Episode 292
I am a supportive reader and listener of Dr Heiser and have no personal agenda whatsoever. However, I write this with the utmost amount of disappointment regarding the snobbish, condescending, and judgmental spirit displayed in Podcast 292 regarding Biblical Unitarianism. I am not a Unitarian or a Trinitarian, I am confused on this topic and need scholarly direction. I am willing to listen and learn from both sides. However, Dr Heiser chose to use the opportunity to use labels such as “oxymoron” and “under-exposed” to describe a view he disagrees with; he even seemed to question whether they are saved or not. I did not hear a scholarly answer to the question, one that could contribute to a more godly understanding of the issues. His spirit seemed completely out of character from everything else I have heard or read from him. Can we please get back to scholarship and the pursuit of truth? Thanks for listening.
Henry Peter
I don’t get this excellent teaching at my local church!
Very deep - learning so much!!
There is a lot of content here and it can be overwhelming. But hang in there because there is so much to learn! It’s actually becoming an addiction to want to listen and learn and then dig into the Bible and read and research in my own. It’s helped me a lot to be a more educated leader in our ladies group at church. I sometimes have to rewind and listen to things over again so that I understand and grasp key concepts but it’s all so good!!!
So enjoy it.
It can be hard to get into, but stick with it and you will be richly rewarded. I loved the Colossians episodes and am in Acts now, as I wait on the conclusion to Exodus.
My favorite place for deep but accessible scholarly thought on the Bible.
Deep dive into the Bible and it’s context
Dr Mike collects the scholarly work on the Bible and presents the coherent aspects of the work. It ha saves me time and money into researching on my own. He literally reads from the work of the scholar and presents into a digestible way for us preachers. Solid stuff! Solid scholar!
Accessible by Non-Scholars
I’m no scholar, but I find myself learning more through Dr. Heiser’s sharing of Biblical scholarship than I expected. I’ve picked up vocabulary I never would have stumbled across on my own, and it wasn’t boring or scary. Quite the opposite. I confess I do not read the Bible as much as I should, but I feel equipped by this podcast to look at and through and into the text more readily than two years ago when I read through the entire Bible on my own. I wish I’d heard of the good doctor before that journey. Now I look forward to the future ones. And be sure to listen to the Q&A episodes. I love those.
Renewed biblical enthusiasm
Val Griffith
I am sad to say that not all the books of the Bible have caught and held my attention in the past, but with such thorough and insightful commentaries, even books like Leviticus come to life. I have found beauty in all corners of my Bible now! Thank you!!
Excellent content!
Middlesex NJ
As Heiser proceeds through Exodus he gives us non-scholars research not generally available except to those whose careers are biblical studies. When giving his own conclusions he lets us know his thinking rather than pronouncing a judgment of the meaning of a passage. This is invaluable and I thank God for him and his work.
Nerds unite
So blessed to have found this podcast. I spend a ton of time traveling and this makes it go by so fast. You guys are so great and allow me a chance to completely geek out over the Bible. Not a lot of people can say that lol. Praying for you guys. Love y’all
The Old Testament has real purpose to me now!
So so good! Can’t stop listening!
DrMSHs approach to understanding the Bible and the things seen darkly are a breath of freshness and a whole new tool box to work with as I journey Home... Thanks and mucho Shalom...
Alan Guy
I can’t express how much Dr. Mike has done for my understanding of the Bible. Finally, at the age of 71, after a lifetime of disenchantment with ALL religion, I’ve landed right back where I started as a child, but had turned my back on soooo many years ago. Peaceful, easy, feelin’, now. And saved.
Rave reviews
If I could give 10 stars, I would! I am learning so much through this podcast... and I’ve been a student if the word for over 40 years! Thank you, Dr. Heiser, for making this information available to us!!
