentially leaving Universal and how she has attempted to expose streaming services (55:03). Jeremih kicked off his own tour? The guys discuss the R&Beef between Teyanna Taylor and Jeremih (1:42:13). And lastly, Joe reflects on the journey of the podcast (2:06:50) and makes a huge announcement regarding the future of the podcast (3:04:57). Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Kiana Ledé - “Show Love” | Rory: Emotional Oranges - “Personal” | Mal: Energe - “High Note” |
August 15, 2018
The Barbz are back! And this week Joe, Rory and Mal jump right into it and covers Nicki Minaj’s new album, “Queen” (5:12). Joe then addressees Nicki’s antics on social media and her beef with team Gwinin’ (39:06) and how she exposed Safaree’s hairline transplant during her interview with Funk Flex (1:02:06). Joe also discusses Warner Bros selling their shares in Spotify for $500 million and how it affects creators (145:38). For those wondering, Joe’s passion is on full display this episode as the guys unpack what’s on the docket. Sleeper Picks of the Week: Rory: Joyce Wrice - “Goodmorning” | Joe: F5 - Left on Read Mal: Phabo - “Right Now” |
August 8, 2018
Recently, the term culture vulture has been used heavily. Joe, Rory, and Mal debate if Lyor Cohen’s latest interview determines if he is a “culture vulture” (14:22). The guys also share their thoughts on all of the new music that was released starting with Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” (40:32). Most would agree Fabolous is well dressed but Joe gives him a call to discuss an outfit that Mal deemed questionable (1:08:57). And Joe also calls Dame Dash to hear his definition of a “culture vulture” and things heat up quick (1:34:00). Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Ella Mai - “Trip” | Rory: Heather Victoria - “Japan” | Mal: Red Cafe - “Red Bull” |
August 1, 2018
On this episode, Joe, Rory and Mal return and begin with recapping their week off. They also discuss new music from Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, H.E.R, YG and more (14:55). Although the guys don’t agree with all of 6ix9ine’s tactics it appears he’s changing his image and Joe reveals why he has become likable (53:50). The guys also catch up on things that happened while being away, Joe gives R. Kelly the lifetime Nasty Award (2:24:46), Demi Lovato (2:18:58), and Tristian Thompson Slapping Draymond Green (2:27:27). The wait is over, enjoy! Other topics include: People dissing Funk Flex (33:50) LeBron surpasses Michael Jordan (44:40) 50 Cent vs Floyd Mayweather (1:16:39) Kendrick Lamar’s acting debut on Power (1:31:44) Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe K. Roosevelt - “Feelings Don’t Change” | Kalin White - “More Than Just a F*ck” | Rory Noochie - “Spilling Feelings” | Mal Jayla Darden - “Between Us” |
July 18, 2018
As Joe, Rory and Mal prepare for the tour they still had a lot to address on the docket this week. They began with Rap Radar’s interview with Will Smith and Joe declares that he isn't a hater (13:51). They also discussed Azealia Bank’s incident on Wild’n Out and attempt to figure out why her music career is at a standstill (24:10). Last week many of the listeners wondered why Joe didn’t mention much about the Charlamagne allegations, well this week Joe explains and the guys discuss the situation (51:55) and the Joe gives Safaree a call after discussing his Dykman visit (1:10:25). Next stop, the west coast! Salute. Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Just Shad - “Saturday Night” | Rory: Nao - “Another Lifetime” | Mal: Vado - “Javale McGee” |
July 11, 2018
This week Mal returns from LA to join Joe and Rory and explains the “happy ending” situation from last weeks episode (3:38). They also give their thoughts on Drake’s new freestyle (14:37) and guess who Drake is speaking to on “Jaded” (22:13). Who has the song of the summer so far? Joe believes it’s Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” but Rory and Mal disagree (43:22). And the guys discuss Kevin Hart vs Mike Epps (1:16:02) and much more! Sleeper Picks of the Week Rory Masego - “Lady Lady” | Mal Josh Dylan - “Monsoon” |
July 4, 2018
This week, Joe and Rory paired up to do the podcast while Mal called in from LA. They discuss Drake’s new album “Scorpion” and reveal their favorite tracks (6:45). They also analyze the lyrics that appear to be aimed at Kanye (18:17). Shortly after, Joe and Rory discuss Nicki Minaj’s rant and the awkward video of her opening gifts which leads to Joe asking questions regarding Nicki’s health (58:00). And the guys discuss Jimmy Butler (1:34:17), LeBron going to the Lakers (1:36:36) and checks in with Mal to express his disgust for the NBA (1:46:32). Happy 4th of July episode! Sleeper Picks of the Week Rory Chris McClenney - “Sidetoside” | Joe Adria Kain - “Ocean” | Cash App Host Joe - $MouseBudden Co-Host Rory - $RoryFarrell Mal - $JellyBean221 Production Team Parks - $ParksMusic Savon - $SavonSB Erikson - $EriksonCorniel
June 27, 2018
There’s a lot on the docket this week - Joe, Rory and Mal begin with a recap of the BET Awards. They discuss Nipsey Hussle’s victory slap, Jamie Foxx’s hosting and Meek Mills performance (15:48). Teyana Taylor’s album dropped and the guys give their review (48:56). They also question if Kanye has become lazy in his music career (54:25). Drake is also dropping his album this Friday and they predict what they expect to hear from him (1:12:25). And Joe is “Mr. Chimney” this episode, addressing Ak and Pete (Rosenberg) putting things in perspective for Rosenberg [1:37:35]. As always, another loaded episode. Sleeper Picks of the Week Rory: Next Town Down - “Easy” | Mal: Donte’ Jackson - “First Night in Houston” | Joe: Meek Mill - “Stay Woke” (Feat. Miguel) | Cash App Info Host: Joe - $MouseBudden Co-Host: Rory - $RoryFarrell Mal - $JellyBean221 Production Team: Parks - $ParksMusic Savon - $SavonSB Erikson - $EriksonCorniel
June 20, 2018
