I LOVE this podcast. I had been listening inactively for a while when I was living back home in Australia, but I have become addicted since moving overseas. Australians have such a unique perspective on the world and Wil is expert at giving his guests the space to share theirs. Usually I prefer the episodes with female guests - I find them to be more interesting conversations - but I’ve just finished the Howie (Mark Howard) episode and am buzzing. What a beautiful man who has had an epic, but somehow normal, life. Thank you Wil and team for making this podcast and especially for increasing the frequency this year. Keep it coming!
Inspired, comfortable, and meaningful
Thank you Wil, for all the years of "nonsense" (read: T/FOFOP), but also the introspection and change. You are an inspiration, and it comes through with every guest. These conversations can help you see through to who you, the listener, are. They are insightful, whimsical, odd, and fun. They all hold a place in my heart. Thank you Wil and guests.
Pastor Brad
Just listened to the Jarrod McKenna episode. Great stuff! Will definitely be listening to more eps in the future.
Great, thoughtful long form interviews punctuated by humor
I listen many of Wil’s podcasts and I love hearing his skill as an interviewer here. He’s really excellent and picks fantastic guest. I always look forward to new episodes, weather his guest is someone else I follow or new to me. Thanks Wil!
I've had a growing appreciation for Wil and when I stumbled upon this podcast it grew even more! I love that he consciously chose to interview an equal amount of men and women. He's great. The guests are great. Listen to it.
Great conversation
I love hearing the interview format plus the questions and the reactions of the guests. This is truly a wonderful podcast to listen to. Very thought provoking. Great job Wil!
philosopher/wilosopher is the same
Deep, insightful ideas delivered with empathy and humour from the guest and Will.
Excellent discussion of gender and education issues.
Great Longform Podcast
Rainforest Elf
I never write reviews, but as I find myself going through the backlog of these episodes, after discovering it only recently, I have to say how amazing it is. Wil is a great conversationalist and he and his guests are funny and insightful. As an American, I'm often unsure of who the guests are, but that does not detract from my enjoyment at all. Great podcast. Maybe my favorite.
Love it
Miss Priss 12
Thoughtful and funny. Wil anderson is a great interviewer and comedian
It's a conversation!
Great format for Wil to have a chat with people. Very funny, intelligent and insightful conversations. This is the best podcast going around.
Terrific & thoughtful longform interview... cannot recommend it enough! This is exactly the kind of podcast i love.
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