August 4, 2020
How could Damian have known that when, actor, DJ & Inglourious Basterd, Omar Doom came on show that they were going to wind up talking GG Allin & Breakdown? Listen in as the two discuss: opening for Biohazard & Killing Time, rolling with the Murder Junkies, being rechristened by Tarantino & lots of other goodness! This is why we do this thing!   Also Touched On: Having a lot of half pipes in your backyard Seeing the Ramones in a bar in PA  Driving in cars listing to the Dead Kennedys Repo Man Seeing G’N’R open for Aerosmith Metallica  The other Ordeal playing drums No one in school length Misfits cover band The Wear-A-Ramones-Shirt Gang Following the Ramones around like the Dead The Cro-Mags  Violence at shows Biohazard Moving to NY Down with the Murder Junkies' Gang The Bosstone of GG shit Joe Coleman at a party & So Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
August 2, 2020
The Juggalo/ Punk Connection is real! As we continue our journey into early 90's New York punk, today on the show Damian sits down with his friend and the connector of the hardcore, wrestling and Juggalo worlds: Kevin Gill! Listen in as the two discuss: learning that NY hardcore was about respect and courtesy early on, doing wrestling commentary with Lars from Rancid, getting into Insane Clown Posse's insular world and so much more! Also touched on: A long time in the works The punk wrestling connection Jackson Heights Trying to get Jimmy Gestapo to watch ECW Discipline  Beer in the air conditioner Going to see Sick Of It All hearing Gorilla Biscuits and a world opening up Public Enemy and Murphy’s Law No Redeeming Social Values talking in quotes Sheer Terror with Paul Barer in a thong Being scared of Agnostic Front at first Famous riot videos Striving for Togetherness   Madball Bond Street The Insane Clown Posse Connection A wrestling promotion with Lars Frederiksen  JCW and tons of other stuff! Brought to you by VANS!!!!!
July 29, 2020
It's 90's New York Week on the show with, not one but, THREE episodes! Starting it all off with the reunion of Turned Out A Punk contributor & NJ punk legend Dave "It Up" Ackerman & returning guest, Simon "Doom" O'Connor! Join Damian as these two friends reunite & relive the heady days of early 90's New York street punk. This is one of the the funniest episodes ever!  DO NOT MISS IT!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 24, 2020
As we continue with the celebration of the band The 1865, Damian gets to sit down with one of his heroes! Writer, director, producer, editor, musician & all around cultural force, Sacha Jenkins is on the show! Listen in as they talk everything from watching Bugout Society waste White Castle burgers, to dealing with Nazis while roadieing for Burn, to having to explain to Eminem that the joke wasn't on him & everything in between! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On: The importance of Ego Trip to this podcast The influence of the New Breed Comp booklet Meeting Chaka Going to school with one of NY Hoods playing Leeway in tackle football Meeting Johnny Waste in class Quincy punk Lismore Lounge with Absolution, Pressure Release and Bugout Society the drug of the pit The class distinction in NYHC Meeting Lord Ezec in gym class on the road with Burn Dealing with Nazis The shift in the NY scene Cane River Sons and daughters of artists Identity and punk starting a zine PHASE 2 and IGT Soho Zat   Henry Chalfant’s apartment as a graffiti hub Meeting Daryl Jennifer White Mandingos Ego Trip as Black Flag ’81 to ’83 casting the White Rapper Show & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 21, 2020
The 1865 are one of the best bands going and this week on the show we celebrate their awesomeness with, not one but two guests from the band! First, incomparable lead singer Honeychild Coleman joins Damian to discuss punk. Listen in as the two discuss going from seeing anti-Sex Pistols ads in the bible belt to helping start the Sista Grrrl's Riots to forming The 1865 and writing the amazing "Don't Tread On We!". NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on:  Reading the paper and discovering punk loving Surf and Classic rock Getting Blondie records from the bookmobile growing up around showbands Prince Green On Red at the Peppermint Lounge Seeing RuPaul’s punk band Basquiat: the DJ The difference between NY and every other scene Pre-celebrity culture Sonic Youth, Dadaism and inspiration Moving to the Bay Performing in the subway as a job Sista Grrrl Riots Roir Records and Tapes Re-meeting Sacha in the Subway forming The 1865 Chuck Treece AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Brought to you by Vans!
July 18, 2020
VOID WEEK CONTINUES!  On this episode Damian is joined by guitar god: Bubba Dupree! Listen in as the two discuss Bubba's journey into punk & hardcore. From developing the sound that changed hardcore to his criminally underrated 90's band Earth 18, this one is crazy! Also Touched On:  The Sex Pistols in Esquire Magazine  Buying “Never Mind the Bollocks” on 8-Track at K-Mart Being young in San Francisco  Seeing the Jackson 5 at the Cow Palace  Brian James is the greatest punk guitarist Looking for something trippier than Discharge Joining Void Where does Bubba’s guitar sound come from? Ian McKaye in the studio the story behind the unreleased “Potion For Bad Dreams”  liking Rites Of Spring forming a band Johnny Reese from the Obsessed  Earth 18 with Graham from Negative Approach the Void logo transcends the band Kim and Ben from Soundgarden are Void fans & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 16, 2020
This week on the the show, we're going to live by our rules! It's Void week on Turned Out A Punk and we're celebrating one of DCHC's greatest bands with two awesome episodes. First join Damian as he sits down with Void bassist Chris Stover as they talk: Ian and Henry regulating the Clash pit, how Void came to be, DCHC vs. a bunch of Rednecks, getting grounded from going to see Fear on SNL and lots of other goodness! NOT TO BE MISSED!  DCHC starting the pit at the Clash show Skateboarder Magazine and Action Now The Bollocks Seeing the Teen Idles and everything changing getting tapes from Bert from the Untouchables Going to see Devo Law And Order The Unheard Music Festival Wino and the Obsessed how Void came together “KILL THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” Void’s second show  Almost missing Fear on SNL because of a grounding Getting caught eating catering by Eddie Murphy and Garrett Morris Belushi hangin out with Ian McKaye: what the hell did they talk about? AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Brought to you by Vans
July 10, 2020
Here we are now going to the punk side! This week on the show Damian sits down with the legend & one time live collaborator, MOBY to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss: the legitimate fear at a FEAR show, Rick Rubin borrowing his amp, punk & stardom not mixing along loads more! Not to be missed & don’t miss Moby’s brand new, All Visible Objects record out on Mute Records now!  Also Touched On: Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video Sid Vicious’ My Way being conceived to Coltrane… maybe liking Led Zeppelin out of a need to fit in only Watching SNL at Brian Holstein’s house buying records at Johnny’s seeing Yes at MSG Seeing Fear at the Mud Club The birth of the Connecticut hardcore scene Moby on a moped  Rick Rubin needs to borrow and amp The Rob Zombie Connection Cro-Mags and Murphy’s Law as the last show AWOL The little Ian MacKaye on your shoulder regrets & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 6, 2020
Again, this is why we do this thing! On this episode Damian is joined by one of his heroes: JON GINOLI of the LEGENDARY Pansy Division! Listen in as they not only discuss Pansy Division, but also Jon's AMAZING other band, The Outnumbered, his first wave punk zine and the risky business of putting on a Replacements show. Like always,  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!   Also Touched On: Wondering if the Ramones were supposed to be funny at first? Seeing an ad for the Pistols in Trouser Press Raw Power being too raw Getting into the British bands first Pere Ubu being a little weird Hearing Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith Starting a zine “Ugly bands are the next big thing!” meeting the Ramones at a burger joint Gizmos and Gulcher Writing to Bomp going to college for the radio station Booking the Replacements Not wanting to do another band unless it was a “gay band” having nothing to lose writing about stuff you had never heard in song before working with Donna Dresch  Tribe 8  Parkdale and the Mission Phone calls to Fat Bob from Hard Skin touring with Green Day signing to Lookout The Angus Soundtrack & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
June 28, 2020
This is what we live for! On this episode, Damian is joined by THE LEGEND LYDIA LUNCH to talk punk! Although Lydia doesn't identify or even really like punk, she certainly influenced a lot of it. Listen in to this NOT TO BE MISSED episode as Lydia talks about the difference between No Wave & Punk, working with Rowland S. Howard, collaborating with (the) Weirdos, Cinema Of Transgression & everything in between!   Did we mention it is not to be missed? Find  her podcast The Lydian Spin here: and find her on Facebook here: Also Touched On: No Wave, not punk clubs with “pillowrooms” the island of found souls Meeting Stiv Bators in ’73 Sonic Reducer Running away for the New York Dolls Rock Magazines the House of Guitars proto-punk Loving drugs and not going to sleep Goth when everybody was Glam dreaming of Rollerderby The rise of rap, punk and Trump being over Iggy and Bowie The Ramones being silly going to Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ first show Mink DeVille Union Carbine Suicide did not fit in Joe Coleman and the Steel Tips Mars was the first No Wave band having to go to Europe Playing with Generation X 13:13 Cinema Of Transgression and  No Wave: one movement & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY Vans!!!
June 22, 2020
The doctor is in! This episode the Bollweevil's Dr. Daryl Wilson stops by to chat with massive fan Damian. Listen in as the two discuss the greatness of 90's Chicago Punk,  the problem of being a lead singer looking for a new band, playing "normal" shows vs punk shows and so much more! Not to be missed!!!!  Also touched on: Achtung Chicago Sitting in a carport hearing Lexicon Devil Moving to Chicago Watching punk versus playing in a punk band Naked Raygun inspiring you to play music  Being made angry by having to leave Michigan  going to St. Andrew’a Hall for shows the change in physical perspective that comes with age Don Giovani going to see Prince Boys On Skates: Bootleg Faction the massiveness of the Chicago DIY punk scene 88 Fingers Louie, Smokin’ Popes, Oblivion, Apocalypse Hoboken, Los Crudos, Vindictives, Screeching Weasel Naked Raygun, Effigies,  Articles Of Faith Scene Unity to Scene Break-up growing and having some regrets Slapstick, Tricky Dick the sounds of the factions Writing a letter to Naked Raygun and getting a first show opening for them the problem being a singer starting a new band Milo is the influence Bad Religion Darby Crash Lando’s 45 The Foundation All-Stars Rat Patrol  “Get off the stage man, we’re here to see the Bollweevils!" AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!
June 19, 2020
The fun continues!!! This time Damian is joined by his friend & the other half of No Age, Dean Spunt! Listen in as they talk straight edge, building a scene versus joining a scene, the gods CHOPPING BLOCK & so much more!! Not to be missed!!! Also check out "Goons Be Gone on Drag City now, IT RIPS! Also Touched On: Following in Dean’s footsteps Getting, borrowing or stealing a Ramones tape DJ Quick NWA Dead Kennedys  A sketchy looking tape “The Adolf Cents?” Luther Van Dross and Markie Mark at 6 Flags The Natural Fudge Cafe Guns and Spent Idols The Smell as an extension of the JabberJaw No Hardcore at the Smell after a while joining a scene vs building a scene booking Amps For Christ and Bastard Noise… together.  The Dystopia Riot Shows at Dean and Randy’s house! The No Age Chopping Block 7” Infest Teen Creeps Riverdales over Screeching Weasel   & MORE!!!!!
