Great podcast
I love the Bethkes! They are always so informative and provide great conversations for my husband and I. We have been listening from the beginning. Get their books too!
My absolute FAVORITE podcast!
I love this podcast so much! Jeff and Alyssa are so so real and genuine and I always enjoy listening to their podcast because I always feel like I’m getting something or learning something new from every episode. Also, both of their hearts for the Lord and how they do family inspire me SO much! Always leave their podcast feeling inspired, encouraged, and contemplative on spiritual things.
So fun
Jeff and Alyssa are so real. They are so full of wisdom and passion. I love how they are relaxed and are able to laugh at themselves but still speak truth and love. Love, love, love them!
Representing what it truly means to be loving human-beings
Tiffy Su
Thank you for setting the standard and showing the rest of us what it truly means to be a loving human being! You two continue to show what a disciple of Christ is all about…they are by no means perfect but should constantly strive to show his love to every single person because we are all worthy of it. Not to mention y’all don’t hold back on the hard real stuff but you also don’t hold back on the stuff worth celebrating. And on a sidenote thank you for not going crazy with the latest Enneagram rage ;-) In seems a lot of Christian based platforms are attempting to make it almost like a biblical teaching and while I do believe it can be a good resource I hate seeing people get confused or sidetracked from Gods actual word.
Weekly encouragement
I love this podcast, it’s my absolute favorite by far! I love listening to Alyssa and Jeff, they are authentic and real. I look forward to their podcast each week.
Relatable and Real
Tiffany | Divinely Interrupted
I enjoy listening to the Bethkes. Their content is Biblical, practical, and relatable. Keep serving Him!
Lots of adsssssss
Fun hostesses and good content, but SO MANY ADS. feels like half the podcast is ads.
Love the Bethkes
This podcast is fun and encouraging to me.
Once you find an amazinggg podcast, how you wish they can make a new one every 10 minutes to listen to it non stop. Great job guys...!
Seasoned Listener but Still Feelin’ Fresh!
Joshalyn McHargue
Okay, so I've been listening to Jeff and Alyssa for a while, which I think speaks for itself because they do such a great job bringing fresh ideas to the podcast and keeping their listeners engaged. More than what it said on the podcast I can tell that they genuinely live wholehearted, fully consecrated to Christ lives. Over the years I could hear in their voices and insight the impact of their faith journeys and their submission to Jesus, which makes me as a listener want to press into all He has, too. The wisdom, self-awareness talks, and genuine conversations have been there from the beginning, and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to listening to a podcast! Two thumbs up!
Interview with Emilie brought tears
Kylea T.
I’ve listened to your guys’ podcast for awhile now and am due for writing a review. You interview with Emilie McCormack made me stop my work that I was doing so I could write a review. I am a wife to a youth pastor with two girls 4 and 1. It can be so isolating even amongst other pastor’s wives that are on the same staff. I shed tears and laughed at the same time when she talked about what it’s like being a pastor’s wife. She spoke a truth that I’ve only been able to think about in mind. The burden of feeling alone in this space has been lifted a bit. I love listening to what you all have to say and you always bring on great people to interview. I only wish we could be real life friends! Love to you and your family!
Very encouraging!
So Life Giving!
The period is out there
I love listening to you guys! All your content is lifts me up and gives me new perspective on life and in my walk with God! Love you guys!
So good!!
Emilie and Alyssa’s episode!! So thankful for and encouraged by the truth that was spoken!
so so good
Filled with such truth!
Started this podcast a few months ago and it’s one of my go-to podcasts now! Love the relatable content but it’s also saturated with the truth of the gospel. My family is learning and trying to figure out how to take this team mindset to heart and we admire so many qualities about the Bethke family and their mission for the Lord. Funny, relatable, insightful and a joy to listen to!
Love the Bethkes!
I love you Bethke family! I am so grateful for you and for all the amazing things you talk about in this podcast. I admire you as individuals, as a couple and as a family. Today’s episode about relationships that Alyssa gave in a conference to high school students was beautiful, deep, truthful and convicting. Thank you! Hope I get to meet you guys some day. Much love from California!
Good content
Good content but I feel like Alyssa is constantly interrupted and it really bugs me. Haha. I’m sure that’s not what’s happening and otherwise it is great!
Kidd Family53015
Jeff and Alyssa have been more than generous with providing content for years. These guys are fantastic.
