Welcome back!
Jia in RDU
Welcome back Paul and Alex! Sounds like you both had a fantastic summer. I discovered your show two years ago and have been a HUGE fan of it. I listened to all the episodes since. I am a frequent traveler myself. My most frequent travel pattern is from RDU to TYO at least every month, plus more travels to other East Asia destinations such as SEL, TPE, PVG, PEK and etc. Wish I could travel to Europe more often as it would be a much shorter trips.... Anyhow, your show is often what I listen to on these long plane rides. Thanks for the great work and keep it up!
AV Geek Must!
Pittsburgh Brian
A fantastic podcast that covers everything commercial aviation and more. Well structured and very easy to listen to. If you are in to commercial aviation or want to learn more this podcast is for you.
Great Details on Global Airlines
Great show. I always enjoy your shows and look forward to the next one. It’s interesting to hear where you have been and the airlines you’ve flown on. Quick question: I’m looking at booking a trip to Rome on AA with miles and seem to be able to get a much better rate if I add a stop in either MAD on Iberia or LHR on BA. Would you recommend this and if so, which city and airline?
So easy to listen to!
Could listen to these guys for hours! Each episode is like going on a trip to a new place in the world with their airport reviews. Learning things about different airports is fun and I love the little “nuggets” of hidden things, food offerings in clubs or tips/tricks. It gives me things to look out for when I’m traveling. Let’s hear more from Australian airports when you guys can!! PS, this review is from a US listener....
Loving This!
This is an awesome podcast. Didn’t know anything like this existed. It’s great to hear of you guys travels. It aspires me to keep wanting to fly. Happy flighting to you both.
Love it, can’t get enough
Clay Hershberger
Finally listened to all 93 episode and can’t wait for more!
Best of the Best
By far the best aviation podcast out there. It’s the type of podcast that when it comes out, you stop listening to whatever other podcast it was you were listening to in order to listen to this one immediately. Even though I’ve worked in the aviation industry a number of years, I always find myself learning something new and immediately having the urge to jump on a plane and travel to wherever they are talking about. Highly recommended!
The best aviation podcast out there
Cannot speak highly enough about this podcast. For anyone interested in the aviation industry, this is a MUST. Paul and Alex complement each other well and offer unique perspectives on all the happenings in the aviation world and also detailed personal reports from their voyages. Bravo!
Best Aviation Podcast
Really feel like I am at the airport every time I press play! Paul and Alex combine concrete and reliable facts with enjoyable banter and stories from their travels. Really learn something new every episode even though I am a pretty passionate avgeek! You deserve a lot more listeners, keep up the amazing quality guys!
Best travel podcast
This podcast has helped to relight my desire to travel again, starting with San Jose this week , then off to the Caribbean, London in the fall. Growing up, I lived right next to Midway Airport in Chicago, seeing aircraft take off and land started my joy of aviation and this podcast captures that joy in every episode. My 8 year old son and I listen to it while driving around and it has helped to start his interest with seeing world.
Love this podcast
Love the podcast guys. Really scratches that itch to fly when I’m in between trips. Great production quality too. I’d swear you guys were recording in the same room every episode.
Perfect companion
Believe it or not but I hit upon this podcast because I had a fear of flying. I travel long haul a few times a year, often solo with my two young children. Deciding that I wanted to learn more about airline travel I went to look for a podcast and loved this immediately. Paul and Alex come from a similar cultural Mishmash that I grew up in, have a very dry humor (love it) and prove that a plane does not have to fall out of the sky every time you hit a bit of turbulence. I mean, if you can fly as much as they do and still love it- I got nothing to complain about. Keep it going guys! Thank you
Fun podcast that will appeal to any airplane geek. I don’t get to fly nearly as often as I would like but at least Paul and Alex let the listener experience their travels vicariously. Thanks guys!
I don't get the option to fly more than a few times a year, but I'm a huge aviation (especially commercial) fanboy. I love learning about planes, airports and air travel in general, and Paul and Alex are natural hosts with the ability to really draw their listeners in and make every topic so fascinating. Paul and Alex both fly all the time (huge understatement) and share their experiences flying on different makes/models of planes, flying into and out of major airports all over the world, and flying on many different airlines. They keep up with all the latest commercial aviation news and events, and sometimes have special guests that provide great information and insight. Keep up the great work guys. Outstanding.