June 16, 2020
In celebration of their fantastic new album "Goons Be Gone", it's a two part Turned Out A Punk/ No Age special! First Damian sits down with his friend Randy Randall to find out how skateboarding  and resisting mainstream punk led him to No Age. Come back tomorrow for Dean Spunt's side of the tale and in the meantime check out No Age's Goons Be Gone  on Drag City now! NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on: Lamar pedestrian bridge the wildest show ever A difficult history with punk fuck the skull band shirt liking the noisy stuff Punk as Southern California Jock Rock Did the Count even have songs? Finding the Smell the older scarier scene Mika Miko Jim Smith's dedication having to surrender punk to the next generation and so much more!!!!
June 9, 2020
This episode is so hot it shines! One of the greatest front people of all time, Mark Arm stops by the show to talk punk! Listen in as Mark and Damian talk going from thinking Devo is a joke to Green River playing with Samhain to his lack of recollection of the Jerry A./Mick Harvey Beef and everything in between. Also touched on: Pictures on my walls See the freaky people on TV on a Saturday night The Damned: “Like a faster, better KISS” non-radio rock Getting sucked into Rush the Sweet record is a rager! A joke Devo record gift stops being  funny and starts being amazing The Forming of Mr. Epp And The Calculations A west coast Deep Wound Bob 1 smacking you on the head for touching his guitar Gang or 4  999 Fartz, Husker Du and the Dead Kennedys Blaine goes to Motorhead and makes it back in time for thew set That Fastbacks, The Living and the Silly Killers jamming to Van Halen and punk First hearing about Iggy Pop and being grossed out The Telepaths   The Tupperwares AN SO MUCH MORE!!!!! Brought to you by Vans
June 1, 2020
“I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up!” This week, we bring you one of the most requested guests in TOAP history. BRIAN BAKER is on the show! Listen in as Damian has his mind blown with stories from the genesis of DC hardcore from a guy who lived it! After all these years, THIS ONE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.  Here’s to a little escape Also Touched On: Mutual respect Going to elementary school with Guy Picciotto & Micheal Hampton Moving to Detroit Moving home & everyone is punk! Everyone was into the Damned, Clash & the Viletones The importance of Skip - Yesterday & Today  Discharge & Crass Empire, Lime Spiders, Hoodoo Gurus & the Church inform a sonic change Either Teen Idles & The Cramps or The Extorts on top of a record store Pussy Galore elementary school connection “I could have been seeing Doc Watson play a deli two times a month but I was too busy putting bandanas on my boots, hangin’ outside of 7-11 drinking cokes” Going to see Stiff Little Fingers with fake IDs & pencil shavings rubbed on your face The BAD BRAINS The early Minor Threat shows not really understanding the name The Violence No more fights The difference between DCHC & NYHC Getting a Canadian SIN Card Choosing SNL over playing at the GI DOA at Woodlawn High School Forming a Meatmen Forming Doggy Rock: “just a shit show” Dag Nasty: The California years “The Great Minor Threat Escape” Forming Samhain “We don’t need this MacKaye character, let’s get Glen!” Missing out on Bad Religion until “Recipe For Hate” & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 29, 2020
GET READY for a hardcore scientist masterclass! On this episode, Damian is joined by returning buddy, Cold World’s Nick Woj! Listen in as the two discuss, theorize, debate & philosophize on a variety of punk related topics including: the differences between east & west coast power violence, why the punk connection was more present in UK rave, why Jason Mewes got sober, how Toronto has altered rap & hardcore, the revisionist history behind modern Deadheads & other pressing topics.  NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On:   Beastie Boys, Spazz and Cold World the massive coastal difference in Power Violence fans Independent Wrestling and DIY Hardcore Burial Ground DJng in the back of Home Base The Wrestling/ Posi-Numbers connection Acid House and Post-Punk connection the motivation for forming Herman’s Hermits and Fugazi are probably pretty similar Normies  the 90’s Hardline Scott Biben  Chef G UK Drill Is the Lincoln/ Hoover split on iTunes? Portraits of the Past   Rap/ Hardcore: Toronto changes everything The Blood For Blood effect on Boston Right Brigade Demo Magnus: Where are they now? Why Jason Mewes got clean? The tragic Bane/ Only Crime show Deadheads: the real story & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 25, 2020
"Somebody told me that you had a punk past". This week on the show Damian is joined by The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci for a deep dive into the early 90's Las Vegas punk scene. Join the two as they discuss going from NoFX shows in the desert to being in one of the biggest band in the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also check out The Killers' "Imploding The Mirage" coming later in 2020. Also discussed: Moving to Northern California from Vegas Parent’s friend Emily gives you a DK and a COC tape Seeing the Minutemen in skate videos Getting “Head on the Door” by the Cure Dad’s bitching van Going to see the Cadillac Tramps at the Huntrage Theatre  The Summer of Shows Vermin From Venus connection The Double Down Saloon… or Double Door? Sneaking into shows Meeting older kids at the heath food store John Castro and A Lesser Dog Seeing NoFX playing in the desert How did a desert show work? Fugazi: Vegas Style House of Blues changes the game Purple Dirt with Vegas’ Dave Navarro Meeting Elephant Stone and forming Attaboy Skip Fault Tennis Court shows When no one comes to the show, might as well play ska/punk? How the Killer came to be  AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Brought to you by Vans!
May 21, 2020
Get ready! This week on the show, Damian is joined by the god Katie Harkin! Listen in as the two discuss: the post industrial collectivism of Yorkshire punk, free hats from MF Doom, the damage done to a generation of rock dudes by the success of the Arctic Monkeys & so much more!  Don't miss it & don't miss Katie's new solo album Harkin!!!! Also Touched On: Growing up in Leeds A trip to Cyprus the influence of the Smashing Pumpkins Leeds over Reading! Feeling bad for MF Doom after his set and trying to offer him a kind word  Post Industrial Collectivism  the Arctic Monkeys change everything forming a band to get a 7” in Jumbo Records Getting thrown out of a band for suggesting not doing covers The Gossip blowing up in England The London music biz Wichita rules! “Would you want to be the next Lilly Allen?” Why is non-mainstream music more mainstream in the UK? Sleater Kinney Saturday Night Live & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 11, 2020
ARE YOU READY, cause we've got a KILLER one for you tonight! JAMI MORGAN of Code Orange is on the show! Listen in as Damian & Jami finally get a chance to catch up & talk everything from Ska to Scott Vogal. THIS EPISODE HAS EVERYTHING! Again, NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Punk adjacent parents Dad went to school with Billingsgate  the secret family rap history booking the first Code Orange show at 14 Grade 7 pop punk WAS HUGE! Selling tickets for your own shows Never being shown the ropes of genre The Ska demo that isn’t ska playing with Menzingers ad a house party at 14 Becoming a bitter ass band… at 15 The Pittsburgh goes apart The first tour Anti-Flag Finding your scene Booking a Circle Takes the Square tour and then asking them to hang The four way split and where it went Converge Touring with Bane “You guys fuck with ska?” Scott Vogal: people’s champ The Wicca Phase Wrestling Connection The WWE Jamming for just Triple H Paul Hayman, bootleg samples and the making the theme for Bray Wyatt & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 8, 2020
In further celebration of Pittsburgh Week, Chris and Damian invite Pittsburgh rocker Dave Martin to nerd out about Pittsburgh and get lost in the weeds along the way.
May 6, 2020
It's Pittsburgh week on Turned Out A Punk! Often on this podcast, we hear about older punk siblings being a gateway for their younger counterparts ... but not this time. Today on the show, Damian sits down with the hilarious JON DALY to discuss how having punk older brothers drove him away from the genre  for many years. Listen in as the two discuss the fear caused by Danzig videos, having to sneak around with Jimmy Buffet records & so much more!  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Mutual love Austin charges his hair, forms Cryptic Alliance and freaks poor little Jon out! punk spreads to the middle brother Matt Liking the Circle Jerks but not liking the name and also not understanding it Being into Jimmy Buffett Loving the Dead Milkmen Hard On Gang jamming in the basement Matt forms Hurl Parent’s with no other choice Becoming a Jock Being on the scene and getting into indie rock being 15 and getting drunk with Don Caballero  Connecting to the guys in Metallica  Pixes  Polvo Dub Narcotic  Not being able to skate Fuck Rusted Root! Andy Warhol was not a chill hang Degrassi Why is canadian TV so awesomely bad & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 3, 2020
Drakulas’ week continues & Zach is back for another attack! That's right, Damian's good buddy (& one-time co-host) Zach Blair returns to the show for the fifth time in celebration of the brand new Drakulas' record Terminal Amusements, to finally record an actual Part #2! Join the two friends as they catch up & dive further into Zach's wild career in music. From Government Flu to Hagfish to Gwar to Only Crime to Rise Against to the Drakulas & everything in between!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS!!!!
April 29, 2020
What makes a great front person? Well, on this episode Damian sits down with one of the best to ever do it, The Drakulas' Mike Wiebe! Find out what brought him to the microphone & listen in as the two discuss how the local Denton scene has kept producing so many amazing bands & the fight they had to go through to be seen.  Also, don't forget to check out the amazing new Drakulas' album "Terminal Amuesments" OUT NOW! Also Touched On: ChiPs and Quincy Punks a tape with the Dead Milkmen and the Misfits the silly version of punk being in your DNA Class Of 1984 Tough Turf Ramones in a Budweiser Ad Thrasher  Brutal Juice and the Denton Scene The Toadies blow up Craig Welch was terrifying  The Skeleton Kids The Reds become the Marked Men Parquet Courts continue the tradition The Dallas Scene vs. Denton The power of the Weekly in the before internet time Listening to Iron Maiden and being overtaken by the power of Neil Diamond & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS!
