Is Eli HOFer? Is Russell Wilson the GOAT black QB?
Cam Newton Stan here. In both main topics he kinda came up a bit but more as a side note. I’d love to hear your thoughts on his career to this point. Cam was not included in that list with Russell, McNabb, McNair, Moon, Vick etc but I think he deserves to be. Shout out to Westbrook for the Cam > Eli at their prime comment, however both of you instantly dismissed Cam as a potential HOFer. If we are seeing the end now, I fear you may be right, but give him a few more years and I think he’s got a chance. When talking about Russell Wilson y’all talked about run first mentality of the team and pass volume, which is something I feel like people never take into account when discussing Cam. They either discount the rush yards or don’t take pass volume into account when talking about him as a passer. They see less than 4K yards/season and label him mediocre/inaccurate. Due to similar injuries, being back to back #1 picks and Luck deciding to go back to Stanford to avoid the Panthers, Cam and Luck will always be compared to each other and the national media seems to view Luck as the better QB, but I’d argue Cam has had a better career if it ended today (and I sure hope it doesn’t). And even as a passer Cam has been just as efficient as Luck, but Luck had a higher volume (bc Panthers run more) in their careers Luck has had 38.3 pass att/gm compared to Cam’s 31.6. Luck’s career comp % is a bit higher 60.8% Vs 59.7% but Cam’s YPA is 7.3 to Luck’s 7.2. So efficiency and accuracy-wise they are about equal. I love my Panthers, but I fear they squandered Cam’s prime with awful offensive lines, lack of weapons (for most of his career) and poor offensive coaching. Well, there is my rant. I’d love to hear more about my man Cam since it doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing him on Sunday.
Take Heed
Please Don't Take the Dolphins.
Don’t Love The New Direction Of The Pod
Chasen Martinsen
I love Adam so much so I could never rate any lower than a 5 star, but I do have some quarrels. First, I feel like the football insight had dropped off significantly since Simms has left and that’s my favorite part. Secondly, I don’t like the new direction the pod has taken being so much about gambling. I mean, I understand there’s a market for that, it’s just not for me, and I’d greatly prefer to talk about football for the sake of football, not for gambling. Third, I’ve got to be honest, I’m not crazy about the Westbrook addition. The dude is alright, he’s contributes some fun player insight, but man he does not have half the personality Simms had. He seems to be a buzz kill when Adam gets super hyped up about something (which is like the best part of the show), and I don’t think he studies as much film as Simms, and I find myself not trusting or disagreeing with many of his takes. All in all, I’ll still listen cuz I’m loyal to Adam, but I am disappointed in the direction the pod is moving. Besides that, you the man Adam. Keep keeping it real and getting 1% better every day!
Fantastic Friday Shows with Warren Sharp and Bill Krackon Berger
I enjoy how much passion and effort you all put into these Friday shows to preview the NFL Weekend Slate. GREAT and EXTREMELY useful information. Adam Lefkoe comes across extremely genuine and it is greatly appreciated and a very enjoyable listen.
2036 will happen
Flying high in SOCAL
Westbrook is the best thing that happened that has happened to LK. Don’t twerk. Ever. 36 brings real insight to the show. The player perspective is unreal. He is one of the two reasons I am an eagles fan out of SOCAL. Westbrook and Dawkins on the same show would be Xmas in February. #flyeaglesfly Edit: sorry shady
Great show
I gave u a chance and man it was worth it.
I have followed this podcast for years and enjoy it very much. However Lefkoe always interrupts his co-host which goes back to when Simms was there. I like the addition of Brian but I would like to hear him be able to finish a thought without Adam interrupting him. Just a suggestion Adam, you might want to do a little self scouting by listening to your last podcast with Brian.
Brian Westbrook LFG
Good job Lefkoe good job
New Lefkoe
I used to listen religiously when it was Simms and Lefkoe. When Simms left I even stayed because I thought the interviews and the off-season talk was good. Now that the season has started it has just become a show about betting football and not a show about football. That just doesn’t interest me. I think I’m going to be shifting over to Simms unbuttoned.
Proud 33% member but Simms!