Stop and Think
This is not about your feelings. It is about the true scripture that does not tickle ears. If you want to think like an ancient near eastern Israelite this is for you. Ears to ear is the sum up of this. Aaron J Zak
Interesting but prideful
L C J 2000
Dudes pretty full of himself.Overthinking and questioning everything in the Bible isn’t always a good thing. But ego will blind youz
New To The Podcast
DRMSH’s Naked Bible episodes—pick any of the nearly 300 in his podcast—gives new in-depth improved continuous process to the old-age problem misuse of 21st century Christian/Believers misguided attempts in Bible ‘Studies’ rather Bible reading as the good PhD puts it.
Biblical understanding to a new level!
Thomas Roane
There had been so many scriptures that I just could not quite understand. I figured that maybe I wasn’t ready to receive the interpretation yet. Thanks to Dr Heiser and his explanation of the Divine Council the Bible has become so alive to me. It’s as if all the puzzle pieces that I had set to the side were put into their proper place and now I see the big picture. Thanks Dr H!
Ima Berean
I will never read the Bible the same again! Thank you for your scholarship and depth.
Very Informative!
Michael is very knowledgeable of the Hebrew and Greek languages as well as the area of the biblical sites. He has a very high view of scripture and seems to faithfully translate scripture regardless of what traditions it may offend.
I appreciate the context of the ancient world especially the “temple mentality.” My understand and faith experience has been catapulted into a new dimension. Thank you Mike and Naked Bible Staff. Shalom
Really Amazing .
T Dam
This podcast really helps you go deeper in the word. To learn and understand what is on the text is saying.
Widened my perspective
I'm 108 episodes in after hearing Mike on Frank Turek's "Cross Examined" podcast a few weeks ago. The Divine Council worldview has changed and deepened my perspective on Scripture. Mike's teaching style is smooth and very easy to listen to. I am looking forward to getting caught up on all the material.
No Thanks
Heiser sounds too smug and condescending for me to continue listening.
Always will learn something new and exciting
Dr. Michael Heiser Devine Council
Eden in view
You will find comfort in the divine nature and coherency of our gospel. It may change your perspective in confidence. With every thread Dr Hieser braids the rope thrown to you by God, pulled into view from the fog of doctrine, dogma, and ignorance of the historical stage on which our Bible was performed and recorded for you. Grasp the line and hang on for the greatest journey that you were meant to make.
You’ll Never Appreciate a Podcast More
I cannot imagine my pre-Heiser days, but it isn’t Heiser, it the Bible “without filters”. Eventually it led me to Orthodoxy and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.
I’ve never been in a Bible school or class, but I feel like I am listening to this podcast. I never knew how much I was missing while reading the Bible before.
Information disseminated should be taught as fundamental knowledge in Christian education
PT in TX
I love the information being presented and the manner in which it is delivered. You should be prepared to have to think “well” about the topics being presented.
Stranger Things meets Hebrew
Jacob B. A.
Changed how I look at the bible.
naked bible
Best bible podcast ever! Thankyou
Awesome biblical resource
Awesome resource for anyone interested in studying the Bible.
Fra Fren Fren Renfroe
Fra Fren Fren Renfroe
New to this podcast and am loving the content, very thorough, very insightful, and has really helped me to put the OT into context.
Feast on truth!
Amen Romans 10:9-10
Just as others have already said, if you are seeking truth then this is a feast of it! Love hearing from a true scholar who breaks it down for us. I’ll be sharing this podcast with all my friends. Thank you for being faithful to God’s word! In Christ.
Bible Study v Reading
If you’re really interested in the deep meaning and where this literature came from, the historical context, Hebrew and Greek original language, and how things get interpreted (and misinterpreted); if you’re truly curious and have an open mind, then prepare yourself for a feast. Thanks to The Naked Bible Podcast (and to The Bible Project) my understanding of the whole works is vastly exploded. Especially the intricate connection of Old and New Testaments. WOW!!
Great For Learning about the Bible
This podcast has been so helpful for someone like me, who doesn’t know Greek or Hebrew, but who loves the Bible and wants to know more in depth details going on that the normal reader usually misses.
Great teacher
Dr. Michael Heiser has so much wisdom and insight about the Bible and if you allow yourself to stop letting your denomination traditions get in the way of learning then you will learn a lot more overall. I’m glad I found out about you on Dr. Turek’s podcast.
