Highlight of my weekly commute
I started watching this show season 5 of Game of Thrones when I just couldn’t get enough of that show and was also a little confused and needed some ‘splaining (insert Ricky Ricardo voice). I was SO excited when you announced you’d be doing Lost! I started watching when I was a senior in high school and then stopped due to college demands and then caught up with my NOW husband at about season 3. It took me a while to get used to Joanna but she is seriously my Fave now! I have also listened to Cast of Kingz and Still Warching Big Little lies because I knew if Joanna was there it would be good! This is still my favorite podcast though, Neil and Dave are fantastic too. My only complaint is, more storm, yo! Otherwise, love love love. Keep doing your thang.
A few of my favorite things
I didn’t listen to this pod for GOT for fear of spoilers but had listened to Joanna on A Cast of Kings and elsewhere and when she said they were doing a LOST rewatch, I jumped. My wife ( a first time watcher) and I have been watching the show and it’s been great. Loved LOST when it was on but hadn’t watched since the initial run. I feel like I’m back with old friends. The show was always about the characters for me, not the mysteries. Been reminded of so much that I loved and this podcast has made the rewatch even better. Love the hosts, their banter, and the fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Even though we’ve zoomed by where the pod currently is and have almost finished season 2, I really enjoy the analysis and the interviews have been great. I especially enjoyed all of the interviews with folks from the show, especially Garcia and Lindelof. Can’t wait for more and I’m also really looking forward to the Star Wars interlude. Keep up the great work.
So fun to go back to the Island!
Kiki Camacho
So happy you all are rewatching and podcasting about Lost! This was the first show me and my friends could not miss! I even left in the middle of a date to run home to press the record button on the VHS! Anyway, I love the podcast, keep it up! Also, Joanna, love you! Don’t let the haters get you down. You’re so thoughtful, full of great ideas and I love your enthusiasm!
Thank you for talking Lost!
I have to admit, it took the first several episodes of this Lost podcast for me to really get into it, but now I definitely am. So much so that I’m bummed it’s going to take literal years to get through the whole series! I love that you guys actually read your criticisms and I think this podcast has really improved because of that. You guys are self aware and that’s what I appreciates about you (sure hope you’ve seen letterkenny or this is awkward). One thing that did bother me is that it’s recorded as stream of consciousness instead of editing the podcast to remove errors and whatnot. But I think you guys have improved on this as well. I love hearing your takes, all three of you are so entertaining. The interviews are all really interesting as well! I love all the fun little segments and although I’m only three episodes away from finishing my rewatch, I’ll be listening to this rewatch podcast until the end. Lost is such an amazing show and I love that to podcast has contributed to more people watching it. Thank you!
Glad someone finally decided to do a rewatch podcast of Lost. The show has held up well and experience benefits greatly from binge-watching.
Love y’all!
I have been following the pod since Post Show Recaps turned me on to your rewatch pod and I love so many things about the pod (your banter, jokes, etc)! My only gripe (see the 5 star rating, ha!) is how short the storm sections always seem to be. Maybe I’m way off but I assume the vast majority of the listeners are rewatchers (15 yr old show after all), so I wish the time spent in the calm vs the storm was flipped or at least equal to each. The storm seems like an afterthought by the time we finally get there. The storm is the only place to do anything more than a cursory recap, so I would love more in-depth, over arching series long discussions. Thanks guys!