Adam and Simms were by far the best football podcast out there the past couple years...They were just simply amazing together and it made my commute worth it. However I find myself listening to the lefcoe show right after Simms unbuttoned cuz I miss them together...Both of their new hosts and analysts are simply terrible, idk if this new dude on Adam’s show even watched football before this year lol...this isn’t lefcoe’s fault, bleacher report shoulda matched any offer to keep them together.
I miss Simms
Lefkoe is ok but does not provide the valuable info and insight that Chris did
No Simms . No good
Used to be my favorite podcast when Simms was still around but now without Simms Lefkoe just seems kinda annoying. Had to unsubscribe
Really going downhill
Card Fan 2018
I started listening when it was Simms and Lefkoe for Simms’ analysis and informed comments by both. Now there is no expert analysis and you and AB can share the egomobile.
Best interviewer in the game!!!
Proud member of the 33%! I have been following since u were with Simms. I love all the interviews you have done this summer while we all agonized the wait of football to return. You’re the most prepared interviewer and I love that your guests tell you once they get you on the show. You’re level of research for each guest is unmatched and should be praised. You have a great team with you as well at BR, can’t let them get no shine, but you’re the man. Keep being great, stay blessed bro! -Solo_Dawg
The man!
Awesome show!
33% is real
Cornell Bradley
Lefkoe is great. One of the best interviewers out there. Humorous and insightful, consistently brings on great guests!
Best Pod Ever
Adam is amazingly funny and uncensored! He always speaks his mind and never beats around the bush. I’ve just started listening to this podcast after following him on Instagram last season! This is the missing part of my day! Keep it up!!
Boy was I a bit nervous when Simms left but I believed in Adam. With that being said, I’m so proud of the homie for knocking it out of the park since riding solo. There’s a reason why prominent NFL players are wanting to come onto the pod and it’s because Adam is a first class interviewer. You won’t be getting any qualifying statements from an unqualified person here. If you’re looking for that type of content, then listen to Cowherd or Bayless. Proud to represent the 33 percent!
Please keep Ingber!
Ingber is playing off Lefkoe so well! He needs to stay on. Lefkoe is easily the greatest interviewer I’ve ever heard. Keep this pair together.
Great show
Love the positive vibe, and honesty. Keep grinding, starting my business and love the motivation too!
Lefkoe for Mayor
Yoo Justin Pugh session was great. His insight on players and what they get fined for was super interesting as he got a little bit in depth on the topic. As a fan of football, The Lefkoe Show, and my own endeavors this was a great conversation. *Players feel safe Smooth chill on the real Lefkoe on the mic Giving you the spotlight Say what you want How you feel what’s the deal 33% podcast we in here - MelG757
Not great
jim colter
We’ve got ads!!! And barely sports. How do you like to be underwhelmed? All titles you could use for this pod. I know “everyone has a podcast” but maybe this isn’t for you bud.
The best interviewer in the business!
Tom Deflady
I was a huge Simms & Lefkoe fan and I wasn’t sure how this show would go without the best football analyst in the business. But after taking a little time to find himself after Simms left, Lefkoe has found his footing and absolutely crushes interviews. He’s the best out there at bringing people out of their shells and humanizing them. Highly recommend!
Raising the bar!
Great chemistry between Adam & Chris. They are so informative & entertaining. Love when Phil Simms calls in. Love Mina kimes and you lefkoe great show!
Lucha Santo
When the first thing you hear is an ad you know exactly where the priorities lie for this podcast
Bring back Simms
Simms and Lefkoe was the best podcast out. Simms knew the ball and lefkoe carried the show with personality. Without Simms lefkoe still has the personality and brings in quality guest, but they don’t actually talk football. Its player focused and what’s going on in their life’s and irrelevant content like who would win the hunger games rather than ACTUALLY talking about football.
Love this show, keeps you motivated
I love the show!!! Used to be heavier and shy when I was younger but I’m 28 right now and getting into acting and modeling. Your show helps me keep the drive to do it instead of shying away from my dreams. Keep up the awesome work man we all love it. #33%
Lefkoe Show
Jeremy Gauden
Adam L-E-F-K-O-E is the effing man. This dude brings it and provides quality content. 5/5 for my homie. Keep killin’ man. The 33% is proud.
Nate and Adam were fire. This is not a sport episode but dear goodness this one hit home hard. I got chills multiple times, just wow.