April 23, 2020
In celebration of the fantastic new Best Coast record "Always Tomorrow": When Damian first started this podcast five years ago he asked his buddy Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast to be a guest but sometimes good things can take a while to happen. On this episode Beth and Damian finally sit down to talk punk. Listen in as as the two chat: turning hymns into pop-punk anthems, the amazingness of The Smell, forming Best Coast and everything in between!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also touched on: podcasts: a way to catch up with friends being obsessed with the dude with the dyed black hair and Social D shirt You can wear a Strung Out shirt to church?!? “This is the best shit ever!”: Discovering Hanson Mom drops you off at the Vandals and goes and gets a tattoo Youth group and Tooth And Nail Turning hymns into pop punk songs punk rock camouflage  the Omaha connection Trying to get hidden from the weed smoke at the 311 show Operation Ivy as the inspiration the brilliance of true pop-punk meeting Mika Miko Hello Operator: A Smell supergroup Lagwagon, the Ataris and Tony Hawk soundtrack Saddle Creek being confused  by Yellowcard The Locust and THREEONEG the Infamous Dystopia show Crowdsurfing through the kitchen at Dean and Randy’s going noise but not liking it Forming Beth Coast media bullshit AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
April 20, 2020
This is the type of episode this show was made for! SideOneDummy Records co-founder & Frontline/ Wax/ 22 Jacks vocalist, Joe Sib joins Damian & winds up connecting the dots between: Rancid, Swingin' Utters, America's Hardcore, The Faction, The Necros, Jackass & Weezer.  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: The brilliance of the Frontline 12” The thermals and shorts vibe The Sex Pistols on TV Dad finds a skate park, has to convince you to go and it changes your life Steve Caballero and the united punk entourage  Donald goes full punk Black Flag speaking to you Going to school before Johnny and Kevin from the Swingin’ Utters A group of friends “sharing” a Clash tape learning punk lyrics for catholic school Being the Factions’ Road Dawg Everyone had a band Minor Threat America’s Hardcore Forming Frontline Operation Ivy Signing to Caroline Records and them hating you having to play CMJ at CB’s at 3am Starting SideOneDummy Meeting Spike Jonze and getting him stitches  Loomis and the first Jackass stunt Johnny before Knoxville Metal dudes discover Wax and become Weezer MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 14, 2020
Get stoked!!!! On the show today, one of the all-time most sought after guests, Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta stops by for a chat! Listen in as Damian celebrates all that is awesome with the thrash/ metal/ hardcore/ punk god. From Avail to AmRep to Power Violence & Phobia, all the bases are covered! Shout out Scotty Tankcrimes!!!!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also Touched On: This took a long time to happen loving the Beastie Boys Sneaking out to see DRI Danzig and Sacred Reich Pink Lincolns at the Blues Chair Reading MRR Beavis and Butt-head Christian punk and metal Seeing the first show on the Check Your Head tour Forming James River Scratch Jamming at the AMC theatre smoking weed and telling off the cops Beers with Face To Face MxPx 90s Beef Moving to LA and loosing a friend with to Phobia talking to Ryan about forming the Waste at a DRI show Touring with Jerome’s Dream and Tragedy “DRI’s playing tonight! Let’s just go there and play it!” “I remember Gord!” No one was doing it like this STABBED IN THE EYE  Scotty Tankcrimes & MUCH, MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 9, 2020
We don't care what you say! This week on the show we have the OG road warrior of punk: DOA's JOEY KEITHLEY!!! Listen in as Damian sits down with a hero & one of the true pioneers of HARDCORE to talk punk, touring & cutting the trail that bands still follow to this day!  SERIOUSLY, NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also Touched On: Thank you Joey from every band that hopped in a van ever. Seeing the Damned’s literally Smash It Up on TV Going to see the Ramones at a free show The bikers hated the Lewd Winning over the toughest of crowds Captain Maniac, Buzz Constantly and Sparkling Apples Punk: freak magnet Moving to Toronto The origins of the “Fuck Bands” Nearly getting signed by Nash The Slash Making videos in Vancouver Disco sucks is a hit! (kinda) “Are all Canadians this stupid?” Pissing off the side of the stage and a legend is born Chuck jamming on the bongos the first “tour” the infamous DC high school tout getting the Dezerter lp out  Touring China Hearing the term “Hardcore” for the first time & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 5, 2020
THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS THING! Wrestling Week concludes with one hell of a main event: Damian is joined by WWE Hall Of Famer & wrestling legend AMY DUMAS! Listen along as Amy talks going from 7 Seconds shows, dumpster dived donuts & playing in Fugazi side projects, to wrestling in front of millions of people on TV as LITA! The Punk/Wrestling Connection is real!  AGAIN, NOT TO BE MISSED!! Also Touched On: This took a long time to happen getting a mixtape from the girl at the bus stop 7 Seconds going to see the Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds at the Metroplex MRR Moving to DC loving Lookout Records Bay area bands’ scrappiness as inspiration for getting into wrestling wishing you knew other punk wrestling fans “I just need to listen to my people” - going emergency record shopping communicating with Robbie Brookside through record pressing info on the road with 15 robbing leftovers from Denny’s Moving to DC Dumpster divin’ for donuts playing in a Fugazi and Slant 6 side project “Did you hear I’m going to be a wrestler?”  going to Mexico and wandering around Mexico City looking for Lucha Kid Power! going to the WWE & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 4, 2020
Turned Out A Punk Maniaweek celebration continues! On this episode Damian sits down with one of the most talented & outspoken athletes in professional wrestling today: David Starr! Listen in as the two discuss punk, pop & David's pursuit of labour reforms in pro-wrestling!  Also Touched On: The CZW TOD Class of ’15 Loving the Ramones as a kid David’s connection to Rick Astley The lack of love for deathmatch wrestling is like the lack of understanding of punk Iggy Pop Ricky Shane Page Onita is the coolest guy... ever Smoking sucks… Vape gods of wrestling Labour and wrestling politics & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 1, 2020
It's (Supposed to be) ManiaWeek! In celebration of what is usually the biggest week in wrestling, we will be releasing three episodes highlighting the most powerful force in the world: The Punk/Wrestling Connection! On this episode, Damian gets to sit down with one of the most dynamic personalities in independent wrestling: Effy! Listen in as the two discuss going from sneaking secular music into the house, to helping revolutionize pro-wrestling. Also, Effy teaches Damian about the Christian Gwar!  Also Touched On: Meeting 2 and a half years ago in Florida Growing up in a religious household Sneaking secular CDs from the library Grandson of a Grammy Award winner Raised by the kids of preachers Sending dad out t get the System Of The Down CD and him thinking he is bring Satan into the house.  The computer generation’s parents had no clue what we were up to? “Hey, this is not it. Is ti?” straying from the flock in youth group. Going to see the Christian Carmen Going Atlanta for a show with mom getting wrecked at the Warped Tour Getting sober and stopping music Church arena tours Grave Robber: the Christian Gwar Wrestling is for everybody & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
March 28, 2020
It's episode 250! So why not celebrate with Damian as he sits down with one of his hero's Dale Crover?! Listen in as Dale and Damian discuss going from being a Kiss loving kid to joining a Melvin to becoming a Rock N Roll icon. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also touched on:  Everybody loves Dale Seeing Rock and Roll High school Growing up with Metal Church and the Lewd Kiss being people’s Beatles Seeing the Melvins for the first time Dale’s band’s accidental extreme on TV set Popular kid Krist Novoselic plays matchmaker “Nice Mentors’ shirt” “Special Forces” the heavy metal two piece The Facal Matter demo Meeting Kurt Cobain Going on tour with RKL but they don’t make it Recording the 1st 7” Alchemy Records: “he was our Andy Warhol” “You take Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground and that is what Olympia sounds like” Finding Dave Grohl a band Nirvana on Red Kross “Why are these guys so happy?!” AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
March 25, 2020
On this episode Damian is joined by one of his favourite artists Anna Calvi to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss a punk influence that goes beyond sonics and Anna's fight to create her own music. NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also touched on: Patti Smith’s Horses Grunge loving teen Lemonheads Dad teaching some Shadows songs on guitars Reading the music papers The lack of space for anyone that wasn't a white male in 90's UK music Forming Cheap Hotel The quest to get music when you had to buy it Manager making you watch tape of your show being forced to try a write a hit breaking free The Domino/Punk connection AND MORE!!!! Thanks Van!
March 23, 2020
Right Now HaHaHaHa! On this episodes, Damian sits down & chats with one of THE ARCHITECTS of this whole damn movement: GLEN MATLOCK!!! Listen in as the two discuss the Sex Pistols, the Rich Kids & how a loose collection of ideas coalesced into PUNK ROCK! Don't miss it! Also Touched On: learning the word "punk" from a James Cagney movie The Nuggets compilations  John Inman and Caroline Coon brand the Sex Pistols Malcom goes to America and meets Sylvain Sylvain Getting a mixtape from Nick Kent going to east London with Bernard Rhodes to see Teenage Rebel  The pub rock scene Going to see the Faces at some fancy club and seeing the original line-up of the Dolls opening The Small Faces influence Duff notices the Motown sound on the bass getting records from the “White Goods Store” Jethro Tull’s “Living In the Past” is like Take Five with words  Midge Urge turns down the Pistols but sings for the Rich Kids Martin and Coulter   Slick The Rich Kids’ influence on Spandau Ballert and Duran Duran Cock Sparrer in the discos in Spain  The Spectres & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
March 19, 2020
WATCH WHITMER THOMAS' "THE GOLDEN ONE"! This HBO comedy special has quickly become one of Damian's favourite movies (EVER) and on this episode he gets to sit down with Whit himself and dissect the thing! Listen in as the two discuss Whit's journey from listening to Bro-Hymn in the car with him mom and brother to performing Dammit with Mark Hoppus and agonizing over Fugazi jokes. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also touched on:  Whit using Fucked Up as entrance music A mutual debt paid Mom teaching you to play Bro-Hymn The true emotion of Pennywise’s 1998 version of “Bro-Hymn” Mom loved new wave Finding demos with two different takes on growing up in the South   Alabama had no punk Going to Pensacola to see shows Seeing Against Me before they had real dreams This Bike Is Pipe Bomb “Pray to play”: Pretending to be Christian to get shows Quitting the band and ruining an adult’s life The Tooks can't make it in LA The impenetrable cool of the Smell The SF-Psych Revival The Fugazi joke  Fixing Danzig’s iMac in 2019 AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!
March 15, 2020
This episode Damian explains that this podcast will remain a place people can come to unplug from the realities that they have to face the rest of the time in their lives. Then we turn out attention to, not one but, TWO amazing episodes to try and unplug a little with. In celebration Slim Cessna's Auto Club and the Bellrays tour. there are two Turned Out A Punks out today! First we take a trip to the the dark side of the Rocky Mountain State as Damian is joined by, Denver Gentlemen, Slim Cessna. Listen in as the two talk where this true gothic-occult-cult bend to Denver and surrounding cities punk may have come from and if this is what makes Denver punk so special. Not to be missed!!!  Also, DON'T MISS Lisa Kekaula's amazing episode!!!!! Also touched on: Devo on Saturday Night Live Taking the bus to Denver The Fluid The Frantix invented grunge the Junior T  Soul Merchants  The goth side of Colorado - religion meets subculture Your Funeral’s Jeri Rossi becomes a serial killer art dealer Moving to the Boston Feeding Frenzy Human Sexual Response/Auto Club Connection Verbal Assault: “That dude went to prom with my ex-wife” Psychic TV: Huge in Denver AND MORE!!!! THANKS VANS!
March 15, 2020
This episode Damian explains that this podcast will remain a place people can come to unplug from the realities that they have to face the rest of the time in their lives. Then we turn out attention to, not one but, TWO amazing episodes to try and unplug a little with. In celebration of the Bellrays and Slim Cessna's Auto Club tour, there are two Turned Out A Punks out today! First Damian sits down with, one of the greatest vocalists of ALL-TIME, The Bellrays' Lisa Kekaula! Listen in as the two discuss: the pre-Coachella Scooter Rally Raves, Fishbone's awesomeness, why vocalists experience being in a band differently and more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also, DON'T MISS Slim Cessna's amazing episode!!!!! Also touched on:  Hearing X in passing AM radio going to see Fishbone for the first time Samba Hell Pop Defect Some much good music The Proto-Raves that were scooter rallies “Those are the dudes that run Coachella now.” Why Ska hit Riverside and Southern California Meeting Bob Forming the Rosethorns “I wish we had kept the name the Rosethorns” Playing with the Voodoo Glow Skulls Smokestacks: Sublime before Sublime White Flag becomes Roadwhore Fishbone spends year on the road and inspire the Rosethorns the become the Bellrays I Got A Right is the birth of punk. AND MORE!!!!! THANKS VANS!