This week, Joe, Rory and Mal had a lot to unpack. Joe begins by discussing the untimely passing of XXXTentacion and how it affected him (3:54). He also questions Rosenberg's loyalty to Hip Hop (8:47), addresses Akademiks (22:43) and speaks on getting out of the hood. While the guys were on tour Nas dropped his album “Nasir”, and they give their honest review of the project which was solely produced by Kanye West(40:25). Jay-Z and Beyoncè also released a surprise album the day after Nas and Kanye, and the guys determine if this was done strategically or coincidentally (57:23). They also speculate on some of the lyrics they feel were aimed at Kanye and/or Drake (1:09:11). This week is another loaded episode, enjoy. Thanks to all the listeners who showed up on tour! XXX artwork by: @Jediah Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Jacquees - “London” | Rory: Amber Olivier - “When It’s Over” | Mal: Adonis and V Don - “Silli Boi” | Cash App Host: Joe - $MouseBudden Co-Host: Rory - $RoryFarrell Mal - $Jellybean221 Production Team: Parks - $Parksmusic Savon - $SavonSB Erikson - $EriksonCorniel
June 13, 2018
This week Joe, Rory and Mal begin with discussing Summer Jam and some of the performers who took the stage (7:00). They then comment on Tekashi69's failed attempt to sneak in and determine if he was right or wrong for it and should hee have performed (32:50). Joe also decided to address Ebro's antics on Twitter(47:04), Cyhi the Prynce (1:13:54), K. Forest dissing him (1:17:58) and Peter Davidson (1:57:11). And the guys discuss iHob (formerly known as iHop) failed attempt at strategic marketing (1:45:30). Another loaded episode, salute! Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Khalid & H.E.R - "This Way" | Mal: Guy - "Get to Know" | Rory: Baker Aaron (feat. Aanu) - "Change" |
June 6, 2018
On this episode, Joe, Rory and Mal continue their speculation on the beef between Drake and Pusha T. Joe reveals his theory regarding Hip Hop and the importance of “who backs you” in the industry (10:33). They also discuss how Drake is the biggest bully in Hip Hop but doesn’t respond well to pressure (29:14). Somehow Kanye attempted to make Wyoming cool for a day and the guys discuss the event and those in attendance (46:30). And Joe gives an in-depth breakdown of the Future story and discuss at what point he was right or wrong during their conversation (1:13:38). Sleeper Picks of the week: Joe: Luke James - “These Arms” | Rory: The Internet - “Come Over” | Mal: K. Forest - “Blue Moon” |
May 30, 2018
Hip Hop has been filled with headlines this past week and Joe, Rory and Mal unpack it all. Beginning with Pusha T’s album review (4:25) which led to the speculation of Drake and Pusha T’s beef (8:45). Then the guys break down Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” (30:13). And yes, they discuss and react to Pusha T’s follow up diss-track, “The Story of Adidon” (1:05:09). Joe then switches gears to address Nicki Minaj and Eminem’s marketing “relationship” (1:28:22) and Kanye/Kim vs Rhymefest (1:33:46). Ultimately, the guys predict how they think the “Drake vs Pusha T” battle will play out (2:18:56). The episode you’ve all been waiting for. Salute. Other topics include -A$AP Rocky album discussion (1:26:15) -What’re the rules for dating co-workers? (1:58:20) -ABC cancelling Roseanne (2:03:29) -Morgan Freeman allegations (2:07:42) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Tyga (feat. Offset) - “Taste” | Rory: Gallant - “Gentleman” | Mal: Westside Gunn (feat. Conway) - "Fendi Seats" |
May 23, 2018
Slow news week? No problem for Joe, Rory and Mal. They begin this weeks episode by recapping "DP" and attempt to cover the Royal Wedding (12:45). Also, should Tekashi69 be allowed to perform at Summer Jam? Mal believes he should but Joe and Rory argue otherwise (1:09:06). And last week, Joe spent some time in Miami and came back with several questions. Are long distance relationships sustainable (46:57)? And what is proper etiquette for responding to nudes (1:20:56)? You don’t want to miss out on the guy's answers. Enjoy another loaded episode! Tickets are sold out for the Joe Budden podcast tour. Salute to all who are coming, we will see you soon! Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Summer Walker - “Deep” | Rory: Alex Da Kid (feat. HER and Rapsody) - “Go” | Mal: Sy Ari Da Kid (feat Eric Bellinger) - “Read Receipts” |
May 16, 2018
Revolt boyz in the building (not really)! Joe kicks off this weeks episode discussing his Revolt deal as Rory and Mal congratulate him and let the jokes fly (10:10). Also, Tidal has been accused of manipulating and enhancing their streaming numbers for certain artist, which leads the crew to speculate. In addition, another streaming service, Spotify has decided to remove R.Kelly and XxxTentacion from all playlist (33:24). And friend of the show, Cardi B seems to be surrounded by drama as women in hip-hop are starting to turn against her (46:18). Thank you all to those who have purchased tickets to the tour. We will see you soon! Other Topics Include: -DJ Jazzy Jeff talks plaques vs money (40:52) -50 Cent vs Rick Ross (1:03:32) -Joe and Wale exchange “Twitter words” (1:42:41) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Ty Dolla $ign “Number” | Rory: Stimulator Jones “Soon Never Comes” | Mal: Jag (Feat. A-F-R-O) “King Me” |
May 9, 2018
This week, Joe, Rory, and Mal begin with the MET Gala and recapped some of the outfits that your favorite entertainers wore (4:41). Also, Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video became a viral moment which led them to discuss the impact and talent of Gambino (34:50). And a lot of new music was released this past week, Joe covers Royce da 5’9, Rae Sremmurd, and Desiigner's new projects(1:04:58). Another loaded episode, enjoy! Other topics include: -Crooked I Interview (1:21:01) -Is Everyday Struggle Over? (1:25:34) -Avengers Infinity Wars Recap (2:02:05) Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Rae Sremmurd (Feat. Young Thug) “Offshore” | Rory: Leon Bridges - “Bad Bad News” | Mal: Ye Ali - “Oceans” |
May 2, 2018
