December 18, 2019
Interesting Taz Show here!  Taz takes a segment from the CBS Sports Radio show he hosted this week and did a "BCS" (Bench/Cut/Start) on three all-time great Wrestling Managers! But before you get the BCS on Managers well Taz gives his breakdown on his big announcement on leaving CBS Sports Radio plus the Human Suplex Machine discusses in detail his thoughts on the Corey Graves "drama".
December 12, 2019
Taz does a rare Watch Along of his last ECW PPV match in 1999 vs RVD!  This is right before Taz debuted at MSG for WWE,  the Human Suplex Machine brings you into his mindset durning this match and pulls the curtain back a lot on this time in his life and crossroads of his career!  You guys will love this.
December 6, 2019
HUGE Taz Hall here with Taz getting into tons of WWE, AEW & Color Commentary topics! The Human Suplex Machine gives a full detailed and blunt opinions on the Color Commentator landscape in Wrestling.  Also, Taz takes a fan to "Promo School" on STOP signs? Its a must hear folks!
November 25, 2019
Taz gives you a insightful pod here talking the big WWE event known as Survivor Series!  Taz gets into an awesome idea that they should've done during the WWE Universal Championship match with The Fiend!  The Human Suplex machine also gives a full breakdown and full of strong opinions on the Corey Graves and Mauro Rannallo situation from Survivor Series weekend!  You guys will love this episode!!
November 21, 2019
Taz and guest Conrad Thompson talk tons of different topics! Starrcast, infamous Tony Schavonie Roast, WWE Backstage that had CM Punk on it and candid thoughts from both Taz & Connie!  Show is LOADED with insight and laughs!
November 18, 2019
Big Taz Hall episode here with the Human Suplex Machine handling some awesome questions from you all!  Taz give some "free consulting Jones" to WWE on who CM Punk should wrestle IF he comes back to a WWE ring!  Also, did WWE put Taz in the ring to face Jerry Lawler to "teach Taz WWE style"?  Are leaner built wrestlers subject to more injuries as the age from wrestling?  Who should Jericho loss the AEW World Championship to?  And MUCH MORE!
November 14, 2019
Taz gets into the couple of experiences he had with FOX with the WWE Backstage Show along with thoughts on CM Punk arriving and what this means for a Punk/WWE reunion again.  Also, Taz gives a big breakdown on the recent episode of AEW Dynamite from Nashville! Along with discussing details of the audience audio from Full Gear at the arena in Baltimore...  You guys will dig this!
November 11, 2019
This is a awesome podcast from a LIVE Taz Show from Baltimore at Starrcast 4 where Taz guest are Jurassic Express the trio from AEW of Luchasaurus, Jungleboy & Marko Stunt! You will learn a whole bunch about these three young stars from All Elite Wrestling!
October 30, 2019
They are back chatting it up again in 2019...BMF & FTW!  Taz catches up with the WWE HOF'er the Texas Rattlesnake Steve Austin to talk everything going on with Austin currently! Taz & SCSA talk today's current landscape of wrestling with some AEW and WWE conversation that is awesome!  So much in this episode!  ENJOY!!
October 23, 2019
Taz brings a awesome TAZ HALL with some really great questions by you all!  Also, Taz BREAKS SOME NEWS (a few times) in this POD in regards to his future with TAZ SHOW and Radio for 2020!  Who will be the BIG AEW Star in one year? What was AEW vibe LIVE compared to WWE from a backstage perspective? Would the Human Suplex Machine want to manage someone in AEW?  And MUCH MORE!!  Loaded POD guys!
October 17, 2019
Taz has special guest Conrad Thompson on to discuss the details of a discussion from Conrad & Bruce Prichard regarding who did Taz discuss contractually details with in WWF in 1999, Russo or McMahon?  Taz very blunt about his match with HHH when it was "Champion vs Champion" on WWE TV.  Also Taz gives his thoughts on his AEW experience!!  Insightful and fun episode here guys!!
