Quit giggling about Lindsey Graham.
Cindi U
I will listen to the podcast that was reviewed , but please quit being a 12 year old girl. I used to be a Patreon supporter, but Rebecca’s immaturity is very annoying.
Get to the point already!
Great idea for a podcast but they take way way waaaay too long to get to the topics they are covering.
No longer my top
Was my favorite. It was funny, informative and couldn’t wait to listen. After show is better than original .
Highlight of my week
I love this podcast! I trust the reviews and the hosts are incredible. I feel like I’m sitting in a cozy living room (or maybe cramped basement studio 😉) with a few great friends talking about true crime. I also love the ads and never get tired of the cheesy transitions (you go, Kevin!) You guys are the best!
Love it!
smiling redhead
I love this podcast! Rebecca, Kevin, Lara and Toby are like friends I get to hang out with once a week!
Way too much filler
This used to be a great podcast but they keep adding more and more filler and ads to each episode. Most episodes are well more than a hour long but the actual content people want only takes up about 50-60% of each episode. It's gotten so bad that most episodes don't actually start til around the eight minute mark, but yet this is a very simple and low budget podcast that basically only consists of four people chatting in front of microphones. The amount of ads in each episode is completely unreasonable.
Hate the Swearing!
I tried to get into this podcast as I am a huge True Crime junkie. Way too much upfront talk and the F bombs totally distract from the content.
Loyal Listener
Love this podcast. It makes me think about journalism, storytelling, media and the justice system from all different angles and views.
sheilas new man
Adnan is guilty you idiots
Going downhill
I stopped listening to MFM due to the 10-20 min of rambling intro I’d have to FFWD through to get to the actual content. I find CWO is starting to have the same problem. Save the personal stories for the Patreon please. The main host seems very close minded and seems to harp on the other hosts when they have dissenting opinions until they agree with her. Or, she’ll argue her case, let them voice theirs, and then reiterate her case again. It’s like she just HAS to have the last word. It’s seems she is the only member of the group that raises her voice at the others. Admittedly I tend to side with Kevin in most things. He clearly has way more chill and level-headedness than his wife.
Arrogance of hosts unbearable. Zero empathy.
Okay. I had to come back and change my one star review to three stars. Kevin’s illness has actually brought me to tears, and even though my other points still stand, I decided that I was being unfair as I occasionally agree with the reviews. So yes even prickly academics such as myself can change our minds. Kevin please take care of yourself. Okay here is my original review: If you are expecting a true crime podcast then this is NOT the podcast for you, unless you want to listen to four extremely privileged, very self-unaware professional writers viciously — and I do mean viciously — criticize other podcasts for an hour. They reserve a special hatred for the indie podcasts that have energized cold cases (see “Up and Vanished” — the self-anointed “Crime Writers” hate the fact that an indie podcaster’s coverage of a cold case in the town in which he grew up helped to crack the case. They spend a pathological amount of time ridiculing the southern accent et cetera of that podcast’s creator). They will hate the podcast in question especially if it is popular, narrated by a man or men, and if it lacks an overtly political element with which they agree (and I say this as a person very aware of and sympathetic to these issues). So, for example, if True Crime Obsessed’s Patrick happened to be a straight guy, they would rip the show apart. I hate to say this about their approach but it is true and quite evident if one listens to a series of episodes. This fact is disturbing, and there is also the constant praising/handholding of Rebecca. The other hosts must perform these duties. Why?! These hosts also, frequently, ignore and/or are oblivious to specific aspects of the podcasts they have decided to judge (again who chose these people and for what reason? This is baffling frankly). In the most recent episode they dismissively review Man in the Window, which is about the Golden State Killer, and they don’t even mention the interview with the real-life Bonnie (Bonnie is very likely the person that the GSK was mumbling about angrily in his lengthy and horrifying wanderings around the homes he had invaded while the victims were tied up in their bedrooms) — which by itself is extraordinary. They also of course mention that they are aware of (jealous of?) the popularity of the