No time was wasted on this weeks episode, as Joe, Rory, and Mal address the Kanye situation immediately. They discuss Kanye’s interview with Charlemagne and his TMZ meltdown and decide it’s time to cancel Kanye West (2:53). Joe then addresses Chance the Rapper and others, who attempted to defend Kanye (33:15). Also, is Black Twitter trying to cancel Issa Rae? The guys discuss her stance on black women dating Asian men (53:37). And Joe announces that Slaughterhouse is over (1:28:53). Another loaded episode, salute. Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Post Malone - “Blame It On Me” | Mal: K. Forest - “Playa” | *Song Coming Soon* Rory: Robert Glasper and Alex Isley “No One Like You” |
April 25, 2018
This week, Joe had a lot to get off of his chest. He, Rory and Mal begin with Kanye’s latest antics, Joe questions why no other prominent media personality challenges Kanye but instead gives him a pass for his behaviour (6:53). He also addresses Rosenberg’s Twitter comments regarding the podcast (35:13). Also, J.Cole dropped his latest album “KOD” and the guys decide he may be the most difficult rapper to judge and Joe also compares J.Cole to himself (46:13). And lastly, former member of Slaughterhouse, Crooked I, announced his departure from the rap group and Joe speaks on it (1:06:10). Sleeper Picks of The Week: Rory: Khalid (feat. Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack) - “OTW” | Joe: JMSN - “So Badly” | Mal: NBDY - “Used To” |
April 19, 2018
This week, Joe clarifies his stance on Nicki Minaj as he, Rory and Mal discuss Nicki’s latest music and Joe proclaims that the Barbz are back! (6:40). Also, J.Cole has announced that he’s dropping an album on 4/20 and unlike his previous albums Joe has a theory that J.Cole is ready to compete again (31:49). And what does Drake’s new album Scorpion mean? The guys have no idea but they do speculate on its meaning (1:05:57). Again, a day late. But always on time! New “Do We Have Sleepers?” T-Shirts are available in new color ways! Make sure you check out the link below and show the guys from the podcast that you’re a friend of the show! Salute. Sleeper picks of the week Mal: Dave B “Dreamboy” | Rory: Snakehips (feat. St Rulez) “Cruzin” | Joe: THEY. “Ain’t The Same” |
April 14, 2018
#AfterThoughts w/ Eric Bellinger: "This Gon' Be Your Favorite Song" by Joe Budden, Rory, & Mal
April 12, 2018
This episode Joe, Rory, and Mal begin with Cardi B’s debut album, the impact she’s had (5:00) and Nicki Minaj’s strategic decision to release new music immediately after Cardi (20:47). Unfortunately, former “friend of the show” Sabrina Claudio has been linked to tweeting racist statements and the guys give their take on it (51:14). Also, an NBA veteran makes a rookie mistake and is caught cheating on his pregnant girlfriend. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the guys break down the Tristian Thompson and Khloe Kardashian situation (1:19:56). And a surprisingly heated discussion regarding J.Cole takes place, which Joe reminds everyone how passionate he is when it comes to music (2:16:04). A day late but always on time, enjoy! Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Summer Walker - “CPR” | Mal: Sebastian Mikel - “Acid” | Rory: Alina Baraz - “Fallin” |
April 3, 2018
Although most of the media has decided not to discuss Fabolous and Emily B’s situation, Joe, Rory, and Mal don’t shy away from covering the incident. They discuss the seriousness of the allegations and give their thoughts on the matter (8:48). New music from Cardi B and The Weeknd dropped this past week and the guys give their take on it (41:38). And unfortunately, “Friend of The Show”, Safaree was recently robbed, Joe shares his thoughts and concerns (1:29:14). Due to a previously scheduled event this week, the podcast was recorded a day earlier than usual. We’ll be back to our regular recording schedule next week. Salute. Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Guordan Banks “Dead Friend” | Mal: Childish Major (featuring DRAM and 6lack) “I Like You” | Rory: SAINt JHN “Selfish” |
March 28, 2018
On this week’s episode, Joe, Rory, and Mal had a lot to discuss without any interruptions from Billy. They started off with Cardi B and the revealing of her album cover. They also discuss the “Strategic Marketing” behind her roll-out and if the album is being rushed (4:58). Also, Is Tekashi69 really the hottest rapper? Surprisingly, Joe gives his thoughts on the self-proclaimed “King of New York” and makes a comparison between Tekashi and one of the biggest hip hop artist to live (24:06). And yes, R&Beef is back! Eric Bellinger had words for Tory Lanez on his latest diss track "Yikes". The guys listen and react (34:20). Another loaded episode, salute. Other topics include: -Chris Brown and Lil Dicky’s video. And Chris commenting on Karrueche’s picture (56:00) -Hell Rell dissing Joe in a freestyle (1:17:01) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Ro James “Smoke” | Mal: Keys N Krates (featuring Ambré Perkins) “Glitter” | Rory: Anders “I Don’t Want Your Love” |
March 24, 2018
After Thoughts | "Do We Have AfterThought Sleepers?" by Joe Budden, Rory, & Mal
March 21, 2018
Guess who’s back! Joe, Rory, and Mal are joined by Bridget Kelly to discuss this week’s topics which kicked off with DJ Envy vs Desus and Mero, plus Envy’s beef with Rory (12:37)? Trey Songz made headlines this week and the guys give their take on his situation (33:13). And yes, Trey Budden had bars for Joe in his new song “Thoughts After the Courtroom” and Joe reacts (1:21:08)! The guys covered a lot this episode and Bridget was great as usual, so tune in! Salute. Other topics include: -Migos video and Drake’s latest verse on N.E.R.D’s Lemon remix (44:15) -Is it time for Joyner Lucas to invite Logic to the dance floor? (59:30) -The Game vs Tekashi69 (1:09:42) Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Kyle Dion “Brown” | Rory: Sango “Out My Way/ Around You” | Mal: J MARS “Myself” | Bridget Kelly premiered new music from her upcoming project. Her sleeper is titled “In The Gray”!