Always 5 stars, but give credit where it’s due
I love y’all (no need for a Texas accent). But, after spending a good portion of the actual episode of “Do No Harm” screaming at my tablet (quietly, of course, so I didn’t wake my kids), I then had the follow up experience of having you guys fawn all over Kate on the pod last week. I feel compelled to point something out: Kate did not deliver that baby, please stop saying how great she was. Claire carried him for 9 months, then had a forced unmedicated birth in the woods (some people choose natural birth in the woods, it’s beautiful, but it should be by choice.) Claire was a rockstar delivering her baby, especially with her clueless support team, who apparently didn’t realize she would eventually give birth and discuss this in advance. F*ck Kate, she just caught the baby and gave bad instructions, based on the advice of the island mansplainer, Jack, who also has never given birth, or apparently even paid attention on his ob-gyn rotation. Claire did all the actual work. Please, please recognize this for future generations who might otherwise think the a$$hole shouting “push” is more important than the person with the uterus. “Push” is an unnecessary command - our bodies will push fine without verbal coaching at the appropriate time in the second stage of labor. Shouting “push” definitely isn’t a necessary medical intervention, even if it makes for better tv. I have thousands and thousands of words I could write about how sad it is to see Kate, “the savior”, praised while Claire, “the little lady who survived thanks to Kate”, ignored, but surely there’s a character count and you probably get the gist of my dismay that reducing birth to a damsel-in-distress story is incredibly demeaning and harming to women. In real life, this is the god-complex mentality that has contributed to the US having one of the highest maternal mortality rates among developed countries in the world. Maybe the (imaginary) Lost reboot will have a woke midwife instead so I don’t have to relive this very-2004 example of paternalistic attitudes surrounding birth that we are still crawling out from under in 2019. Love you guys, I know this isn’t probably part of your lived experiences, so I appreciate the chance to add my thoughts.
I am loving returning to the island!
I am having so much nostalgic fun returning to the island. I was a huge fan of Lost when it originally aired and then I kind of forgot about it. I am loving this rewatch guided by this fantastic trio! Also, Dave comparing Sawyer to Templeton maybe the funniest thing I have ever heard. Thanks for the laughs folks!
Love This Podcast! WaaaAAALLLLTT!!!
I love listening Joanna, Neil, and Dave talk about whatever they are watching---especially GOT and especially LOST! During the -shh!- Off Season Tour I find that on one topic I totally agree with Joanna, then on the next I think Dave is the one with the right idea and then Neil is the one I agree with for the next topic. It is a terrific mix of viewpoints and perspectives that works really well for the pop culture they choose to talk about. Great job, all of you!! Joanna is a fav on any podcast I listen to so forget those negative reviews. I do have a couple of minor suggestions. When talking about the pilot, Neil gave some really helpful info about the cinematography and the podcast included a bit more technical info and discussion. I found that really interesting and would never have noticed some of the details you all pointed out. I hope that we can get back to hearing a bit more of that. Also-during the Storm section of the podcast, it is easy to follow the discussions about things we will learn in season 2-3 and maybe 4, but when you refer to details from season 5 or 6 it might really help us to follow if you included just a few words to orient us. This could be just a few words to jog our memories or give context so that we can follow your point or idea.
A Delightful way to have FOUND a new show
I came to this pod through a Thrones obsession despite my spoiler-phobic view towards that show. I loved the recaps then but always felt like I was missing out only staying in the calm until the season was over. So when this became a LOST podcast I ignored the suggestions of the hosts and jumped right into the Storm despite never having seen the show and I love it. I’m halfway through season 2 of the show and while the podcast has definitely “spoiled” some things I really feel like my understanding of the show’s mythology, methodology, and purpose is enriched by the full storm podcast companionship. The hosts are fabulous, especially Joanna (the two dudes are Fine Too I Guess ;)), and I’m having so much fun listening to them explain what I have seen and will see in the future. Looking forward to the rest of the ride, and seeing these folks in another life brotha. Five *****s.
Came for the ravens, staying for the polar bears.
I am so glad this team—which I fell in love with for Game of Thrones—is staying together to dissect LOST. The hosts have such great chemistry, and I love listening to them make each other laugh. They make terrific company.
Libby Reynolds
I love listening to all of you, but Joanna is my absolute fave. If she has a podcast about it, I watch it! Love hearing all your insights; please keep em coming!
Love it! One request, though...
I love this podcast! It fills all of my theorycrafting/debate loving needs each week since GoT has gone to the other side. I got on the Lost train starting in season 5 and my friends and I hosted a Lost watch party for the whole final season with an EPIC finale episode party, complete with roasted “boar hunted by Locke” and “Jin’s famous Korean BBQ chicken.” Each week this cast brings back fond memories of a show I’d let slip to the back of my mind. One request, though...I’m wondering if you shouldn’t start having a “Dave antagonist watch” segment on each episode since Dave seems to be so intent on tarnishing this tragic hero’s story 😅😅😅 Thanks so much for putting in the work on this cast, you guys are awesome and make my heart so happy!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Lost timey wimey stuff!