podcast. Honestly it’s grossly unprofessional. Laura’s butchering of every aspect of the Teacher’s Pet update on Chris Dawson’s murder trial including the new charges for sexually abusing a minor, a legal case with spectacular implications for Australian law, was just so cringeworthy in the most recent episode. Laura’s lack of awareness of the immense significance of the case points to a very insular worldview. Seriously this show seems to exist so that Rebecca can be praised (when she demands that she be praised of course — the others reluctantly fall in line), cackle endlessly and inappropriately as though she thinks we are all charmed by her ugly cackle, and indulge in stupid endless tangents about HERSELF. This is supposedly a True Crime podcast yet she talks about her love of soap operas for way too long in the most recent episode (and she does this sort of thing all the time as though we will find it “cute” I suppose). As an English professor I found it painful to listen to Kevin’s clunky philosophizing about the use of the present tense in the Man in the Window (the only reason I listened was that I was mildly interested in their discussion — of course they shat upon the podcast). Their review was also excruciating. Also Kevin you seem to be afraid of your wife — ??! Update: someone is disturbed by my review! :( boohoo! I have to add since Rebecca CONSTANTLY criticizes everyone’s use of language that the correct expression is “even a broken clock is right TWICE a day” — not once a day Rebecca. Sigh. You know...am and pm...But yes go straight back to your throne/bar stool and let the hideous cackles pollute the ether. This show, since it critiques other shows w/out producing any original work on its own, is in a way similar to True Crime Obsessed — MINUS every single bit of the humor and humility and empathy and talent and glory that Patrick and Gillian bring to their brilliant show. I’ve been putting this off since I hate writing bad reviews but recent episodes have pushed me over the edge. In the GoT episode not only did they indulge in their worst tendencies but they also displayed a near-total lack of knowledge regarding GoT (Game of Thrones). And ffs if Toby, who always sounds like he’s choking on his own phlegmatic narcissism, hates GoT and the genre of fantasy so very much sniff sniff sniff, then why torture US with his shallow and pointless “review?” Let him stay at home. No one will miss him. The writers’ unbearable arrogance is absurd given the fact that they *think* they are the best writers in the world — ordained by no one to judge ALL other writers and podcasters. This is the show’s affliction in general. I am an academic so I’m all for studying and critiquing the skills of particular writers. But this show is obnoxious (Rebecca’s cackle alone makes me believe in harpies) and their highly critical stance is unearned. The laughably silly “review” of the GoT series finale shows how totally disconnected they are from the material they choose to cover. Let me guess...you jumped into GoT for the possible extra listeners??! I have put off posting my true thoughts for a longtime but this show is just out of control. Humbug.
Favorite Podcast
I recommend this podcast to all of my friends who like true crime and it is the first podcast I listen to on the day it is released. I use their reviews to find most of my other podcasts. The four hosts are hilarious and have great interactions. To top it off, the Facebook group is an amazing community!
Great podcast
JMR 1779
I can never wait to hear what they are going to review so I can go watch or listen to it asap
Late to the party but binging my way through!
I have been loving this podcast. I’ve been craving more discussion and hearing actual educated differing opinions in a respectful convo. Thanks for filling the void! Most of the other shows pick a way they are going to steer the narrative that can make for a very one sided listening experience that leaves me feeling frustrated. I also tend to do a ton of research after every podcast I listen to to see what else is out there about it, so I love that I get to learn more from CWO and get their different takes on subjects and get lots of recommendations for articles, books, podcasts and other shows to check out! I also love that you talk about everything true crime including tv shows like sharp objects, etc. This show is a treat for fans of all things true crime!!
Fair Criticism
If you have a problem with women cursing, F off, this isn’t a podcast for you. I find these 4 True Crime Writers give fair criticism and recommendations of many podcasts, tv shows, and books. Lots of extras if your a Patron. If not, enjoy every hilarious segue into their ads.
Potty Mouth
For women who propose that they are intelligent cannot express themselves without using the ‘F’ bomb. Very childish.