March 16, 2018
March 14, 2018
This week Joe, Rory, and Mal discuss the biggest headlines within the culture starting off with Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s rumored break-up (15:32). Juelz Santana found himself in an awkward situation this past week which caused him to flee from an airport, the guys discuss (1:10:30). And is Joe disloyal? After Royce da 5’9’s interview on Rap Radar, some are questioning Joe’s loyalty to Eminem. Joe responds to Royce and to those who believe he isn’t loyal(1:31:47). When it’s all said and done, nobody wins when the family feuds. Other topics include: -Cardi B announcing her album release date (43:46) -The guys predict when Drake, Kanye West, and Beyonce will release their albums (52:01) -New music from Jeremih and Wale (1:58:03) Sleeper picks of the week: Rory: Arin Ray (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) “Take” | Joe: Jeremih “Cards Right” | Mal: Vado “Walk” |
March 9, 2018
Video -
March 9, 2018
Video -
March 7, 2018
Once again it’s on! This week Joe, Rory, and Mal discuss Charlamagne’s beef with Mal and the headlines from the Oscars (5:00). Tory Lanez dropped his sophomore album this past week and the guys give their thoughts on it as well as Tory’s interview at the Breakfast Club (40:55). Rick Ross’s medical scare caught everyone off guard which allowed Joe to reflect on how important Ross is to his life (56:17). And who’s the best group in Hip Hop right now? The Migos or Rae Sremmurd? The guys debate (1:31:25).... Don’t forget to cop your “Friend of The Show” T-Shirt. Make sure you check out the link below for the official podcast merchandise and more information. Other topics include: -Joe, Rory and Mal discuss DJ Khaled’s new song (30:06) -Joe addresses Rosenberg and all the “Lil” rappers -The guys discuss the ESPN work environment allegations (2:08:09) Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Alex Isley “When It Rains” | Rory: Phonte “Cry No More” | Mal: Maliibu Miitch “The Count” |
February 28, 2018
This week Joe, Rory and Mal had plenty to discuss but started off with brother Lenard (Charlamagne) and Mo’Nique’s Breakfast Club interview (2:57). The guys also give an update on “Hurt Bae” and the current status of their situation and Joe breaks down the do’s and don’t’s of a break-up (17:27). And yes, Safaree and his recent antics are discussed on this week’s episode (53:22). Also, a very important guest calls into the show to discuss Wale’s latest music (1:21:26). Other topics include: -Quincy Jones apology (43:26) -Tekashi69 being arrested and Mal addresses Akademiks (1:24:18) Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: TXS “Do Good” | Rory: Everything Is Recorded “Show Love” (ft Syd & Sampha) | Mal: Gritlok “Warfare” |
February 21, 2018
This week Joe, Rory, and Mal had plenty to discuss and you won’t want to miss a minute of it. Starting off with their recap of the NBA All-Star weekend and Fergie’s unforgettable national anthem performance (5:38). Hell Rell was caught slippin’ at a restaurant and the guys react on his physical altercation which was caught on video (45:48). Is Blac Chyna the new Kim K? No. Nobody thinks that, but the guys do react to her alleged sex tape and grades the performance (1:06:32). And Drake’s new video released and Joe gives his in-depth opinion on, which then leads to an unexpected conversation about the Toronto rapper (1:21:01). If you’re ready to laugh with us, what are you waiting for? Tune in now! Other topics include: -Tekashi69 vs the West Coast (57:36) -Chris Rock's Netflix special (1:54:46) -Joe's son disses him, how should Joe handle it? (2:01:51)
February 14, 2018
This week Joe, Rory, and Mal covered a wide range of topics but start off by discussing the first ever BET Social Awards! We’d like to thank the listeners for voting for us in the category of “The Best Podcast” (2:54) Salute to you all. Last week, Quincy Jones dropped the most-talked about interview of the year. If you’re familiar with the interview, you’re aware that Quincy made a lot of bold statements and the guys decide what’s to be believed and what’s not (21:10). Jhene Aiko revealed in an interview this week how she began dating Big Sean which led the guys to ask is it okay to go on a “friend date” while in a relationship (47:06)? Make sure you cop your tickets for “Oh What a Night” on February 21st! Check out the link below for more information! And follow the official @JoeBuddenPod on Twitter for updates. Other topics include: -Valentine’s Day plans (32:04) -Troy Ave interview recap (1:03:00) -Is it cold out here for Tory Lanez? (1:18:23) Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Tory Lanez (ft. PartyNextDoor) “Leaning” | Rory: Jorja Smith “I Am” | Mal: Trev Rich “Diamonds” |
February 7, 2018
This week Joe, Rory and Mal discuss Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance and determine if his run is over as a top-tier pop artist. They also discuss the beef between Justin and Prince and if it was suitable for Justin to give Prince a tribute (6:56). Dave Chappelle isn’t funny? According to Faizon Love, Dave isn’t as funny as we give him credit for. Also, Gary Owen calls out Monique for her recent antics and the guys weigh in on all the drama between the Comedians (40:57). And Troy Ave’s latest song opens the conversation about the ethics of “snitching” (1:43:48). Make sure you cop your tickets for “Oh What a Night” on February 21st! Check out the link below for more information! And follow the official @JoeBuddenPod on Twitter for updates. Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: 7am “Chances” | Rory: Arin Ray (ft. DRAM) “Communication” | Mal: Chris Classic “Coolest Monkey In the Jungle” |
January 31, 2018
