Weird episodes lately...
The One and Onery
EDIT: I’ve tried giving this podcast a chance to push through this terrible season, but it seems to just get worse. It’s changed to something like a dating app review podcast. Changed to 1-star. While the first season remains some of the best 5-star podcasting I’ve ever listened to, Invisibilia has become a disgrace to the platform. Original review: I absolutely LOVED the first handful of episodes and listened to them multiple times when they were released. The topics and reporting were fascinating and incredibly well done! In the last few months (maybe since a co-creator left???) the topics and transitions between stories often leave me thinking, “Wow, that was just... bad. Did she really just transition by calling herself an idiot??” I’m sad to only give this podcast a 3-star as I truly love the old episodes, but so many of the new episodes leave me disappointed. :( Maybe Lulu Miller is the secret weapon that needs to come back!
The Great Glass Alavator
Great show, bet you'll like it.
Mr. Crossiant
Dis is really spooky and deres a bunch of invisible things 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻
Far and beyond my favorite podcast!
Outside of a few riveting story podcasts, I have never gotten into one and stayed interested the whole time. Until this one. Every episode is insanely different and I love that they are all story based and not just droning on about scientific fact. The premise of this show could make a VERY boring one but they’ve turned it into something I look forward to everyday.
Should keep their politics out of it
While the content and stories of this show are often interesting, I’ve found myself completely turned off when the hosts insert their own left-leaning opinions, particularly when their comments aren’t relevant to the theme of the show. If you’re looking for an example of this - see The Weatherman episode where they throw the meteorologist under the SJW bus for his opinions on global warming. That was the last episode I listened to before unsubscribing.
Jesus help us
I’ve heard 3 of the dumbest and worst handled topics ever. The callout and the offensive rom com episode were some of the cringiest, pandering, most idiotic liberal arts college ways of handling important topics I’ve ever heard. Wow. Terrible.
I absolutely can't get enough of this podcast. I was recommended by Reply All (another great one) and I can't thank them enough for the amazing introduction. Keep up the wonderful content!
DJ Katie B.
I can’t get past the vocal fry of the narrator to really listen to this podcast.
Shockingly insightful
I can’t say enough how powerful and amazing this podcast is. Listening to this podcast makes me a better person and far more understanding of others. Just wow.
Loved Kraftland!!! Just thinking of all the possible things we can try to fill our broken, cracked hearts with....drugs, alcohol,sex,food,shopping, gambling.....I will always remember DUMBO, and a coloring book!! It was wonderful!! Thank You!! C. B.
Very disappointing and extremely annoying..
Thought the show/topics seemed intriguing, so queued up a few random episodes. The first couple were fine, mildly frustrating in how they drraaaagggg things out and act like the obvious and well-knows facts are like plot twists...But then got to the episode about "Patterns". Had to cut my workout short because, hard as I tried, could not get through the last 10 minutes. I was interested in the data analysis re: predicting "outcomes" for children. 1) He narrator's description of every detail was not only kind of wrong (I assume/hope the statisticians did not handle the project the way it was described) but excrutiatingly boring. 2) Does the narrator think it's a good use of the audience's time to hear her attempt at humor while she buys candy at a CVS? Does she imagine that we are, like, interested in HER? No, we are interested in the topic. 3) If I heard that "GPA" was "the" measure of the outcome of a young human ONE MORE TIME, I was going to throw my phone through the window. I heard "GPA" referenced I think 5 times; two of those times it was coupled with another potential measure...ability to persevere, and something else. But...GPA? You're joking? I can only guess that the narrator's ego relies on her constantly looking at her highschool and college report cards....? All in all, extremely disappointing and downright annoying.
My train ride go to every day. Can’t wait for the new season !!!!
I Heart Invisibilia!
I am fascinated by this podcast! I have a long commute and this feels like an audio book I can’t put down!
Ch ch ch Changes
Listened for years but, this year, I found the narrator’s voices unpleasant and much of the conversation reminiscent of a slumber party. Maybe, after a lifetime with NPR as my constant companion, I’ve aged out of the target audience.
Food for Thought
I always enjoy this show. Very interesting.
What happened?
It was so good when it first came out and for the first several seasons. This last season in particular was just not that interesting Very disappointed.
Gives good galaxy brain
Love listening while I work, hours fly by!
One of the Most Meaningful Podcasts
This show is important. It delves into the deepest corner of society and highlights the forgotten ones. For those that think they are so far removed for the common struggle of being scared, confused, flawed and imperfect this show provides an emphatic lens on the human experience. Long time listener that just wanted to extend my sincere thanks. Can’t wait until the new season!