Main Ego
I have listened for a long time. It used to be a must listen and through the crime writers I learned about many other interesting podcasts and tv shows. Unfortunately, I find I am enjoying the show less and less. Instead of the thoughtful and insightful commentary I appreciated so much the first four years, the show morphed into a vehicle for one host. She started off as facilitator, greatly needed for a panel show, but it’s become her show. For the past 6-12 months, she seems to “jokingly” tolerate the presence of her co-hosts, leaving in her prompts and interruptions of the others with her “comedic” approval or disapproval of their opinions. I have also been disappointed by the co-hosts’ latent racism, although some are more prone to foible than others. For example, in a review of “Big Little Lies,” the host repeatedly called out the items left on a character’s table as belonging to the character’s “voodoo mama.” The intention was to address the show’s issue in appropriately representing POC. There was absolutely more to say, but it went unsaid so we could hear the cringeworthy phrase repeatedly. In retrospect, I should not have joined the Facebook group, in which discussions are periodically disrupted by the host/admin chastising participants based on her misinterpretation of a thread. There have also been times where the main host has passive aggressively addressed fan group posts on air based on her misinterpretation. I felt bad for the authors of the posts on these occasions, knowing the background simply from reading them. I’ve dipped out of the group and the podcast, but plan to check again in the future to see if the ship has righted itself. I sincerely hope it does. My best wishes to the Crime Writers family for their continued success and a speedy recovery for Kevin.
Perfect for any true crime fan.
This is one of only two podcasts I am a patreon of. They are enjoyable to listen to and are very intelligent. They give great honest reviews as as a whole group they don’t always agree so you get different view points. This podcast has definitely helped me discover so many more great shows and is a great guide for any true crime fan.
Easy Listen, Great Puns
Love this podcast, love the hosts! Once you get to know them, you’ll keep coming back to be apart of their lives. I really like that they tell you ahead of time what they will cover in future episodes, that way I can watch or listen and be prepared to listen to future episodes. Great job. Love the critic aspect to the show!
My favorite podcast!
My all time favorite podcast! The one show that I listen to the episodes more than once.
High quality perspectives of true crime
Rebecca, Kevin, Toby, and Lara bring great insights to the often sensationalistic and overly simplistic genre of true crime. I couldn’t recommend this pod more highly.
My favorite listen of the week
A great podcast is fun people having intelligent conversations about interesting topics. These guys are a blast to listen to; and I won’t pick up a new true crime podcast without getting the thumbs up from here first. A great show.
One of my faves
Raine M.
Love this podcast! The format, the hosts, the humor, the reviews...love everything!
Love these guys!
Been listening since the earliest days of Serial reviews. It’s like listening to friends discuss things you’re interested in & laughing along side them.
Awesome! Top notch!!
Bqi qbi
I love this podcast! Love the reviews....offers perspective with substantial reasoning for listeners to consider. The rhetoric breakdown always gives a chuckle; and differing opinions are valuable. Perspectives from professional writers on current content is appreciated! Please do not stop! Excellent!
Cannot wait for next episode
Old News Hen
The best thing about Monday morning is waking up early to listen to Crime Writers On before starting my day. I so appreciate the reviews - they have led me to so many excellent shows and podcasts that I might have missed otherwise. Love the four of them and their great senses of humor.
Smarts and sass
I like the deconstruction of all types of stories. The team often hears things I haven't, and they take me for one more spin around the narrative big wheel. I find most of my next pods and shows because of CWO. Thanks! 🐈😀 🔪 🕵️‍♀️
The best!
I look forward to this podcast every week! Tony, Rebecca, Kevin, and Lara have the best chemistry and I love hearing their views on podcasts, shows, and more. I have found I generally agree with their reviews and their insights actually give me an even deeper appreciation for well done podcasts. They make me laugh and just today got me through the mondayest of Mondays.
Weekly must listen
My favorite weekly podcast...and guides much of what else I listen to.
Great people with great reviews
When the Crime Writers give something a thumbs up, I know I need to check it out. This show is my #1 resource for reviews. Plus they’re funny as hell - I love Rebecca’s laugh, Kevin’s ad transitions, Lara’s adventure stories, and Toby’s Tobiness. BFF, even if they don’t know it.