This week Joe, Rory, and Mal are joined by “HitMaka” (formerly known as Yung Berg) and if you enjoyed his previous appearance on the podcast (episode 115) you’ll love this episode. Joe and the guys start off by recapping the Grammy’s & some of the headlines that stemmed from the award show (6:42). Then they discuss the Roc Nation brunch and the exclusivity of the event (50:45). Obviously it’s no secret that Joe has retired from rapping, but could HitMaka be the person who convinces Joe to come out of retirement? The guys get into a heated debate on Joe’s next moves (1:46:08). This episode is loaded! Make sure you cop your tickets for “Oh What a Night” on February 21st! Check out the link below for more information! And follow the official @JoeBuddenPod on Twitter for updates. Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: The Code (ft. Cassie) “Muse/About Ava” | Rory: Levan Kali “Smile” | Mal: Kevin Ross “The Prototype” |
January 24, 2018
It’s scary hours out here. Joe, Rory, and Mal give their thoughts on Drake’s latest release & determine if Drake really wants smoke with Joe or not (8:37). Also, Star is back in mainstream media alongside DJ Akademiks and the guys discuss the future of EDS now that they found a permanent co-host (39:35). “You don’t got the answers Sway!” *Kanye voice*. Well, apparently Mo’Nique thought Sway did have the answers because she revealed her grievances with Netflix in her interview with Sway and the crew weighs in on if she has a legit reason to be upset (1:07:03). And another talented rapper gone too soon, Joe, Rory and Mal send their condolences to Fredo Santana (1:00:40). Salute. The “Oh What a Night” event turned out to be great and incase you’re wondering, Mal actually debuted his spoken word talents. Make sure you look out for tickets to go on sale soon for the February 21st event! Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: SiR “Summer in November” | Mal: Dave East (featuring Matt Patterson) “Never Been” | Rory: Mone Corleone "The Watchers" |
January 17, 2018
This week Joe, Rory and Mal are joined by Ice and from beginning to end let the jokes fly. Joe wants to know if and when it’s cool to set your girlfriend as the lock screen on your phone (10:47). As predicted on this podcast, the robots have arrived! The guys talk about the new “life-like” sex dolls that were introduced, which adds to “conspiracy theory” Joe’s prediction of robots taking over (30:09). Also, they discuss which one of the guys that have participated in role-play and Joe reveals his go-to character in the bedroom, you’d never guess what it is (1:11:26). This episode is filled so tune in and indulge. Don’t forget to cop your tickets for “Oh What a Night” hosted by Joe Budden at the Highline Ballroom on January 22! Other topics include: -Chris Paul wants smoke with the Clippers (37:06) -Offset getting Cardi B’s name tattooed on himself (45:46) -Chris Brown dropping ANOTHER joint project, is this helping or hurting his legacy (1:35:54) Sleeper picks of the week: Rory: Craig David (featuring GoldLink) “Live in the Moment” | Joe: THEY. “Africa” | Mal: Floda “Weak” | Ice: Albee Al, Arsonal and Fetty Wap “New Jersey Drive”
January 10, 2018
On this weeks episode Joe, Rory and Mal get straight to it and address the rumored beef between Joe and Eminem. They also discuss if Em was speaking to Joe or not on his “Chloraseptic” remix, as well as Joe’s Twitter exchange with Bizzare (2:07). Also, Joe reveals that he is willing to rap again, but for one reason only (14:25). Last week Bruno Mars dropped the “Finesse” remix featuring Cardi B, which led the guys to ask, are we being forced to listen to Cardi at this point (19:30)? And Lupe vs Kendrick, who should be ranked higher on the “all-time” list (1:32:18). This episode is loaded, enjoy. Don’t forget to check out “Oh What a Night” at the Highline Ballroom on January 22! Other topics include: -Oprah potentially running for President (43:12) -H&M controversy on social media (50:11) -Record labels not paying producers (59:30) -Jimmy Iovine leaving Apple Music (1:07:14) Sleeper picks of the week Mal: Wild boy and Bugsy “Vibes” Rory: Liquid Spirits “4Everyday” | Joe: Always Never “Wylin’” | Bonus sleeper pick: Lupe Fiasco “Mural” |
January 3, 2018
The first episode of 2018 is here, Joe starts off by recapping his New Years at Sean’s house. He then decides to address recent topics that haven’t been discussed, such as Azealia Banks dissing him and Mal’s affiliation with the Kardashian’s (18:36). Friend of the show, HitMaka (formerly know as Yung Berg), calls in to take Mal to homie court (20:52). And the guys recap the Drake and Lil Wayne freestyle, which led Joe to ask a few questions (1:03:35). Don’t forget to check out “Oh What a Night” at the Highline Ballroom on January 22 (1:28:46). Other topics include: -The guys discuss Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special (47:13) -New Years resolutions (54:57) -DJ Akademiks vs Charlamagne tha God (1:48:44) Sleeper picks of the week: Mal: Jag - “Dalton Ave Interlude” | Joe: Moneybagg Yo - “Don’t Know” | Rory: Devvon Terrell - “Temperature” |
December 27, 2017
After a week of festering, Joe revisits his beef with Complex and gives more insight on his departure (15:22). The guys also discuss Cardi B’s new single, Offset cheating, and her ongoing tension with Nicki Minaj (57:32). Although there are plenty of jokes this episode, the guys get serious and pay homage to Reggie Osse, better known as “Combat Jack” (50:32). We ended 2017 with a million views in a week, shout out to the fans for rocking with us. We’ll be back in 2018. Other topics include: -Akademiks beefing on twitch (17:57) -Ebro vs Mal in dodgeball/Rory vs Mal in 1 on 1 (1:05:31) -Lavar Ball’s new basketball league (1:22:44) -Joe addresses Kevin Hart’s interview (1:28:50) Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Timbaland (featuring 6lack) “Grab the Wheel” | Rory: Jordan Bratton “Pieces” | Mal: Conway “Bishop Shot Steel” |
December 20, 2017
The explanation you’ve all been waiting for, Joe elaborates on the departure from his old job, he also highlights the importance of integrity (11:28). Then Joe, Rory, and Mal finally give their review of the Eminem album (1:21:00). The Black Thought Freestyle sparked a lot of attention this past week, which inspired the guys to reveal their list of lyricist they believe are elite (1:42:51). No, this is not their top 20 rapper’s of all time list. Enjoy. Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Diddy (ft. Nas and Beanie Sigel) “Journey Through the Life” | Mal: Shawn Smith “Baby Alien (Freestyle)” | Rory: Albee Al “Funk Flex Freestyle” |
