Honestly such a great podcast to start my days. Full of so much insight and motivation
Quite Simply the Best!
Living a Smokin' Life
Hey guys! I’m so glad to hear from you again. I found WTS literally when the farewell episode dropped and I loved it! I signed up for the email newsletter that day. Since then, I have been working my way through the old episodes, and have gotten a huge benefit. Its insightful content plus expert production wrapped up in pop culture references and good natured humor is exactly what the world of personal development has been needing. It is deep philosophy with practical takeaways. Guys, just keep doing your thing! Sincerely, Living a Smokin’ Life
Pretty dope
I have to say that not many podcasts peak my interest, but this content is pretty dope!
Best teacher on the go!
I have learned so much listening to this show. As an Ivy League student, I’m always on the go and dealing with so much stress. This podcast has helped me grow as a person and tackle all my goals while on a walk to class. Give it a listen!!! It’s like listening to a motivational speaker everyday. LOVE WTS
Thank you
You guys are exactly what I needed 🙌🏼
Are you guys coming back?
Where is where there’s smoke?
Awesome podcast, I’m constantly brought to tears and deep in the “feels”. But where are you guys??
This show resonates.
I think a lot. Often times more than I do. This show says what I’ve been thinking, but in a way that brings clarity. Now I can do. Thank you!
Always Speaks to Me
Thank you Brett and Nick for your beautiful work! I discovered this podcast a couple weeks ago and since, it has been the only podcast (of the many i subscribe to) that i have been listening to. I want to get through them all to be current so I have been listening on commutes and runs. At times I have thought, ‘No, I want to listen to another podcast to change it up.’ Then, I decide to keep going through to the next episode because lately I have been trying to persevere through the bored, difficult, or plateau times of things I am interested in in life. I have a bad habit of giving up. To my surprise, I ALWAYS take away something from that next episode, from persevering, even if it wasn’t ‘speaking’ to me at the moment. Truly enjoying. Thank you!
I love this podcast !!
I am a big fan of where there’s smoke from mason, Michigan and the last episode with jim cuddy made me enjoy his music and the idea of collaborating together. The 48 hour challenge was perfect and I loved learning about self appreciation. You guys move me every episode and I am a where there’s smoke lifer fan!!!
Absolutely my favorite podcast ever.
This is the only podcast I can think of that I’ve ever listened to episodes multiple times. If you love self development you have to check this out. So well done.
A great companion for your path to a better you!
I began seeking out self help materials with the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey. It worked great when I first started reading it, however, after reading parts of it over and over, it started to lose its effect on me. I reached a plateau in my journey and felt stuck until I found this podcast. Brett and Nick take the values taught in Covey's book (among others) and turn them into highly entertaining and digestible episodes. They consistently provide fresh, interesting, and thought provoking content every week without fail. I have never been able to listen to one of these episodes and not feel like I want to write a book or run a marathon afterwards! I'm far from perfect and I still have a long ways to go from becoming my ideal version of myself, but playing this podcast when I feel unmotivated always manages to get me out of my slump. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone attempting to better themselves. Play this podcast while you're in the car, doing laundry or whatever it may be, I promise you will not be sorry!
You NEED this
Yeah, so I never write reviews. Not even for some of my favorite stuff. But this show- and Brett-- there's so something so genuine and refreshing that I feel extremely connected to. I found out about the show from Invisibilia, and what do you know (I love them both), but this is Invisbilia with the personal factor. Your homeboy is teaching you some ish :-) I can't get enough. So glad I found it. If you are curious about the world, curious about humans, and are stimulated by critical thinking- this is the show for you. Hit me up and thank me later.
As a young adult currently trying to figure out life and how to have a positive impact, I consider Brett and this podcast a valued mentor. I recommend this to anyone who is reflecting on life. Thanks for all the work and thought that you guys put into this show!
Where are you guys? We miss you.
Thoughtful, quirky -in a serious way- and just a joy to listen to. Where did you guys go?
Principal Z
This podcast is so sincere. I only found it a few months ago and now I am going back to the first. I share them with people all the time. Making me a better Christian, husband, dad, principal, friend.... Thank you!!
My favorite podcast
Where there is Smoke is the best podcast I have listened to. Whenever I feel like I am needing something thought provoking and inspiring to keep me going, this podcast is my go to. I'm sad that they will be taking a break and simultaneously cheering them on for listening to their own words of wisdom. Definitely worth a listen and subscribe for when they come back!
Super helpful
Stephen Laswell
Nick and Brett bring a ton of passion to their podcast about self development. They provide real insight and think deeply about how to truly make positive change in your life. What I appreciate about their show, is that they don't bore you with advice about what you "should" do. They make it relevant to personal experience, and really go into detail of both "how" you can make a change, and "why" it's important.
Life-changing insight in every episode
THE WTS Listener
This podcast, despite being so young, took off right from the beginning, knowing exactly what they wanted to put out there, and how they wanted to do it. The insight into common problems and conundrums of the human life is outstanding, and really makes you want to re-listen to episodes so you can take notes.
Explores depths I didn't know I had
Fantastic! Topics move me in so many ways...there aren't words, except I know I'm a better person every time I listen. Thank you
I like these guys, wish they lived down the street!
These guys look into topics and questions that I'm interested in by following reasoning and information in the way that I feel like I would if we were all just sitting down and talking. I wish they lived in my neighborhood but I'll settle for getting to listen to them through their podcast! Great production quality, incredibly thoughtful investigation. Smart, helpful and mind-opening. Thank you for doing what you do!
This is my dig!
This podcast is my dig for the week! Thanks guys!
My baby and therapist loves your podcast!!