March 10, 2020
THIS IS A HUGE ONE! Bassgod Mike Watt joins Damian for a NOT TO BE MISSED conversation about all things punk and hardcore! Listen in as the two discuss reactionaries, minutemen, stooges and everyone in between. Plus Damian nerds out about his road map into punk: "Ballhog Or Tugboat" on it's 25th anniversary with the cartographer himself! Did we mention this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!  Also touched on We are all on the same team No Watt No Damian Readin’ in Creem Lang Bang’s Cousin Lester Meeting Nicky Beat “We didn’t where bell bottoms” Talking to Joey Shithead and Billy Bragg The Vaudeville side of punk “Ig said to Ronnie” being the little brother in the Stooges Going to see the Stooges at the Whiskey “I thought New Wave was a film movement in France” “What’s the Alternative to music? Silence!?!” “There was no guy on the back of the Circle Jerks record to try to dress up as!” People LOVED Tull and hated the Stooges “Ig had a weird gig where Ronny Beat his ass with a whip” “At first D.Boon wouldn’t make a punk band with me” “We jammed ‘I Wanna Be You Dog’ for 3 and a half hour” The Reactionaries  Playing with The Suburban Lawns “The Bass King Of Outer Space” The Minutemen were radical in music and organization Hey Taxi! Georgies other band
March 3, 2020
Let's hear it for gratitude & paying it forward! This episode Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield stops by to talk all things punk.  Listen in as Damian gets to sit down with one of his favourite songwriters only to find out about his own very small role in her punk journey! AGAIN, NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also, check out Waxahatchee's new album "Saint Cloud" coming March 27th on MERGE RECORDS. Also Touched On:  The joys of discovery in the Napster era  Growing up country  Loving the Velvet Underground and GBV Bikini Kill  The Raincoats Twin Powers The Birmingham Scene: a story in two parts  The difficulty finding a way into the punk scene “Everyone still wishes it was the Ackleys”  Hardcore message board toxicity    PS Eliot is born from rage “I’m a feminist because of the Bridge 9 Board” Sage words from Marley Fucked Up Doing it for the other people Fake Problems get big “We are going on tour now!” The end of MySpace Teenage Cool Kids Radiator Hospital & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
February 21, 2020
Get ready! This week on the show Damian is joined by Spiral Heads & MGMT member, the great SIMON DOOM! Sit in as they discuss coming of age in the not so great era of NY punk & how that set him on the path for the rest of his life. NOT TO BE MISSED. Also Touched On: Nirvana as the gateway band Getting a Sub Pop comp and hearing the Dwarves’ “Drug Store” Parents meeting in Jessie Michaels’ dad’s class Bobcat Goldthwait, Chokebore Butthole Suffers and Nirvana  The loss of Kurt Cobain impacts a young kid buying bootleg Nirvana tapes off Merle Allin Drawing Lars’ tattoos on yourself and fooling Merle reading punk jackets Making a fake ID to get into CBGB’s “Are you a spy of something?” - cops find your fake ID “12 year old boy looking for band members” a personal ad  Spider sends a picture of him puking becoming friends with the skinhead goes terribly wrong  Social Disease The Murder Junkies were a terrifying gang without a messiah  Adults beefing with kids Tulsa Doom The grimy shityness of punk can be exhausting if it didn’t have the D-BEAT, i didn’t like it “This isn’t a metal venue!” Dave It Up and Stuart Schrader’s opinion mattered going indie & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
February 14, 2020
This week on the show Damian reconnects with the godly Kevin Morby! Sit in as the two discuss the pivotal roll punk/ DIY played in his musical development and the glory that was the late 2000's Brooklyn DIY punk boom. NOT TO BE MISSED! Check out Kevin's latest album, "Oh My God", on Dead Oceans. Also touched on: Having to battle Blink 182 to get Green Day Matt Skiba joining Blink 182 and a 6 grade dream comes true Nirvana not being your gateway band And thus begins: “The Reality Era” of MTV Asian Man Records setting you on path No Music in the house No punks in the suburbs of Kansas City Dropping out of school Moving to New York Going to be a opening scene from Law And Order the 3rd wave of The BK Indie boom the Vivian Girls!!! The greatness of Cause Co-Motion: the Jonathan Fire Eater of the 3rd Wave NY 2000'S DIY AND MORE!!!!!
February 7, 2020
Twenty-plus year ago, Damian had dinner with Linda and Johnny Ramone and it set the course for the rest of his life. Now all these years later he is reunited with Linda Ramone to talk about growing up before punk in New York, her late husband and the traveling the world with the greatest band of all-time: The Ramones! Also touched on: A brother that loved rock Black Sabbath Black Oak Arkansa  “I found a band for you” Dreaming of going to the city Heavenly and Starlet going to see the Dolls Seeing Grand Funk at Madison Square Gardens going to CBGBs every weekend Johnny little black books Fun with Vincent Gallo AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
February 3, 2020
After a tragic week of losses from the world of punk and hardcore, Chris O'toole, Dave It Up, Dave Martin and Damian discuss the musical impact of four people on the world of music.
January 24, 2020
Tonight we are doin' it for friendship & the scene, because on this episode Damian is joined by his new buddy, CHRIS CARRABBA AKA Dashboard Confessional! Listen in as the two discuss: Florida's isolation causing a music boom, coming to terms with being labeled "emo", playing on CNN in the middle of a news report & more!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!! Don't miss Dashboard Confessional's "Best Of The Best Ones", a career spanning compilation of Dashboard's greatest hits dropping on January 31 2020! Also Touched On: Moving to Florida Cars rides as punk school 120 Minutes Archers Of Loaf Pixies Dino Jr over everything Finding Post-Hardcore before punk Buzzcocks over the Pistols Liking Green Day they were Green Day Vacant Andy’s inspired by Jawbreaker Crimpshrine Jawbox The gap between Youth Of Today and Hatebreed NO ONE CAME TO SOUTH FLORIDA! Seeing Hot Water Music and falling instantly in love Building a scene Jon Riely from Morning Again Trevor from Fact To Face: “word if getting out” Fiddler Records No Idea Fueled By Ramen HWM and Less Than Jake pulling the south FLA bands north Hubble: favourite band that never recorded Being made to sing Chad from New Found Glory’s voice in Shai Hulud coming to terms with the term emo Reason To Believe rule & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
January 15, 2020
Get ready to set sail! Damian is joined on this episode by his former shipmate on the Bruise Cruise and one of his favourite songwriters: Mikal Cronin! Join the two as they discuss: all ages shows, the Toronto connection, the joy of getting your OWN record and so much more!!!! Also discussed: Growing up in a non-rock house Hearing Nirvana in a cool babysitter’s car When mom’s harp explodes… Pop-punk as a gateway the Warped Tour as a first show NoFX  Floggin’ Molly AFI  getting a full beer dumped down your cast So-Cal Record stores Finding the Smell the possibility of starting a band The concept of the Sensitive Side 7” blowing your mind Meeting Ty Segall  AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
January 6, 2020
Bow down because wrestling’s Zombie Princess is here! This week on the show Damian sits down with one of his favourite wrestlers: Jimmy Jacobs. Listen in as the two discuss Jimmy and his peers rise changing pro-wrestling and how it all comes back to punk. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on: Damian is a fan of SCUM It never hurts when someone is a fan Jimmy hears the Misfits… “All rock is the same!” Rocking a devil lock in the 8th grade going by yourself to see Prince in the mid-90s Is the person or the character what came first? Shedding the conservatism you were raised with Cream Cheese And Bagels The second Undertaker reveal turning you off of wrestling “Here I am 20 years later, all because Stone Cold got popular” AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!
December 21, 2019
What a gift of the season?!? This episode Damian is joined on the show by Beach Slang's James Alex Snyder! Listen in as the two discuss how transformative punk is and how it helped shaped who he is as person in every aspect of life. Also fined out why Damian's brother is going to get hug piledrived on him. NOT TO BE MISSED!! Also touched on: Surprise and joy that people remember Hearing the Buzzcocks from your uncle who convinces you that it's his band Fooled into being a punk Friends of Verbal Assault Seeing the Ramones at Airport Music Hall the Original Sins: local heroes Meeting the guys in Weston and finding the people you need building a scene Going one tour with Lifetime Ari being the sweetest AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
December 10, 2019
In honour of J Masics's birthday, here is the Turned Out A Punk's Patreon exclusive interview with Dino Jr. at Camp Fuzz. This will disappear soon so DL now or regret forever!!!!
November 28, 2019
If you want scream, scream with us! This episode, Damian sits down with one of his favourite currents vocalists: HIDE's Heather Gabel. Listen in as the two discuss finding a late start in performing and the search to find your punk. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on: “Punk” music NoFX Green Day a tape with Crass “How can all these bands be the same genre?”  ECONOCHRIST!!!!! Born Against Sam McPheeters is always on the list! Covering “well fed fuck” Finding a Rudimentary Peni Seeing Rancid before Lars was in the band Your boyfriend refusing to stand beside you at a Jawbreaker show Going to see the Cure and it being transformative I can’t believe that many people had heard of them! Hanging out with Robert Smith and it being the best ever Eric Z’s Grounds Coffee Shop Making patches for the Suicide Machines Going to see ICP Jax Ink and Dagger RULES!!!! being able to see Los Crudos whenever you want! living at the Underdog loft AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
November 18, 2019
Let's talk about the role of punk played in the resurrection of UK wrestling as Damian sits down with the founder of Progress Wrestling Jim Smallman! Listen in as the two discuss the how and the why of rebirth of UK wrestling and Jim's journey from punk loving stand-up comic to wrestling booker. Also touched on: Daddy was a Northern Soul DJ? The Clash: “I’m not hacking you listen to music like that.” Standstill: a terrible cover band The Sex Pistols/ Clash divide Straight edge “Just Don’t Be A Dick” The formation of Progress: the anti-super indie Jimmy Havok and the hardest chair shot he ever gave the uk scene AND MORE!!!!!