A podcast to facilitate a life of thriving!!
This podcast is a powerful tool and helps others to live life in abundance and fully alive, just as Christ came to give us. They are humble, real, authentic and passionate Christians. Their marriage, their family and their lives are a reflection of the life of Jesus Christ and their podcast is for everyone and anyone. I LOVE listening to it!
Jeff & Alyssa are role models!
juliana lyons
I genuinely look up to these two for how they live their lives & even though I’m not yet a parent, I take their wisdom and really benefit from their example! Jeff has an incredibly vast wealth of knowledge about Christianity, history, and just the world in general. Alyssa is his perfect counterpart & simplifies ideas with her sweetness & kindness. Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
Fun & Real & Purposeful!
They have such timely wisdom and are just really good at sharing God’s heart on a range of topics!
Too good not to listen
I don’t remember how or when I heard about this couple but once I did I was hooked. I’m the same age as Jeff and I die laughing at his middle school/high school throwback songs/memories because they reflect the same for me. He is so fun, so engaging, and very wise. Both of their perspectives just lift this podcast. I can imagine they reach a lot of people. I also love how Jeff sort of leads the topics but gives Alyssa as much room as possible to talk about anything she wants. Alyssa is very relatable, gives such insightful takes on all things life, relationships and faith, and humors Jeff and his goofiness. Their dynamic is money. And saving the best for last, if you’re looking to grow your faith in God or want to try to understand what that looks like, I could not recommend this podcast more. Jump in and listen to any one of their episodes and you’ll already be off to a good start.
Love it! A must listen
Love Jeff and Alyssa! So much wisdom and their hearts are so good! Only wish Alyssa would share more on the podcast (Jeff tends to be very chatty).You two are a great model of what it looks like to serve the Lord specifically through marriage and parenting. Thank you Jeff and Alyssa. You’re truly fighting the good fight!
Big fan
I love listening to this podcast and laughing and growing alongside this family. Thank you for your honesty.
Amazing Wisdom
Micah RE
I love how the Bethke’s are so open and vulnerable with who they are and what they talk about it. It is very encouraging, and they have so much wisdom to share especially for relationships and families! I would highly recommend it!
Love the Bethkes
Jeff and Alyssa are wonderful role models. I love hearing their thoughts about every little thing. They have so much wisdom and they each offer a unique perspective. Alyssa adds a sweetness and humility that is so precious. Jeff has so much deep, rich thoughts to share. Love their family focus and their hearts for the Lord. Love this podcast!
Meaningful thoughts
I love that you guys do everything with meaning! So many good ideas and thoughts to ponder from every episode. It’s perfect for me as a wife and mother. Thank you!
My favorite podcast!
Jeff & Alyssa are such a great team! Love learning from them & hearing their brains run!
Fun and engaging!
Jeff and Alyssa have a special way of keeping things fun and engaging their audience. They tackle important topics and are both very wise and humble people. Love them!
Always look forward to listening to Jeff & Alyssa & their heart for God is AMAZING. Keep it up guys!!
Great podcast!!! Worth the time to listen to!!
Humbling Everytime
Jeff and Alyssa are such a great part of my week when they speak real life issues. Each time I am humbled in my relationship with my wife and feel encouraged to love God more and serve her better.
By far my favorite podcast
Every single week, (or every other week), I look forward to this podcast! From the start of it a few years ago, until today, it just keeps getting better! The knowledge and wisdom, plus humor and much more, I can’t get enough!! Take a listen and you won’t be disappointed! Ps, I love the new momentum and intentionality the podcast has taken lately, but I’ll always be obsessed with the old school, laid back episodes where the talk about random stuff and yet always share the powerful words of Jesus, leaving you so filled!
LOVE this podcast
Encouraging, thought provoking and entertaining
Great for all ages
I am 21 years old and unmarried. I have listened to Jeff and Alyssa before they rebranded and love what they speak. I especially love their insight on families. It gives me a great model of how I want to bring my family up one day.
John Mayer is my spirit animal
Jeff and Alyssa’s podcast is full of great stuff. I haven’t been listening to them for that long so when I ran out of new episodes to listen to I decided to go back into some of the older episodes. They were mentioning where they came up with chapter titles from, and when Jeff said that he named one Slow Dancing in a Burning Room & that he was a huge fan of John Mayer that made me love him even more. They get off track so much from their topic but that just shows me they are real people, who feel like getting God’s word out is their mission and I respect that big time!
