A few weeks ago, I had a spiritual experience rediscovering Pearl Jam, a band with which I was absolutely obsessed in youth, and have been gobbling up material. Your Yield episode has been amongst my favorites! Looking forward to more :) Btw, I still think Ten and Vs. are untouchable, but Yield is probably my new third favorite.
Great listen Excellent choices of records Reviewed
Worth the listen
Um like you know
They like to listen to themselves agree and say the same things. 35 minutes before they played a song, except for the opener. Listened to the first one, then to one about a band I love, both were interminable-
They needed an editor. Badly.
There are a lot of 5-star reviews, and I felt like I was taking crazy pills. Then I scrolled down to see that there were a bunch of people who said what I was planning to say. Whew. I wanted a podcast with good research and thoughtful review of "great albums." When I finally tried this one was what a lot of review complain about. Talking about everything but the album. For instance, in the Nothing Left to Lose Foo Fighters podcast...I learned what one host's girlfriend gave him for Christmas when he was 15. Castle Wolfenstein, the video game. I learned that they didn't expect that there were new viewers, but then they said maybe there WERE first time listeners listening. They said they shudder at how bad their early episodes were. They went over the fact that there was no real reason for doing that particular review except that they liked the album. They said there was no important anniversary or anything. And they, as they were saying that out loud, they put together that it was 20 years since the album came out, so it WAS an anniversary. Crap like this went on for THIRTY minutes before they started breaking down songs. Look, if hosts are witty or incisive or something, it's all well and good to listen to them say entertaining things...but this elevated uninteresting small talk to high art. And when they finally got into the background of the band, they kept having to correct each other on the facts. And when they tried to discuss equipment, they had trouble disguising that they had never seen the equipment they were GUESSING that the Foo Fighters used. SKIP IT.
Sorry to see you go
I will recommend this to anyone looking for a great listen. Maybe you will revisit this from time to time? Love Momma Z
Good listen
I stumbled upon this podcast somehow a while ago and have since listened to a bunch. The Siamese Dream, Blue Album, amd Chutes Too Narrow eps were great. It also took me through some albums I’ve never actually dove into (Dark Side Of The Moon) and took me on a few nostalgic trips (Yield). Either way, I like their voices and ideas and opinions and stories (Playing the shins in front of a strange girl and your aunt!) and they seem like friends I Would kick it with. Well done gentlemen and thank you.
Why not???
Bill and Brian... why not put together a documentary on the podcast exploring how the show developed, evolved, and finally ended. Perhaps use the same narrative as the podcast and use fans to help tell the story.
Great show!
One of my favorite podcasts! So in-depth and knowledgeable!
Glad this exists
Interesting show, but wish it was better researched/structured. Things aren’t very smooth and a lot of wasted time. Could be tightened up.
Like listening to me and my loser friends talk music...
Great Podcast. As much as it exposes me to new music and fresh insights to music I already know...I enjoy to back and forth between the hosts and their guests. Keep pumping these out.
An Absurd Waste of Time
2 uncharismatic knuckleheads mask their ignorance, cultural irrelevance, and lack of musical sensibility with dull personal anecdotes and diversions. For such a long podcast to be so unenriching is a disgrace, especially while attempting to address fascinating material. An absurd waste of time.
For the record! Waylon Jennings didn’t lose a coin toss to Buddy Holly like the guy in the Waylon Jennings Dreaming my Dreams episode. It was Buddy’s chartered plane. Waylon gave his seat to a sick Big Bopper and Tommy Alsup lost the coin toss to Richie Valens. So idk what website the guy they spoke to during the episode is from but the fact that these 2 don’t do enough research to an episode to know probably the most commonly know story about Waylon. SMH!!!
Men talking about men
This podcast seems to filter out women and women-led bands. Open up your ears to more that’s out there and learn to appreciate women artists!
They need an editor
While their episode titles are not exactly mis-leading, be prepared to sit through 20-80% chatty filler while waiting for them to get around to it. The 2-hour No Doubt /Tragic Kingdom episode doesn't even start until hour 2. They could edit the thing down to 40 minutes and it would be pretty sharp.