November 11, 2019
Hot damn! This episode Damian gets to sit down with one of the best to ever do it: Collin McFaull of Cock Sparrer! Listen in as the two discuss the realness of street rock and roll, the fakeness of punk and everything in between. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also touched on: being on tour with the Small Faces and hearing the Jam not buying into the whole punk thing “you gotta wear these clothes” Slaughter and The Dogs, Adam and the Ants and us Forming Cock Sparrer at 16 informed by Glam A potentially career ending reel to reel MC5 didn’t cross the pond Dr. Feelgood and pub rock From Motorhead of Mannfred Mann and the Earth Band Punk was a West London thing first AC/DC with Bon Scott was the best show EVER The meeting with Malcolm McLaren  Doc Martins and Jungle Greens “Some people bring you cupcakes and some people bring you cocaine” The Sex Pistols and The Clash were boy bands The second wave is when punk got real “We weren’t well liked” The ’92 comeback show the violence becomes too much AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
November 5, 2019
YES!!! In this week’s episode, Damian is joined by one of his favourite vocalists ever: Johnny Peebucks of the Swingin' Utters!!! Listen in as they talk about going from reluctant street punk heroes to Fat Mike's favourite reluctant fight starting live band! Also Touched On: A cool older sister Trying to nail the Mic Jagar pose the club culture getting into shows for free the first version of the Swingin’ Utters The Santa Cruz skinhead fanbase Darius Joins and brings the songs “Can you play harmonica?” Going on tour with the Meatmen and Chaos UK “We aren’t going to play this one tonight, we are too hungover.” moving to SF what is street punk? MRR buzzband "Your fans suck!" "You are right." Fat Mike liked the fights and hated Streets Of San Francisco & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
October 28, 2019
Chris & Damian call on the Daves (Akerman & Martin) to come on the show! Talk some Everclear, Kanye & Morrissey, the guy with the initials that plays rock, new music they like & so much more!!
October 25, 2019
Get ready to celebrate friendship because on this episode Damian invites his long time friend Anthony Anzaldo from Ceremony back to the show and, oh boy, what a return it is! No wrestling talk this time around, as the two discuss creative growth, artistic integrity, the limitation of expectations and so much more. NOT TO BE MISSED!
October 11, 2019
LET'S CELEBRATE FRIENDSHIP!!! This week on the show, Damian invites Brandon Williams from Chastity over for dinner and makes him podcast for his supper! Join the two friends and they discuss art, critique, heroes turned villains and punk in the suburbs. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also talked about:  liking metal the mystery of the band at the high school up the street Happy Goes Lucky becomes Protest The Hero Closet Monster Bombs Over Providence A babysitter crosses the street to avoid the punks The Underground Operations era Why are there no bands from Kingston? Bands named after the city are normally terrible Whitby: 10 Hockey Areas and no all-ages music venues No Much Music, No Simpsons: Growing up in a religious house The burnt CD era Making the skate video in grade 7 Seeing Alexisonfire’s first video on TV and it changing everything Meeting Dallas Green as a kid When your childhood heroes tell you to “Quit Your Life” Creating bands as a home for lyrics The greatness of MTV Live Canada AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
October 4, 2019
This week on the show Dennis Lyxzén from Refused talks punk with Damian. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also discussed: The continuation of 2001 Quick Fanzine interview Exploited shows up out of nowhere in your record collection being into NY hardcore when everyone else in UK 77 87 the dead time for punk between the booms Puszone in Thrasher “You get it home and it’s mucky pup” Taller punk The Join let’s gather all the freaks in one place let’s build a scene isolation and boredom builds the biggest hardcore scene in the world no sick of it all show in Umea Doctor and The Crippens  Were you at the Shelter show? Step Forward: no one is going like this so let’s just go nuts be the guys that goes off Refused: “We knew the potential” The curse of recording LPs Meshaggah sounding like Anthrax playing to 4t people Skate punk made Asta Kasta the link between scenes Trallpunk David's death metal influence on Refused the regions of music learning about Empire and the Ruts from the gods of DC This is kinda cool but super sloppy becoming friends with manny from Race Traitor Peaking too early Final Exit The Path Of Resistance connection AND MORE!!!!!!!!
September 30, 2019
Lights, Camera, Action! This week on the show we go to the movies as Damian sits down with director Alex Ross Parry to discuss how he applied what he learnt from basement show to making movies and lament the loss of video store culture. Also discussed:  Video store people unite!!! Green Day as first exposure becoming a Lookout kid Big band bringing cool bands on tour Blink opens for Bad Religion and then a few years later the inverse Local H opening for Stone Temple Pilots  Meeting the older kids in the basement a Propagandhi shirt the secret christian punk scene if you have played a show for less than 10 people you can make movies Making a soundtrack AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
September 20, 2019
Get Psyched! Canadian music icon Bif Naked is on the show! Join Damian as he sits down with Bif to discuss her incredible journey in music. From giggin' endlessly across Canada with Gorilla Gorilla to trying to win over Life Of Agony fans in Europe to changing the Canadian music landscape forever. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also discussed: Making My Daddy’s Getting Married DRI plays NOT the Albert The Punk-Funk of Gorilla Gorilla Being in a touring band is not for everyone The double standard of being a woman in the touring punk scene Hockey Music Sugar Ray could have been a great punk band the East Coast VS the West Coast vibe Personality Crisis SNFU Flipping a coin for Toronto or Vancouver Pot and flannel  Chrome Dog was ahead of its time The Mighty Mighty Bosstones playing in Bad Religion in both bands The skater scene and the rocker scene Getting stoked about Jello rejection letter loving early Screeching Weasel covering Mastodon Touring with Chi Pig and The Wrongs Having to learn to play with no monitors because the music industry sucks Opening for Life Of Agony and the audience didn't care that her daddy was getting married meeting Gail from Belly and getting into Straight Edge    AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
September 10, 2019
Get ready!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by a legend: Donita Sparks of the gods L7 is on the show! Listen in as the two discuss not fitting in and having to create your own scene, punk as an attitude and the trials and tribulations of headlining the first Warped Tour. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on: Sisters with great taste Hearing the Ramones and finding you band Learning guitar until hearing the  not liking bands that buy shit of the rack Punk or New Wave B-52s crazier than the Cramps The Dead were a deal breaker going to dance clubs in the Northside of Chicago hating hardcore The LA art punk scene gives rise to L7 opening for Bad Religion Redd Kross were true glam Not being a part of the hip LA scene Grunge up end rock meeting Sub Pop Writing Shove Covering Bloodstains and turning it into the Mencies Anthem  The Dick Dale influence The half-step  Suicidal’s dirge Everyones is opening for the riot AND MORE!!!!
September 5, 2019
Rejoice!!! It's finally happened! After losing one episode to the unknown, Matty Matheson comes to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his buddy to talk about the good & the not so good times that led Matty to become one of the world’s most beloved chefs! Also, how punk & hardcore were paramount  to his journey. DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!!!!  ALSO, don’t miss the return of Matty Fest with Decedents, Wu Tang and Danny Brown! Saturday September 7th at Echo Beach!!!!!!!!!!
September 2, 2019
Weather, technology and scheduling be damned because this week Alex Lichtenauer (Get Better Records and Control Top) is on the show! After months of trying, join Alex and Damian as they discuss scene building and affecting positive change through music. Don't miss this rain soaked all too short conversation! Also touched on:  A NOFX tape gets passed around The Decline is the peak Pikesville Teen Center scene The Baltimore Hardcore scene  Cult Classics Ramrod  Charm City Art Space and the fall out Moving to New Hampshire and scene building The Starving Artist Punk experiences it first The first decade of Get Better Records AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
August 29, 2019
DREAMS COME TRUE! This week Damian welcomes his childhood hero and dream guest Ben Lee to the show! Listen in as the two get caught in the metaphysical weeds discussing going from moshing at the Hard-Ons show to collaborating with Tom Robbins on musicals. NOT TO BE MISSED!! Also touched on: A long time in the making for Damian No one ever came The Sydney all-ages scene The Hard-Ons Hellman getting caught in the mosh at age 12 Rage: The TV program Lo-Fi is Punk “I thought it sounded like ‘Appetite For Destruction’” Tom Robbins as a punk collaborator  Dennis Tek opens for Rollins Nirvana and the Violent Femmes were the reason Television Personalities  The Vaselines  K Records Half A Cow Records Lemonheads Smudge Girling Fallaheen Records Not being able to open for Alex Chilton because it was a school night “Do I get paid for that?” the Bathing Ape collaboration artist run labels are a bad idea most of the times AND MORE!!!!