Molly Hungerford
You guys have reminded me of the power I have over my life- you've reminded me of who I am. And thanks to WTS Podcast, I've almost entirely climbed out of the dark hole that 16 months of postpartum depression and chronic pain has put me in! Because of that, Zita (my daughter) totally loves you guys- she is finally getting the mom that she deserves; a mom who lives and breaths the magic of life. Zita-bug may just be your biggest fan. I am SO stoked that the new season has just started. I absolutely loved the premier topic (stress) it made my upcoming day of doctor appointments feel a lot more doable. Xoxo No words can express my gratitude for your podcast- I've even shared it with my therapist, and he's now referring it to his other patients/clients!
It's great.
Smart, insightful, tight. Honest and produced to just the right amount. Everything you could want.
One of the greats.
top notch, this is a quintessential podcast for all to appreciate. keep it up guys.
I love this podcast
Found this podcast after my wife and I finished radiolab and serial on a road trip. I love it! I've been listening every morning before work.
Such an amazing podcast
They do things so well that they hooked me in one show.
Love! Love! Love! Makes my commute epic
I listen to this during my railway commute to and from work each day. It sets the tone to start and end my day. I'm a little nervous to catch up since right now it is so perfect that I get to listen to 2 or 3 a day. Thanks for being such a positive influence in my life.
One of the best parts of my week.
Steven Goldman-@sustaining
A great, smart, meaningful show that I'm always glancing back at, to remind myself of different areas I want to keep improving. Brett and Nick pull together a lot of powerful topics, giving you lots of jumping off points to tackle each. Now, confession time: I don't listen to these as they air. In the spirit of personal development, once my wife turned me on to this podcast, I hold onto them until Monday mornings, to listen to on my way to work, so that the subject is on my mind throughout the week. But isn't finding the way to apply these ideas to your life the point?
My new favorite podcast
I absolutely love WTS. They have the perfect blend of introspection and entertainment
great podcast
Tom Morkes
really enjoy this podcast and find it very helpful. it's always a boost of motivation. i definitely recommend to anyone looking to better themselves
Music Therapist approved!
As a music therapist this podcast makes my life sing more than it already does! This podcast has given me the tools to become a better person which in turn makes me a more competent music therapist. My favorite podcast for some time now!
God this podcast is one of the best among the known ones
Ok! I don't write reviews for anything since i don't like to lose my time on something that someone may never read …… However, I love this podcast so much I've been listening for sometime and it's awesome I think you should give it a try it's worthy ! No lost of time at all !
Let's be honest. Is there a better self improvement podcast?
WTS is my favorite self improvement podcast of all time. It's great because they take large subjects and are able to break them down into digestible pieces, without sounding corny or condescending. I love their work and I plan on supporting their patreon when I get paid on Thursday. I'd recommend that you'd do the same.
A Must-Listen, Each and Every Week
Irish Rhino
If you are looking for a podcast that will push you outside of your comfort zone and help you to grow to be a better individual, look no further. WTS packs insightful, thought-provoking ideas into an approachable format that anyone can pick up. Don't miss out on this great podcast.
Insightful. Inspiring. Intelligent. Illuminating.
Every episode has me reflecting on life and the perspectives I've adopted to view life. This quality podcast has heart and soul. So much heart that you can feel the rhythm of its heartbeat. Keep up the great work.
An Entertaining and Inspiring Show
There are no shortage of podcasts that promise inspiration and insight. This show does that in spades. Other shows talk in platitudes where the underlying intent it to sell something. What I appreciate about this show is that is a reflection is its hosts’ personal journeys with information, interviews and presentations that are professional and thoughtful. Episodes demand more than a single listen. It’s one of the few shows that I subscribe to that when I see a new episode in my cue that I get excited. Great job. Kudos.
TGIT - thank goodness it's Tuesday !
A true podcast that massages your brain, heart and gratefulness! Every Tuesday I look forward to a new perspective from nick and Brett.. A fabulous duo that gives me a little extra bounce to my step on a weekly basis :) I just can't stop telling people about this podcast and I absolutely love every episode! Thank you both for feeding my mind :)
I can second and third many of the statements that others have made in their reviews. There is nothing quite like this out there in the podcast world right now. Very inspiring, and it’s clear that a lot of heart (and time and energy) goes into it. Word!!
Moral compass guide
I am addicted to WTS! I listen to it and I automatically feel calmer and more connected. Please keep up the good work.
Excellent podcast
Glad I found this
Beautifully genre defying chatter, feels structured and spontaneous at the same time. Love it!
Nice show Brett and Nick
Love the show on David Bowie.
Words and Control
Compelling and makes you think
Thank you for choosing topics that most people don’t want to talk about! The Words and Control podcasts have really showed a new light into life and how we choose to treat others, and ourselves. Keep up the great work and here’s to a great 2016!
Very engaging podcast and super easy to listen. I've been listening theis podcast while doing my daily activities and have felt the need to stop and rewind and relisten several times (almost every episode). I just wanted to check out what this podcast is about (couldn't tell by the name) and after 3 episodes, they got me "on the hook" :D Good job guys!
Extremely well produced, great topics and I love the way you dig in and unravel things together. I listened to the David Bowie one…good job pulling “authenticity" out of the tragedy.
Congrats on a year tomorrow!
Woot Woot!
Wow - this is so well done!
A more consistent version of Radiolab. Really smart guys give a pleasant and real-time interpretation of our world.
Easily my favorite podcast at the moment
Youngman Brown
Where There's Smoke is easily the best podcast out there right now, and I even have one! Wonderful production quality and I look at them as an inspiration, in both my podcasting as well as my daily life.
Daily diverse show
Fun show on a diversity of topics!
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