Best in class with room for improvement
Great unmasks geisha
I haven’t found anything like this podcast, so by default it is best in its class. It does a great job of catering to the data science topics I am interested in. It has also introduced me to some great tangential topics, especially those related to software development, and been very insightful. I wish the show was a bit more energetic and not so dry. While I appreciate the straightforwardness of the format, it occasionally results in me losing focus. Unlike other podcasts, I find myself constantly having to rewind because I zoned out. I wouldn’t ask the hosts to tweak the dials too much - because they do have a good thing going - but it would be nice if the material was presented in a more engaging format. More like a radio show and less like a lecture.
Great source of info
This is such a great and detailed podcast, it provides a lot of info on the topic of data science for people in the field as well as newbies
Exactly what I’m looking for
I’m a data scientist and software engineer. This podcast is exactly what I’m looking for. Entertaining and lightweight conversation between an experienced professional data scientist and an engineer, this form is extremely helpful because it serves not only the data science listeners but also the people with no background in the area. Beginner friendly, intuitive and full of great learnings. I listen to you guys everyday in my commute. Started 2 weeks and already finished a lot of episodes. Keep it up!!
Thanks for 4 years of awesomeness!
Look forward to listening every week. You guys are the best!
Best podcast on this topic, clear and concise!
This is the best podcast on this topic, it's clear and consise and I learn something new each and every time I listen to one of them. In fact it's worth listening to more than once for some. I have a huge backlog of episodes to catch up with, and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you Katie and Ben for doing such a great job communicating this material.
- Dave
I'm a full stack systems guy, not a data scientist, but still love this podcast. Did have to brush up on statistics and math to get the most out of it, but still very accessible and entertaining too!
Just finished listening to every episode
I started listening to current episodes around June. Starting in July I realized the podcast was just too good and needed to go back through and listen to the back catalog. I started the daunting exercise listening from episode one and just finished with this weeks episode. I can’t say how happy I am with Linear Digressions. Katie does a great job of breaking down complex topics and Ben tends to ask the perfect layman questions or digs in when areas get a bit too technical. I can’t thank you enough for this podcast and how much I have learned. Keep them coming, Matt
Social scientist here. Got drawn in to the survival analysis episode. Really enjoying the podcast so far.
Great stats episode
Very clear, very cutting-edged, and very helpful!
Great for beginning programmers
I recently got into computer science, and listening to this has given context to a lot of what I am learning and has made me all the more interested in the topics.
Simple, Insightful
Mithun Manohar
Thanks for all the hard work you put in each of these episodes. Really enjoy each of them. Keep doing the fantastic work!
My goto (yes, I used goto) podcast
Chinmay Pai
These guys are amazing! You get to know so much about machine learning, all while not really diving really deep into it. The talks are really interesting and the intensity of interestingness increases as an episode goes by. This is the possibly best way to explicate someone about what machine learning is and how it actually works. 10/10 would recommend!
My favorite Data Science Podcast
I often listen to this on the drive to work. They do a nice job covering topical issues in data science. By the way, I work in the field, managing a team of data scientists. Katie really knows here trade!
Excellent podcast
Katie and Ben have great chemistry and play off each other well. Katie does an outstanding job of explaining complex ideas in simple terms, and Ben asks questions that I wish I had thought to ask. They stay on topic, and the topics are quite interesting.
Great Podcast!
If you are into Statistics/Data Science/Machine Learning then this podcast is a must! keep going Katey and Ben! you guys rock!! :)
Great content, easy learning curve
While it is certainly hard to talk about math and statistics over a podcast, Ben and Katie are amazing at keeping their talks technical, yet also accessible. I think their podcast strikes a great balance of explaining things for someone who may not be familiar with them, but also giving enough detail that you feel like you're being treated like a smart person and tutored in data science. Thanks Ben and Katie!
De-mystifies data
I love this pod. They are so good at making you understand what is happening without losing any of the fun.
Great insights
I have been trying to learn this subject on my own for a few years now. Slow going, to say the least. Ben and Katie provide great insights on topics I've read or listened to previously. This podcast is a good way to touch on points without getting into the details that continue to confuse me. As another reviewer wrote, I also found this podcast a few days ago and am busy trying to get caught up.
Awesome overview of ML and Data Science
Engaging and dynamic hosts talk about interesting topics in machine learning and Data Science, providing great insight and many resources to continue exploring.
Great way to keep up with trends
A little shorter than I want sometimes, but I am pretty uncommon in how much I like deep dives. Does make me want to hang out with Ben and Katie in real life though
Informative, fun, well explained
Covers data science concepts with great explanations, examples, and interesting info. Great hosts, easy to listen to and stay engaged.
Great Explanations
I love how Katie and Jeff have such intuitive and simple explanations to very complex concepts. I've really learned a lot from their conversation-like teachings. They're both great at finding metaphors for the layman.
Really really impressive
Explains statistical and data science concepts with the perfect mix of technical detail and intuition building. Katie is really good, unusually good, at breaking down tricky ideas into easy-to-understand bites. Importantly, her motivating examples are actual data problems (e.g. cancer survival, false positives in radar detection), which makes the discussion both interesting and insightful. She also appears to be exceptionally careful--on the topics I understand well, she is accurate, doesn't make misleading simplifications, and addresses nuances and possible misinterpretations. Ben also does a great job as a foil, navigating the roles of summarizer and curious novice without falling into common traps. He doesn't act like a dunce for gags, he reviews accurately where necessary, circles back and asks for clarification where useful. This pair is really top-notch. Very glad to have found this.
Fun and just the right length
This show is fun to listen to. It is a great way to learn concepts about machine learning. The short format works really well for this! I liked the short music at the beginning too.