August 19, 2019
What is "cool"? Well, around here at Turned Out A Punk we think the very embodiment of the word cool is Kid Congo Powers & this podcast just got a hell of a lot cooler, because he’s on the show this week! Join Damian as he sits down with the former Cramp, Gun Cluber, Bad Seed & Screamers propagandist to talk about how LA glam kids took over the world. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also Touched On: Helping invent punk The Dogs and the Motels The Glam kids meet the rock kids meet the record collector kids Seeing Patti Smith and Ramones Zolar X: hilariously dedicated The faded glam of LA as an influence Learning from Rodney Th Quick: “Our Sparks” Backdoor Man Magazine was the Bible The birth of Zine culture Doing the first Ramones zine The odd crowd the Ramones attracted  16 and standing beside Dee Dee Thrift shopping with Blondie The Nerves, The Pop and the Zippers “Glad I was there for that”: life with The Screamers Pat Suzuki and Argento “You have to see this band the Cramps!” Took the bus from LA Going to New York and seeing the Contortions Befriending Brian Gregory and Nick Knox The Mumps come to LA The Student Teachers The Blessed “Those people were sick!” No Wave people were no fucking joke “Yeah I noticed” The shift from punk to hardcore Opening for the Circle Jerks with the Creeping Ritual “They Hated Us!” Here come the angry kids Going to see the Slits play in the UK Record shopping in Paris in ’77 Working at Bomp & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
August 15, 2019
In honour of Bad Religion playing the Psycho Las Vegas Fest, Jay Bentley from Bad Religion is on the show! Tune in as Jay & Damian discuss finding punk, forming Bad Religion, the birth of Epitaph, leaving before the Unknown & coming back! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LISTEN! Also Touched On: Raw Power Fanzine  DIY? Are you High? What else was there 12,000 kids vs. Jay and Greg Going to LA to see shows The Stains and the car through the wall Mad Society the SUPER little kids “Well fuck this, we’re going to make our own.” The Circle Jerks like your tape “We are already on the radio?!?” Rodney On The ROQ Buying the Dickies and the Germs record store Making the first 7” making the first lp Smoke 7 comp Experimenting right into drugs Joining Wasted Youth The Clubs stop letting punk happen Citadel: Proto glam Do you be in the Circle Jerks? And winding up back in Bad Religion Into the Unknown and back & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BE VANS
August 15, 2019
In honour of Bad Religion playing the Psycho Las Vegas Fest, Jay Bentley from Bad Religion is on the show! Tune in as Jay & Damian discuss finding punk, forming Bad Religion, the birth of Epitaph, leaving before the Unknown & coming back! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LISTEN! Also Touched On: Raw Power Fanzine  DIY? Are you High? What else was there 12,000 kids vs. Jay and Greg Going to LA to see shows The Stains and the car through the wall Mad Society the SUPER little kids “Well fuck this, we’re going to make our own.” The Circle Jerks like your tape “We are already on the radio?!?” Rodney On The ROQ Buying the Dickies and the Germs record store Making the first 7” making the first lp Smoke 7 comp Experimenting right into drugs Joining Wasted Youth The Clubs stop letting punk happen Citadel: Proto glam Do you be in the Circle Jerks? And winding up back in Bad Religion Into the Unknown and back & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BE VANS
August 7, 2019
What do MTV, WCW & Darby Crash have in common? This week’s guest is RIKI  RACHTMAN!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the former WCW/Headbanger’s Ball & current Cathouse Hollywood Podcast host to talk about The Germs, Black Flag & the Adolescents: OH MY! Not to be missed!!! Also Touched On: The greatest Canadians Wearing Germs shirts on Headbangers Ball Blink 182 is old school now? Devo’s first record as gateway Rodney on ROQ Bloodstains Keith Morris rocking a Spiderman costume fronting the Black Flag Fear Not getting the Germs… at first X plays every show Meeting Darby The Adolescents Blue Album is one of the great albums EVER Rob and Darby Knowing more about Black Flag than Black Sabbath Going to Universal Studios with an Adam And The Ants superfan Auditions for the Angry Samoans Forming a hardcore band  “Hey Devo!” “Hey Meatloaf!” Meeting Lee Ving in the current day Metallica meets the Plimsouls   Battery Club could have been Green Day Trying to record and hang with Pantera WCW  On the road with Scott Steiner & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!  BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 28, 2019
Because the world demanded it, Damian welcomes back to the show one of his all time favourite lyricists & TOAP Guests: PROPAGANDHI’S CHRIS HANNAH!!! Get pumped for a pretty bleak discussion! The two reflect on the current state of things, where/when it all started to get much darker & of course, some punk rock talk too! Also Touched On:  The Prophecy Foretold: Chris Hannah Was Right!  1996 The record flopped: YAY! “Fuck these jokers!” Traveling with a mini-mall Greenroom as a bio-pic The punk and politics G-7 Records falls apart Consolidated rule  Hearing Randy for the first time Todd and Chris go crazy while record Today’s Empires Wanting to be more Los Crudos, Dropdead and Born Against Fuck The Border with a rap part as an I Spy song Jord: the voice of reason Trying to make everything sound like a sped up cassette tape. The terrifying prophecy of Propagandhi lyrics the moment we could have saved the world 9/11 changes everything You don’t own your cellphone  Falling-out with Fat Mike Changing views on Punk Voter & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 23, 2019
Some 23 years ago a much younger Damian met Dan Panic at a show in Toronto & the positive impact on was immense. Now, two plus decades later, Damian gets to sit down & thank Dan the only way he knows how: by punishing him with questions about his musical past! Join D & D as they sit down to discuss playing drums in some of the most iconic pop punk bands.  Also Touched On: Damian meets Dan and it sets a standard Blondie as a gateway The Feds’ (pre-Smashing Pumpkins/ pre-Poster Children) fake tour booklet Ivy League forms in 10 minutes  Weedeater (pre Charles Bronson) and the new scene in the Western Suburbs The evolution of the Chicago scene The Los Crudos Screeching Weasel Connection An apology to Cedric The Riverdales VS Weasel Tony Molina RULES Listening to Mars Volta Playing with At The Drive-In  Joe does not like weed smoke from future rock gods Playing with Sons Of Ishmael  Opening for the first “last” Screeching Weasel show The influence of Ringo The nuns forcing you to write with your right hand Melody over everything The funny side of Born Against Quitting music for five years Touring with Pansy Division & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 13, 2019
Whether you call it his second or his fourth time on the show, one of the greatest guests ever, JON WURSTER RETURNS! Either in the world of drumming or comedy, Jon truly is a GOAT! So sit back listen in as Damian & Jon go deep before he takes the stage with Bob Mould… Who also says one word on the show… So do we call that his Part 1? YOU DECIDE! Also Touched On: Going to Ohio to learn to record Missing Husker Du by one day Circle Of Shit The scum influence on Philadelphia music  Jon’s connection to Serial Killers Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has to follow Green Day… with the singer of Serial Killer  John Drewbaker: So punk the local magazine did an article on him titled The Punk The best show Superchunk ever played Not loving the cross-over thing… except COC the cool frats in Philly Joining Jack Wenberg Is there a drummer in the house?: Mike Joyce no shows the Buzzcocks  Brad from Finger plays with Keith Urbane going solo to see MDC on a Monday night in a college town when school out in 2019 The weirdness of Texas punk The weirdness of Philly punk The greatness of YDI live The best of the metal records Void rules ok! Going Country Why punk endures & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
July 7, 2019
Tune in & gaze down because this week on the show RACHEL GOSWELL (Slowdive) joins Damian for a chat!!! Listen along as the two discuss going from being a first wave goth kid to finding out you accidentally created a genre!! Plus hear Damian fan out... Again.  Also Touched On: Punk through a brother Siouxie and The Banshees as inspiration  Tinderbox who invented goth? in the gig straight down to the front photos at gigs Christian Death Ghost Dance Neil is a prefect at school not into Indieschmindie stuff My Bloody Valentine unites them all meeting Alan Magee  Meeting the goths in College Being broke on Creation  Falling-out with Creation The Sony deal Getting asked to take Oasis on tour and saying no Never touring Pygmalion  Getting dropped the fourth Slowdive album becomes the first Mojave 3 signing to 4AD A starting afresh  Shoegaze as a genre: “Wot on earth?!”  & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
June 24, 2019
Punk will never die! As if to illustrate this, founding member of Goth Boi Clique, Wicca Phase is on the show this week! Join Damian as he sits down with the former member of Tigers Jaw to talk about Emotrap being yet another mutation of punk & how they were brought together by wrestling podcasts. NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On: Getting into Blink 182 but it not counting Tom from the Menzingers wins the talent show with a Rancid cover Typing Punk into napster    AFI & Anti-Flag & IN Calling into Hot 97 & getting put on air at 8 years old Going along to a Backstreet Boys show More a Frontyard Dancer than a Backyard Wrestler Then Amazingness of Crimpshrine  Scranton’s hot ska scene Leftover Crack & the Beach Boys over everything An invite only message board of obsessive music collectors Borrowing CDs from the library & finding the Smiths & Mount Eerie  Forming bands that were derivative of the Microphones & Conor Oberts Test Pattern  Forming Tigers Jaw Title Fight Hating the pop-punk scene Shout out to the Aarons! Lil Peep on wrestling  & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
June 17, 2019
Well, somethings in life are worth waiting for & this here is one of those things! BILLY DUFFY IS ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK! Listen in as the two start from the beginning & we learn just how this legendary guitarist found his way through punk to the metal explosion of the 80’s. YOU CANT MISS THIS ONE!!! CATCH BILLY ON TOUR WITH THE CULT THIS SUMMER! Check listings  Also Touched On: Coming of age in the summer of a punk Billy & Johnny: Best haircuts in town The better guitarists in the neighbourhood Football or Rock and Roll as the only ways out Free & Thin Lizzy Slaughter And The Dogs: Bowie freaks go punk How amazing the Buzzcocks were Seeing the Pistols for the first time at the 2nd Manchester gig Five school friends enter & three leave “All the heads were there” Guitar hers Raw Power was a massive band in Wigan Filling Vini Reilly’s shoes Bringing along Morrissey  Opening for The Magazines  Throwing out candy to the crowd The Nosebleeds  “The only reason they kept me around was because I was good at table tennis” “She actually sang on a Johnny Thunder’s record?!?” The Lonesome No More  Getting into gretch guitars rockabilly arrives nothing would have happened without punk & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
June 11, 2019
WHAT A MONSTER EPISODE!?!?!? First, BASS-GOD - MATT FREEMAN from Op Ivy & Rancid stops by for a quick chat! He has a new band called Charger with a new EP on Pirates Press Records. Join Matt & Damian as they discuss: life lessons from Wayne Kramer, MDC Punk bootcamp & lots more.  Also, JOHN JOSEPH MAKES HIS RETURN TO THE SHOW in celebration of '77 Montreal fest ON JULY 26 & IT’S KILLER! Listen as they discuss old New York, when hardcore in New York got hard, Cro-Mags vs. Everybody & why Mackie is the coolest person ever.  WHAT A WEEK ON TOAP!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 22, 2019
IT'S HERE!!!! Tonight, May 22nd on Viceland (in the US) at 10:00pm EST, Damian's show "The Wrestlers" premiers!!! What better way to celebrate than by having one of the stars of the first episode on the show: DARBY ALLIN!!! Listen in as Darby scares the crap out of Damian with stories that prove that everyone that said Jackass was bad for kids was right. *WARNING* THIS EPISODE IS INTENSE.  Please check out The Wrestlers for more intensity!!!!! Also Touched On: Going to see the Circle Jerks & a world opening up Seeing Turbonegro because of Jackass and Skate videos being drawn to darkside of humanity dropping out of amateur wrestling to be into punk A very old school definition of punk the jock before punk rock “If I could grow up and get paid to be an asshole..” The Jackass influence being obsessed with punk documentary Loving The Nuns Seeing Subhumans Loving Leftover Crack Booking the band that ways brings pig guts Moshing in the streets with Shane West Getting into straight edge through H2O and Minor Threat Preferring GG’s early stuff. The Murder Junkies were supposed to perform at the wedding Minister Dino Torturing DJZ as a thank you for DJing the wedding Going to film school in Arizona John Waters is real Liking things that aren’t fake finding wrestling Making movies Fighting in dog shit The awesomeness of Ethan Page CM Punk draws you back being on Ridiculousness There is no winner when Darby wants to do something nuts  “I’m in the mood to do something stupid” Working with Wicca Phase and Fury BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 17, 2019