October 9, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine gets into a great convo on his thoughts on NWA youtube show than talks in detail about AEW Dark!  Also, special guest is "Mikey B" who is the main host of a NEW hot podcast that's a must listen!  Great episode here guys!!
October 3, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine gets deep into the woods on episode 1 of AEW Dynamite that was LIVE on TNT!  Taz really gives details on several of the matches and segments from AEW along with a complete detail on what could've been going on in the headsets of the guest commentator (Dr.Britt Baker) and also a few of the things this young energized wrestling company could've do a little bit better on their first TV broadcast.  You guys will LOVE this episode!
September 30, 2019
Taz come at you with a jam packed edition on TAZ HALL with super questions from you guys!!  Difference in the feeling of wrestling in a small studio compared to a huge arena,  Are Managers in Wrestling needed again, William Regal thoughts, is NXT gunning after the Indy demo to take from AEW, should fans CARE which brand gets higher ratings and so much more!!
September 27, 2019
Taz gives you some interesting thoughts on CM Punk along with Rated R Superstar EDGE and where these two men can be headed as soon as next week! The Human Suplex Machine also gives you detailed thoughts on the new RAW and Smackdown Announce Teams!  Plus was Taz spending anytime on the West Coast recently at a studio that rhymes with BOX?  ENJOY!
September 24, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine comes at you with a fresh Taz Hall covering so many great topics!  Talking about the comments that AEW EVP and top star Kenny Omega had on the views of the LIVE NXT show and their wrestlers being "developmental" along with the staged skit that WWE Superstar Lacey Evans pulled in Edmonton with a Mountie while she was getting a ticket!  Also, what if Matt Riddle wrestled Taz back in the day, how non wrestler staffers get/keep respect with the in ring competitors and is AEW roster too small??  Great podcast here guys, ENJOY!
September 19, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine comes at you with a opinion filled reaction to NXT debut LIVE on the USA Network!  Taz Also discusses the WWE Network second hour of NXT they air and his favorite match of the night!  He also gets detailed on AEW and the supposed "War on Wednesdays" into what AEW has been doing that is very smart!  This is an awesome episode of TAZ given a insightful breakdown!
September 17, 2019
Big Taz Hall here from The Human Suplex Machine! Taz gives a candid overview on how WWE dropped the ball on AOP than segues into great topics from you guys from Is Fiend being over exposed? Who will be the breakout AEW Star? Who has the BEST gimmick in wrestling today?  Enjoy!
September 12, 2019
Mike Johnson is BACK fresh off the BIG sit down with CM Punk!  Mike gives his thoughts on that interview also Taz and MJ talking injuries to road life for wrestlers along with AEW the NEW TV situation with AXS TV that Impact Wrestling has!   Than there is great convo on WWE TV ratings and the WWE announcer situation!  Great Pod here!
September 9, 2019
Awesome podcast here where the Human Suplex Machine handles tons of the great Taz Hall questions from you guys! Like where will the NXT matches be on the big WWE PPV weekends, will Takeovers go away? Also Who has more pressure McMahon with XFL starting or Tony Kahn with AEW?  When a wrestler botches a spot is it harder for the announcers?  Did Taz need clearance from Vince go say HERE COMES THE PAIN?  Lots more guys, enjoy!
September 3, 2019
Well this is the big episode 700 of The Taz Show!  No guest, no corny reunions and NO BS!  This is you and Taz spitballin' some memories of all the great episodes of the show and some great current questions from you all. It is very cool to hear talk about some of his thoughts early on in all of the content he has put out to the public! Taz gives thoughts on BLOOD ion the business today, thoughts of in . ring gear the athletes choose to wear, should judges score Pro Wrestling and MUCH MORE! Cant miss epic episode of a great milestone by the Human Suplex Machine!
August 28, 2019
Awesome episode of The Taz Show here folks!  Taz goes into some of the history (and characters) on the Taz Show over the years in a fun convo!  Also, a true lesson i n Catch Wrestling where Taz discusses the influence Catch has had on his career and in his in ring work!  Than, Taz does a FULL breakdown and watch along on a recent episode of MLW Fusion with Timothy Thatcher vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. in a Catch match!