Watched doctor who Read sword of truth Read game of truth I love magic Love gaming and crafting When it comes to television I need character development and I need plot development. Lost has both. I have seen it once before meeting the love of life. Which we met before 2007. We watched it together since then. Seen it again since GOT. Then WHENEVER I WANT TO REWATCH an episode he will watch it. Dave, when people talk about comics I say, OH DAVE. You are my comics muse. I trust you with everything in between. Neil you do not have a specialty but if you do I would follow but I love you too and you are so funny! Joanna! I follow you everywhere. I bought vanity fair so I could read you. I won’t say more. That’s all. If you guys explains more exactly what’s included in the slack I would be there. I want everything from you guys but I have so many subscriptions!
So good!
I was planning to just listen, because I have rewatched Lost so many times that I didn’t think another rewatch would add to my experience. I was wrong! So many new and interesting insights are discussed that I found myself starting a new rewatch so that I can have each episode fresh in my mind when you tackle it. Thanks for committing to this project!
Love Going Back To the Island!
A great Lost rewatch podcast! Joanna does not talk too much! I love listening to you three!
I Can’t Believe I’m Finally Writing a Review
Being a loyal Android user, there are few things about Apple that appeal to me. However, the one thing that always rankled about not having an iPhone was that I was never able to leave a five star review for my favorite podcast. So imagine my delight when I realized that the iPad I just bought my six year old to use as an AAC device could double as a vessel for this review! I discovered the Storm while I was waiting for Season 7 of Thrones and I was a bit apprehensive. After all, aren’t we all kind of conditioned to avoid spoilers at all costs? But by the time the new season began (along with the introduction of the Calm/Storm format) I was ready to ride the Storm out. The hardest part about GOT ending (yes, even harder than actually watching it) was saying good-bye to my weekly podcast line up, of which I had grown so fond. And so I took up watching Lost. And I’m pretty into it, but even more so, I’m into listening to these three wonderful hosts share their thoughtful and honest takes. Never change, y’all.
We have to go backkk
I started listening to this podcast when it covered GoT. I was so excited when I found out they were covering a Lost rewatch. Joanna, Dave, and Neil have amazing chemistry and always keep me listening. This rewatch is the perfect addition to my maternity leave thanks guys!!
Hello, I feel welcome!
So I discovered this podcast on a facebook group for another podcast, and while I never listened to it while it was a GoT podcast, as LOST is my all time favorite show I immediately jumped on board once it became a LOST pod. Also to set the record straight I live in Tustin and we are not the box company capital of the world, at least not as far as I can tell. However I also was born and lived in Daimond Bar for 14 years and I don't recall any meteor strikes. Or was it meteorid? Coincidentally I also went to high school in San Clemente and went to the same school as Jorge Garcia (albiet years later) and even sold him a movie ticket once when I worked at the loal theater. He was very kind and gave me an autograph. Oh one more thing, you had mentioned that if we rated you five stars we could say whatever we wanted so I'll take this as carte blanche to shamelesly self-promote my own podcast where we talk about underrated movies called Underrated. I feel like I have a lot more to say on LOST, so expect many annoying e-mails from me!
A joy to listen to
I always appreciate reading and listening to Joanna, and I was so happy when I heard her and Dave and Neil were doing a Lost podcast. Whether you watched Lost back in the day (and pored over Lostpedia as I did) or are jumping into this world now, I promise you will enjoy this podcast which offers insight and some cool insider interviews too!
Thank you!
Thanks so much for doing a LOST rewatch podcast! LOST is my all time favorite show and I don’t think any other show will ever replace it. (GOT came close) Anyway I have a request- I was wondering if you could have Mallory or Jason from Binge Mode on sometime (Joanna I know Mallory is your ‘sister wife’ with Jorah) and they both love LOST and I would love to hear their thoughts too. I also have to say I can’t agree with your take on Boone..I mean the character gets a break from me solely based on the fact that he’s played by Ian Somerhalder 🔥. Keep up the good work guys and thanks again!