Regularly Life Changing
This show is really important. It should be required listening for all the peoples of the land. Don’t believe me? Listen to just one episode. I totally dare you!
The empathy episode!
I’ve been listening to Invisibilia for a while now but the episode I heard today made me stop and write this review. I would love to hear more journalists do what Hannah and invisibilia did in this episode, she was vulnerable to being wrong and open to displaying and evaluating two opinions on a very hard subject. Bravo!
Good. Not enough though
Willa Doll
See above
Great for late night listening as well as long road trips
I love to listen to this on road trips
“empathy” episode leaves out important detail
Invisibilia is a show I treasure and love, I’ve listened to all the episodes multiple times, and each round find new meaning and emotion. I wanted to mention something I felt was disturbing about the most recent episode about Jack Peterson. In the discussion about empathy and tribalism and the dangers of not seeing eye-to-eye with your enemy—where is the mention of the fact that jack was literally part of an online community that spends its time preaching violence against women? This isn’t a “both sides are valid” situation. To make such large and general statements about our polarized country and the death of empathy etc etc without pointing out that some “sides” of a disagreement are advocating for actual violence against historically oppressed people—while the other side is often fighting for justice—basically says that the opinions of misogynists etc are still valid. I am curious to know why you didn’t clarify this—that sometimes our “enemy” is so for a good reason. Regardless I love the show and can’t wait for next season!
Great show!
Love this show!
Good Except
The content is very interesting and thought provoking. However, the hosts really take for granted the fact that listeners may have perspectives or opinions that differ from what is being pushed on them. For a podcast with such carefully researched & curated content, it’s a shame that ideas are presented in such an obviously biased way. Hosts take three dimensional content and flatten it into two dimensional liberal pandering.
My favorite Podcast
Anxiously awaiting the next season! I recommend to all my friends. I love going for a long walk and getting completely absorbed in these stories!
Thank you from Iraq
Noor Wally
I’m listening to your podcast from Iraq. Yes! Your amazing show travelled that far. Thank you for the useful content which couldn’t be that good without you presenting it ladies. Great job and please keep it going!!
I love this soooo very much! I am anxiously waiting for more episodes! It’s mentally stimulating and creates amazing conversations amongst friends. Wish I could hang out with you ladies!
My favorite podcast!
I’ve learned so much from each episode! I love this podcast!!!!! Please keep them coming!
Unbearable Vocal Fry
I just cannot tolerate her vocal fry. This has nothing to do with “sexism,” since guys make the noise too. But since they’ve called complaints about her vocal fry an issue of sexism a few years ago, it seems even worse now; almost by deliberate force. Sorry not sorry. Maybe I’ll read the transcripts some day, but that kinda defeats the purpose. Listen to your fans, please. Stop talking that way and the show will take off. But she won’t. She’s the exact opposite of humble. That’s fine, the show is crashing. See Reddit, dear.
The Fry
I want to listen...the shows I’ve managed to enjoy were hosted by lovely voices. The others (majority)? Ugh. Please enlist a vocal coach...the fry is painful.
Intriguing, introspective, innovative
In an attempt to find a more meaningful way to spend my commute, I stumbled upon this podcast and found my self looking forward to it everyday. I love how diverse the topics are, and I love how it makes you really think about the dark albeit human parts of yourself. And of course, the stories are great.
Can anonymity...
Have consciousness or impact an ethos via the internet? Rats 🐀...what a bizarre world 🗺 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷👠🍒 “Quit my job blowing leaves, telephone bill is up my sleeve,” (Scientology😬)
If you like podcasts, stories, humanity, and life lessons you should be listening. In fact, I hope you’re listing while reading this; If not, subscribe and hit play.
A true delight
I have been listening to this podcast for a while now and so far the episodes have enlightened me, a treat with amazing production.
If you like Science Friday, you'll like Invisibilia
Nhung NJ
The podcast deals with the science of intangible things. The research is very engaging to listen to. I recommend this to podcast to everyone.
Thought provoking
Season one will always be my favorite, but I love the stories they cover in every season.
Eye opening
I enjoy this program immensely.
My favorite show!
I absolutely love this show. You have such a pulse on the complicated thinking patterns and trends of our culture that I find myself trying to navigate so I can see as clearly as possible. Your show helps me to put words to philosophical and existential thoughts I have but can’t quite articulate. I have had huge paradigm shifts from listening to your show and could not flesh out my underlying musings as well without your show. Thank you for your artistry. I admire you all.
