April 13, 2020
Good afternoon crew! I have some good news for those of you who’ve requested “more episodes, more often!”     As my schedule doesn’t allow me to record like I used to, I’ve found a crew member who can help me sail HoPP and add to its content in new and interesting ways.     Introducing….Captain William Drummond…. Quartermaster of HoPP.   You may have already met Captain William when we released a special episode of HoPP on Pirate Video Games which was a bit hit with the crew. William will help your humble Captain by recording and producing smaller Episodes for the HoPP feed that will be released more frequently.  He will also work on a Video game portion of HoPP that will allow everyone in the crew to meet up online and play video games that are pirate related…together!   #SeaOfThieves anyone? Don’t worry, Captain CB ( and joey of course ) will still work on the normal chronological episodes, but this will just add more to the mix.   Please comment on our Facebook page, follow us on twitter and please let us know what you think.   More to come, until next time crew…. keep your hands inside the boat…and keep an eye out for the Navy!! Captain Cb
February 10, 2020
On today`s episode of HoPP we look at the Jolly Roger;  The nickname given to the Skull & Crossbones Pirate Flag.   We’ll look at some of the well known Pirates and the types of flags they used and cover some of the flags that weren’t actually used and were later creations from the 19th and 20th century.    We’ll focus on Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack, and Blackbeard’s flags as well as others, and we’ll also cover the terms used for different flags. Then we’ll talk about the myths behind the nickname “Jolly Roger” and where it may have came from. The Author E.T. Fox and his excellent book ” The Jolly Rogers: The True History of Pirate Flags” was a great resource for today’s episode.  The book covers a lot more Pirate Flag lore than we’ve covered today, so make sure to grab a copy from the link’s below.  Being in Canada, i have the Canadian Amazon link, but you should be able to find it the same way on the American Link or European Link.   If the link doesn’t work, try the “E.T. FOX” and “Jolly Rogers The True History of Pirate Flags” into the search.   After the wave’s I’ll update the crew on the future of HoPP and the success of the Go Fund me Page. If you’d like to donate still to help HoPP Along, follow the link below. Now Grab your Eye Patch, and your Bandannas…Let’s go out a Pirating….
November 27, 2019   Good morning Crew, Today we’re here to talk about the future of the History of Pirates Podcast, but first…how did we get here? In 2013, My love of History, Pirates and Podcasting all came together and with absolutely no idea what I was doing, and using an old Dell computer from 2008, I decided to write, record and edit a podcast on Pirates. In November 2014, I released the first 2 episodes of the History of Pirates Podcast and over 700 people listened to it that first month. Then things got Crazy! By the 3rd episode HoPP had won the  runner up spot on Zugme’s Next Big Podcast competition. By the 6th – 8th episode we had to move the podcast off of the private server it was on, since our loyal crew had downloaded the episodes a lot! Around May of 2015, we hit the 29th spot on US itunes for ALL podcasts and was given a Banner spot on the front page of the US itunes. In June of that year, in a span of 15 days, we had half a terabyte of downloads of the podcast’s first 8 episodes. Around that time we were in the New and Noteworthy section and by 2016 we were nominated for the Academy of Podcaster awards. ( We didn’t win, but we only had 10 episodes at the time, so its understandable) Early 2017 HoPP was featured along side Dan Carlin in the best-history-podcasts-right-now-to-listen-to article on ! Very cool stuff. Then the hammer fell…and the Dell computer died. It was a long time coming as it was insanely laggy, the fan sounded like a jet engine and it took me hours to edit 1 episode of HoPP and a few hours more to upload it.  ( It was so old the IP address was 1 ) I was given an old computer from my Brother, but it too wasn’t up to the task of Audio Recording and Editing, and I was unable to use it very long before it died. That brings us to 2016 when i was without a computer and had no way of getting one.  Since then i kept the podcast up and running as best i could, and always kept an eye out for a computer. Also around then i became engaged to the love of my life Sarah and our new goal was saving every penny we had (or didn’t have) towards a wedding.  We were married this October, on the 19th, it was a great day! Now it’s 2019 and with the wedding over, I realized I was no closer to a computer and had no way of getting one to restart HoPP and continue our journey together. I felt ashamed about this and didn’t want to give up HoPP, but i had no way to continue it. I didn’t mention it to the crew, however over the last few years I’ve received emails, messages and letters from countless Crew members asking where it was and if it was coming back. My answer was always the same ” Once i can find a computer that won’t catch on fire ” , to which most replied to me that I should start a Go Fund Me Page to get a new computer. It’s taken me a while to decide if I wanted to put that request out to the crew, as I felt weird asking for help. But it comes down to fortune favoring the bold.  As of now I can’t record an episode, but with your help, I can! Together we can sail again and learn more about Pirates, and see how big we can get this Podcast.   What we’ve done in the first 16 episodes is impressive, but I’m sure we have plenty more to do. With a new computer, I’ll be able to record new episodes, more often, following the chronological story line we are used to. Also I’d be able to record some special episodes including a few secret Super Omnibus episodes that I can’t speak too much about but the writing is already done, its just a matter of recording it. If you want to donate to the go fund me and help HoPP reach its goal and sail once again, i humbly Thank you. If you can’t, HoPP will still return one day, bu[...]