Anthony keathley
Dr. Heiser, does a great job of helping the modern day reader recover the world view of the writers of the Bible.
Love this stuff
I absolutely love this podcast. I love digging deep into the scriptures but I don’t always know exactly what I’m looking for or how to get there. Dr. Heiser has those skills and I’m so thankful that God has gifted him so that he gifts me.
Awesome Content
Big fan of glwg
Thank you for all you guys do for the content nuts out here.
Upstanding Teaching
Dr. Heiser provides such well-articulated yet unapologetically challenging teaching. It is accessible thought for a layperson who is eager to learn, while being engaging and stimulating to those formally educated in biblical studies. He is faithfully committed to the Word, taking the time to inform the listener of what she must understand, not simply what is familiar or what she has traditionally heard. What I appreciate most is Dr. Heiser’s chief commitment to the text and its original contexts—not traditions, creeds, or schools of thought. His conclusions are drawn from the Word and not ecclesio-historical thought. Those works are important and helpful but not finally authoritative.
Naked bible
Great podcast. Listen daily. Thanks for all you do. Ive learned so much from listening to the naked bible podcasts. Before naked bible podcasts I just read the Bible without understanding the context it was written in both Old Testament and New Testament. I listen to the pod casts daily and sometimes over and over. Thanks for your efforts on educating people on the Bible.
Turbo charged theology
Mike Becker
I’ve always loved and cherished the word of God. But since I started listening to Michael Heiser (thank you Bible Project!) I feel like I was reading/studying the Bible through glasses with a horribly wrong prescription. Not that I had it all wrong but I didn’t experience the depth, beauty and nuance that Michael has a keen way of making so clear. He is a gifted teacher and communicator that takes the esoteric world of biblical scholarship and serves it up ready to eat to us Joe Six-packs. And oh how tasty it is for the soul and the mind and the glory of our merciful and amazing Savior, Jesus!!!
Great podcast. I have learned a ton.
Perfect Theological Podcast
Alan LaBonte
Dr. Heiser tackles the hard questions that make the whole Bible come together
Awesome for sure!
More Lord!
I would encourage anyone who is looking a an informative study of the Bible to take a listen!! You won't be disappointed!
Good stuff. No it’s not boring...
Jeremiah ben Jonah
I’ve been a subscriber and reader for a few years. Thanks for the podcast, And especially Unseen Realm! The Podcast: Slow study of scripture? Yes. Intentional and thought out. He really wants us, the audience, to Get It. Dr Mike is really masterful at compiling relevant sources, and brings always an interesting one-way discussion style podcast. Naked from denomination? Sure. Naked from biases? Mostly, he’s human after all Dr Mike does constantly refer to Our Creator as “Yahweh” purposely, but mistakenly. (Hint: it ought to have a meaning in Hebrew... In Hebrew YeHóVaH means Who IS/ Who Was/ Who Will BE. A conjunction of three verbs of Existence, first person, existing into a single word, spanning ALL time.) You should fact check that. It has been a pleasure listening every week. And every book. Thanks Dr Mike!! Please share the Naked Bible Podcast amongst your friends! Those who wonder and are keen on leaving ignorance behind.
Excellent podcast
I have found Dr. Heiser to be unique among biblical scholars. I have listened to various biblical scholars and he has the unique ability to explain things in the highly technical scholarly level down to the layman. I have been listening to him for months and he has open my mind to different ways to look at the Bible and consider things that I have not considered before. His ministry is a considerable blessing.
Will help you think.
Fire boo
Dr. Heiser does the best job I have seen bridging the gap between scholarship and those of us who can do little more than shrug when we read confusing or difficult passages in the scriptures. He has challenged my thinking on many topics but also made it clear that regardless of the diverse preferences of the body of Christ, Jesus is Lord of all.
Take the Bible as it is
Tammy Cronan
This is a great podcast to get incredibly deep in to biblical studies. This is not surface level. If you are looking for dense material that takes the Bible as it is within its own context, there is nothing better. You will have to think critically. What a joy! Thank you for producing such great content Naked Bible Podcast!
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