Love, love, LOVE
I love this podcast. Always has such interesting topics with insight into perspectives I’ve never considered. If you spend a lot of time commuting this is a great channel to make the drive something you look forward to :)
One of my fav podcasts
I love that they stick to science topics, never too sentimental or political like This American Life and Radiolab can sometimes be. Great production, and I find both hosts voices soothing!
Always captivating
I LOVE this podcast. Every time I listen I say “that was the best one ever!” The End of Empathy episode still has me reeling. That one was indeed the best one ever. May you never stop engaging the audience.
Please please come back!! This is the best podcast ever. Truly. If I don’t have more of this I listen to way toooooo much true crime/missing person/wrongful convictions podcasts!! ! Which gives me little to no hope at times because it’s so terrible. Thank you for these episodes... they’ve really been incredible. I hope to hear more.
My Favorite Podcast
This podcast is captivating and healing.
Invisibilia April 12-End of Empathy
Fascinating study in generational shifting attitudes. I was born in 1951 and don’t have children so I’ve been puzzled by the new moral outrage generation. Now I think it may be just a cultural correction. The pendulum swing away from the Pollyanna empathy of the parents. I prefer a middle way. Take off the rose-colored glasses but keep an open and rational mind. And stop putting people into categories.
So many good feels
I love this content. Nothing else is quite like it.
Love it
I absolutely love your show thanks so much for taking the time to research such interesting ideas and content. I love psychology, thrillers, sci-fy, and your shows got all of that and more. The only complaint is that there aren’t more! Keep up the good work guys you’re killin it!
Burrow Groves
I LOVE Invisibilia! Hands down, yours is my favorite podcast. I love the relentless curiosity and inquiry, the heartfelt human approach to telling human stories, and the humor! The ways in which you include scientific study and research feels really balanced to me, and the fact that all three hosts are women is such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for so lovingly crafting these beautiful pieces of audio journalism. I also wanted to offer some thoughts to you. In many of your beautiful episodes, and especially during your concept album (which is as far as I’ve listened so far) I have this continuously arising sense that, like all of us, there is some swimming water you may not be perceiving (you know, the fish and the water analogy). You do touch on some of it during the emotions episode. I love that you’ve inquired into the way concepts shape us and our world. Which is why I want to offer you a thought about language as a subject. I’ve done some learning with a man who has lived his life in many worlds, or bubbles. He speaks a number of languages, some of them being Indigenous languages. In his teachings he mentions that many Indigenous languages have no verb to be, which doesn’t actually mean they’re lacking something. As a result of having no verb to be, their understanding of reality is very fluid, everything and everyone is always in motion, nothing is fixed, and the language is a foundational element in their culture which keeps this way of understanding reality in tact. It’s very very deep and too much to explain in this review, but I wanted to mention it because I notice that your episodes seem to sometimes ask questions which are framed by opposing, somewhat fixed things. Is it this or is it that? Maybe I’m not communicating this well but my point is sort of that the English language, especially in it’s modern form, is dominated by an underlying perspective of things being fixed. I Am this or I am not that. Which is something that can’t even be said in many Indigenous languages. This teacher of mine says for example that in one particular language, the closest concept they have to being is belonging. A traveler is not called a traveler, instead they belong to roads. My point is that concepts, or approaches to understanding reality are not only given to us by our culture, they are also housed by the languages we speak. The languages we speak give our thoughts the forms in which they happen. And since the English language is the dominant language in the world at this time, it would make sense that we might not recognize that the concepts we’re using to describe reality, or even to describe our thoughts and the possible answers we consider as we’re wondering about the unconscious concepts within us that shape our understanding of reality, are not universal or the most true. They are actually limited by what the language we speak and think with is capable of describing. And I should be honest and say that I do have a bias which is that, compared to Indigenous languages, as well as other languages spoken throughout the world, the English language is often very objectifying and conjures thoughts forms which dream reality into compartmentalized fixed states, but that the nature of reality is actually fluid, and much more fluid than English can allow this who are native speakers of it to even acknowledge or perceive. All this to say, I would love to see an episode on Language and I think it could add a beautiful dimension to your already beautifully crafted multi-dimensional ongoing inquiry into the invisible things which shape our visible lives. Above all, thank you for offering such beautiful work for us to listen to. I drive for a living and I feel a lot less alone when I’m listening to your podcasts.
Going back and re-listening, and it’s still fantastic.
Hard to listen to...
River Rock Studios
So much vocal fry it’s difficult to listen. I like the information and writing, but can these people please take a throat lozenge and see a vocal coach?
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