Funny & insightful
I love this show! The hosts thoughtfully analyze and critique true crime podcasts. Their reviews have made me think more about what I’m spending my time listening too & how well a podcast is put togethe. They are also funny and relatable and have awesome ad transitions!
My favorite podcast: Crime!
I started listening when I was looking for another podcast about Adnan's story and saw they record in NH which is local to me. Love all the episodes and their recommendations for other true crime podcasts, series, books, tv etc to listen/watch/read. It has structure but flexibility, unlike other podcasts who just talk all over the place. Also all the voices are clear and you can hear everything they say, again unlike other podcasts where there are different levels of microphone recording. And they are funny! Go Rebecca, Kevin, Lara and Toby! PS The best intro podcast music too!
Best of the best
Capitola Tess
The four participants are outstanding. I look forward to this one every week, and wish the summer season didn't mean biweekly...I miss them!
Top Notch
One of the few podcasts I have to listen to immediately when a new episode lands in my feed. They’re funny, insightful, and smart... and I feel like they’re all my friends. 10/10 will always listen.
My Go-To On Monday Mornings
Truely Me
I love starting my weeks with these four hosts. They’re funny & insightful & imperfect and I love them. The Crime Writers introduce listeners to the great (and not so great) True Crime content that’s available in various mediums. I love the discussions & that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Their Facebook community is also a place where I feel like I’ve met “my people” when it comes to True Crime & criminal justice obsessions. Five stars!
Always first for me!
I love the hosts, they have great chemistry with each other. Also their reviews are fair and don’t “punch down”. One of my “must listen as soon as downloaded” shows!
Always My First Listen
I've been listening to Crime Writers On since the beginning when I was listening to Serial and had no one in my life to talk about it with and have been a dedicated fan ever since. Even when I don't agree with their reviews (although I usually agree with at least one of the four) I always appreaciate the team's insights and this is one of the few podcasts I listen to that always make me laugh out loud. If you need help navigating the ever growing library of true crime media out there, trust the Crime Writers to guide you to the best and help you avoid (or at least laugh about) some of the worst.
One of my favs!
This is a highlight of my week and definitely influences what I am watching/listening to.
My favorite Podcast
My favorite true crime related podcast - love listening to Kevin, Rebecca, Toby and Laura each week as they breakdown different podcasts, series and documentaries.
Crime Writers
I love this podcast! This quad of very talented people are professionals in media and it shows. From audio quality to writing their own material; everything about CWO is fresh. It’s because of this team that my list of things to watch true crime-based has continued to grow. If you’re always looking for the next thing to binge watch and talk about around the water cooler, then you’ve found the right podcast.
Worth the Listen for Sure
I love this panel of people. I am often times laughing out loud listening to them. They are funny and help you to determine if something is worth the listen or not. Have listened to some really good podcast due to their rating!that I might not have otherwise listened to. Entertainment value is high!
Has become a sophisticated review podcast
Their coverage of crime podcasts, tv shows, and other media is very astute and really analyzes the elements that make a successful podcast as well as good storytelling.
This has quickly turned into my favorite podcast. I look forward to each week and have really learned a lot.
MUST SEE TV (of podcasts)
A highlight of my Monday’s, this show is the best!!
My Absolute Favorite
Every Monday I look forward to getting in the car and listening on my way to work!
Find your next favorite podcast!
The Crime Writers are knowledgable about true crime of course, but also storytelling and making a great podcast. They do the hard work of listening to lots of new stuff and let us know which ones are awesome so we should listen, too! It's also just fun listening to them talk.
Honest reviews
The best review podcast there is!
Love the podcast and hosts!
Started listening to the episodes about Serial through Downcast way back. Been with them ever since. I enjoy their banter that they can have differeing opinions about subjects and are respectful of each others opinions. I enjoy the content so much I joined their Patreon
Great Chemistry
My first listen on Monday when it drops. A great source of information about what is best to listen to with the explosion of true crime podcasts. Funny and friendly group of podcasters that I enjoy spending time with.
Hands down the best true crime podcast
Fun banter, thoughtful commentary, and exquisite audio quality.
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