SURPRISE EPISODE!!!! Scratch another one off the bucket list because, thanks to our friend’s at Punk Rock Bowling, MILO AUKERMAN OF THE DESCENDENTS IS ON THE SHOW!!!! Join Damian as he talks to one of his heroe’s to find out about going from a new wave lovin' nerd to one of the most iconic vocalists ever! YOU’VE GOTTA TO HEAR THIS!!!! Go see the Descendents play Punk Rock Bowling next weekend (with Damian) too!  Also Touched On: X opens for Devo Getting into LA punk Accidentally seeing Black Flag’s infamous park gig Listening to Rodney Dangerhouse Records Ramones are more standard  “I was a frickin’ nerd” Dressing new wave Bill Stevenson selling you a Decendents record The 60’s influence on the first 7” The Allycats influence Singing in musicals ripping off Dez Watching Black Flag practice The Last connection Joining the new wave club at school and the meeting getting invaded by the punkers The Blasters The Chiefs New Wave kids that liked a punk don’t turn around in the pit! The Germs show: people had gotten in with weapons The Minutemen Playing with Minor Threat The SST fans New Alliance Records Hearing “Milo Goes To College” for the first time… in college  Bill joins Black Flag but that was the end of it. Ray Cooper takes over vocals Bill’s congratulations card to Milo in the form of an album The albatross of the Milo head going to shows in San Diego TSOL Battalion Of Saints Singing on Loose Nut Seeing the Misfits on the last tour The drawbacks of a double life & MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 16, 2019
Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival is but a week away! To celebrate, we have festival founders & Youth Brigadiers, Shawn & Mark Stern on the show for ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES EVER OF TOAP!!! Join Damian in his glee as the Sterns talk about all his favourite topics: From AA Records to Zolar X! OH, MY GAWD! Also Touched On: Going to see the Dickies for a first show A disagreement about Vom Tampon eating scares of some stoner buddies Robert Trower Getting into Devo Going to back to Toronto and catching the B-52s and the Beat People  Saskatoon Temp-hair dye disaster 100 Punk to rule the world: The Masque and the Canterbury The Go-Gos A different perspective on the invading beach punks Test Tube Records & Greg Heston Skinhead Manor Skin Swing Brigade Someone Gonna Get Their Head Kicked Matt Groening loves the comp getting Doug Moody into punk Bringing Aggression around to meet Doug Moody for a shakedown and it getting them signed Nearly winding up on the People’s Court AA Records French Oi Eskorbuto  Pure Hell & the Dead Boys Brendan Mullen’s ear AND SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 10, 2019
Years in the making & two attempts at recording have been worth it!!! The King of the Mountain, G.O.A.T. John Darinelle is on the show this week! Listen along as John & Damian discuss going from getting messed with by members of Bad Religion & Christian Death, to finally understanding why Nick Cave would hate the bathroom being in the front of the club, but don't worry, there is lots of Ajax Records talk for all you teeny boppers out there! The Mountain Goats have an AWESOME new record out on MERGE called “In League With Dragons” Check it out now!!!!! Also Touched On: Some awesome music talk seen it in the LA times Mom ordered Never Mind The Bollocks to the library  When DIY came to punk Early college rock The Normal TVOD Being scared of punk Jay from Bad Religion and Rozz from Christian Death trying to mess with you in the neighbourhood  The bully that chases you toward guitar, literally Charlie Chase and the Folk Music centre  Running into your tormentors at Buttonhole Surfers shows “Finding someone that like The Velvet Underground was like a Wizard!” Man Is The Bastard on streaming services The Extra Glens Mighty Joe Young AntiSeen, Eyehategod and Obsessed Being a parent and trying to leave the house for a show Nick Cave just trying to use the bathroom Doing security for Fugazi Ian MacKaye makes a nice cup of tea Peter and Ajax Records “I can have an advance?!?” BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 3, 2019
GEORGE IS BACK BABY! Once again TOAP shows up to prove that a sequel can equal or even top the original. George Pettit was one of the original guests on this podcast way back when & now he finally makes his triumphant return to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his good friend to catch up & bullshit about music, culture & how punk can micro change the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! George's band Dead Tired has an awesome new album, "Full Vol." His other band, Alexisonfire also put out some amazing new music as well.  Also Touched On:  A long time coming making this thing George tells Damian Alexisonfire is getting back together “What am I going to do now?” the post band question Wade gets it done Young Chris O’Toole working at the record store Niagara Falls: ghost town Sex Pistols Wax Figures shows that no one came to The kind of out of touch having a kid makes you kid run vs. the old people scene The end of alternative culture The brilliance of CityTV No New Bomb Turks on Much Music & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 23, 2019
Pick Up The Pieces!!! This week on the show, Damian sits down with John Ross Bowie! The Big Bang Theory star & author of the new play, FOUR CHORDS AND A GUN has an INSANE story to tell. You guys are gonna love this one! SO, HEY HO... Oh, forget it Also Touched On: A dance routine to Rockaway beach The String theory of cool NOW, I want to sniff some glue Buying Ramones records The Spin mags 10 year anniversary of punk issue The dramatic aspects of growing up in 80’s NY Spring 84 seeing The Go-Gos Putting an ad looking for a penpal A friend in Kitchener Asexuals Doughboys The Nunfuckers rule! Going to CBGB’s to see Breakdown The two different audiences for New York hardcore bands and cali punk in NY Murphy’s Law and the Dickies on halloween  A group of comedy people at Matador 21 Musical theatre meets punk The Mumps World Inferno Friendship Society Liking Let’s Wreck This Party Bad Religion’s Into The Unknown Greg Graffin coming to DJ on your radio show Bob Dylan for jocks Bugout Society are crazy underrated  Crucial Youth trolling MRR readers Damian’s dad loves Toy Dolls understanding why your parent feared punk when hardcore get reeeeaaallllyyyy hard Mutant Pop rocks!!! Sicko BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 14, 2019
Here's Johnny!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by one of the greatest guitarists in the history of British Rock & Roll: JOHNNY MARR!!! Johnny has an amazing new album, “Call The Comet” & has played in some of the most LEGENDARY bands ever but, as is par for the course with this show, the two spent most of the time talking about a band that only ever released one song on a compilation. CHECK THIS ONE OUT & don't forget THE TOAP PATREON!  👨‍🎨: Gray Abraham Also Touched On: The Sex Pistols’ legendary Lesser Free Trade Hall  Billy Duffy changes the next day Going to see Slaughter & The Dogs at age 12 Stooges, The Dolls & Dr Feelgood The glory days of working class rock & roll The first single Playing guitar  The GODLY Sister Ray! A freak show of a band A scary group of dudes A drummer with dreads in South Manchester in the late 70’s In a band with adults at age 14 Steven & Isaac got nothing on Clive. Clive says “If you are a intros band, you are going to need this…” Pete Shelley: the true radical for the time The differences between the london punks & the punks around the country that took up the flag The importance of Jon Savage’s book The importance of Magazine  Bowiefreaks The Suffragette City is the template for punk  The Robert Alman Punk Salon The White Dice Paris Valentino’s riff becomes Handsome Devils The Only Ones are gods! “Peter Perret is my Sid Barrett” Seeing Nick Lowe from the knees down The FBeat audition BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
April 11, 2019
The Turned Out A Punk Patreon is live! Head to and check it out! Also, check out Chris, Dave It Up, Dave Martin and Damian as they talk about the best live bands they never saw, youtube clips and Dave It Up not liking the Cramps(!?!?!?!?!).
April 8, 2019
When Damian sat down with Jennifer Herrema (Half of the legendary duo Royal Trux), he had no clue they would spend the whole time talking about first wave DC hardcore, but this is a perfect example of the power of punk & ultimately the point of this show. Join Damian in his stunned joy as they discuss how the noise & chaos of hardcore informed Jennifer’s musical sensibility & life in general. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Check out Royal Trux's godly new album, White Stuff on Fat Possum now!  Also Touched On: Shout Out To Tony Reitmen Hanging with Iron Cross at the age of 12 Olson’s Books and Records with Sab and Tesco Vee working the door Wandering through George Town and looking at fliers Anna and Cynthia Connolly Hanging out with Void Pussy Galore  Always against straight edge Dante and Sab were wild! Ian stands in his own truth 9353 Royal Trux starts in DC The results of an acid trip Moby and Neil as college buddies Going to Skynyrd for Kid Rock Gerard Cosloy is responsible for all of this Listening to GBH trying to figure it out The influence of Discharge Mike Fellows Chis Bald AND MORE!!!!!
April 1, 2019
This week on the show, one of the coolest (& one of the first performers your host Damian ever saw live), MARY TIMONY of the band EX HEX sits down for a chat. Listen in as the two talk about Mary going from a DC hardcore kid who didn't feel like she fit in, to finding a home in Boston Indie Rock, to touring world wide with the godly HELIUM. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED (ALSO, don't miss EX HEX’s FANTASTIC new album "It's Real” on Merge Records)!!!   Also touched on:  Damian’s first show Growing up down the road from the MacKayes Mary’s folks: “Have you heard of Ian’s band Minor Threat?” Alec’s leopard print hair Watching Friday Night Videos and finding New Wave Feeling different Learning to play guitar to stop dressing weird Seeing Rites Of Spring for a first show The positivity of the DC hardcore scene Revolution Summer and the changes begin “DON’T MOSH!!!” Combo sport team/ street gang Fire Party Christian Billotte Jamming Joe Satriani  HazMat becomes Autoclave A Rush loving drummer Autoclave Slant 6 Swiz Kingface Soulside Ignition Fugazi in the basement of St. Stephen’s (pre-Guy) The friend with the Bongos Moving to Indie Rock loving Boston The difference between DC and Boston “Way to DC for that!”: Major label find no one answering when they come knocking Signing to Matador Opening for Liz Phair at CBGB’s AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO
March 25, 2019
How often do you get to talk to the boss of your record label, bass player in one of your favourite bands & one of the first people to ever hire you in the music biz? Well, this once in a lifetime confluence happens to Damian this week when he welcomes LAURA BALLANCE OF MERGE RECORDS / SUPERCHUNK on to the show show!!! Listen in as the two discuss Laura’s journey, why MERGE gets it in a way some other label can't & the night in London twenty years ago when Damian had to work the merch table for Superchunk.  Also Touched On:  Big Sister’s record collection as a gateway Adam Ant on late night tv and a sexual awaking Was it Prince & The Revolution  on Purple Rain OR Bad Brains & Neon Christ for the first show? ATL Alternative Culture Unity The difference between Raleigh and Atlanta’s punk scenes the uniqueness of the various hardcore scenes in NC Learning to overcome stage fright Starting Merge Gerard’s stamp of approval Not being proud of the early stuff You can’t be discerning if you’re going to be prolific Erectus Monotone: pre- Double Negative not liking the bands that signed to major labels Jon Wurster: the punkest motherfucker you ever did see AND MORE!!!!!!
March 21, 2019
The odd couple of punk podcasting are back! This time, Chris & Damian invite Damian's brother / show producer, Tristan on the show to discuss stuff he felt Damian & Jonah may have overlooked on Episode 200\. Before getting to that that, they discuss Johnny Rotten vs. Marky  Ramone, the new Punk doc series, getting starstruck as an adult, why Robbie Brookside is the ultimate vehicle to discuss the history of punk & so much more!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
March 17, 2019
Almost 8 years ago, Damian, host of this show, & Jake Duzsik, of the awesome band HEALTH, had a hang so epic it left both men changed. Now, they are finally reunited & it was glorious! Listen in as the two discuss skateboarding, wrestling, success & how it all comes together: PUNK! Also Touched On: An Epic Hang A Couple A Few Years Back Hesher  Going With You Dad To See Nirvana At Age 11 Pearl Jam Being Amazing But Not Being That Into Them Butthole Surfers Go Mainstream Come As You Are & Our Band Could Be Your Life Dad Works With Kim Thayil Getting into peace punk and becoming snobbie  East Bay Ray can play! Not starting a band until your 20s Seeing Submission Hold How tiny DIY punk and hardcore ws in the 90s The Artier free jazz side of Crass Being the outliers of the Smell Scene Noise in Brooklyn vs. Noise in LA in the early 2000’s Not liking the Decendents The emotional playing of the Dead Milkmen loving the guitars first Listen to only Frankenchrist for a whole summer Jake Goes to College NOFX takes over Driving in cars with snowboarders singing Bro-Hymn The Punk side of skateboarding The Punk side of wrestling Wrestings VS Skateboarding: battle for punk & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
March 8, 2019
WHAT AN INSANE WEEK!?!?!? This time on the show punk legend & Bouncing Souls frontperson, Greg Attonito stops by for a chat! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his heroe’s to talk about how punk would change his life, the importance of an anthemic chorus & why you never stop when you are opening for Green Day in Europe.  Also Touched On: Getting Into Punk Though Your Sister Meeting Brian & Going To Shows The Real Cool Guys Sis goes to the Smiths Seeing Bruce Springsteen in a stadium trying to be the ultimate sing along band “Man, we haven’t written anything close to Hungry Heart Playing together for 30 years Seeing the Kinks play on the pier Seeing The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in NY on Halloween vs. an off night in NJ Ramones Fishbone Seeing Ween’s first show They Might Be Giants AOD Sticks and Stones Getting on stage for the first time learning to be a vocalist Braindead: the very first Bouncing Souls song slinging your 7”s on the street “We’d just hang out and stuff would happen” Always being the weird band AND SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS!!!!!!!!!