December 13, 2017
On this weeks episode, Joe, Rory, and Mal address how the internet got finessed by Keaton Jones and his family (19:42). Also, we know what “the streets” are saying, but is Big Sean’s new project really trash? The guys get into a heated debate over Sean’s new project (1:05:40). Plus the guys discuss if being nominated for an academy award still matter these days (1:24:00). Other topics include: -Joe thinks he has the scoop on something (41:30) -Jeezy’s song with J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar (1:47:20) -Sports segment (1:31:53) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Mal: SoulGroupUniverse “Brainstorm” | Rory: Mone Corleone “Rising” | Joe: Jazmine Sullivan “Forever Don’t Last” |
December 6, 2017
The “hard-nosed vet” Joe Budden kicks off this episode by letting Rory know who his O.G. is. Then Joe, Rory, and Mal give their thoughts on Eminem’s track list (3:24). Friend of the show, Charlamagne tha God, joins over the phone to address his comments regarding Bad Boys top 5 rappers of all-time (1:30:24). Plus, Mase calls in to clear up a few things (2:38:26). Make sure you stick around for this one. Other topics include: -Chanel West Coast rant (22:27) -Miguel’s album review (47:01) -New Jeezy album (2:01:31) Sleeper picks of the week: Rory: Roy Woods "Little Bit of Lovin" | Mal: Chris Classic "A Father Figure" Joe: ELHAE ft. Sabrina Claudio "Blue" (Unreleased) | Original "Blue" Interlude
November 29, 2017
Due to a week off, Joe, Rory and Mal had more than enough to discuss this week. Old beef reignited by two of Harlem’s own, they start off with Cam vs Mase (10:48), then switch gears to other top notch MC’s and discuss Fabolous and Jadakiss’s highly anticipated project, Friday on Elm Street (43:50). It’s that time of year again, Grammy nominations were released and the guys break that down (1:00:58). Joe talks about his observation of “Neo-Soul” groupies (1:26:30) and the newest segment on the podcast is back, Joe reading 40oz tweets (1:51:20). Other topics include: -Does Amber Rose deserve a Grammy? (1:19:07) -Rory got a facial (1:44:24) -New Chris Brown album? (2:23:26) -Big Sean vs Naya Rivera (2:29:08) Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Rory: Jacob Latimore "Remember Me" | Mal: J.I.D "Hereditary" | Joe: CyHi the Prince "Don’t Know Why" |
November 15, 2017
This week, Joe, Rory and Mal briefly discuss the latest beef between xxxTentacion and the Migos (3:57). Also, they talk about the Judge in Meek Mill’s legal situation (25:46). Incase you haven’t heard, Eminem is back with his first single, and the guys give their thoughts on it (1:06:01). Plus, there’s a new inspirational segment introduced to the podcast this episode (1:14:14). And incase you were wondering, “homie court” is not in session this week. Other topics include: -Louis C.K. controversy (29:54) -New music review on H.I.M, H.E.R, Miguel and 6lack (50:12) -Sports conversation (1:33:09) -An update on Tyrese (1:40:12) -The latest on Love and Hip Hop (1:44:45) Sleeper picks of the week: Mal - Cyhi the Prynce - “New Africa” | Rory - Noviless - “Calligraphy” | Joe - Omarion - “Open Up” |
November 8, 2017
This week, Joe talks about his observation of Chris Brown’s approach for marketing his latest album (11:33). Joe, Rory and Mal also discuss Meek Mill’s legal situation and what this means for Meek going forward (25:35). Plus, Mal is back in “homie court” for proper group chat etiquette (54:38). Other topics include: -This weeks update on Tyrese (46:08) -Terry Crews being sexually assaulted [allegations] (1:04:29) -Classic movies being trash or not (1:16:05) -Latest news in sports (1:28:03) Sleeper Picks: Joe - 112 x "Without You" | Rory - Charles Bradley "Strictly Reserved For You" | Mal - Preme (ft PartyNextDoor) x "Can’t Hang" |
November 1, 2017
These are Savon's words ... Joe, Rory and Mal had a ton to discuss this week. Starting with Chris Brown’s album and the overload of music being put out by artist (16:04). Should Nicki Minaj be considered a superstar (40:50)? They also talk about the Migos fighting their security guard (1:07:40), Mal addresses NFL players after Texans owner refers to them as “inmates” (1:34:57), and one of the guys gets taken to “homie court”. Other topics include: ⁃ Album reviews - Big K.R.I.T, Ty Dolla $ign, 112, Yo Gotti, and Majid Jordan (32:08) ⁃ Kevin Spacey controversy (1:11:35) ⁃ Joe addresses Nicki Minaj’s tweets (2:09:55) Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Rory: Majid Jordan "Gave Your Love Away" Mal: JAG "The Outro" (Dalton Ave mixtape) Joe: Chris Brown "Tough Love"
October 25, 2017
Joe, Rory and Mal finally had the chance to discuss Eminem’s freestyle (2:26). Miko Grimes joins to give her thoughts on being friends with ex’s, an update on Taxstone and how she finessed the NFL (1:14:59). Also, Tyrese is at it again and the guys talk about his latest drama on Instagram (31:05). This episode is for V.I.P’s only. Other topics include.. - Lil B getting jumped by A Boogie’s camp (11:22) - This Is Us [TV show] (24:04) - Get well soon Combat Jack (28:10) - Strippers going on strike (1:03:10 - Mal wishes Drake a happy birthday (1:12:53) Sleeper Songs: Joe: H.E.R. "Free" | Rory: Toulouse "Hurtin" | Mal: Benny "Hustler's Wife" | Miko: AJ Francis "Young, Black, & Paid" | iTunes
October 18, 2017
This week Joe, Rory and Mal address Joe’s beef with Russ and Chance [or vice versa] (02:35). Bridget Kelly also stops by to discuss her Love & Hip Hop shenanigans and pretzel throwing incident (1:03:16). NBA season is back, the guys take their picks and talk the return of the NBA (25:00) and also they’re going to get to the bottom on the Colin Kaepernick collusion case (11:35). Other topics include... Bow Wow photoshopping himself (1:08:35) Birdman vs Rick Ross (1:12:38) Drake, Odell & Von Miller (34:31) The dvsn album (1:17:33) Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Rory: Brent Faiyaz "First World Problemz" | Mal: West Side Boogie "Let Me Rap" | Joe: dvsn "Run Away" |
