Fun time!
This is a really fun podcast. Was skeptical when I heard about it and after 10 minutes of my first listen. But then realized these folks are just like me. They love the genre, don’t take it too seriously and just have a good time. There are many out there like us that don’t have the balls to do this so keep it up!
My Favorite Podcast
This is my favorite podcast. These two are so funny and I love hearing their opinions and perspectives on movies. Probably the most fun I’ve had listening to a podcast. I really hope it isn’t over.
3 episodes in
I just started listening to this podcast and I'm already obsessed! These two guys are hilarious and have a good grasp of the horror movie genre. A must listen if you're a big horror fan.
Not good
Just two guys recounting a movie scene by scene. They didn’t seem to me to have any worthwhile insights, background, or humor.
Only two episodes in and these guys have a great grasp of horror. Instantly gripped myself when they said “that guy from the movie”.
I have a void in my life
conanthe barber
Come back Sean and Joe
Mixed bag.
Missie Krissy
Just found the show and was excited to listen but apparently it’s ended just as I found it. The episodes I went back and listened to were funny but definitely not consistent in excitement or enthusiasm. The guys seem to dread doing the podcast. Which in itself is kinda funny but kinda not. Feels half-assed sometimes.
Not the worst, far from the best.
These 2 don’t seems to know how to enjoy a cheesy so bad it’s good movie. They seriously say Microwave Massacre is the worst movie they’ve ever seen? Sure, it’s an awful movie, but at least it’s fun. It was never meant to be taken seriously
I listened to the
P Russo
I listened to the Lords of Chaos episode and Sean would not stop laughing to the point that it got distracting. He laughed at evewrything. Even things that went funny. I started thinking it was some sort of nervous tic. They also failed to discuss the details of 2 out of 3 of the brutal death scenes which seemed out of place for a horror movie podcast. I dont think Ill be bacl.
2 Guys and a Paul
Jessica Brittany Baker
This show is just two libs spending half the episode talking about things that are, at best, loosely related to the movies they are discussing. Except for when this guy Paul shows up then the movie is never discussed. But for real, this show is the best possible iteration of “two guys going off on relatively meaningless tangents.” The hosts are naturally funny and sincere people. They interact with their fan base regularly and in a manner that shows genuine interest. Sean and Joe (and occasionally Paul) never fail to make me smile even when I’m at my worst. Just another lib, JB Baker
Worth a listen
Wil the Glorious
The show is good at picking horror movies that are worth a conversation. I wish the hosts learned more about the movies before going into things - a lot of times they’ll blow off names and filmographies of actors, directors, etc, failing to name them and saying it doesn’t matter. Nothing to be angry about, but would improve the show even more.
Hilarious and entertaining
These guys are hilarious and play off each other so well. I’ve been cracking up to myself in the library listening to these guys while I study. Highly recommend to any horror buff who needs a good way to pass time. Plus, they know the genre very well.
Horrors #1 podcast
Give it a listen, they guys kill it ever episode. Sean and Joe let you know!
Hilarious Horror
These guys discuss all the details while making you gut laugh. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.
Entertaining and relatable... The Horror Show is the best horror podcast
Just started listening... what a great show. An absolute blast to listen to. If it is a bad movie, these guys can dissect what makes them bad in a non pretentious way—while still appreciating what it has to offer. And even better: if you listen to them analyze a movie that you like.. you will be in for a treat and you will be able to relate...I hear them say a lot of the same things I think or say. And they describe what makes good films work, once again.. in an intelligent and non pretentious way. “Good movie” AND “bad movie” episodes are equally as funny and entertaining. Just wish I could recommend movies might have to figure out patreon just so I can.
Can't Fix That. Better Off Dead. :D
Seriously guys, I'm laughing out loud in public, in the gym, on the subway... People think I've lost my mind. And it's because your hilarious banter is in my ears. Thank you for making such a ridiculously enjoyable horror podcast. Never stop. And please get that Candyman quote tattooed. Best idea ever lol
The greatest PODCAST of all time!
Tate Woniya
I truly feel like I am sitting in a room with Sean, Joe, and sooometimes Paul. Sean and Joe cracking up make me laugh so F#@$ING hard I have been listening for only a couple of weeks, starting from episode 1, I have just finished episode 105 I am a complete STAN of The Horror Show 100+ Star rating if possible
Great podcast
I stumbled upon this podcast when I was looking for another. I’m really glad I gave it a shot because these guys are funny. I love that they review old and new movies, they really breakdown the film and tell fun facts about the production. I’ve pretty much binged most of the episodes and I’m craving more! If you like funny laid back guys discussing all things horror and random stuff then this podcast is for you!
Horror is fun
Cheesy horror flicks are so much fun to watch and the Horror Show discusses the best and the worst of them. I found the Horror Show through an iTunes search and am so glad I did! Thanks, guys!
Best horror podcast there is
This is the Podcast I look forward to every week. Sean and Joe are the best hosts out there. Great commentary, and funniest guys I know.
This gets me through my workday.
Mr. 410Mustang
I listen to this podcast during my entire workday. I enjoy listening to others Talk about things I relate with and strange facts that I also know. Horror is something that I can’t relate to with many people because not very many people actually care. We are a small group. But I absolutely love it.
The best!
I’ve always been obsessed with horror movies. I found these guys about six months ago one day when I was wondering if there were any podcasts devoted to discussing horror movies. I was instantly hooked. Sean and Joe are hilarious and have a really laid back and honest approach to discussing horror movies. I love it because it’s like I’m hanging out with friends of mine laughing together at a good (or bad) horror movie. I’ve checked out lots of other horror movie podcasts and nobody else is even worth listening to compared to this show. Glad I discovered the podcast and I’m always looking forward to the next week when a new episode releases. Keep up the awesome work!