Joanna is awesome!!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few weeks now, and I’m really enjoying it. I was sad to hear another reviewer thought Joanna dominates the conversation. I was also sad when another reviewer wrote in to tell her she says “like” too much. I find it interesting, and frankly not surprising, that the only woman on this show is under constant scrutiny for how she speaks, voices her opinion, and generally gets in the mix. So don’t listen to the haters, Joanna! I love when you all disagree and get invested in your POVs — that’s the fun! Also the interview segment is my favorite, so go Joanna! Love Neil and Dave too. Great podcast!
So Happy to Have Found this Podcast
I have been listening to podcasts since about 2012, and have, within the past several years found the joy of listening to podcasts discuss my favorite shows/ movies etc. I have since learned that Lost was one of the firsts shows to develop a podcast following In real time. This fact bummed me out! Not only had I missed all the crazy theories and plot development of Breaking Bad (IRT) but I had also missed out on Lost – which was one of my favorite TV show of the early 00’s. In steps The Storm a weekly Lost rewatch podcast that covers one episode each week. Each episode contains a non-spoiler section, followed by a spoiler section. In addition, Joanna, on od the podcast hosts’ interviews writers, and actors on the series, as well as fans. There is a great chemistry among the three hosts, and the podcast moves along at a nice beat. I would like a little more spoiler and overall lore-based conversation, but I’m sure they are building toward that as time develops. This podcast has become my most awaited podcast to show up in my feed. Its arrival not only means that I have a couple of hours of great podcast, but also permission to watch one more episode. Thanks for all of the hard work Dave, Joanna, and Neil!
This Podcast is an Un-Problematic Fave
I’m a massive Lost fan and actually loved the show’s ending. I enjoy rehashing the show with these three really cool hosts, and there is enough spoiler-free content that a new Lost watcher can listen and feel included. The hosts respect the show and its creators, but are not blind to its flaws and point them out when necessary. They also respect Lost fans - you never feel talked down to as a fan, which is a trap some other podcasts fall into. I love the wide and varied references to other shows. Never stop making Battlestar references Dave! The only criticism i have is I wish they would just do their thing and not be swayed by the bad reviews? Because whenever they try to change something based on something in the reviews I’m like “What, no! Put it back the way it was!” P.S. I am totally obsessed with the show’s themes song, please release it as an iTunes single.
Kindred Spirits?
Last week you read a review from a listener who gave some very negative feedback on Johanna's podcasting. This really got my goat. I felt almost personally attacked! It was enough to convince me to FINALLY write a review! I have been listening to Johanna for years from GOT and Westworld, to Sharp objects, Big Little Lies and on and on. I find her critical analysis spot on. She is hilarious, confident, and assertive. Dave and Neil balance the trifecta perfectly. I always thought that my taste in media was a bit odd but now I understand that I'm really just drawn to smart, character-driven mystery-oriented storytelling. So not only have you all given me countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment, but in you I have found my place in this world ;) All that is left to say now is: when are we starting the Frasier rewatch??
Look forward to listening to y’all every week!
Kristina Harley
Love you guys so much! I look forward to every Wednesday for the new episode to show up! I first heard Joanna on Buffering The Vampire Slayer and loved her so much I had to go find every podcast she does! Which led me to Still watching, which led me here. My first time watching Lost I only made it through the 3rd season and for some reason never finished. This podcast was the perfect excuse to pick it back up. I blew through the first 4 seasons and now I’ve slowed down to let y’all catch up! I haven’t seen the end, but spoilers don’t bother me.... so I listen to the calm and the storm. Keep it up guys, love what y’all do!
One of my new favorite podcasts.
Anonymous Fan (AF)
I loved LOST back in the day. This podcast helped me rekindle my shameful love for this show. I still count it as my favorite show of all time. One thing I’ll say is I wish you all got more in depth in the storm. More storm less calm.
GOT and Lost fan
I am a big fan of GOT and Lost and This podcast talks about both. Listen to this podcast makes watching Lost more fun. This podcast is so cool beans.
great hosts, great format!