August 22, 2019
Taz jumps into a big TAZ HALL handling some great questions from "you people"!  With his thoughts on the news of WWE starting their own podcast Network.  Who would Taz rather commentate for WWE or AEW? Is there an issue with Cesaro's move set?  Which is the Human Suplex Machine favorite suplex to give an opponent?  Why does WWE always do the recap opens at top of RAW and SD . Live as opposed to tradition opens to their shows?  Whos is gonna won Big Brother 21...and MUCH MORE!!
August 20, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine talks some Monday Night Raw from this week along with thoughts on the Nate Diaz victory on the UFC card this past weekend!  Taz also discusses the Angry Little Bagel Guys meeting and a long discussion on the huge move by WWE and USA Network getting NXT LIVE on Wednesday nights up against AEW!  Is it a competition or not?  Taz breaks it down in true detail for you all!
August 14, 2019
Taz breaks down the field of 16 WWE Superstars and predicts winners from the RAW and Smackdown Live side!  Also in this episode the Human Suplex Machine gives his thoughts on a BIG of Summerslam weekend into TV's for WWE talking Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Roman and lots of Sasha Banks heel turn talk!!  Great podcast here folks...enjoy!
August 12, 2019
Taz is back on CBS Sports Radio for a live SummerSlam Post show extravaganza.
August 7, 2019
Big TAZ Hall here from the Human Suplex Machine!  Which NFL players today would make the best heel and best babyface, what if Taz was in LEGENDS HOUSE who would he want in there with him, so is more unscripted promos a good thing,  WWE stars in cosplay gear good or bad, tons more wrestling chatter and lots of Big Brother 21 talk!
August 5, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine gives a preview of Summerslam before he has guest Dave LaGreca co-creator main host of Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM!  Dave and Taz have an awesome conversation covering tons of topics from WWE, AEW, ECW the wrestling audio landscape "than & now"! Super podcast here folks!
August 1, 2019
Excellent podcast by the Human Suplex Machine where he pays respects to the awesome legendary Wrestling Champion Harley Race where Taz tells a great Harley story including a Cadillac!  Also Taz gives some BIG NEWS about a LIVE Taz Show coming soon!  We also get Taz go into full detail of the topic of NXT Superstar Dominik Dijakovic interaction with Taz including a great content about the whole Tazmission conversation!  You guys will love this episode!!
July 29, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine gets into some awesome topics in this episode!  Not a reaction show and not a TAZ HALL just Taz spitballing about the "NEW" generation of Pro Wrestlers and their mindset compared to Taz's era!  Also, the era before Taz generation had an issue with them and Taz gets into what that was! Really cool info on what dojo was Taz about to go to BEFORE he decided on Johnny Rodz school?  Also, FULL discussion on Vince McMahon producing the WWE announcers! This is a very insightful episode of The Taz Show!
July 25, 2019
Big LOADED TAZ HALL here guys! Taz talks Which woman should've been first 24/7 Champion, what was Taz vs SCSA years ago, wrestlers having one signature color, Big Brother Chatter, AEW dealing with weekly TV responsibilities, who pays for WWE wrestlers gear and MUCH MORE!!!
July 23, 2019
The Human Suplex Machines gives you an awesome conversation about the special RAW REUNION show from Tampa Florida! Taz discusses whats good about WWE not just beating down or punking out all the legendary talent that was on the show to just get over the younger current talent! Also Taz gets into deep ratings discussion and makes a FUNNY MISTAKE! This is a packed edition of the usual "guest free" Taz Show!
July 17, 2019
Taz brings you a great Taz Hall with a ton of WWE and AEW (plus ECW) questions and a small mixture of the CBS reality TV show Big brother 21 questions from some of you! Real good stuff like Taz thoughts on Cody still taking shots at WWE to what wrestling move Taz what have love to do to old school big wrestling moves now being transitional moves to thoughts on Mike Awesome and MUCH MORE!!!
