How to Create (Process) - A WTS Favorite
Published January 5, 2016
33 min
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    As we prepare for our episode on willpower next week, we figured we'd revisit another favorite episode and hope that it helps show both how much work an episode of WTS takes AND how to do your best creative work. 

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    (Original show notes)

    To get from Point A to Point B - there is always a process. Sometimes it's intentional and other times it just happens. Some aspects of that process may be effective and, ultimately, help an endeavor succeed. Other steps in the process can actually be a hinderance; and slow down or derail, even the best of intentions or ideas

    This week on Where There’s Smoke - for our 20th episode - we sifted through hours of Voxer messages and Skype chats, along with countless text messages and emails, to unpack the making of one episode of Where There’s Smoke. Specifically, last week’s episode on Values.

    And in this process we will analyze the process of process. What are some key elements that successful creators have implemented throughout the centuries? What do you most need to be aware of? What can serve you - and what can sink you?

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