The format of this podcast makes for interesting discussions of Lost. The break between “calm” in the beginning, when spoilers are outlawed, and “storm” at the end, where the hosts discuss each episode within the full context of the mythos that Lost developed over time, allows for the dissection of both the individual episode arch as well as that’s episode’s place in the full Lost story. While I do think that all three hosts offer thoughtful insights, and are cognizant of the ways that Lost is a story created in 2004 with some problematic representation, the one complaint I would have is that at times when Joanna brings up concerns about depictions of women the response from Neil and Dave will often be that they did not notice the issue. Joanna does not become the expert on problematic depictions of women simply by virtue of being the sole female host, however I do think it is easier to not notice these issues when you are not a woman. The show sidesteps this potential downfall, however, by adding a mid-podcast interview with Joanna and a special guest. I enjoy the break, hearing from Lost actors and writers, as well as Lost enthusiasts, and particularly enjoy hearing other female perspectives. Great podcast about a real great show!
Love Lost!
The premiere of Lost coincided with the start of my career as a high school special ed teacher. Now,15 years later, it has been so fun to rewatch weekly and listen to the podcast. Each week I get lots of crazy nostalgic feelings that remind me back to that time in my life (also I’m so glad I’m currently starting year 16 as a teacher and not year 1)! I also LOVE the “What’s the most 2004?” segment and giggle at the choices every time. I definitely owned Kate’s cargo pants in multiple colors back in the day. Thanks for a great excuse to rewatch Lost and all the great content you provide each week!
I Get to Listen to Lost Without Watching It
I love Lost. My favorite show and I have seen it all the way through probably 5 times. Interestingly enough, I'm not watching it along with the podcast (yet). I planned to but was busy when this started and then realized I enjoyed listening to the three talk about the show and have it ignite memories for me without this bias of recently watching it too. In that sense it's great for long time fans, but also for new watchers because of the structure. Love the insight, the special interviews that tie in and the banter. Disclaimer: I do get frustrated when I can't yell back when they all bash something I like (Charlie!), but it's enjoyable regardless. 😀
Finally watching the Leftovers
grandma lizb
I adore this team of podcasters and the GOT shows were wonderful. The off season tour was a door to the wider pop culture for this grandma. I’m not as big a Lost fan so I’m listening when I can rather than the very second a show drops. But once again the hosts are opening my eyes to the deeper meaning of things - I took the hint of Lindeloff praise and finally started watching the Leftovers. What a show. So thanks again guys.
The David and dan of podcasts
What started out as a fantastic podcast, has turned in a shell of its former great self. During game of thrones the podcast was a great addendum to the show and help fill in the narrative gaps and added to the overall experience. The offseason tour was a great change of pace and I really enjoyed hearing Joanna, Dave, and Neal dive into different fandoms and universes. I was very excited for the Lost rewatch, since it’s one of my favorite shows of all time. However, the podcast has taken half of what made it great and put it behind a paywall. The lost podcast doesn’t have much structure and rambles almost as much as this review does. The guest segments seem very stiff and forced, and don’t allow the guests to elaborate on their opinions. I thank you all for the countless hours of great content in the past and wish you the best, but I think it’s for the greater good that I make my exodus.
Ignited Lost Obsession
Having discovered Storm of Spoilers at the end of GoT, I was thrilled to learn it was converting to a Lost rewatch podcast. I was obsessed with Lost when it aired and never missed it once I discovered it about midway through season 1. (I caught up later by buying the season 1 DVDs.) I’m particularly fascinated with the tension between believers and non-believers, science and faith. The show started the fall after I graduated with a Masters of Divinity and then was ordained in the United Church of Christ. So how else would you follow up an intense 4-year degree program in theology/philosophy than by being obsessed with a show steeped in spirituality/theology/philosophy? I love that the podcast wrestles with those themes. My only wish is that I could come on the show to talk in more depth about the themes of redemption/forgiveness/rebirth. Can’t wait for the next few years of watching along with the podcast.
Great discussion on THE best show on TV
Really enjoying the podcast on my 4th watch thru of Lost. Only thing keeping this from 5 stars are the reading of emails and patreon member names that drags it down. Those should be left for the very end of the episode review. Fortunately I can hit the skip 30 seconds button during these and get to the episode talk.
Making Lost worth watching
In 2004, I gave up on Lost when there was a polar bear on a tropical island...but I got into this podcast in the GoT days, joined the Patreon, and decided to stick with them and give it another chance. I really enjoy the dynamic between the hosts and the fact that they each bring different areas of knowledge to the conversation. And bonus, I’m enjoying Lost way more than I expected to.