February 28, 2019
OH CRAP, WE MADE IT!!! Episode 200 is here & what better way to celebrate than by turning the tables on Damian & putting him into the hot seat. Who better to serve as the interviewer, but the rhythm to Damian's heart, former guest, Jonah Falco (Career Suicide/ Fucked Up/ Game)! Listen in as Jonah forces Damian to answer the question: "How did you get into punk?" BUT, because this is a party, we have some other guests that have acted as influencers to do this podcast, including: Legendary "The Best Show" caller and music historian Charles R. Martin, "Post Wrestling"'s John Pollock & Wai Ting and "Heat Vision & Jack"'s & maybe Bad-Religion-show-goer Jack Black!!!!!!  This is the a MONSTER of a 200th episode!!!   THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING THE SHOW FOR THE PREVIOUS 199 EPISODES!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
February 23, 2019
This is the start of the new era for Turned Out A Punk! Footnotes Supershow is Chris & Damian hanging out & talking all things punk, wherever the conversation goes. What a better way to kick off the show than having not one, but TWO of Daves we know (we know, these are the Daves we know): Dave It Up & Dave Martin! Sit back & listen as they ask important questions like: -Have you ever actually heard Chinese Democracy? -Tragedy's "Vengeance" setting a bar. -The international record condition exchange rate. AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
February 9, 2019
Cheree Cheree, Oh Nerdy. This week on the show Chris and Damian catch up about Damian's tour, get lost in a magazine and discuss Phoebe, Conor and Tony. What a great time?!?!
January 27, 2019
This week on Turned Out A Punk, it is a celebration as PHOEBE BRIDGERS & CONOR OBERST come on to celebrate the release of Better Oblivion Community Center! So sit back as Damian gets two different perspectives on a punk journey that ultimately led to the recording of this record. Can You Believe it? ONE FOR THE AGES!!! Also Touched On: Pick A Number Between 1 & 10 Clash Loving Big Brother As First Exposure Uncle Tupelo Woody Guthrie From Avril To X “It’s Not Punk To Call Yourself PUNK” Conor: PA For hire Doing Sound For Brainiac The Reason That The Omaha Sound Has No Sound Growing Up & Smelling The Smell Sloppy Jane: From Punk To Cave Core Girl Pusher: The Most Appropriate Named Band Ever Commander Venus Grass Records The Crap Shoot Of All Ages Bills Hating Piano Neil Young Is So Punk Nirvana Fan: Me But Greasy Feeling Like You Have To Sign To Other Labels Digital Sex Rules!!! Cursive Signs To Crank! Mousetrap 311 Leaves Town To Get Back You Have To Get The Music Out Of Omaha The Pressure Of Being A Super Young Musician In LA Phoebe & The He-Men Einstein’s Dirty Secret The Topanga Canyon The Fixie Era A Band Stays At Your Parents “Is This Chicken vegan?” Hearing About Emo For The First Time The Sunny Day Sound Pax Am “It’s Like Sheryl Crow!” Corporate Piggy “You Know What Would Be Good For Your Image…” Playing For The Violent Femme’s Fans: Not Fun “We Should Form A Band That Sounds Like The Replacements!” & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Brought to you by VANS
January 24, 2019
What was your favourite record from last year? Well Damians was Tony Molina's "Kill The Lights" and this week he has Tony on the show! So get ready as the two old friends dive into the wonderland that is Bay Area Punk and Hardcore. The hot takes are a flying! This may very well be the longest and funnest episode yet!  Damian’s album of the Year Listening to rap The Chronic  Bay Area Rap Beau from Oven walks in and is like: I listen to rock music now. Weekend Warrior Metal Doobie Brothers and other rockers turned ops Dads with good taste in rock music Nirvana as entry to Fang and MDC Green Day explodes Mom does does not fuck with White boy rock Sublime VS Bloodhound Gang Phish VS Greatful Dead Riverdale VS Screeching Weasel Pansy Division dressed as the Donnas and nailing a Slayer cover Angus the Movie Seeing Tower Of Power for your first show TOP, WAR and the Melvins Deftones cover the Bad Brains Negative Tom AFI Getting the Year in 7”s Goin to the Gilman for the first time Skarhead at the Gilman All Bets Off RIP Sammy Being more 625 Groovie Ghoulies “You have you heard VOID?” What Happens Next and bandana thrash bring back the fun.  The Sex Kittens: Ramones and Donnas Worship Friends with Supercharger “You gotta get with Greg!” Going to Greg Lowry’s House Getting feedback from a garage legend Having to go to “real” punk school Fiesta Comes Alive vs Forever Changes Renting Gummo because Spazz is on soundtrack Trve Power Violence Why is the Infest cover art is so bad!?!?! Off The Disk The Jocks Sharp Knife seeing dbs at Mission Records Operation Makeout AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
January 19, 2019
Nerds run the streets tonight! This week on the show Chris and Damian talk MRR cancelling print, Lorna Doom's legacy AND the awesome Julien Baker episode!
January 15, 2019
The good times never stop here at TOAP… Wait, did we say “good”? Well, we should have said AMAZING because this week on the show, Damian is joined by, one of his favourite song writers & one third of the supergroup boygenius, JULIEN BAKER!!! Listen in as the two discuss using christian punk as a way to escape, the similarities between punk vs. religion & Pezz (TN) ruling! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!  Also Touched On: Punk still runs deep The burden of punk Taking a stand against hotels Betraying your genre Romanticizing punk Memphis is a unique Seeing Green Day on TV Someones playing guitar on tv and he looks vaguely effeminate and he disagrees with the president! When you get dissed by the Casualties fans and saved by a violent Santa Going to a show at the Skate park Poison the Well Silverstien Job For A Cowboy Bands stop going to Memphis Resource scarcity breed cooperation out of necessity The frat dude’s Led Zep band can play too even! Fifteen rule Wicker from Memphis, an anti-band Growing up with religion and find Using Christian hardcore as an escape to secular punk The double edge sword of faith based music Punk as religion Jawbreaker going to your first house show Hot Topic bands Truest of true punks Turnstile live is next level PEZ RULES!!!! & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
January 14, 2019
Yes, yes Nerds are here again, but they didn't come to see your band! This week on the show, Chris & Damian talk more Danger Erhen! Also, grapple with the argument: What is art? BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
January 7, 2019
THIS IS LEGIT, ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES OF TURNED OUT A PUNK YET! Damian is joined by Jackass star Danger Ehren for one of the funniest, most honest & dare we say it, touching episodes. Not to be missed!!! THEN, TOAP Footnotes co-host, Chris O’Toole joins him to talk favourites of 2018!  Also Touched On: Ehren who? Just a real dude Sleep opening for Neurosis getting into punk through Skateboarding and Snowboarding Videos Punk becoming the meaning of everything Going on snowmobile vacations Picking up bodies on the ways home from vacation the origins of snowboarding Jocks VS Punks Too much information Jackass as forebarer to the Doing something to be remembered Jackass Changing culture Content over quality Jackass for Youtube What porn was to the internet… Jackass as art How the band got together doing stupid shit in isolation the stuff that was too extreme doing Jackass shit before the world had seen Jackass Joined by being weird Performance art Knowing the Melvins for 20 years AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
January 1, 2019
2018 wasn’t so hot for a ton of reasons, but there were some shining moments in a year of otherwise dark times. One such beacon, The Punk/Wrestling Connection!!! This year, the bonds of Wrestling & Punk continued to grow stronger. Nowhere was this connection better illustrated than at Turned Out A Punk’s first ever, “The Punk/Wrestling Connection Gathering”. Join Damian as he gathers UK wrestling God Robbie Brookside, Turnstile’s Pat McCrory, Punk God Lars Frederiksen, Power Trip’s Riley Gale, Ceremony’s Anthony Anzaldo, WWE/TNA/NJPW Champion MVP, Best Coast’s Bob Bruno & DJ/Vocalist/Wrestler Tuna Tardugno! The Punk/Wrestling Connection Is More Real Than Ever Going Into 2019! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
December 25, 2018
Chris & Damian throw the annual TOAP HOLIDAY STAFF PARTY w/ Dave Martin & Dave It Up. Listen in as the four hang out, open mail & TALK PUNK! Nevermind Talking To The Family, It's The Holidays! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
December 21, 2018
Are you hanging up the nerds on your wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall? This week on the show, Chris & Damian talk two of the greatest, legendary smart-ass singers of all time! They also lay out the plans for the Footnotes holiday take over. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
December 18, 2018
Alright, Alright, Alright! This week on the show, Damian gets to sit down with a hardcore legend & ZINE GOD: BARRY HENSSLER!!! A vocalist hero & Co-creator of one of the most expensive hardcore 7"s ever. Listen in as the two discuss Barry going from being a four year old seeing the Grateful Dead on their first tour, to being part of the first wave of hardcore punk in the godly NECROS. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also Touched On: Alice Cooper as first exposure Sonic Youth loving Love It To Death Stooges hearing MC5 from a friend's older brother and the older sibling cool music connection The Vertigo Records New Wave comp Seeing Pink Floyd on the first tour post Syd at age 7 Seeing the Grateful Dead at age 4 in a backyard Alice Cooper and ZZ Top Starting a band without guidance Stooges Trying to cover the Clash’s 1977 buying Spiral Scratch, The Cramps, Suicide and Electric Eels Getting your licence and driving to Drome Records Pere Abu Pagens The Making of Smega Journals The reason the Necros have never been reissued Seeing the Ramones and Johnny had beard Joe Jackson Undertones blow David Johansen PIL in Detroit The Spys and The Dry Heaves Getting the Solger 7” Meeting the DC kids Seeing Minor Threat for the first time befriending the Circle Jerks seeing Black Flag for the first time The story of Sex Drive The Ohio music debate Negative App Devo Starvation Army Guided By Voices The early east coast hardcore scene Joey Shithead unconventional touring style Minor Threat solo Kings Of Punk is the last hardcore record Haram & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
December 6, 2018
We are here & we're now LEGALLY STONED! This is our 1st post legalisation show & this is also our Season 1 finale. So, how has legalization been going so far? It's a shit show basically. Listen up as we speak on how things are in Canada, as well as plans for the rest of the year (RE. Emerald cup in Cali). We will also be moving to our own channel in the coming new year, Finally! The art work is just about done & a whole NEW SEASON will be coming at you in 2019! Stay tuned!!!
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