Must Hear Podcast.
Paul T in Boston
This is one of my absolute favorites. I have recommended it to everyone I know who either loves podcasts or music. The key to my enjoyment, as a sixty-one year old who remembers the release of virtually all of these albums, is going back and listening again once I finish an episode. It opens up so many new possibilities and shows me so many things I missed. Musicians who are also fans are the only people that could pull this off, but anyone could derive something from what they have managed to create. Thank you for that.
Great Albums=Great Listen
Such great insight, chemistry and taste.
Good company
These guys are great. Like nerding our with your buddies about music. If considering Lindsey Buckingham a douche is cool, consider me Miles Davis.
Stop trying to be young!
Jay-Z before Jimi Hendrix ... just one example of a poor choice. You guys have some great episodes and I loved a lot of the shows but lately just not so good! Please examine some of the important talent in music ... there’s nothing good past maybe ‘05 . No more reminders of how old you guys were when Matchbox 20 came out ..we good ... I’m holding on for some good stuff!
Before even get to STP’s Purple
Eh em
Guys guys guys. Great that you have an episode about Purple but before you even get to it... so wrong about Shangri la dee da. There are many great songs on it. Coma is strong as you mentioned but some of their best lighter material is on this album... Wonderful, A Song for Sleeping for example. The outro of Bi-Polar Bear is one of the highlights as well. As opposed to the last self titled one with Weiland. Right about Take a Load Off, thats one of the very few quality tracks on it. Most of it isn’t very inspired. The Deleo bros explained that Weiland was barely in the studio w them, he’d do his vocals at his own studio. I assume this lack of cohesion was the problem with that album. By far their weakest w Scott. I think the Deleo bros took the lead on Tiny Music’s genre hopping direction and Weiland followed, instead of the other way around.
Great insight into great albums!
I recommend finding albums you already love and listening to those episodes and then expand from there. I’ve discovered some records from the podcast I now love. Bill and Brian are insightful and knowledgeable.
Love it
These guys turned me on to so much amazing music. Would love to hear a little more of each song other than just the beginnings of tracks, but I’m super appreciative. I typically listen to an episode then download the album on Spotify. Love it.
Open D
Not a word from you guys about the bigest pop band of all time ??
album awesome
Great podcast keep up the good work
Check the facts
Tom mas Thom
The Music From Big Pink episode was kind of hard to listen to because there is a ton of bad information here. The hosts got the names of Hawks songs wrong, over-priced the stay at Big Pink by $150 a night and let their guest ramble on about his own music for several minutes before getting to the topic at hand. George Harrison never lived at Big Pink. (He may have visited.) Garth did not find Levon’s drum kit. Robbie did not sing on Northern Lights, Southern Cross; he sang a studio song on The Last Waltz soundtrack. Their last album is called Islands. Robbie did not live in NYC when the other guys lived at Big Pink. He and his soon-to-be wife, Dominique, a French journalist (not his “model girlfriend”) lived on Grossman’s property in Woodstock. It’s not that Garth Hudson didn’t want to join The Hawks, he was concerned his parents would not accept him playing in a rock and roll band. To convince his parents, they told them he’d be giving lessons to the other members. Caledonia Mission is about The Hawks getting busted with drugs at the Canadian border. There’s some good analysis and opinion of the music, but you may want to double check any facts you hear on this podcast.
Had great potential
Omg, shut up! I was really looking forward to this series, but just all the rambling. I had to delete all 30 episodes. Just terrible. I was liking to hear about a lot of the albums and the history, but then just rambling forever.
Overall good show but.....
It is a very good show, the guys are knowledgeable about the records and artists they review. You might agree or not with their opinions but that’s life. My main issue is with the persistent use of the word “like” when is not needed. After a while it can get annoying. The guys clearly have a good and extensive vocabulary so I don’t see the need to insist on the misuse of the word.
One of the best music podcasts.