Husband-Wife Brilliance
These two bring real issues to the table and walk through them openly and vulnerably. Great chance to learn as a family or as an individual. They are smart, helpful, adventurous and inspiring.
High School Listener!
Love this!
Favorite podcast.
As a chronic information seeker, this is hands down the best podcast I’ve found. Not only is Christ the core of each conversation, as well as evidently in Jeff and Alyssa’s own lives, but the Bethkes talk about such insightful and real topics that I’m genuinely interested in! I leave each episode feeling pensive in the best possible way. I’ve even made some seriously helpful life changes while listening to the podcast. Thank you guys for sharing such uplifting, authentic content that points your listeners back to our mighty God!
Thought Provoking Weekly Listen
Love the Bethke’s! Highly recommend to any Jesus lovers that want to be intentional about their life, family, and their relationship with God in the midst of culture now. I love their family vision, and really enjoy getting to hear little snippets of it through this podcast! Jeff’s insights really make me think and I love Alyssa’s sweet truth bombs! I hope to one day have a family that’s as intentional as they are with theirs, so I’m glad I get to listen to this now while I’m single!
Good message, imbalanced delivery
Jeff and Alyssa have great messages to present in their podcast. They are wise, intentional, and have their hearts in the right place. I have to give this 3 stars because I don’t like the podcast structure at all. It’s 90% of Jeff and 10% Alyssa. Also, often when Alyssa does talk, it’s to ask permission to speak, ask Jeff if he’s already covered something, asking him to expand on something, or apologizing for misunderstanding him. I don’t get it; knowing their background, I feel like their relationship is grounded in love and respect, but it just doesn’t come across that way to me in regard to their podcast delivery. I think the podcast should be more of a 50/50 balance or just have Jeff do it if it’s more his thing/brainchild. Usually at least once during the podcast he makes some remark toward her which sounds condescending or snarky. I’m not saying he really feels this way (I don’t think he does), but at times his manner of speaking clouds his intent. Again, I think this is a valuable podcast with a lot to offer, but I honestly can’t enjoy listening to it with its blatantly sexist and imbalanced delivery.
My FAVORITE podcast!
I always feel so encouraged after listening to Jeff & Alyssa. I especially appreciate their views on intentionally limiting screen time / technology in their home. They have challenged me to slow things down, without coming off as condescending. My only complaint is that I wish their were more episodes bc I love listening so much!! Keep up the great work, Jess & Alyssa!
lizzy moie
Jeff and Alyssa..enjoy your podcasts..I think you two are great together. A suggestion would be to try doing a solo by each of you on a topic. Reason is sometimes I think Alyssa’s perspective is really strong and has more to say then jump on. Now Jeff I could listen to you for days I really enjoy your perspective it’s amazing how you break topics down and dissect. I think that you’ll stop in a great moment to let Alyssa talk. So in a nutshell it would cool to here a full perspective from each of you! Thanks and God bless! David Las Vegas
Best podcast!
This podcast is definitely my favorite, and I listen to many different ones! Although I am a single college student, I learn SO much from Jeff and Alyssa. I’m so grateful for their ministry!
Love them!
Awesome couple and sweet family. It’s hard to listen to him interrupt and talk over his wife and he talks so fast, even though I know his heart is in the right place! I really want to hear more from Alyssa. Also, hard to listen to someone that says they have rhythms and family culture and so much experience when their oldest child is 4. Again, great intentions but do not know if they really have the experience to back the knowledge they have yet. With that being said, I think they’re an amazing family who loves Jesus.
So deep yet so fun!!
Pancakes over waffles
One of the youngest listeners in Highschool but I really love Jeff and Alyssa ❤️ they represent Jesus in such a relatable way and give such applicable advise that even a Highschooler could understand and live out! I look forward to hear each new podcast! I can’t say enough about the Real Life Podcast, just listen and you’ll get out more than you expected! Thanks Jeff and Alyssa :)
I am a high school senior and I absolutely love your podcast! I feel like y'all read my mind cause you talk about the very topics that I think about everyday! Being a high school student, I can’t always find friends who want to have intentional conversation about theological and sociological issues such as the ones y’all discuss. But when I listen to the podcast, it really does feel like I’m having a conversation with y’all! Thanks!!
Love them
Carolina Garcia 21
Great content
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