October 11, 2017
Man .. I don't know .. lol Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Bridget: Bridget Kelly "Happy For Me" | Rory: Sabrina Cladiuo "Wait" | Joe: Hablot Browne "She Said" | Mal: Belly "Lullaby" |
October 4, 2017
Slut Walk, 50 vs Irv (again), Vegas, Jhene, PND, A Boogie, Gotti vs Dolph, and more! Sleeper Pick Of The Week: Joe: Jhene Aiko "You Are Here" | Rory: Emanny "Free" | Mal: Half-A-Mil ft. Quentin Miller "The Hills" |
September 27, 2017
Cardi, the NFL, twitter challengers, Rapsody, HER vs HIM, and more! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: Tank "Sexy" | Mal: K. Forest "Link" | Rory: Sonder "One Night Only" | Rapsody "Power" | iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify
September 20, 2017
Kevin Hart, Triple G, Hip Hop Honors, KD, Kyrie, and more! Sleeper Picks of the Week: Mal: V Don x Lil Eto Ft. Meyhem Lauren "High" | Rory: Kevin Ross "Don't Go" | Joe: Sabrina Claudio "Belong To You" |
September 13, 2017
Wasn't much to talk about, but still ended up being one of the funnier episodes. Sleeper Picks: Rory: Elley Duhé "Immortal" | Joe: Tone Stith "Let Me" | Mal: Conway The Machine "Bullet Club" |
September 6, 2017
The guys discuss everyone's recent behavior on social media, Made In America, Power, engagement ring prices, and much more!! If you'd like to ask us a question, advice, or tell us a story email us at Sleeper Songs Of The Week: Mal: JAG ft Cal Scruby "Stockton Malone" | Joe: 11:11 "Good Love" | Rory: Foreign Exchange "Shelter" |
August 30, 2017
Some sports, some music, some bullshit .. something for the whole family. PLEASE DONATE TO THE FLOOD RELIEF IN HOUSTON --> Sleeper Picks of the Week: Rory: Daniel Caesar "Best Part" | Joe: Xavier Omar "Afraid" | Mal: Leikeli47 "2nd Fiddle" |
August 23, 2017
Joined by our guest "Anonymous" we cover the Kyrie/Isiah trade, Hov interview, and much more! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Mal: Tyus "My Way" | Joe: A1 "Always" | Rory: Luke James "Drip" |
August 16, 2017
Episode 124, some what serious, some what not .. a lot covered in 90 minutes. Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Mal: Vado "Its Over" | Rory: Lianne La Havas "Don't Wake Me Up" | Joe: Siya "Don't U (Say Yes)" |
August 9, 2017
After a week off, the trio sits down to discuss OVO Fest, Rosenberg/Def Jam, Power, Joe being hypnotized, and much more! Sleeper Picks: Joe: H.I.M. "Habits" | Rory: Jorja Smith "Teenage Fantasy" | Mal: Ye Ali ft Eric Bellinger "Big Body Benz" |
July 26, 2017
Episode 122, we covered a recap of the live show, Maliah vs Drake, Meek’s album, Kyrie, Power, Bodak Yellow, and more! Sleeper Picks: Rory: Kyle Dion “Cool Side Of The Pillow” | Mal: Jermaine Elliott "Come Here" | Joe: Ella Mai "Found" |
July 19, 2017
R Kelly, Justice League vs Chance, Mayweather vs McGregor, Swiss vs Timbo, Mike Vick vs Kaepernick, and more! Go to for a special offer for our listeners, you can use coupon code BUDDEN to get $30 off your first month and show your support for this podcast Sleeper Pick: Joe: Jacquees & DeJ Loaf "You Belong To Somebody Else" | Rory: Sevdaliza "Amandine Insensible" | Mal: Laron Smith "That Energy" |
July 12, 2017
Joined by Ice, China vs Rob, Tyler the Creator, Prodigy, Power, The Defiant Ones, the great performers ever, and the return of Homie Court. Sleeper Picks: Ice: Topaz Jones "Tropicana" | Rory: Slakah The Beatchild & Glenn Lewis "Number 1" | Joe:
July 5, 2017
The Hovcast.
June 28, 2017
Apologies on the hiatus, but we're back to regular scheduled programing. This week we discuss Prodigy, The BET Awards, Migos, Meek vs SB, Power, Hov's tweets, Chance, Khaled, 2 Chainz, and more!!! Get 20% off your first pair, plus FREE shipping at Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Mal: Vado "VADO" | Rory: Devin The Dude "Are You Going My Way" | Joe: Tank "When We" |
June 14, 2017
Summer Jam, Khaled, XXL Freshman Cover, Tinashe, SZA, and much more!! Sleeper Picks: Rory: Jhene Aiko "While We're Young" | Joe: Asiahn "Time" | Mal: Saint John "3 Below" |
June 7, 2017
4:44, Khaled, Jay Electronica, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kanye leaks, and more! Sleeper Pick: Joe: H.E.R. "Every Kind Of Way" | Rory: Raahiem "Paradise" | Mal: Shawn Smith "Heaven" |
June 2, 2017
Special edition episode this week ... whatever preconceived notions you had about the artist formally known as Yung Berg will likely change after this episode.
May 31, 2017
Last episode recap, Byrson, Tiger, Rihanna, and more! We have another episode dropping this week! If you love yourself and this podcast go to and save 20%!!!!! Sleeper Picks: Mal: Ye Ali "Talk Less" | Joe: G4SHI "Rose Gold" | Rory: R.LUM.R "Be Honest" |
May 24, 2017
Episode 113 with either friend or enemy of the show Charlamagne Tha God Sleeper Picks: Rory: T Wayne "Waste Of A Wasp" | Charlamange: David Banner "Who Want It" | Mal: Rolling Stone P "Little Do They Know" | Joe: T Pain "You Don't Know Shit" |
May 17, 2017
Episode 112 ... NBA lottery, Mother's Day, LA Reid's legacy, Steve Harvey's emails, Bryson Tiller, is college really needed? Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: Kaytranada "Got It Good" | Rory: Vanjess "Touch The Floor" | Mal: Che Ecru "2 AM" |
May 10, 2017
Episode 111 ... a lot covered, Travis/Lyor, Lavar Ball, Yes Julz, artist management, Aaron Hernandez, Meek Mill, Charles Barkley, Tahiry, Nick, and much more! Sleeper Songs Of The Week: Joe: CeeLo "Redbone" | Rory: JMSN "Cruel Intentions" | Mal: WunTayk Timmy x Bryson Tiller "Cake" |
May 3, 2017
Klheo Beverly, Frye Fest, Joe vs Yachty, retired rappers, IG likes, and more!! Sleeper Songs Of The Week: Mal: Conway The Machine "Cooked In Hells Kitchen" | Rory: Sonder "Too Fast" | Joe: PARTYNEXTDOOR | OVO Radio
April 26, 2017