Perfect Excuse to Re-Watch Lost
Not my first re-watch of Lost but this go around I am really enjoying The Storm's insightful coverage in both the Calm and Storm segments as I make my way back to the island. Even when I, self-appointed President of the Jack Appreciation Society, don't agree with the takes I do appreciate hearing the perspectives of both the co-hosts and guests. Thanks for giving me th eperfect excuse to revist the series!
Love Lost, but this podcast...not so much.
I keep listening, hoping that I will like the podcast more. I'm doing a Lost rewatch at the current time (I couldn't wait for episodes of the podcast, so I'm already beginning season 4). Been wanting to listen to an in-depth discussion of episodes of Lost, but this podcast keeps not working out for me. Joanna talks over everyone, speaks so fast at times she is difficult to understand and I just find her very annoying. I like the other two people, but don't even know their names because she overtakes everything, about every episode. This seems like it would be a much more enjoyable podcast with less of her.
So glad I can finally listen!
I'm a huge fan of Fighting in the War Room, Little Gold Men, and Cast of Kings, and was always bummed that I was missing out on more Joanna and Da7e because I didn't want to know GOT spoilers. I'm so thrilled that I can now follow along with the Lost rewatch. Lost was one of my favorite shows when was airing (despite that fact that I did a semester abroad in Australia - where I was in fact able to get peanut butter - shortly after the show began and it made me, for the first time in my life, kind of scared to fly), but aside from a few specific episodes, I haven't rewatched the show since it ended. Getting to experience it accompanied by Da7e, Joanna, and Neil's discussions and insights has become a highlight of my week.
A weekly treat!!
Amy Sham
Finally downloaded Apple podcast JUST to leave y’all a review, I listen on Spotify. I look forward to the new pod every week. My Storm origin story: I found out about y’all in a fb group for another podcast that I followed during GoTs final season. In a discussion about what bingemode might cover next, there was a lot of interest in seeing a LOST rewatch pod. Someone suggested this one and I immediately looked it up, caught y’all for the very first episode and was SO EXCITED! While waiting for the next release I started back at the beginning of the pod and I’ve listened to all the GoT and most of the ‘off season tour’. Now I’m having to wait week to week, super sad! I just today started re-listening to the GoT ones. Love the pod, the three of you have a great dynamic. I find your discussions both funny and enlightening. I started my lost rewatch immediately upon finding this and finished a few weeks ago. My husband is FINALLY watching it for the first time, so I just started back at the beginning again. Thank you for giving me an excuse to relive this show! This got too long. I’ll have to share my lost origin story in an email!
Love love love this podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and am finally writing a review. I love the insight and perspective each of you bring to the table, and your chemistry makes me feel like when I’m hanging out with my friends whenever I listen. Right now, I’m going through a really rough time in my life and listening to old game of thrones episodes and the new Lost ones are helping me get through it, so thanks for that. At first I was surprised that y’all decided to cover lost, but now I couldn’t be happier. The first time I heard of lost was after it ended, when it seemed like everyone in high school was complaining about how the ending ruined the show. I distinctly remember a friend telling me they were all dead the whole time and not to waste my time watching it. I took that at face value instead of finding out for myself, and now after binging the whole series I realize that the people I talked to severely misunderstood the ending, and Lost absolutely is worth watching. I also wanted to mention something about Charlie y’all were talking about in the episode Joanna does (RIP). As you all said, Charlie said he couldn’t swim but then in season 3 before he dies he definitely can, but I don’t think this was a case of the show forgetting or making a mistake, I think Charlie was just lying to get Jack to let him go: he says he can hold his breath for 4 minutes and later in the episode Desmond asks him how long he can actually hold his breath (or something along those lines) and Charlie’s response was “does it matter?” I see it more as an exaggeration, he said he couldn’t swim meaning he couldn’t swim well enough to save another person, then later said he was a great swimmer to get Claire and Aaron off the island. Does that make sense or am I completely off base? Anyway, sorry for the long review, all three of you are wonderful amazing people, keep doing you, when I’m in a better financial place you’ll definitely have a new patron. PS my favorite Charlie is snarky Charlie in the Looking Glass with the others before he dies.