July 11, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine has a completely jammed Taz Hall here with some great questions! Taz gets into which wrestler never hit the true peak in marketability and drawing power, what did Taz love more his announcing career or in ring ECW career to which wrestlers would Taz sit around and smoke cigars with from current and past wrestlers to is WWE leaving the PG era to BB21 chatter and MUCH MORE!
July 4, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine does a rare late night edition on Taz Hall with some amazing questions by you guys! Thoughts on the level of full power that Vince McMahon will allow to Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff from who brings the title belts to the TV shots at Raw and Smackdown to one thing Taz hated while he was working for ECW to AEW Cody chair shot heard round the WORLD!
July 2, 2019
Well the Human Suplex Machine gives his views on the news of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff getting Executive Director roles on Raw and Smackdown respectfully! Also, Taz gets into a really good RAW with Paul Heyman's hands all over it! Taz gives a couple of really interesting and cool concepts of what else they could've done after the Raw staging blew up from the Braun/Lashley segment. Plus thoughts on AJ turning heel, US Title, Maria Kanellis and more!
June 26, 2019
Taz does a packed Taz Hall with some amazing questions answered! Complete thoughts, views and strong opinions on Seth Rollins social media battles with Will Osprey and many other Non-WWE Wrestlers about who has the BEST wrestling, how do wrestlers handle when a arena is not full, Undertaker back on WWE TV soon after SuperShowdown, funny folks behind the scenes in wrestling companies and MUCH more!
June 21, 2019
Absolutely loaded Taz Show here!! Taz gives the person who he feels is the #1 FREE AGENT in Wrestling today, Taz also gives you some thoughts on WWE 24/7 Championship and Taz gives a full detailed Stomping Grounds predictions and how he would book the finishes which is a must listen! The concept on the Rollins/Baron match is great he also shares an amazing idea for Aleister Black future opponent!! This is a great episode guys!
June 12, 2019
This is a jammed packed TAZ HALL covering so many great topics like the main event at Super Showdown for WWE when Goldberg faced off against The Undertaker and why was there so many problems in the match also Taz covers great questions from you guys on Lacey Evans, HHH tagging in Japan with Gallows, Anderson & AJ styles, is WWE Creative handcuffed do to PG and many more!!
June 4, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine dives into a bunch of awesome Taz Hall questions from you guys like WWE worried about AEW, difficulties from writing weekly TV compared to bi-monthly, how a wrestler gets pushed to are fanny packs making a comeback!! On the serious side, Taz with a rare retraction on the Jon Moxley interview.
May 31, 2019
Did Taz enjoy his time in Vegas? Did Taz meet many old buddies? Did Taz like meeting you the fans? Who did Taz CONFRONT? What did Taz think ofAEW big Double or Nothing PPV? All of these questions are answered on this really cool edition of The Taz Show!
May 27, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine in this rare LIVE Taz Show at Starrcast 2 in Las Vegas! Tons and tons of stories, insight & fun! Matt Striker jumps on the show than Mike Johnson hangs out on set with Taz and they knock it around and than the main guest was AEW's MJF! With Taz and MJF on mic together no one is safe!!! This huge special edition of the Taz Show that's loaded! ENJOY!!
May 23, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine hasn't dropped a Throwback Snack in a loooong time and this one is a really awesome one!  Fantasy Draft Edition Top Wrestler of 2015 featuring, The Professor Mike Tenay, The KFJ Seth and TAZ! Enjoy this classic!
May 21, 2019
Taz gets into full detail of why it is a good move for WWE to incorporate a new championship into their mix.,. He explains fully while breaking down each championship from each of WWE brands. Also, the Human Suplex Machine gives his thoughts on Paul E promo from RAW and the return of Brock and what NOT to do to the top Champions! Enjoy folks!!