Thoughtful, intelligent, and informed analysis of some of the greatest albums ever recorded. An essential podcast for music lovers.
The best
You guys should review Tool
Best Music Podcast There Is
As a former music journalist who left the business because the need to keep up/say something deep/not sound pretentious was getting me down, I'm very glad to have discovered Bill and Brian. Their discussions are enlightening without making the listener feel small (no mean feat in music journalism), and their depth of knowledge is broad but approachable. It's a fascinating and fun way to revisit some of my all-time favorite music; highly recommended.
I can’t believe they reviewed this album. So many of these albums are my middle school/high school soundtrack. Just hearing the small clips they played brought me back to senior year. This album was my secret find and scared my sister when I first played it. Definitely a podcast for thirty to forty somethings who want to stroll down memory lane. Watch out because you will want to find your old cds or buy new ones.
Love for RP
Michael Shashoua
thanks for covering Robert Palmer's Clues, the man does not get his due as a creative musician, singer, producer and artist. You explored what made his work great in detail. Thanks again!
Thank you.
Eric P 1985
THIS is the only thing that can get me through my day to day. As a self taught musician, this podcast offers more than just production/compositional knowledge, it also provides a real way for me to connect with some of the long forgotten albums in my own childhood. I have listened to every episode a couple of times and I find something new each time I do, some little tidbit of info or personal reflection that really lends itself to my experiences as well. So, as the boys say ‘that is what makes a great album’.......constantly coming back and finding new things to love. Well done gentlemen and please keep the episodes coming!!
Great podcast
Jessiah the Third
These guys talk about music in a very knowledgeable, conversational, and unrehearsed way. I feel like I am sitting in a room with a couple of my friends. I’ve revisited some great music and learned new things with each episode so far. Keep up the great work.
Pretty good show
East Bay 3001
Good job with background detail and song analysis, especially if you are a musician. Have not reviewed a Stones album and the name is Greatest Albums?! Could do without the personal political input that occasionally happens. Overall a good listen.
A Jimmie Nicol mention
Former Ump
Along with Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best...good one guys...even if you didn’t mention Nicol by name...had me laugh out loud in the gym today...the dirty looks from the muscleheads was totally worth it
Excellent show
V Jo
I like how they cover all genres of music. They have insight on how albums are made and give some background on the artists. I’ve learned a lot about bands that I knew nothing about prior. Very informative and fun to listen to. Keep it up!
These Guys Love What They Talk About
Check out the earliest pod casts. It especially shows in these earliest casts that they are fan boys.
Makes Me Want to Grab a Guitar
Tim Slomka
Great Podcast. These guys know their stuff and bring great detail to every episode. They treat each song and artist with respect and the guests they bring in add such value to every podcast. I want some Avett Brothers and more Pearl Jam, but a great listen and should be for all music fans. Every episode I listen to at work makes me want to grab my guitar.
One of my favorite podcasts!
Honestly one of my favorite podcasts! Bill and Brian know their stuff and their guests often add their own interesting spin on the albums they’re covering. An easy and fun listen time, and must listen for any music fan. And Brian might have the most relaxing podcast voice ever.
The best music podcast
I discovered this podcast about a year in and have been hooked ever since. I listen to it a la cart, an entree at a time. First, the Springsteens, Replacements, and then I searched out albums I love. I have a ways to go, but I will listen to them all. Bill and Brian, along with a guest, discuss an album an episode. First in general and then song by song. They are entertaining, knowledgeable, and love music. The personal insight they and the guest provide is both from an artists and a fan’s perspective. When I have finished a podcast, I know about the album and have a greater appreciation of it. These albums are not the great albums by Rolling Stone, Uncut Magazine, or AllMusic. These are the great albums of the the guest. These albums are loved by fans and Bill and Brian let us see it with their knowledge and passion. If you love any music, give this pod a listen.
Great Podcast!