An Older Listener
Red Tigress's Mom
Unlike most of the audience, I was in my 50s when Lost came on and it was the 1st time I "participated" in a TV viewing experience. I "I M'd" (totally a 2004 thing) with a co-worker; listed to the Transmission podcast and participated in phone and written comments each week; read Doc Jenson's recaps the minute they came out and discussed with co-workers the next day. I am enjoying going back with Joanna, Neil and Dave who are doing a great job of delving into each episode using all the information and perspective we have today. Congrats!
Still loving this podcast!
Toni cooper
My heart belongs to lost. Thank you again!
Excellent rewatch podcast!
I really enjoy this podcast! I don’t know what it’s like for people watching Lost for the first time, but I find it perfect for me as I am rewatching the show. I like the structure of the episodes and I appreciate the variety of opinions the hosts have— it’s not just three people agreeing with each other about everything. They clearly love the show and are having fun revisiting it.
Character Names vs Actor Names
@StormPodcast I love your podcast. I followed @jowrotethis over from A Cast of Kings - Game of Thrones podcast. When I heard you were going to be doing “Lost” I was pumped to have someone walk me through and connect all the dots that I couldn’t see. And I was excited to be able to share this rewatch with my daughter. Obviously unlike GOT, I don’t know at what age it wouldn’t be awkward watching GOT with my daughter. I’ve tried getting her into following along with the podcast as we watch it together. But she’s 15... so yeah. My biggest and pretty much Only Complaint about this podcast @stormpodcast and @jowrotethis on this and Cast Of Kings. Is that you use the Actor names WAY to much for me and not enough of the Character names. It makes it hard to figure out who you’re talking about at times. I know on Cast Of Kings you said you didn’t want people to think you were “name dropping” by talking about all the people you knew from behind the scenes. I never felt like that. That’s why I’m listening to YOU because you have insider knowledge or have taken the time to study the show and/or books to connect all the dots that I miss as a simple show watcher. I’ve really enjoyed hearing some of the stuff you wouldn’t know just by watching the show. Like how some of the cast was selected. How they added a new role for someone because they really liked them during casting. Or how the inhaler scene didn’t originally belong to Shannon. As much as I enjoy the Insider Digest, I get completely “Lost” as soon as you start using their Real Names. If it’s possible to use their Character names more or when using the real name that you use both. Or “Real Name” who plays Jack. Or “Real Name” (Jack).... Actually there is one other small complaint. Every time you guys “Bleep” out the spoilers. I’m listening for the spoilers so when you bleep it out but are still talking about it I feel like I’m missing something. Maybe you can put out two versions of the episodes. And just say REALLY LOUD at the beginning of the Storm version that this WILL have spoilers. The Calm version you could keep the bleeps and then cut the episode short of the Start of the Storm. Hey then you’ll have twice as many downloads. At least from me. Mine automatically downloads. Then I just delete the ones I don’t want. Either way I’m going to continue to listen. Still trying to get my daughter caught up on the podcasts.
