The best of health law
The show does a great job of diving into the weeds and at other times staying at a higher level. The guests are always top notch.
Excellent talks
I just started listening to 142 and 143 and I found them excellent, easy to follow, well recorded, and of course well worth my time even though this was a panel and not a regular studio recording (though the helpful introduction could have been recorded in studio for a cleaner start). But these talks are excellent. I just have one great quote "secret boyfriend federalism". The lecturer is excellent and sharp. @agdesilva
Great pod!
I have a J.D. and LL.M. in health care regulatory law and work in health care public policy. These guys and their guests know their stuff and are insatiable readers. This is a must listen if you are a health care regulatory wonk!
great podcast
Edgy egged
despite (or in addition to) the title, this is a wonderful podcast about all aspects of privacy, technology, and law
The place to go for student note and comment topics. A great way to learn a little bit about many complicated issues. And the hosts are funny, too!
Love it!
A must listen for a healthcare attorney
This is a Terrific Podcast
This is a great podcast about a very important topic. While I am a practitioner in the field, the discussions are clear and relevant to all who are interested in the health care industry. A must given the times we are living in.
Incredibly interesting podcast
Really brilliant guests, know health law and policy inside and out...bravo!
Best health law podcast
Mandatory listening for heath law attorneys. Provides diverse topics and relevant dialogue. And the hosts are delightful.
Most helpful health law podcast out there!
This podcast was highly recommended to me by one of my law professors. I would pass along the recommendation to anyone interested in current developments of health law and policy.
Great for anyone interested in health law. The hosts work brilliantly with each other and fill in gaps for the audience before we even get to ask about them!
A must listen for the health care industry!
Boy, do I love this show. I work as a strategist for a Medicaid health plan and I've gotten my whole team to listen every week. I learn something new every episode!
Makes health law and policy accessible to a multi-disciplinary audience
The issues are timely, the coverage of the issues is succinct and accessible, good length for a commute, interesting guests, and consistently excellent quality. Accessible for non-lawyers interested in health policy.
Mandatory Listening for Health Law and Policy
Format balances current events (in the lightening round) salient to health law, with in-depth discussion and analysis of emerging issues through dialogue (with guest interviews) from premier thought leaders across all dimensions of health law.
Best Health Law Podcast
Nicolas Terry is not only an expert on health law, but he's a good speaker. This is a great listen if you have any interest in health law.
Health law and policy news & views
Guggenheim Tyra's
One stop shopping for audio and links in health law & policy. & welcome show topic suggestions!
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