May 16, 2019
LOADED pod here by Taz!  From the Human Suplex Machine giving his detailed thoughts on the big news of the big AEW TV deal to a WATCH-A-LONG of Tom McGee vs Bret Hart from 1986 to leftover Taz Hall covering several topic including Revival punishment in WWE!
May 13, 2019
Coming off of the very unfortunate tragedy of the legendary luchador Silver King losing his life during a match recently. Taz gets into a deep and much needed discussion about how wrestlers lives NEED to be protected from emergency situations during the LIVE show. This show is LOADED with awesome Taz Hall content with great questions like why is NXT matches better than Main Rosters matches, best music entrances, best facial expressions, which underutilized WWE wrestler can flourish in AEW & much MUCH more!
May 7, 2019
LOADED Left over Taz Hall stuff that is legit questions from all of you! The Human Suplex Machine gets deep into the "cool" wrestlers that were cool than WWE main roster lack of push. You guys will love this episode!
May 1, 2019
Loaded Taz Hall where the Human Suplex Machine gets into many of the questions and topics you guys posted!  Hearing Taz talk about how WWE is doing a horrible job bringing wrestlers up from NXT to main roster. Plus tons more like best footwear to where while wrestling, broadcaster secrets and training tips, most unique wrestlers Taz has seen, AEW chatter and MUCH MORE!
April 25, 2019
WORLDS COLLIDE when these two get on mic!! Taz confronts Conrad for burying him on his podcast platforms, Conrad actual interviews Taz on the rumor from years back that Taz was going to be the driver of the car that ran down Steve Austin! Also really awesome details NEVER shared from Conrad about how and why WWE pulled Undertaker from Starrcast! This podcast is LOADED!!
April 23, 2019
Taz gets into deep detail on the BIG news that he will be appearing at STARRCAST and how it kind of unfolded along with his "heat" with Conrad Thompson. Also, the Human Suplex Machine talks about the other two episodes of Dark Side of the Ring with "Match made in Heaven" and "Montreal Screwjob".
April 16, 2019
The VIKING Experience is the name for the former War Raiders and the wrestling world is going nuts over it! Well The Human Suplex Machine has you covered on this topic and thoughts on WHY the name was changed! Also Ronda taking a break? And what the should've done with EC3 on RAW!
April 11, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine discusses in depth his opinions on the news of a disagreement Micheal Cole had with a newer announce talent backstage at Wrestlemania for his wardrobe. Plus, Taz talks about his time he spent at a recent NXT Takeover event from Brooklyn!
April 8, 2019
Taz covers WrestleMania 35 live on CBS Sports Radio!
April 4, 2019
So for the first time EVER a "DRY" Taz Show! This unique and loaded episode is jammed with great questions from you guys about Wrestlemania to most athletic in WWE to should Seth Rollins defeat Brock for Universal Championship?
March 28, 2019
Taz does a NON Taz Hall edition of the Taz Show with very deep detail of the Smackdown Woman's Championship situation into the all Woman's Main Event at Wrestlemania! Along with the Human Suplex machine discussing in much detail the New Day story with Kofi now heading into Wrestlemania to gun after the WWE Championship. Also, Taz give thoughts on Superstar Billy Graham's comments about Kofi as potential WWE Champion. LOADED SHOW kids!
March 25, 2019
Over ONE HOUR of Taz Hall! Great topic on Taz thoughts on WWE and the recent topic of whats up with Kofi Kingston along with African American wrestlers over years in WWE? Should WWE end the brand split? Where is the long blond hair dudes? Also, The Human Suplex Machine handles a question on what does Ronda need to fix while working in ring? Its a Black Hair, Black Beards and BOOTLEG FTW Belt talk! Enjoy!
March 19, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine has a LOADED Taz Hall edition right here! Tons of great questions by you all!! In this show is a full explanation of why WWE is not concerned with AEW or anyone else BUT he explains the very important reason why WWE doesn't want talent to "jump". Interesting moment early in this podcast where Taz gives a HINT of sorts, is the Human Suplex Machine coming back somewhere??