Informative and interesting
this podcast is a great way to hear about topics in an informal (but accurate) and understandable way, so that I really get the gist of the concept. I can then look up more technical details about the topic later if I wish. Perfect for a podcast. Thanks! I do agree with one other reviewer that I wish Ben would not interrupt as much. (I do appreciate the back and forth to some extent though) However I've only listened to older episodes so perhaps this has been addressed
Amazing but Please Ben stop interrupting
Ben you're amazing and definitely deserve more than 5 stars but please , please stop interrupting the speaker. I will still continue to listen no matter what because it's still worth it.
Always interesting
Science GrandGeek
Ok-99.99% of the time. Always well explained, especially for oddball (to me) uses of data analysis and machine learning. And it has the BEST theme music opening of any podcast around.
Great Information
Ben and Katie do an excellent job of making difficult data science topics approachable and easy to follow without much math. It was great to listen to while I was finishing up my PhD in Physics and teaching myself data science. I never would have stumbled across some of their covered topics (LIME, SMOTE, conjoint analysis, etc. ) on my own.
Fun, Intelligent and Insightful
Dr Seth
Great down to earth discussions
perfect commute podcast for the geeks
I’ve really enjoyed the first 5 episodes that I’ve listened to, and agree with others that the material is digested and presented well. I would welcome more details on things that have challenged them in their own work (as opposed to the general pitfalls covered in most data science courses)
Informative, easy to listen to
The podcast strikes a great balance between being intellectually engaging and entertaining. It's not too technical, often presenting a very gentle overview of the topics. For topics I know really well, I am still entertained, although I can tell the content isn't too rigorous/ technical. For topics I don't know well, my mind is blown, but in a fun way because of the easy presentation and the gentle descriptions. Good balance :)
One of the best Data Science podcasts!
They have a perfect mix of technical and general discussion! Nice for a technically minded individual and also nice for someone who doesn't know much about Data science.
Accessible, educational, and entertaining
A colleague pointed me to this hidden gem. Ben and Katie are excellent at turning complex/complicated topics into easily digestible and educational content. As someone who is finishing their Master's Thesis research in machine learning and data science, I feel the show illustrates how exciting and inspiring the fields truly are. Ben and Katie- Keep up the quality work!
Great Job! Informative and Entertaining
Chad @ 1301
I have listened to every show so far. They are all entertaining with a mix of humor and real world examples. Thanks for putting out the show.
The bomb.
Communicates the mathematical wonders of reality with equal parts precision and candor. Also, Katie is the bomb.
Daily insightful Data Science Podcast
I enjoy reviewing data science basics and learning about the cutting edge. Well produced, entertaining, I enjoy hearing likable duo engages in interesting short discussions. The casual format and relatively short length makes it a no-brainer to play whenever I feel like hanging out with two friends and hear them talking about data science.
Great podcast
Dr. Wham
A very approachable discussion of all things data science and machine learning
Great podcast
Chris Irwin Cincy
I found this because of the GeekSpeak podcast and loved Ben's knowledge of everything software. It's really interesting in hearing him a bit out of his element as Katie appears to have a whole lot of knowledge in this space. (In GeekSpeak terms, Ben is to Katie as Bonnie-Jean used to be to Lyle.) Keep up the great work and keep them coming.
Audio quality is great, content quality is better. Ben and Katie are good about selecting interesting subjects to talk about. Despite the name, they're generally on topic, which makes the subject matter easier to follow than some other data podcasts I've listened to. I love learning on my commute, and they deliver with every episode!
Entertaining + informative
Awesome podcast! Machine learning explained very clearly. Even when I think I have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic, I always manage to learn something new. Keep up the great work Ben and Katie!
Great information!
Really like their posts, great information!
Very informative and to the point.
One of my favorite podcast. Both Katie and Jaffe do excellent job in helping to understand various aspects of machine learning and fallacy in statistics. Sound quality is good as well. Keep up the good work.
Great brain food for practitioners
I'm an applied statistical modeler with a few years experience. So, I know a bit, but am still constantly learning. This podcast is quite interesting, but also keeps my mind fresh with new ideas for my job. The P-value episode actually helped me get ready for an interview. They tend to use machine learning lingo, which takes a little bit of getting used to if you are coming from the social sciences statistics side of things, but it's not a big obstacle. Great podcast.
Great podcast for beginners
They break down data science machine learning concept in a digestible way and give great examples of application.
Well worth the time.
Light, yet very interesting. The podcast is perfect for time in the car. The back and forth between the hosts is perfectly balanced.
Excellent intro to machine learning
Ben and Katie deliver excellent introductions to the applications and algorithms used in machine learning. The discussion is conversational and non-technical. If you're just getting started with machine learning, download this podcast!
Great podcast
I got so into this podcast that I listened to the entire thing on a drive from Raleigh to Boston. What is awesome is that it was interesting both to me (someone who uses data science tools a lot) and my traveling companion (who does not use data science tools at all and didn’t like any of the other data science focused podcasts we tried to listen to). It worked for me because I come from a field where a lot of the statistical and computational techniques are familiar to me, but the examples in this podcast were new to me and gave me insights as to how the same tools are used in different fields. The technical aspects of the data science are explained on a simple enough level that my companion could understand them, but they also didn’t dumb it down or drag it out so much that I was bored. Probably the best thing was that each podcast provoked an interesting conversation that otherwise never would have happened between me and my companion, and I felt that it helped her to see why I find data science so cool.
Informative, Intelligent, and Interesting
A really good podcast overall.
Excellent podcast
Insightful podcast that makes these subjects accessible to the lay person (as well as keep them interesting to someone who is involved in research utilizing data science and machine learning). It’d be great to hear about the advances that GPU-accelerated machine learning allow researchers compared to your standard CPU/MPI parallelism. Also, shout out to Katie! Grew up together and she definitely knows her stuff.
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