Best host.
Bud Oliver
I have followed Lon’s work for years, on his excellent website “Phantoms and Monsters”, and with his books. He has a world of experience and knowledge. Great show!
Legends in this world
A great show put together by some of the legends of this field. I can only see this cast getting better as it goes.
5 star show,but most inconsistent show on web!
Great show,when they show up. The show will run for 2 weeks or 2 months-listeners never get know what the hell is going on.
Love it
This is a great show. Real people having discussions. How can I contact you? I used to live in western Pa. had an encounter in early 90's. I really ridiculed anybody that claimed to have seen anything in the woods. Not anymore! Would love to tell you about it. Moving from Texas to Pa next year. I think I am going to try to go back to the spot. Maybe.
Arcane in the Membrane!
Love me some Forker. Dude is a beast. Good topics, killer discussion. I know there is much more on the way! Sean, we need to get you on the Ok...your boy Datus has many questions for you. Keep up the great work!
Where are the shows?
Peaceful monk
I love the topics on Arcane Radio and big fan but, I have not heard any new podcast since October 2016. I get emails to listen to live shows but can't do to my schedule. Wish I knew what's going on.
fun show
RD Kirkpatrick
really swell show audio needs attention
Good stuff
Boz #44
Love the content, but audio is never consistent,one is loud and one is whisper soft. Fix the little stuff and it's a must listen show!
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