No ending, just stopped
Hard to follow but I would have rated higher if it had an ending. 1*
Great podcast
I just wonder if they are ever going to add more content
Super good❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
I’m on the first episode and it’s seems ok 👍 Update: Super good!!! One of the best si fi podcast It is so addictive I hope you guys come back
Worth your time
Hooked me right off the bat. Please come back quick
I was looking for something to follow Limetown and stumbled upon this. I will be recommending it to friends. I listened to the entire series in one day, and now am hoping more will come out soon
I hope more is coming soon.
Awesome podcast. Hoping its coming back soon??
So well done!
I can’t wait to hear more of this! Top quality sound, writing, and acting!
It’s ok.
It definitely has potential. The acting isn’t the best but the plot is interesting enough.
This is me again
The creator of this podcast has some serious talent. The sound quality and production value alone is amazing but the story is what really takes the cake. Highly recommended.
Really Exciting!
This show is like a mix between Maximum Ride and The Wall (A BOOK YOU SHOULD ALL READ). I love it, I love where it's going, I LOVE mutants, and it's super interesting. Really invested and eager for the next morsel. :)
A story well-told
I'm NOT marking this down because of the time between episodes. I imagine that's tough to pull off; though the selfish part of me wants them much more regularly. It's a well-told story with an interesting protagonist and layered story. If you're patient (you can wait months for episodes) give this one a listen! If you MUST have everything now, wait until the series ends and then download. Either way, it's a very good fiction podcast; written for adults -- not like most of the crap that seems to get attention online. Well done!
Short but sweet
It is a quick hook and draws you in with some obvious writing and enough chance happenings. The ability to suspend disbelief is tested with this series and the whole crew (sound, directing, voice, effects etc.) do a great job at making the atmosphere work for the podcast. The audio gets cramped in some places like when the 5 subjects speak, one of them is tinny sounding, which makes for a few too many layers. It is not a bad thing since 5 teenagers handling an issue does naturally result in all parties speaking at once so the vibe remains true. Im sure this series is on going and hope to hear more from Sistine on this show along with other shows she and her team work on.
Elysian Darn Good Project
Mighty Orphan
This is a really good production. The storyline is not really my cup of tea but it should appeal to the superhero crowd. I listen to enough podcasts to appreciate the Elysian Project for what it is and maintain this is a 5 Star podcast in its genre.
I absolutely love this podcast series, listened to every episode in one sitting. I can't wait until future episodes are released!! ❤️
The most underappreciated sci-fi/thriller podcast...
The Elysium Project came as a TOTAL surprise for me. I was scouring Reddit for new podcasts in the sci-fi vein to listen to (am a huge fan of Tanis, Archive 81, Bright Sessions, Limetown, Deep Vault, King Falls AM, Hello Magic Tavern, etc), and stumbled on some seemingly more obscure podcasts. I was not at all expecting the high quality this could be. The sound production of this is up there with Archive 81 and We're Alive, just perfect, amazing orchestral score, takes itself seriously in a positive way (feels like a real professionally produced show). Acting is great, writing is impressive, it soon has about 4-5 storylines and different groups to follow at once. Has an air of mystery that pulls you along...really really enjoyed this, highly recommend and I hope the following of this grows!!!
Excellent Show
I can sing praises about this audio drama; it has action, suspense, mystery, well thought out themes, great characters. But it has two problems, shaky release schedule and there isn't enough of it. Listen, tell you friends to listen! This show needs some love!
Wonderful work of art
I'm very much loving this audiodrama revival that is happening right under our noses. Shows like The Elysium Project are giving modern audiodrama a GREAT name. The plot is terrific, the actors are superb, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. The shows releases are a little slow, but hey - it's free and the people making this audiodrama have lives of their own. I'm just so thrilled that they've allowed us to listen to their great works and for free!
This is the kind of show that deserves TOP DOLLAR.
When I first listened to Natalie Van Sistine’s The Elysium Project, I knew I’d stumbled upon audio gold. The writing, the acting, the mixing — all of it incredible. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing was actually FREE. This is the kind of show that deserves top dollar. James Greyson’s daughter Emma has lived in the shadow of her father’s secretive career her whole life. But when James attempts to sever his ties to the titular Elysium Project, the powers behind the project make it their mission to bring him back by making Emma their newest unwitting test subject. The Elysium Project itself allows subjects to manipulate reality. The powers expressed are in someways like a cross between the abilities of Green Lantern, Jean Grey, and Spider-Man, while still being it’s own thing, making for an interesting twist on established super power concepts. But concepts aside, what truly makes a show shine are its characters, and Elysium’s characters are TOP SHELF. Everyone gets their time in the limelight, and everybody has their thoughts laid out bare for all to see. Elysium’s characters are finely nuanced, and you never feel like the show’s cheating someone out of character development. All in all, The Elysium Project is the audio drama equivalent of a medium well prime ribeye: lots of meat, lots of flavor, and lots to digest.
Thestory writing is superb the characters voices fit their profiles and personalities. i cant wait to hear more of this
A Fantastic Addition to Audio Drama
Litmaster 14
Natalie Van Sistine has created a very solid story that features a talented cast and is well produced. It deserves a listen from any who enjoy great audio entertainment. There is a lot of fine young talent here, and I'm excited to see where this goes!
Compelling & extremely well-executed.
Holly Heresy
The plot is fantastic, intricate, and driving. The characters are interesting & clearly quite fleshed out (although some of the voices do blend together). The audio engineering is the best I have ever heard from a podcast produced by an individual rather than a conglomerate and I am beyond blown away by the quality. I can't wait for more episodes!
Somebody you should listen to
I simply love this audio-play so far. It has all the crispness of a movie and all the inner workings of a audio-play. It very well voice acted and the sound design is so believable I could imagine where they were in each scene. Story is really intriguing. I had put off listening till there was more, but I couldn’t resist and now am begging for more. It’s defiantly worth a listen.
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