My opinion
Dan, I like it a little bit. Thanks sir. Not! I’m loving it. Any way keep it up your a good speaker. Frank
Great podcast, great information!
Love me some Dan Bongino! Thank you for presenting the facts on the most relevant news, it’s a breath of fresh air in these crazy times.
Very Good
Well done Sir love Dan
The truth of all that’s going on matters!!
To listen to you and joe, makes me realize just how bad the deep state has gotten. Your the point between truth and lies. I think if we didn’t have you and others like you, Wed be standing to bread lines ! It’s the incredible injustices on the people who have worked hard to get where they are. It’s also what’s needed, to educate those who see this thru rose colored glasses. Not thinking about the cost! Keep it up. I’m proud to be a fan of your show! ! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸💪
True Patriot
Jimmy Mueller 23
This man will have a statue when all said and done. He along with Jim Jordan have taken the arrows in order to save our republic... he’s a big reason I support Trump
The Facts MATTER
I was so happy when I found this show back when the show was in its 900s.. now everyday I’m pumped for a new show! This is where I get my daily news on our president and the losers that are trying everything to take him down!
Facts First! Enough said!
Born and raised in West Texas Oil Fields much of our up bringing was about hard work and family values. I believe Reagan started the Job and Trump came to finish what Reagan started! Mexican American for Trump 2020!
Former federal prosecutor turns investigative podcaster
This is the type of person you are supposed to get information from when the mainstream is focused on reporting the same talking points and emotional ploys. Dan pulls you out of the lefts feedback loop and brings hard hitting information with a principle of not reporting until the facts are in.
I love the show. My Dad (deceased 2008) called me Jimbo when I was growing up. So, I take significant offense to Joe nicknaming James Comey “Jimbo”.
One of the best daily podcasts out there.
Dan Bongino’s daily podcast is STACKED with facts and liberal lie debunking with humor and FEELING.
Love you Dan.
Listen every day. Thank you for boiling the days events down to just the facts and thank you for your service to this country. You are a true patriot. Would like to hear less of Joe. Too much laughing interferes with your excellent reporting.
Great work!
Love the show and the great analysis of these creepy left wing lunatics. Keep telling the truth, someone has to.
The Bongino Show
I have been an avid listener for years now and I thank god for people like you and President Trump everyday. I have also been a government employee for a 3 letter agency for over 25 years and have seen first hand the decline of our government institutions. We are at a breaking point and I’m not sure we will survive this. The number of left over right on politics is staggering. I feel like I stand alone as a conservative.
Mandatory Morning Takes for a Conservative
I love starting my day with The Dan Bongino podcast (and Ben Shapiro). While other shows offer similar takes, Dan Bongino has a winning, warm personality. He prizes logic and reason, but presents his take with a blue collar, Queens sense of humor. While he is clearly partisan, he makes it clear not every Democrat is a blossoming Socialist or far left activist. He loves debunking liberal media narratives and has a unique insight into the government bureaucracy after years in the Secret Service. Five stars!
Best ever, top notch, I’m hooked
Thank you Dan, Paula, and Producer Joe My name is Randy and just have to say I appreciate this show. I am learning more and more each day to reach out to become more informed. Your show gives me that receptacle I need to have, so I can plug in right away to the information and sources for critical knowledge of the goings on in our country. I am from Tomball, Texas, which is just North of Houston and have served my country proudly in the U. S. Army. Two places I love, The United States of our America and Texas. Love the podcast, the show, and whenever you fill in on Hannity. Always a great job Mr. Bongino. Can’t say enough, to you all, keep up the good fight and the work you all have put in!
You are the best at what you do!
I love your show! I’m just a simple blue collar worker that tries to understand all the legal gibble gabble thrown at us on a daily basis, but you state every show so that we are able to understand so easily! Thank you for not forgetting us!
Dan, Paula and Producer Joe!!
I’m an everyday listener. Thank you for always covering the truth. A very refreshing “corpus of intelligence.” 😉Also, Joe is the best!
Read: Exonerated to catch up. Then watch the Podcast
This is investigative journalism, folks. You haven’t seen it in awhile, but Dan Bongino picks apart quotes, misinformation, duplicitous information put out as political attacks and hits. He unwinds all the crazy semantics and breaks it down in bite size chunks of truth. He should be commended as a Patriot of our time. Put him in rotation with Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin and others who are showing the American public what the far left is doing to usurp the country. Dan Bongino is breaking apart conspiracy theories and showing how they are not only NOT theories but factual. Our country is under attack from people on the inside. Our president needs our help. Everyone should be listening and absorbing so that we can act in the appropriate way.
Love the podcasts
This is by far the best delivery method! I can listen in when time permits. The audio quality is superb, and as always your message is well researched and no holds barred. This is so much better than the very aggravating YouTube experience, where I have to search to find your latest program (it rarely comes up on the first search). Another impediment offered by YouTube is how subscriptions work (or don’t work) where many times you’re just not there! Don’t get me started with all the annoying interruptions and serial commercials, or it won’t play in the background. Suffice to say, the podcast is great! Please don’t give it up. Arnie Californiastahn
If you are not listening you are missing out!
I listen to many podcasts and this is my favorite. Always informative and entertaining. Producer Joe is the best! Thank you Dan, Paula, and Joe. Cheers to 2020!