February 16, 2019
Afternoon Crew, on today’s episode Captain William Drummond will cover Pirate Video games… 5: Pirates of the Burning Sea 4. Mount and Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest Expansion 3. Tropico 2: Pirate Cove   2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Also available on Playstation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and Xbox 1   1. Sid Meier’s Pirates! (Original) Sid Meiers’ Pirates! Live the Life -Also available on Xbox, and the Wii Recent and In development: Naval Action: Sea of Thieves: (Also available on the Xbox 1) Blood & Gold: Caribbean Blackwake: Skull & Bones: TBD: may also be available on PS4 and Xbox 1 Her Majesty’s Ship: Salt:
May 30, 2017
On today`s episode of HoPP we will look at Eustace the Black Monk!  He worked a pirate for the English and French before being taken care of….  He lived from 1170 AD to 1217 AD and his life has become that of a myth and legend.  Some compare him to Robin Hood and other `Outlaws` which many still know of today. But what of the real Eustace and the real “historical” life of this man? Well that’s the fun/tricky part we’ll have to get into. Special things to our friend of Ninja’s “Mike Duncan” from the History of Rome Podcast and the Revolutions Podcast for doing todays intro!  I can’t believe that actually happened… Join us on the Crew today, visit and become a PIRATE LORD and join the “Brethren of the Coast”.  To join, leave a 5 star review on itunes and mention that you wish to join the Brethren of the Coast, or if you’d like you can donate to HoPP on the website, along the right hand side.   Let’s go out a Pirating….
November 18, 2016
Part 2 of these special episodes of HoPP is focusing on the International Pirate Awards and the winner for Favorite Male Historical Real Pirate !   The winner as we mentioned on the last episode, is a one Blackbeard Was he really as scary as everyone thought… Cheers to Gasparilla Media Website Design Renaissance Festival Podcast Under The Crossbones Podcast for this excellent opportunity to be part of such a great group of Pirates. Captain Cb’
September 19, 2016
Today’s special episode of HoPP is focusing on the International Pirate Awards and the winner for Female Historical Real Pirate !   I won’t spoil the fun here with telling you who the winner is, so hurry up and listen….but remember you can find the full list of winners for all sorts of piratical categories at Part 2: Male Historical Real Pirate Winner will be announced at the end of todays episode.   Cheers to Gasparilla Media Website Design Renaissance Festival Podcast Under The Crossbones Podcast for this excellent opportunity to be part of such a great group of Pirates. Captain Cb’
July 5, 2016
Afternoon Crew! While you’re waiting for the next episode of HoPP, take a moment and check out this Special Episode which has been recorded by friend of the show Phil Johnson from the Under the Crossbones Podcast. We are posting it on both feeds because its about the first annual international pirate awards!!! Phil talks with David and Serena Reiland around the 30 minute mark about the 1st annual International Pirate Awards. How it began and how you get to vote for your favorite pirate stuff.  And we’ll dig into their Renaissance Festival Podcast a bit too. I’d recommend listening to the entire episode and make sure to listen to other episodes of the Under the Crossbones Podcast. Check out the International Pirate Awards website here:
June 6, 2016
On today’s episode of HoPP we look at the Pirates / Vikings that went to Ireland and how they were greeted by the Irish settlers, and then we turn to France and how the Vikings visited them many times before getting bored.  This episode is not as long as usual, but after the waves we give away two books to Pirate Lords who have donated to HoPP via the website   Big shout out to Chad Davies from the Scientific Odyssey Podcast  for today’s intro. Follow the link below to check out his podcast!   The first book we give away is : E.T Fox’s Jolly Rogers; The True History of The Pirate Flags.   Check out his website here: The second book we give away is Brad Perri’s Pirate Mike comic book ( Second Issue! ). Check out his website here:   Your friend and Captain, Craigbuddy
December 2, 2015
On the latest episode of The History of Pirates Podcast, we look at the basics of the Vikings. Why are we talking about the Vikings on a Pirate podcast ?  Good question… Well lets cover that first. Also we have a special guest introduction from Chris Stewart of The History of China Podcast and look at what Vikings try to steal..when they go out to plunder.  Maybe if we have time we can look at a few more Pirate …uhh…Vikings Torture methods…. After the waves, I ( Captain Craigbuddy) will explain where I’ve been the last few months, and a few thanks to members of the crew for helping with the episode. Its finally time to do a giveaway for the first Book for our BRETHREN OF THE COAST members …. our 29 Pirate Lords donated to the podcast at through paypal, or using The first book we will give away is The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard Remeber to visit to see all the members of the Dark Myths podcast collective Welcome the crew for all our new listeners…!