March 15, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine breakdowns the awesome promo between AJ Styles and Randy Orton from this past Smackdown Live! Plus, Taz goes into detail on his thoughts on the very cool MLW Wrestling!
March 8, 2019
BIG TIME LOADED Taz Hall right There guys! Taz gives an awesome creative direction on how to book Becky Lynch leading in WM, Ronda's beat down on Becky, sweet Asuka concept, thoughts on Double J on the WWE creative team, who sould be next NXT Champion and MUCH MORE!!
March 4, 2019
Most are aware of the very heated and personal twitter beef with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey so Taz weighs in! Also the debut of TAZ VIP 10 and this episode covers NXT most impressive performers from the Human Suplex Machines perspective! Enjoy folks!!
February 27, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine discusses some of the events from Monday Night Raw this past week! Taz talk in detail about some info on Alister Black and Ricochet, Ric Flair B-Day Bash, Stinger, Roman Reigns RETURNS along with the angle for Wrestlemaina for the RAW Womans Championship!
February 22, 2019
Taz goes old school Jones with this episode with a fresh brand new open with some insight on some NEW ECW style Taz merch and than a Throwback Taz Show from December 2015 where Taz did a Breakdown Before Breakout (BBB) on Ricochet! Also is a cool Taz interview with the than ROH World TV Champion (current NXT Star) Roddy Strong!
February 18, 2019
Taz gives a excellent recap on several of the Elimination Chamber matches....the Human Suplex machine also talks about the news of DX being the first inductees going ion the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame!
February 13, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine dives in deep discussing the much talked about situation from WWE RAW with Mr. MacMahon pulling Becky Lynch from WM title match and inserting Charlotte. Along with answering a bunch of Taz Hall questions from Facebook! Another loaded and informative Taz Show!
February 11, 2019
Another jammed packed Taz Hall here with some awesome questions by all of you! Tons of topics discussed by Taz from what makes Velveteen Dream so special, the importance of being sanitary in the biz, what got Taz into graphic design plus MUCH MORE!!!!
February 6, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine dives in DEEP in a very passionate and explosive way on the topic of wrestlers losing when they are leaving a company! Also, great discussion and explanation from Taz on what WWE has been doing with "THE MAN" Becky Lynch on Raw and Smackdown!
February 4, 2019
Thoughts on why Halftime Heat is a great idea! Plus, no more multiple champs? When is proper time to build towards Wrestlemania? Taz with Barstools? Wrestlers that can get over in many era’s? How to book Elias along with a WWE Catering breakdown and much more!! A LOADED Taz Hall you will enjoy!
January 30, 2019
Taz has excellent perspective on the topic of WWE talent leaving the company on their own terms because The Human Suplex Machine has done this. Taz also discusses Double J (Jeff Jarrett)! Also, Taz also at tail end of this pod explains the issue that can be created IF its real and Dean keeps working shows for next few months for WWE!
January 28, 2019
The Human Suplex Machine gives you a full breakdown of the big event in Phoenix! Talking Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, Ronda, Sasha Banks and the intergender wrestling spots with Nia Jax. And as usual Taz is unfiltered and agenda free!
January 25, 2019
The Human Suplex machine gives his unfiltered agenda free thoughts, opinions, suggestions and predictions for this Sundays big event from Phoenix, AZ! PLUS, Taz gives a VERY insightful observation from this past SD Live WWE Championship segment with Vince McMahon, Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles! Enjoy this pod guys!
January 23, 2019
Taz brings a LOADED Taz Hall here with great questions from the We Over nation! Like, is the Velveteen Dream noise a work? Mandy Rose push deserved? Wrestling GMs roles backstage? Which cartoon character would be OVER? Who would inducted BAM BAM Bigelow hall of fame? And MUCH MUCH MORE!!
January 21, 2019
The Human Suplex machine breaks down the big UFC Fight Night 143 from this past weekend in Brooklyn NY! Taz gives strong thoughts on all the fights along with his views on a current UFC star on the card that can be a big star in WWE! Also, a UFC announcer finds himself in the cross hairs of Taz in this podcast along with thoughts on the much talked about early stoppage in the big Champion vs Champion match between Cejudo vs Dillashaw!