Lefkoe’s Terrible
Reggie 92
Chris Simms, who is tremendous, carried this lightweight when they were together. I kept listening after Simms left, but I’ve quickly realized how cringeworthy and cheesy this putz is. Keep rapping, talking like you’re some gangbanger slug, and making a fool of yourself. I’m embarrassed for you (you’re obviously oblivious).
Not the same
Adam needs a co-host. The interviews have already gotten old. Unsubscribing until bleacher reports decides to listen.
LOVE the show!!!!! I love the realness!!! You are so authentic and have real in-depth humans conversations. Everyone seems so robotic these days but you make these superstar athletes and people actually have a conversation. I believe you could crack the Aaron Rodgers Code!!!😂
Love ya bro but...
FLBoy Suave
It’s just not the same without Chris. I went from not missing any shows at all to eh maybe I’ll check it out. Lefkoe needs a dedicated partner full time imo.
Elisha Jr
Elisha Junior
Lefkoe interviews are official! Keep doin it bro!
Marty B
An absolutely fantastic interview with Mr. Bennett.
My favorite Pod
Lefkoe has the ability to connect with everyone he interviews. He’s a smart guy who brings on smart guests to elevate his show. He also seems to be a genuinely good dude. I miss his back and forth with Simms but he is still managing to kill it without him.
Fly Eagles Fly
The best podcast out there period
Lefkoe is the man! Love his show! Can’t wait for all the post draft stuff you have coming! The 33 % appreciates you!
Real Professional Skill
Nerd WOD
I loved hearing Simms on the old pod, but he could never carry a show the way Lefkoe does. It’s amazing seeing him grow this show, catching him on tv during basketball season, and excited to see where he goes from here. Great work!!!
Kentucky proud.
Lefkoe shows that he made this pod what it is, doesn’t not need a consistent co-host or gimmicks to be entertaining. Honestly, more enjoyable now that the backup QB is gone.
Lefkoe for life
Was worried when Simms left but Lefkoe has kept it going and the show is better than ever!
No Simms, still a great podcast
Don’t listen to the haters! While it’s true that Lefkoe does not bring the scouting acumen or football knowledge that the oracle had, this is still an excellent podcast. Lefkoe is a GREAT interviewer and host! Long-forms with Charles Barkley and Rand Getlin were solid. Also, Lefkoe’s football IQ has been climbing steadily the last few years and I trust it’s gonna continue. Let the man grow!
Lefkoe turning Apples to Lemons
This man loves football more than anything. And I respect lefkoe for making this work his way. The people you’re bringing in, is opening my eyes to different ways to look at football. Keep it up lefkoe!
Listen to other football podcasts
Lefkoe really doesn’t know what he is talking about. Without Simms, there is no accurate scouting of players and the podcast has a lack of football knowledge. Listen to other football podcasts.
From 5 to 1
Should delete all reviews from before Simms left (3.6 average). Used to love the pod, now it’s just an ego driven awkward deep voice lefkoe talking about himself and doing Steven A type takes. Really need a cohost because the episodes with just lefkoe are really bad. Interviews are ok but they are just brown nosing sessions so lefkoe can brag that he talked to someone.
Lefkoe can’t carry the show alone
Honestly Simms made this podcast for me. I will listen to an episode every now and then to see if they get a replacement for Simms.
Still a fan
Miss Lefkoe and Simms but still gonna ride with my man Lefkoe. Interview with Barkley was tip top. Way to go L-E-F-K-O-E MAN!
Was better with Simms
Thomas '94
I personally don’t like just listening to Adam. The old podcast with Simms was much better. I always enjoyed the commentary between Chris and Adam over the interviews. Adam needs a cohost. Hopefully they can get this fixed in the future. Until then I unsubscribed and I’m waiting on the sidelines.
Lefkoe Show
I have to admit that as I can’t stand basketball hearing nba and March Madness talk creep into the podcast more and more post-sims has meant I listen a lot less I’m still running in every episode because Lefkoe is just the man. I actually previously thought that Sims was the bigger part of the equation and I still like the guy and miss him here but I’ve changed my tune to thinking this show has really been more about Adam’s ability to make people comfortable and the fact that he’s actually a very talented host. I’m all in 5 stars for Lefkoe.
Legion Lock!
Great show, Lefkoe might be the single best sportscaster to ever interview NFL players. Always worth a listen.
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