Love listening to the show great content but the volume is low and then the advertising is really loud Be nice to have a consistent level
Good Show, too many commercials
Great talk about off road and other Motorsports, but too many commercials, and some of the ads are recycled from 4+ years ago, and it’s the same repeated ads over and over... gets annoying fast. The show is great other than that.
Great show for all racers that love DIRT!
River City Rally -RCR
Great show with in depth interviews with all sorts of racers and promoters. Show is especially informative to those seeking sponsorship or attempting to build there race program. Lots of insight from various action sports of what it takes to make racing work these days. It is inspiring for our team (@rcrfanpage) to realize that the one common asset 99.9 % of successful racers start with is willingness to work harder than those around them. Not money. Money helps but plenty that started without!
Great show
All the info you need on action sports and great coverage on anything off road!! Tony IG- a_schwell22
Too many commercials
If I wanted to listen to commercials, I’d listen to radio
The show to watch!
Awesome to listen to your show Jim! Great to hear about all the action even during the off season! From off-road to nascar! Instagram: michaelmeister_94
Great Show!
Joe @Night_Krawlers
My name is Joe Calhoun. I’m from the midwest (Indiana) and the only way I get to listen to an Off-Road channel is thru podcasts. You’re show is very entertaining and useful. This is the exact stuff I’m into. I drive over an hour one way to work everyday and your radio show helps make that seem shorter. Please follow me @night_krawlers on Instagram. Keep up the good work!
Offroad is better than music
Kaden Danbury
Rather listen to your Podcast and hear some super cool people and stories on your show while on our long drives than to hear the same song over and over! Thanks for teaching us young racers some reeally cool things on your Podcast!
Favorite action sports podcast
The down and dirty podcast is hands down one of my favorite podcasts out there (along with Jim Beaver's project action). Jim is an awesome show host and brings the best guests, stories and comedic value! Subscribe !!! -John Instagram: mcgrathsgarage
my saving grace
Fred m Marshall
living here in Connecticut there is not much public support, or recognition for anything Down and Dirty! i've been in love with Short Course racing now since 2006 . this is my one and only true outlet for my addicton. I love it all short course, desert racing , rally, motocross, you name it. Thankfully Red Bull Rallycross will be coming to my hometown in June!!!! Jim thank you so much for the platform you've created!!! instagram.... fmarshall0
Fabricators Craft
I love the down and dirty radio show I think Jim Beaver and Ami Houde are great together. Keep up the good work guys we love the interviews.
Long Time Fan
Never ceases to amaze me how Mr. beaver pulls in the interviews he does. Seriously the best motorsports radio show I know of. Just fished Sirius XM would figure that out. Keep it coming, always look forward to more shows.
Good show and great off road coverage
Good Racing Show
Offroad 80s
Great show and great guests.
this is one awesome
Very helfule podcast
podcast is really nice
Good App so nice and best
Good App so nice and best so thanks.
podcast Looks good Look really nice.
love it
podcast is really love it so i am happy
Very nice podcast
Very nice podcast really good
this is one awesome podcast I would love
this is one awesome
this is one awesome so love it
podcast really Awesome so great
podcast is really great
Best show for action motorsports
When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was drive monster trucks, rally cars, and race in the desert. Jim Beaver brings an inside look at all things action motorsports. He is extremely well connected with the biggest names in desert racing, motorcross, global rally cross, and many other types of motorsports. The audio quality is top notch and Jim has a true passion for the show topics. This is an outstanding show and I look forward to catching it on the download each and every week!
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