I started with Freddy and Jason... Now I can’t stop. These guys are funny and you really get feeling they are not trying .. what I mean is there is a chemistry between Joe and Sean that is very natural... I fell In love and listened to everything and I have watched movies that these dudes suggested .. they were good. Watch the new puppet master!! Summer of 84 is pretty good Love ya
Bringing horror back into my life
Mr. Antigonish
Happened upon these guys by chance, looking for an entertaining podcast on a beloved genre that I had ignored for quite some time 100% due to my wife’s revulsion of all things horror. All it took was that episode and I’ve been hooked ever since, blowing through all the archive episodes. Thank you Sean & Joe for taking the defibrillators to my love of horror and bringing it back from the dead.
As another review said, it's like listening to your buddies talk about horror movies. But I want podcast hosts to be better prepared and more intelligent than my dumb friends. They cover interesting movies, and the movie synopsis are good, but they ramble about uninteresting side topics and say “like”, “um”, and “uh” in practically every sentence.
Amazing podcast
Will Linville
I love this podcast. It feels like sitting with friends talking about horror movies and getting an honest opinion on them.
Just an excellent podcast, period
Love the show and the comedy that ensues; banter is on point, honest opinion, and the greatness of good along with the bad in all horror movies. Keep up the good work.
I love it !
I love this podcast! It keeps me sane at work even though I’m sure my coworkers think I’m crazy because I’m laughing out loud when listening to this. I recently was asked by a coworker what my favorite podcast was and this was at the very top! I hope he enjoys it as much as I do! Keep up the great work guys !
myrna b80
I love listening to these guys! They are hilarious
I can't believe it took me so long
MangleExpert find this show. This is the absolute best-in-class horror movie podcast, and the "Lake Placid" episode is hands down the funniest thing I've ever heard.
Such a great podcast
An excellent podcast overall, one that must be listened to by fans of the genre.
Just 2 Guys and my Favorite (aaaand not so favorite) Horror Movies
By far my favorite podcast! I absolutely love the hosts, they are hilarious. I don’t miss an episode and now that I am all caught up, I can’t wait for the next one. I love how you break it down for the “real” watcher, hold nothing back, and give a true an honest review in the most historical method possible!
Love this show
These guys are awesome, I want to jump in their conversations all the time. Swear I could be the third member lol, any show that references king diamond and wrestling while talking about horror movies...I’m in.. sold. Thanks for the laughs guys. 🤟🏻🤟🏻
Best hangout podcast
When I was teaching in Korea, all our group did was play DnD and talk about horror movies, metal, and old school hip hop. I've been stuck in Texas for years now and once a week it's like I'm back hanging out with my buds. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, guys.
Just fantastic
Rolo likes fun
Top notch horror movie coverage and reviews. Fantastic production and great to listen to. A must for horror fans.
Their conversations just keep you company.
I work in my car all day and have this podcast running all day. Sean has this hilarious conversational way to think and talk. You can follow him on them or sit and laugh at his tangents that his brain takes him on. And Joe has a more “no, that’s ridiculous, you’re wrong it’s this...but I know where you’re coming from.” His memory of every obscure detail blows my mind. Give it a listen for a few episodes and you’ll be hooked.
Dont waste your time
You might as well pick any guys off the street for as much insight and creativity as the ones in this show offer. They’re not particularly charismatic, amusing, or insightful to waste your time with this cast.
This is an awesome horror podcast that is extremely funny!
Great Podcast
Piggy mac
Educated Beavis and Butthead is the best way I can describe this podcast. These guys are well informed on the genre. They’ll make you laugh and inform you on movies simultaneously.
Kings of the Horror Movie Podcast!!!!
This is THE BEST horror movie podcast ever! The hosts, Sean & Joe, keep me laughing out loud (which I rarely do from a podcast) breaking down the best and worst horror has to offer. I haven't seen most of the movies they've reviewed, but it's great just to hear their hilarious takes. Keep it up, fellas!
Love This Show
I discovered this podcast recently and fell in love with it. I have binged listened to almost every episode. If you love horror movies this is the show for you.
They say what you're thinking...
They say what you're thinking when you're watching the movie that they're reviewing. I laugh more at the fact that they have the same sense of humor that I have realistic and dark but sooo realistic. Lol keep the content coming!
2 clueless kids
Half the episodes are these guys getting confused about what they’re doing. Far more prepared podcasts out there that do a better job of the whole MST3K style.
Love these guys so much!
Val Reyes
My boyfriend and I started listening to them last year and they are so funny! They make watching horror movies a lot of fun (even the ones I don't like to watch). Very nice guys too!
This show is AWESOME!
I work at a very boring data entry job and this podcast is the only thing that keeps me awake.
If you like Scary movies, Subscribe to these dudes NOW!
I'm loving this show and taking in 3 episodes at a time at work, I love the banter between the hosts, the humor is up my alley, and believe it or not I'm actually learning new stuff about these films. I was pleasantly surprised subbing a new show with no recommendation, I just added randomly; totally a listener till this podcast ends. Keep up the good work Guys! Y'all are awesome.
Great show!
Great show! Don’t like the new theme song... go back to Harley Poe that song was perfect and the band was perfect but other than that a well constructed and executed show!
five star entertainment
mo - c
All I can say is, I love horror movies, so listening to two longtime friends like Joe and Sean spend an hour discussing the merits of an obscure film like "ice cream man" is my idea of quality entertainment.
They are very wrong
I want to like this show and the guys but they couldnt be more wrong. The first episode i listened to was “Detention” and these two are so far removed from understanding quality that i dont think i can listen to another. Also, how are they qualified to review movies? Just another podcast of people who think they are funny talking about things they are not well informed about to discuss.
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