Y’all crack me up. Joe and his hilarious comments outta know where are surprisingly funny. I’ve listened since episode 625. Well done gents. Well done. Fnu Nmi Lnu
Hillary and uranium deal
x nana x
I remember several years ago when Hillary was Secretary of State and there was a deal to sell 20% of our uranium. Please follow up on that. I think we need to hear more on that Love your show and Joe too, but I think Joe needs to hold back somewhat. I like it when you are on the road best. No nonsense just you. I am 80 and I could tell you a thing or two about the deep state of the 50s.
A MUST listen to everyday!
Dan deserves a Pulitzer!
Dan along with John Solomon, Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett and I’m sure I’m missing some, all deserve Pulitzers for their tireless work on Russiagate and now Whistleblower gate.
Never miss this podcast! It’s always uploaded in time for my lunch hour. The content is superb and I always get to have lunch with Dan Bongino! Thanks for all you do, Dan!
America needs Dan!
Without you and other Patriots like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, we would be the sheep that the deep state wants us to be and thinks we are. God bless you!
Great show
Thanks man
No longer an audio podcast
Used to be an audio podcast but more and more emphasis now on the “visual”. Listen to the podcasts and you don’t get to see Dan wear his funky glasses, throw laundry on the field and who knows what else. Listeners get to endure dramatic pauses for video emphasis wondering if the podcast just skipped a beat.
Must listen
The best current news show out there, hands down
Thanks for your hard work!
NY aindependent Thinker
Having found your Podcast, I am so happy to listen to you and your sidekick. Keep up the great work. I’m stuck in a heavily populated zombie-ville of Democratic New Yorkers, but at least I don’t have Swallwell or Schiff do drive me insane. Appreciate your ability to dissect politics so the average bozo can understand. Cheers.
No nonsense
A no nonsense look at the country politic. Much appreciated
Great podcast!
If you can’t get enough of Dan on FOX tune into his podcast it’s STACKED!
Good common sense
The Mad Builder
Great pods Dan keep up the good stuff!
A voice EVERYONE should listen to! #1 FIVE STARS
Jonny joe.
Love your podcast! Your political views that you explain are easy to understand and explained in a way that can really educate today’s American people on what is going on in this nation. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should listen and subscribe to this man and get the truth which is very hard to come by in the common day media. (Unfortunately) Keep up the amazing work, anything I can do to support this I will do and would encourage everyone else to do as well! 🇺🇸
Love it!
The Maceinator
Best conservative podcast! Giving me all the facts on what’s going on in Washington! Keep up the great work!
#1 podcast
I love hearing your opinions on politics and how you line everything out for the average American to understand! ❤️
Dan stays way ahead of the news curve.
Chuck of NY
Dan pays attention to all the details and was the master at flipping past details into the incriminating facts that proved the Russian collusion meme to be a hoax. His listeners know first what’s really happened in the swamp.
Dan’s the Best!
I never miss an episode. Nobody explains what is really happening better than Dan, and he has a great sense of humor too.
Stop adding more commercial time.
THE FIRST 4 min of your show is ALL COMMERCIALS
Great podcast
I love Dans approach to politics. Dan and Joe keep it interesting!
Keep It Going
Amazing and informative podcast! I hope it lasts a generation!!
Best Political Facts, Expert commentary, only place to understand the Russian Collusion Hoax.
Dans credentials (Secret Service, NYPD, all around Mensch) nails down his understanding of current political thought from a common sense POV, and cold, hard facts. Honest, Clear and Trustworthy. Don’t miss an episode to understand the daily media attacks on conservatives or you might believe the lies of the many commentators, especially the ones that claim they are news outlets/journalists.
Consistently great
Dan’s got this dialed in. This is the one place to go for Patriot info. Great topics and pace. Dan deserves all the accolades he is getting, no one works harder.
Knock them out
So on target. Go Dan.
Own the libs
Getting' Swole Brotha!
Hey Joey Bag-A-Donuts, listen to this podcast. Debunking liberal myths is Dan’s favorite pastime, and you’ll enjoy learning how to smack down liberal talking points with logic and sarcasm.
Just as the title says... No BS. Dan Bongino gets his facts straight and you can easily verify everything he says. Fewer and fewer people in the media realm can be trusted to tell the truth.. Bongino is among those few who can be trusted. I can’t imagine a weekday without listening to his show. Producer Joe running the board doesn’t hurt either. They make the show fun to listen to, which is a bonus because a lot of the stuff that Dan talks about is infuriating. Not because he is wrong, but because he is right. The USA is rife with political corruption and as a USMC veteran, it’s good to know someone like Dan is on top of it.
Just the truth
Thanks for clarifying -as only you can do-about the misuse and abuse of power that the swamp monsters use to keep their jobs and benefits.
Don’t miss this podcast.
Dan and Joe are entertaining and really get to the bottom line of the political scene and the “Deep State.”
Critical commentary in a critical time
To the point, provides a good laugh on occasion and gets to the heart of the issues of the day. Good job! 👏👏👏
Thank you, Dan!!! Great podcast, incredible detail. Love the way you break everything down on a daily basis. Great story today about Jim “super patriot” Comey. Keep up the great work. By the way, I like it when you say, “stacked show”!!! But you better do what the wife says, you don’t wanna do the YouTube show, with a black eye. ;-)
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