Episode 109, the guys discuss Chance's anti-label artwork, Kendrick's numbers, Nike vs Adidas, Summer Jam lineup, and more! Sleeper Songs Of The Week: Joe: Ré Lxuise "DM Me" EP | Rory: Kyle Dion "Hold On To Me" | Mal: Brent Faiyaz "Poison" |
April 19, 2017
As you can probably see, we've finally named the podcast, but don't worry we still will be delivering you a free weekly podcast! On today's episode we discuss the podcast selling out, Kendrick Lamar's album and where he stands in hip hop, the Cleveland shooter, 13 Reasons Why, Melo, and more! Sleeper Picks of The Week: Joe: Sabrina Claudio "Confidently Lost" | Rory: ELHAE "Slip And Fall" | Mal: Xavier Omär "Blind Man" |
April 12, 2017
Joe, Mal, and Rory sit down to discuss the United passenger situation, Joey Badass's comments to Hot 97, Troy Ave's breakfast club interview and overall status of his situation, and much much more! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: Mack Wilds "Explore" | Rory: They "Back Around" | Mal: Gold Link "Crew" |
April 5, 2017
We're back! After a week off the guys sit down with guest comedian Bo and discuss Kendrick vs Big Sean, Chance & Rory's conversation, Rikers Island, Suge, Joe's tic tac toe abilities, and the return of Homie Court. Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: Common "I Used To Love H.E.R." | Rory: 11:11 "I'm Good" | Mal: Nick Grant "Black Sinatra" | Bo: EPMD "Headbanger" |
March 22, 2017
More podcasts; Joe, Mal, and Rory sit down to discuss the Ross album, Birdman vs Rick Ross, the best ear for beats, More Life, Chance The Rapper's independence, and more! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Rory: India Shawn x James Fauntleroy "Floating Away" | Mal: Belly "Freestyle With The L A Leakers" | Joe: Eric Bellinger "Know / Vibes" |
March 16, 2017
Apologies for the late release! Joe, Mal, and Rory sit down to discuss Nicki's reply, Joe's Charles Oakley story, Jordan Peele, Clue vs Flex, the new Matrix, Young MA, and Snapchat nude etiquette. Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: August Alsina "Wait" | Rory: Flores "Undercover" | Mal: Young MA "Hot Sauce" |
March 8, 2017
This week we make Mal admit to being bias, attack Rory's Pro Trump haircut & Cyn is here to remind me of how loved i am. Also analysis of Remy's second diss & what is appropriate behavior for ex's. Sleepers Mal - Mysonne Flex freestyle Rory - SG Lewis "All Night" Joe - Elley Duhe "Immortal"
March 1, 2017
Episode 102, the guys sit down to discuss Remy vs Nicki, Just Blaze vs Swizz, the definition of "wifey", and much more! "Beef" Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: Jay-Z "Blueprint 2" Rory: Jadakiss "Checkmate" | Ice: Arsonal "Spring Cleanin" | Mal: Kriss Kross "Jump" |
February 22, 2017
The guys sit down to discuss New Orleans, fighting signs, Mendeecee's 30 for 30, snipers, past stories, the Drake interview, and more! Sleeper Songs of the Week: Rory: Daniel Caesar "Get You" | Mal: Elhea "Wonder Woman" | Ice: Sahbabii "Pull Up With A Stick" | Joe: 6lack "Bless Me" |
February 15, 2017
Episode 100!!!!!!! Can't say we thought we'd be doing this for a 100 weeks. Joe, Mal, Ice, and Rory sit down to discuss Jim vs Cam, the new Dipset, Grammy's, rappers dating the same women, Chance & Frank Ocean's independence, and more! Thank you all for tuning in for 100 episodes!! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Mal: Tee Grizzley "First Day Out" | Ice: TEC & Mane Musik "Ain't No Coming Down" | Joe: SiR "The Canvas" | Rory: ODESZA "All We Need" |
February 8, 2017
Joined by Ice, the guys sit down to discuss the Super Bowl, Trey Songz reality show, Nicki's house being robbed, Supreme x LV, Young Money reunion, and more! Happy Birthday Sandra Bland. #SayHerName Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: Steven A Clark "Lonely Roller" | Rory: Syd "Know" | Mal: The Dream "Madness" | Ice: Big Sean "Sunday Morning Jetpack" | (Apple Music & Spotify)
February 1, 2017
Back from missing a week, the trio sits down to discuss the Muslim ban, Sage Steele, The New Edition bio pic, Lebron, Carmelo, the Super Bowl, Ross vs Jeezy and much more! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Mal: Slaughterhouse "See Dead People" | Rory: Jordan Rakei "The Light" | Joe: Emanny "Black Heart EP" | Available 2/13/17
January 18, 2017
The trio sits down to discuss playoff football, Tax, the power of a Chris Brown hook, NY rappers that almost made it, Jhene Aiko, meetings with Donald Trump, and more! Sleeper Songs Of The Week: Mal: Benny & Conway "Dirty Needles" | Rory: Femdot "totheoneoutsouth" | Joe: Adria Kain "Reasons" |
January 11, 2017
Joe, Mal, Ice, and Rory discuss The Giants, Obama, Nicki x Meek, the undercards of Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown, and more! Sleeper Picks: Rory: Xaiver Omar "Special Eyes" | Mal: Chubby Jag "Intro" | Joe: Normani Kordei "Don't Touch My Hair/Cranes In The Sky (Cover)" |
January 4, 2017
Quick run through of all the fuck shit in the first 3 days of 2017. Sleeper Picks: Rory: Ray BLK "Chill Out" | Joe: Snoh Aalegra "Under The Influence" |
December 28, 2016
Joe, Mal, and Rory discuss past events of 2016, predictions for 2017, and more!
December 22, 2016
Joe, Mal, & Rory sit down with Genius's Rob Markman and Hot 97's Scottie Beam to discuss the top 10 R&B artists of 2016 based upon vocals, singles, album, album sales/streams, impact, and touring; along with some other banter. Sleeper Picks: Scottie Beam: Gucci Mane ft Bryson Tiller "Drove U Crazy" | Rob Markman: K.R. "Onyx" | Rory: Thirdstory ft Pusha T "G Train" | Joe: Lloyd "Heavenly Body" | Mal: Rich The Kid ft Jaden Smith "Like This" |
December 14, 2016
Joe and Rory sit down to discuss Kanye/Trump, J. Cole's album, Joe's recent run in with DJ Envy, and more! Please send prayers and donation to the Oakland Fire Fund for the Twin Daughters of Alex Ghassan -- > Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Rory: Gallant "Skipping Stones" | Joe: Tank "All About You" |
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