September 9, 2015
On episode 09 of the History of Pirates Podcast, we continue our look at The Cilician Pirates !   For Part 2, we learn about Caesar & The Pirates (Also a great cover band), as well as what i call the “Spartacus Money Grab” and then we’ll cover Pompey the Great and how he beat every single pirate into submission…all by himself. Well not really, but it was still pretty impressive….   Lets welcome the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) as our first Sponsor on HoPP!   Special Introduction by my good buddy Kevin Valbonesi of the “Voices from the Ages” Podcast.
June 30, 2015
On episode 08 of the History of Pirates Podcast, we look at the Biggest and Baddest of all the Ancient Pirate Groups…The Cilicians. We’ll look at where they live and how they do that pirating thing so well…. Big shout out to our newest pirate lords who’ve donated to the history of pirates podcast via Paypal to Also I mention a really sweet Comic called Anne Bonnie by Tim Yates and
May 3, 2015
In Episode 07 of HoPP we look at the Illyrian Pirates and how Rome tries to deal with them. We have another Amazing Special Guest Introduction, The Legendary Time Traveler Jordan Harbour from Jordan Harbour’s Twilight Histories Podcast.  Then we look at the Pirate Queen Teuta and her Issue with 2 Roman brothers… After all that, If we have time, we’ll learn the valuable Lesson “If its too good to be true, you’re probably right! ” thanks to groups of friendly Pirates…. Remember to visit to join the Brethren of The Coast and become a Pirate Lord OP ( Original Pirate )
March 26, 2015
In Episode 06 we have another Amazing Guest introduction ! We look at The Island of Rhodes and the Tyrrhenian Pirates that drive them up the wall.  We look at the Etruscan Pirates and the torture they used on many Greek Captives. As well we Thank our First Three Pirate Lords for Donating to the Podcast at the website and joining the Brethren of The Coast for the chance to win special Items and books.
February 25, 2015
For episode 05 of the History of Pirates Podcast, we have special guest and Bloody Buccaneer Rob Monaco  giving an intro for the podcast. Thanks Rob! We cover Ancient Pirates of the Mediterranean, with special focus on the Aegean Sea. Then we cover Grog and discuss a possible History of Pirates Podcast Memorabilia idea and introduce the “Brethren of The Coast”. Any comments, remember to email
January 31, 2015
Welcome to Episode 04 of the History of Pirates Podcast ! Today we’ll focus on The Media of Pirates, and what aspects are Real and what are Fictional. The Pirate Books, fiction and non-fiction will be discussed, as well as Pirate Movies and a very important Video Game to do with Pirates as well! We look at Careening, Ham Night, and we have a special Guest intro ! We also discuss the History of Pirates and The 10th Annual Podcast Awards, at and our ability to win, if not this year, then maybe next year.
January 2, 2015
We’ll focus on what happened after the Sea Peoples, The rise of The Phoenicians and the Greek Pirates who also came along for the Ride. We have Reprisal Strikes with help from my Cat Captain Joey, and Keelhauling is explained with help from The Lesser Bonapartes…
November 25, 2014
In this episode we’ll cover the Earliest Pirates known as The Sea Peoples. Enjoy! Here are two Maps to help understand the episode…. This Map shows the Bronze Ages Societies that had to deal with The Sea Peoples. Its interesting that the destruction and collapse of these Bronze Aged societies all starting from around the same time, in the years around 1200 BCE  and within a 50 year period the Mycenaean‘s, Minoans, and Hittites disappeared, along with most of the Canaanites, leaving the Egyptians, who after the encounter were never really the same again.        Episode 2 Highlights, including Key Cities, Battles, and  Possible directions of the Sea Peoples Attacks/Migrations.
November 9, 2014
Join us as we find out just what is a Pirate? We’ll look at the differences between Pirates and Privateers and the fine line between them. As well as Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, Corsairs, Filibusters and Freebooters….   Would YOU have become a Pirate and or have joined the Royal Navy or a Merchant Ship? What is a Cat of Nine Tails? Where did this free drink come from? Where do i Sign?
November 9, 2014
Welcome to the History of Pirates Podcast! This Episode will cover the introduction to the History of Pirates Podcast and what we’ll cover as we go.   We will cover pirates of all ages, from all times and places, from ancient pirates to modern pirates. I, Craigbuddy, will be your host, and Pirate Captain, and i’ll explain who I am, and why i love Pirate History so much to make a podcast about them. How we’ll cover the history, and where you can find more information about episodes. Remember to check out the History of Pirates Podcast Facebook Page & The Crew of the History of Pirates Podcast discussion group
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