You’ll be the reason I’ll be rewatching Season 6 since 2010
Long time listener, first time writing in. I've been a longtime fan of your Game of Thrones podcast, and like many people, I was a bit disappointed with how it ended. So similar to how I felt after Lost ended. But when I heard that you were switching over to Lost, I got so nostalgic of my second most favorite show of all time. That is, behind the X-Files and ahead of the Game of Thrones. I've rewatched Lost one other time, back in preparation for the final Season 6, but in 10 years I've not been able to rewatch Season 6. I'm finally jumping in and I can't wait to re-live my best time of my life... My Lost origin story: 2004-2010 were good times. I was in my early 30s working in a cool part of Brooklyn and I just bought my own condo in Brooklyn too. Before that I was living at home, so everything was a new experience for me. Everybody was talking about this new show Lost that just ended its first season. I was determined to find out what all the fuss is about. And so I Netflixed (remember doing that?!) all of Season 1, and get hooked after that. My friends, who were also my coworkers and we lived a few blocks of each other, would often gather for "Lost" nights. We would buy bottles of wines, cook dinner, and dig in to watch the newest episode. Often we would gather at my place as I had the biggest space and the biggest TV after I bought a 46" flatscreen Samsung, which I had paid $1,700 at the time. Oh those days were so much fun. Thanks for helping me re-live those memorable times. Best, Aimee
Lots of Fun, But Let's Not Rush to the Finale
I love the LOST episodes, so glad you guys are digging through such a fun show. That being said, if I can offer a suggestion I'd like to echo Neil's thoughts on zoning out during discussions about events from later seasons and the show's ultimate themes/conclusions/etc. - I haven't rewatched any of it since the show originally aired, so I have zero recollection of how all the later seasons play out. (That's what I'm hoping you guys will help me with as we go through the show =D ). If you guys could spend more time discussing the events of each episode and what happens during the episode and less time tying it in to the island's eventual mythos I think it'd help out folks like myself who may not have the time to rewatch, and who are essentially using the pod as a rewatch by proxy. I can't remember who the Man in Black is, or why or when folks like Richard Alpert show up, and I *especially* have no memory of how the final seasons played out, who was who, when was when, why was it then, did the island travel through time or were they all dead, or is the entire show a Newhart-style fever dream. And I don't necessarily need to know all that during the early seasons - we have plenty of time for that as we get to it, and there's a ton of stuff going on already. Thanks for doing the show, it's been really fun so far, and I'm excited to get through the rest of the show!
A Perfect Transition!
After GOT ended, a LOST Rewatch is the perfect follow-on for this terrific podcast. I was surprised to hear GOT fans grumble about this podcast transitioning to Lost, because despite the 2 shows being completely different in subject matter, there are plenty of similarities: both GOT and LOST were "appointment television", both changed the game for TV is significant ways, both inspired pages & pages of speculation & theorizing, and both endings were seen aas devisive. After real-time coverage of GOT, it's only natural for The Storm to shift to Lost to watch a show on a similar trajectory with the perspective gained from the passing years. Brilliant idea, Dave, Neil & Joanna! As fas as the podcast itself, I love Dave's insights & the way he keeps the podcast moving; I enjoy Neil's observations, and Joanna... well, the first time I heard Joanna's laugh, I think I fell in love with this smart, funny & thoughtful person. Dave brings the geeky brilliance, Neil brings the quirkiness and Joana brings the magic. One of the Best Podcasts Of All Time-- I never miss an episode.
Time to Bite the Bullet
I've been listening to you guys cover Game of Thrones for several years now and enjoyed your podcast so much, I started basing what shows I would watch on what shows you three would be covering. Because of Joanna, I got into Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects, both of which I loved, but I loved the analysis after each episode even more. I'm even listening to The Storm now without re-watching Lost because I remember enough of it to follow along and don't have the time to rewatch the whole series. I follow you all on Twitter and Facebook as well and recently saw a post by Kristin Russo asking for name suggestions for a podcast about My So Called Life, and contributed my suggestion which turned out to be an actual podcast that already exists, "My So Called Podcast." I recently binge listened to the whole, and though it was enjoyable to re-live the episodes after a re-watch a few years ago when the show briefly came to Netflix, I was hoping for more analysis of the characters and thematic discussion rather than just a rehash. That being said, when Joanna just announced she'd be doing the re-watch podcast with Kristin, it was like my dreams coming true! I'm so so excited for this rewatch and podcast. My So Called Life was THE show of my adolescence (I was 12 when it aired and identified so well with Angela Chase). I decided I've been listening to you all and enjoying your podcasts long enough it's time to finally pony up and become a Patreon member, so I've just signed up. Thank you again and whatever you all want to talk about in the future, I'll be there for it. Melissa Shippee @mgsdesigns_net on Twitter
Loved these three covering GOT, and love them covering LOST! I was a LOST superfan when it aired, but never did a rewatch. I had forgotten how great this show was! It’s extra fun to watch along with this pod. If you want to watch for the first time, or rewatch, these three will make you laugh. The best parts are Davey-Gs vast knowledge of some LOST all-detailed book, Neily’s knowledge of the facts from the editors commentary (are you getting these from DVDs?) and JoRobs spot-on take on what is most 2004ish about the show. Sincerely thank you guys, you make me giggle. 😊
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