This is a fresh approach on the discussion of music. Both hosts keep the pace moving, talking as fans, not critics, about their personal opinions of each album. The hosts combine their experience as muscians to add insite on the craft and construction of the songs and cover several genres of music throughout their album picks. They invite other voices into the discussion, whether it be local musicians, to disc jockeys, which helps further add to the experience and depth to the conversation about each album, song by song, track by track. The show even added a "Ba Ba Ba Bonus!"<----inside joke folks)-- for me, by pointing out a great local bar close to my NJ home that has awesome local music. Justin Pope, being one of the local artist they had on for their Leonard Cohen episode, I had the pleasure to see playing at John and Peters in New Hope Pa. This was something I would have no prior knowlege of without this podcast. Take a chance and give a few episodes a listen. Feel a part of the conversation and make your commute a little more enjoyable as you explore new music as well as music that maybe is already on your list as a Great Album.
Hard to find a new nickname
love it!
Came for Elvis Costello....
Stayed for Jellyfish. Any podcast that is willing to do an hour+ about a Jellyfish album is alright by me.
Excellent podcast
I love the breakdown of each song on the albums from mundane trivia to explaining why the music was written the way it was or how it sounds. Excellent hosts and guests. I also like how it isn’t genre specific and has a good variety of choices. Well done! Looking forward to more.
They guys are music lovers from the 60's going forward. I have always learned at least one new thing about the band and it's folklore. Pick your favorite album or band sit back and have fun realing in th years. They often have guests on that are SME's on the music of the day. I am a huge Boston fan and I was able to take away new lore of Tom and his band. If you are a R & R fan you can find lots of bands that interest you. Have fun.
Quickly fell in love
The Freedom Of Music
I came across this show completely at random on iTunes just browsing for music shows. As a lifelong fan of the album as a musical statement, it was a perfect match. I’m gradually making my way through all the shows and have enjoyed reminiscing through the albums I know and love and being introduced to albums I never listened to before. As a 50 year old lifelong music fan, it’s interesting points of view on these albums from people a bit younger than I am who really strive to educate themselves on all this stuff. It’s a refreshing change from talking about music with my own age group.
The Great Albums is a great podcast
BMF Maynard
I only discovered this podcast a few months ago so I've had to pick and choose episodes to try and get caught up. I've enjoyed every one I've listened to. Bill and Brian have a great rapport. They are very respectful of each other, their opinions, and right to speak. I have listened to other podcasts where this was not the case. They have educated me on albums that I would not have otherwise listened to and they have given me insights on albums that I've been listening to for most of my life. I very much appreciate the knowledge and research that Bill and Brian have, my one very small, slight ding would be that they need to consider adding someone with more age to the conversations to bring light and perspective as to what society was like while the chosen album was in its heyday. The only reason I did not give a 5-star rating is because I'm only about 1/3 of the way through the podcasts. I have enjoyed everything thus far, but don't want to assume anything on the rest. I'm hoping to come back and bump this review to 5 stars when I get further along.
Wanted to love it...
They review some of my favorite albums, but I just couldn't listen to them yap on and on about their personal stories, most of which have very little to do with the music at hand. Too much chatting about tangential topics. So much personal judgement about the music and musicians. I felt ancient hearing them talk about some of these albums that were the soundtrack to my childhood. Ugh.
Drowning in Nostalgia
I didn’t start to listen to MM until Good News with Float On hitting major MTV airwaves in the Midwest. With that said, the deeper I dove into their album archive the more I fell in love with the band, and the stronger I can definitively say they’re my #1 favorite band alongside BTS. Anyhow, Lonesome Crowded West is usually my favorite album of theirs, too. The fondest memory I have while listening to it was being 16 and enjoying it in its entirety while I sat on a giant, cozy couch watching a gorgeous Minnesota lake through the 20ft window of the cabin my dad rented for the fishing trip. I find fishing pretty boring, but I’ve never felt more lucid while being sober. Thank you to Brian, Bill, and Derrill for providing me a new way to walk down memory lane.
Entertaining and informative
Knowlegable hosts and guests who are muscians and genuine fans. Gets into the weeds sometimes, but I learn something everytime I listen.
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