January 17, 2019
Its back its back its a THROWBACK SNACK! Taz gives awesome in sight to this amazing match between two WWE Major Superstars BEFORE they were in WWE! The Human Suplex Machine pulls the curtain back several times to breakdown this great match in front of roughly 40 people in a little building near Buffalo NY, ENJOY!
January 14, 2019
Pete Dunne future, tons of AEW, Road Life & MORE! The Human Suplex machine has a packed Taz Hall here covering lots of AEW including discussion on if "ALL IN" will be AEW Wrestlemania! Also, Pete Dunne on main roster? Taz/Cole heat? Missing Road Life? Strongest Wrestler Taz faced? And MUCH MORE! Packed show!
January 7, 2019
Taz kicks off his 2019 series same way he left off with insight and strong opinions! The Human Suplex Machine talks about all the chatter on Independent Wrestler Priscilla Kelly and if she crossed the line or not, full thoughts on the new AEW along with talking WrestleKingdom 13! And Taz also refelcts on the late great Mean Gene.
December 26, 2018
Taz close out 2018 with a LOADED Taz Hall episode! The Human Suplex Machine goes in deep detail on a theory of WHY AJ Styles knocked out the COB Vince McMahon on SD Live! Plus lots of awesome questions from you all including topics about Kenny Omega (and his future), what goes into a finisher, struggles from NXT to main roster & MUCH MORE!!! Enjoy & Happy New Year!
December 21, 2018
Taz gets deep in talking a full NXT episode from this past Wednesday! From strong opinions on the "4 HorseWomen" gimmick to BIG Otis to who NOT to mention before a main event!!
December 19, 2018
Taz gives you a lovely blend or some would say mix of some TLC, RAW & Sd Live! The Human Suplex Machine gives his usual strong opinion on a big pushed segment from RAW, the BIG shake up! Also, whats wrong with taking SD Woman's Title off Becky? Whats wrong with ROLLING OUT all the new up & coming NXT stars at one time? These questions answered in this awesome Taz Show.
December 13, 2018
Before Taz gets into a full detailed breakdown of his TOP 5 Babyfaces for 2018 he goes into talking about Bobby Fish of NXT, very enjoyable & informative listen! Enjoy!
December 11, 2018
Taz jumps in deep explaining what REALLY went on in Seth Rollins promo towards Baron Corbin during a very good edition of RAW! Also, great insight on the NEW Raw Tag Champions especially Bobby Roode, what did Taz feel was done in bad taste? All that and MUCH MORE in this episode of The Taz Show!
December 10, 2018
The Orange & Black Attack TAZ talks details about the recent hack job by WWE also gets into talking about Double J Jeff Jarrett at an NFL game! The Human Suplex Machine gets into detail of the Top 5 Heels for WWE in 2018!
December 4, 2018
The Human Suplex Machine must be TRYING to be completely BLACKED OUT by WWE. Whats wrong with breaking up two guys in that were push hard together for so long in kneejerk fashion? TAZ give blunt statements on how Bobby Roode is being handled! They took the HEAT off two heels at two different times and TAZ explains in full angry detail the major issue with that. And TAZ gives another great idea to WWE for free...again!
December 3, 2018
Do wrestlers have say in match types they are in? Should WWE buy a spot to air during Super Bowl? Did Taz use many Powerlifting movements in his prime in the gym? Does Taz like or dislike that there isn wrestling content on YouTube? MUCH MORE!!
November 30, 2018
Taz has been keeping this idea undercover for quite some time but NOW he lets the cat outta the BAG! The Human Suplex machine goes deep in the woods with detail in sharing this awesome creative concept (shares the names for the Fantasy Tournament also!) that is really needed WWE today!
November 27, 2018
Well after all the buzz of this "really bad" episode of RAW our resident Human Suplex Machine took to the microphone and basically went off! Also in this a great creative idea they should've went with for the three big heels on Elias!
