For everyone
I love how you can be yourself. I also enjoy the variety of different people in the field that you interview in this podcast. I like how there is healthy talks and questioning! I learn something new every time I listen.
Working with this playing
LT Horowitz
I don’t remember how I came across this years ago but I’m so glad I did. I am an illustrator and have spent hours listening to SBKs conversations while working. I also relate as some what of a kindred spirit- I am some one who suffered from dyslexia in their childhood like Scott. This podcast is empowering and helps me make sense of the world. If you ever need any editorial art, feel free to get in touch!
Really gets your nogging thinking
Allows you to really hear a good conversation that is honest constructible and allows you to think outside your own box and step back and listen to interesting people with diffrent presoectives.
Learnt a lot. Thank you
A gem
I think most of us are interested in psychology...and there are tons of podcasts out there to choose from. This one is unique in that it is solid academically without being boring. I like that he brings in experts and talks about what is and isn’t known on the subject at hand...but also keeps it fun and interesting! It’s like taking a psych class again but with a fun and relatable and passionate professor
Great podcast
I’ve donated to very few podcasts, so the fact I’ve given to support this one means I’ve put my money where my mouth is here! Scott Barry Kaufman is such a likable guy with such a compelling personal story. It’s a thought-provoking joy to hear him interview psychology experts about interesting topics. He invariably asks the questions I wanted to ask them myself, as well as brings in questions and information I never would have thought of. Highly recommend.
Excellent content for the ones who dig deep into KNOW THYSELF! I have just discovered this podcast and I will keep listening! Thank you for sharing! Best!
Great for all times
I love this podcast! Sometimes it makes me mad but I’ve grown tired of music and planet money and fallen in love with the psychology podcast
One episode so far
2 self-satisfied men in convo. One claims to have coined the expression “psychological flexibility.” Can you imagine?
Super interesting and educational!
I recently came across this podcast, I have been looking for a podcast that is stimulating to listen to and that also teaches me stuff, and this podcast covers it way better than I could’ve imagined! So many topics that I have been curious about get covered. I cannot say enough good things. Thank you so much for having this podcast, I feel like I have learned so much in the short span I have been listening. Scott doesn’t just agree with his guests he also questions them in constructive meaningful ways and I appreciate that so much! ❤️❤️❤️
Great podcast - must listen!
If you like learning about science in a way that’s interesting and easily accessible, you should listen to this podcast. I’ve been listening to this podcast for around 4 years, and I always get excited when a new episode comes out.
Intriguing and Stimulating
I absolutely love this podcast! Scott doesn’t come across as conceited nor does he speak condescendingly to his audience or guests. He is seemingly down to earth and discusses a wide variety of psychological and sociological perspectives. I always feel energized and motivated after listening to this!
Refreshing and rejuvenating!
This podcast is honest and and extremely informative. Thank you Dr. Scott!
A big fan
I love the interviews and information presented in this podcast.
Sound Quality
I wish I could like this podcast and make it a regular listen. The topics are fascinating. However, the low sound quality is not worth enduring when there are so many other great listening options.
On the edge
I love this podcast because of the guests, however, the host comes off as very disrespectful.
A lot of fun!
Marcio Silveira, CFP, CFA
It is great fun to listen to this podcast. On top of the fun there is a lot of sound and useful knowledge. I really enjoy it!
I wanted to like this podcast
I wanted to like this podcast but in his recent episode he essentially says America was never great. He doesn’t deserve my time or attention and I wish I could get the time I spent listening to this podcast back. I wish he would get his head out of his butt. I wish psychology wasn’t so completely biased. It’s a shame.
Undergrad student
I’m an undergraduate student right now in psychology and I’m so eager to learn and understand social sciences. This podcast has truly helped me understand what side of psychology I have a larger love for. I also love it because I’m still learning different sides of psychology that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to in a public University. I feel lucky to grow my knowledge with this podcast.
Therapist 1
I totally have a crush on the hosts dorky n geeky humor. On a serious note, the podcast is better than any other psychology podcasts out there. So grateful to be able to listen to this while gardening, cleaning etc. Definitely use the information in my practice with working with veterans. It motivates me to pursue a PhD. I wish there was an episode on how a therapist can get into a PhD program in psychology with horrible GRE scores. :-)
Life changing Podcast!
A must listen, the depth and breadth of Scott’s topics and guests keep this podcast fresh. Which is hard to find. I search all the other psychology podcasts and keep returning here. Thanks Dr. SBK!
My favorite podcast
Carly Broadway
Every single podcast gives me a different insight on the world of psychology today. I’m a recent college psychology graduate who is eager to learn more and grow my depth and understanding of the social sciences. Dt. Scott Barry and his guests never fail to amaze me - each podcast blows my mind! I’ve been listening for a few months now and have never been disappointed. A highly recommended podcast - give it a listen.
Good work
I really enjoy these podcasts. I’m a student of clinical psychology (at 49 years old).
Amazing host
I am so grateful for Scott’s unending enthusiasm and ability to ask questions of his guests with attention, curiosity, and grace.
Enjoyable and educational
An enjoyable approach to challenging topics with meaningful take-a-ways. Nuggets of knowledge that can be applied to improve one’s daily life and mental health. I’m hooked.
Addictively thought-provoking
One of my favorite podcasts out there. Great content generated by great thinkers—Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman and all of his guests. Highly recommend for anyone interested in psychology, and/or more specifically, for anyone who wants to pursue psychology at the doctoral level. Plenty of material to get your mind stimulated and your curiosity piqued.