As wise as it is hilarious
Witty and insightful. Alex and Paul provide us with the gift of describing air transportation in all of its joy and absurdity. They have found an inviting space between professionalism and thoughtful editorials with colourful anecdotes and self-depricating jokes. One gets the impression that they enjoy making their podcast as much as we like hearing it. In the steely world of airports--full of delays, security nightares, and angry crowds--Alex and Paul bring a sense of fun and camaraderie.
John Nolewajka
Hey guys I recently discovered the podcast and I don't know how I missed it. It is fantastic. I too am a One World Emerald member and love lounge hopping, especially in HKG. I am binge listening to past shows and love the banter. You have mentioned trip reports multiple times....check out my YouTube channel for a lot of reports. Keep up the great work! John Nolewajka
A great listen
Even though I'm not an airline geek, I still enjoy listening as Alex and Paul are great personalities and give an interesting perspective about the world of air travel.
Best aviation news podcast
I really like this podcast, I think this is the best aviation podcast in itunes right now. Keep up the good work!
Love being to geek out on airports, planes and airlines with you
Alex and Paul host an entertaining, informative show that's great for anyone who fly a lot (and like it!). It's fun to hear their perspectives on different airports, planes, and airlines and to get the latest news on routes and airline products. I enjoy the weekly theme around a particular airport. @Alex/Paul -- First, I fly a lot around the world and my girlfriend sincerely thanks you as I now don't have to talk to her about planes, seats and airlines all the the time. I get my fix just by listening to you two. I'm glad you guys have added chapters to the podcast so I can skip around if needed. My biggest request: the first episode I listened to you two was an interview with an ex-airline CEO, loved it and would love to see more interviews (whether it's flight attendants, airport staff, airline staff, etc who can give more insider info on how the industry we love operates).
Do not listen at your own loss.
If you are a aviation geek, flying nut, or travel nerd, this is your go to podcast. The chemistry between the hosts is the best part. They breathe flying, and they fly a lot! I loved the recent epidode (048 CPT) where Paul just flew the Bombardier CS100. Alex's view on current US travel issue is very insightful. Also love that they have so much to say about IFEs!
Great Podcast!
These guys know their stuff and add great personality and insight into the latest news and topics. Looking forward to more!
Favorite aviation podcast
I'm a big fan of Aviation Geeks and APG, but these guys take first place. It's not only that they are extremely focused and knowledgeable, but I love that they focus exclusively on civil/commercial aviation.
Great podcast for frequent flyers
Oskar Aviatos
Stumbled upon this podcast by accident, but quickly became one of my favourites! Very interesting for both aviation geeks and frequent flyers, like especially their coverage of the business side
Curiously memorizing
Kendall, FlyersRights
Live vicariously in posh airport lounges, jetsetting on international carriers' non-sardine class and pretend you have high FF miles... for an hour!
Best way to keep up to date on Aviation
This podcast is great for anyone who likes getting to the airport early and watching the planes land and take off. They cover all aspects of civil aviation from the manufactures, the airlines, and the technology. They have had some great guests and are really fun to listen to.
Great aviation podcast!!
This is a GREAT podcast to listen to, especially while flying and eating a meal onboard! Which I have done on some AA/BA flights. Great information about what's going on in the airline game and great recommendations for airlines to fly with. I'm looking forward to the many podcasts in the future!
You’re not an #AvGeek until you listen
The Husband in Tow
Paul and Alex rock this all things aviation podcast. Their passion and enjoyment of the commercial aviation industry shines through in one of the most genuine and entertaining podcasts out there. Sharing industry news, trends and personal travel tales, Layovers is a must for any #AvGeek. Keep up the great work guys!!!!
Love it
This podcast is a great way to pass the time. Very informative. I don't travel quite as much as I wish I did, so I love hearing the stories from Paul and Alex. Keep up the great work!
The best podcast for frequent fliers.
Alex Hunter and Paul Papadimitriou host Layovers, the best podcast for frequent fliers. They cover relevant news and trends in the commercial aviation industry, review different airline experiences as they travel around the world, and always showcase one airport in each episode so you can learn the tricks that frequent users of that airport know about. They also cover new technologies in aviation as well as personal travel tools such as travel websites and apps. Alex has experience in the commercial aviation industry having worked at Virgin America in the early years and is especially knowledgeable about aircraft. Paul is the quintessential business traveler and listeners can sympathize with his hectic travel schedule. In the future, I hope they go over more details on how to best purchase tickets economically, how best to manage miles, and I look forward to more interesting guests.
Nice diversion
Califonia flying
Fast paced review of airlines and travel from host that have good chemistry and good personal stories to share.
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