November 21, 2018
Welp, Taz snapped a little bit about how WWE Smackdown was handled after coming off of getting SMOKED by RAW from mSurvivor Series! The Human Suplex Machine also reads some of your tweets along with a GREAT idea that Daniel Bryan could've done with the actual WWE Championship belt! Explosive episode here!
November 19, 2018
Taz Recaps Survivor series 2018 Live on CBS Sports Radio.
November 16, 2018
Who does Taz want to see fills that 5th spot on the Woman's 5 on 5 Team for Smackdown? Why WWE had Becky pick Charolette? Why did WWE have becky do the picking? Who wins DB or Brock? All these questions answered in this loaded Taz Show! ENJOY!
November 13, 2018
Taz jumps on talking the Woman's division mayhem from Raw and gets into what he really disliked during this exciting go home Raw for Survivor Series! The Human Suplex Machine also talks details on the BIG Survivor Series Post Taz Show SPECIAL!
November 12, 2018
The Human Suplex Machine gets into what the WWE has on tap for the big RAW that broadcast LIVE the Monday before Survivor Series 2018! Taz gets into some scenarios of where they could be headed with the Men & Woman 5 on 5 Traditional SS match up's along with his thoughts on Stephanie McMahon and Universal Champion Brock Lesner being back on this episode of RAW!
November 7, 2018
Do they care what you think? Referees have a tough gig? Well TAZ HALL 6 is here and it is absolutely LOADED! So many great questions from you guys from Facebook and Instagram! Enjoy!!
November 5, 2018
Taz gets into the main chatter of the WWE huge event in Saudi Arabia known as CROWN JEWEL and the insane booking of several matches! Its a fun pod because Taz tries to give you some "sunshine" on many of your cloudy thoughts on the booking decisions of this show!
November 2, 2018
Well that is Taz special guest in this pod he is a spectacular artist named MACHE! From Nikki Bella to Big Braun to Taker to Shane 'O Mac! This dude hand paints some amazing illustrations on these WWE Superstars footwear and paints up tons on NFL & NBA athletes game-day footwear!
October 31, 2018
Well Mike Johnson joins Taz as they discuss MANY wrestling topics including Evolution, Crown Jewel & House Hardy Halloween! the MEXICAN MUSIC back???? Great episode here folks!
October 29, 2018
Taz has been known to be outspoken many times while covering WWE content, many times it positive at times its a negative critique. Well there is a point in this podcast where Taz gives a very detailed perspective on why WWE needs to be careful of how they portray their younger talent that will keep Taz on the "DO NOT DISTURB" list with WWE! This is a MUST listen!!
October 26, 2018
Working on Crown Jewel? Roman slot? Seth Rollins push? Tons of great questions by you guys in the 5th edition of Taz Hall Meeting! From who fills Romans slot TO call ups from NXT TO does Taz have any favorite TNA accomplishments TO would Taz work on Crown Jewel TO Luchadors getting over in WE TO the Muffin Man and MUCH MORE!!
October 24, 2018
Taz old chum Jeff Jones gives the OTHER side to the Taz v Mike Awesome Match from Indy as Jones was Awesome's Manager at that time! Also some great ROH & NJPW chatter being that Jeff worked with ROH for years behind the scenes! Great pod here guys!!
October 19, 2018
Taz goes into detail breaking down this first episode of NXT UK from Cambridge England! And what was LOW BUDGET their new show??
October 17, 2018
Taz is joined by Mike Johnson discussing this past weekends Impact Wrestling BFG along with talks about Abyss going in thier Hall of Fame! Than Discussion goes into "no Taz at Smackdown 1000!" you guys will love this!
October 15, 2018
Taz Hall 4 right here going into bunch of questions from FB and IG! Who would Taz manage today? Will the NEW WWE NXT UK drain WWE NXT on Wednesdays? Will the HUGE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia happen? Plus MUCH MORE!
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