My All-Time Favorite Podcast
Yours truly :D
Such thought-provoking content and conversation, and it's so enjoyable. Thank you, Scott, for doing what you do — it's definitely beneficial, worthwhile content. I'm not a psychologist or scientist but I feel like a part of the discussions and get so much out of them. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!
Franko sal
In my opinion the information presented here is very interested. However, The energy in the tono voz for the presentator is low, I think he has to put more energy.
Ida Ganji
I love this podcast! It is awesome! I am not a psychologist but totally enjoy it and find it really informative
Absolutely fantastic!
From a range of influential guests, questions with incredible depth, & a general good vibe, this podcast is my favorite. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in thought provoking conversation.
Keeping me connected
As a alumni from the MAPP program at Penn I am naturally very interested in many of the topics Scott discusses. But it’s his honest & genuine passion (not to mention his deep knowledge) for the topics he covers that truly shines through and I find compelling. Like most people I find it’s not easy to stay connected to personal interests in a busy life, Scott is my connection & allows me to stay closely tied to the “conversation “ in all things psychology..Thanks! Jared In Erie PA
Best Psychology Podcast
Just stumbled onto this Podcast! I really am finding it very informative and it is expanding my knowledge on many topics!
Insightful questions expert answers
Dr. Kaufman does his homework to ask insightful questions and he uses rapport to get interesting answers from his guests. He’s not afraid to ask hard questions. He finds cutting-edge guests with important, engaging information to share.
Great insight! Great information! I have zero training or formal education in the world of psychology but I have discovered a thirst for knowledge in this field and this podcast really speaks to me. SBK is obviously knowledgeable and prepared but for this newbie he keeps it real without using too much insider talk and puts the info out in easily digestible packets that help me follow along and become familiar with these new ideas. Thank you Dr. K !!
Good stuff!
Right swipe
Fascinating topics and continuously has compelling guests. Each episode I learn something new and insightful that I can bring to my life and it opens up the way I think about the human condition. Tone of the conversations are great as well. Dr. Kaufman and his guests are engaged, thoughtful, humble, and find the space for humor in it all.
Thought Provoking
This is everything I want in a podcast. It is insightful, thought provoking and educational.
My favourite Podcast By Far
Gareth Manning
I've listened to every episode and am deeply grateful for each and every one of them. I cannot more strongly recommend SBK's immensely valuable work. He's an amazing human being. I've learned an enormous about myself as a person and as an educator from this podcast and am sure you will, too. :)
Unique P.O.V
This person has a unique perspective and character that makes the conversations extraordinary insightful and meaningful. I particularly love his authenticity. I’ve learned so much from them.
Far beyond psych 101
There’s nothing traditional going on here folks. :) The name, The Psychology Podcast, is somewhat of a misnomer. Dr Kaufman integrates perception, language, mind/brain theories, culture ....and so much more! discuss and dissect the human condition in our world today. Topics range from ‘what we can learn from ancient tribes’ to ‘what is happiness’. Every episode blows my mind or makes my neurons giggle. We are brought up to speed on the latest topics and theories in psychology to ultimately expand our own tiny inner spheres of reality.
Topics will bring insight to your life
I recently started podcasting as part of my New Year resolution to improve mindfulness & spend my time meaningfully. I work in the field of psychology, so I have tried many different stations on the subject. This is my favorite due to the respected guests, personality of the host, & insight which comes from each episode leading to many aha moments throughout. This podcast enhances my love of, commitment to, and application of psychology.
One of my favorite things about my days!
I am a new listener, and I was extremely shocked by how intelligent, yet easy to listen, the tone of this show is. It is so informal, and the personalities, as well as the host, always keep things interesting! If you are thinking about giving this show a try, please do! You really will not regret doing so!
A Continual Treat
Dr Kaufman appears to have a never ending supply of fascinating subjects and intriguing guests. I love the way he approaches his guests in a friendly, genuine, knowledgeable manner and is not hesitant to express a differing point of view which leads to compelling debate. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I look to his podcast as s source of introduction to new concepts and adding depth to my current practices. Thank you Dr. Kaufman!
Brilliant podcast, Dr. Kaufman’s an excellent host.
Dr. Kaufman’s podcast is an excellent platform for those interested in the psychological sciences. He prepares very thorough interviews of fascinating guests from a variety of backgrounds. A regular listen for me. I would like to request a discussion on the rising trend of CBD-based antidepression treatments.
Just what I was hoping for.
I feel as though I’ve uncovered a vast treasure trove of knowledge and insight. I’m grateful the content isn’t buried between too many ads as well. Thank you! Edited, December 26, 2018. As I continue to download and digest all of your episodes I am left feeling that one small change would lead to a huge improvement in the structuring of your episodes. For those of us that are Beginners and perhaps don’t know very much about psychology in general - would you consider beginning each episode with a brief explanation or general definition of the topic that will be covered during the episode? I just finished listening to the episode about the replication crisis, and was holding out for about 10 minutes waiting for some definition of what the replication crisis refers to. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully.
Sharon Ogren
Thank you, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufamn! This podcast opens up my mind, my heart, and my imagination. Interesting, enjoyable, and educational. I highly recommend.
Real data, Real people, Real research
I believe that some of the most important conversations of our time are taking place here. Scott makes the research very accessible, challenges his guests, keeps the diversity of his listeners in mind, and strives to enhance the field and humankind (at large).
The psychology podcast
The host is annoying and sound quality is so bad
Good guests and topics but can’t stomach a whole episode
This is a great podcast. It truly will expose your conscience to new heights and ways to become a better and more effective human being, starting from the inside out. I’m amazed with each episode. Keep up the great work!
The best!
I love this podcast! It’s up there with TED talks. He interviews some of the most brilliant people and asks all the right questions. Simply the best!
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