Garbage podcast
you went to journalisms school is that what they teach you um uh ah huh i’m not saying i’m just saying like i said you know you know you know
Awesome Interview
Wow awesome interview with Braun Strowman keep up the great job last professional broadcaster !!!!!
Pat Hater
Beckhams Dad
Your fake heel gimmick is cringe.... like you better when you don’t act like a cocky tough guy
Monday night raw ep1
you forgot US Open when they may show it later in week
Sam is a true company man
The Yellow and Black Attack
i wish he would say what he feels but he doesnt want to offend the man who signs the paycheck. Still a good show
Love the show...
Mike Loudhouse
Love the state of wrestling but Sam you need a co-host for it to keep you on track. You’ve been going on extra long rants repeating yourself far too often. That being said I love your interviews and you’ve got me interested in Indy guys I never even heard of.
Simply the best
Parker (Sunshine Pumper)
I’ve been a fan since Day One Ish (okay, episode 4). Sam produced the show through the eyes of a wrestling fan, one who actually LIKES wrestling. Other podcasts I’ve stopped listening to because of so much negativity. Sam always finds the positive. He’s well organized, and he’s one of the best interviewers on the planet. Sincerely. A notSam shill
Great podcast by a true fan of the biz
I used to be a big fan of this podcast (my 5 star review from a few years ago is below) but ever since Sam has been hired by WWE he has gone from being optimistic to flat out refusing to say ANYTHING the wwe does is less than stellar (during a time where the creative is awful) But as soon as AEW or any non WWE topic comes up, his blind optimism disappears and has plenty negative to say. Also he won’t shut up about his Patron. No one cares about your discord room Sam. OLD REVIEW: Him and Katie are great together and even with just sam it's great stuff. One of my favorite wrestling podcasts. Look forward to it every week. The only downside is his fantasy booking is so good I'll often get mad at WWE when they do something worse.
Love this podcast
Aaron yox
Guys and gals keep giving this podcast 5 why is this show a 4.0 needs no be more love it !
I was tired of listening to low quality bo bo wwe channels. Found this and really gave me something to do with my free time and actually really good content!
Stop trying to be a heel
I’ve unsubscribed. When you stop trying to force being a heel, both on your show and on the kickoff shows, maybe I’ll be back.
Sam rules.
Love the content on every episode. State of wrestling is the best.
Awesome Show
Dj Versa
I’ve been listening to Sam for years. Back when he was in the O&A show, when he had his own show and he always delivers. Love the heavy WWE content and he’s just awesome. Thanks Sam!!!!
Falsely advertises free content
then directs listeners to pay on patreon to access it
Sam has great insight on WWE. If you want a positive spin on WWE, listen to this show. If you want anything positive about wrestling outside of WWE or something negative about WWE, you probably won’t hear it here.
THEE, best wrestling podcast
I am in my mid-thirties and I have been a pro-wrestling fan dating back to when I was ten years old. I have seen almost every WWE pay-per-view to date. I always look for post match discussion and analysis online, and I have to say that Sam Roberts has one of the best podcast/shows today for true wrestling fans. Sam is truly brilliant in his post match analysis and "state of wrestling" discussions. I don't believe that Sam is signed with WWE, but he should part of the creative/booking/writing team. I recommend the most recent podcast that was put up right after the 2016 Survivor Series PPV. Sam has a great mind for the wrestling business, and although his voice may be high and squeaky at some times, his overall delivery is spot-on!
@Joe Negron
Nicely done
Four Stars To Match His Four Fingered Ludvig Borga
I have been listening for a while, but I have now found a way better podcast, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast! I had no idea the I was listening to someone who had such a trashy wrestling figure collection! A missing finger on your Ludvig Borga??!! How can this be? Go check out Matt and Brian, also known as WWE Superstars Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast for a truly entertaining look at everything your childhood should have been!
Dennis Falcone without charm or talent
Milquetoast, 40 degree days, plain rice, Ford Focus, Rascal Flatts, Rene Goulet, the New York State Thruway and Joanne Fabrics...all of these things are more interesting than Sam Roberts who should be starring in the Laundry Folding Channel.
Samoa Joe!!!
Dave Cujo Cruz
Best interview with Joe I’ve ever heard! Good job Sam! Keep it up!
Obsessed with himself
I’ve never listened to a podcast and the host talk more about himself it’s very self-indulgent and self obsessed.
Best wrestling podcast!
Hands down best interviews
Sam really?
Sam stick to your show on XM with that shelless backstabbing turtle Norton. Your voice is something that always sucked and why I can't listen to you and for the love of God DO NOT LAUGH
Congrats Sam
A perfect combination of guests & a review of the week in wrestling. Since Colt changed his format you are now the standard for wrestling podcast interviews. Keep up the great work Sam. You deserve all the rewards you’ve received recently.
Lacks quality
Mr. Thursday nite
I’ve tried to give this show a chance but the sound is way too low.
Best Wrestling Podcast, Hands Down
I'm 43 years old, been a wreslting fan my whole life and don't have a lot of time to listen to Podcasts... I know there are tons of wrestling podcasts, but there is only one for me and that is The Sam Roberts Wresting Podcast because nobody does it like Sam. His interviews are phenomanal, not just a guy asking wrestling questions, he goes the extra mile because although he works for the WWE, bottom line is he's still a fan and it comes across in a good way. You can relate to everything he's saying, he makes sense and I feel like he's on a level with me and not trying to be above me. If you are like me and don't have a lot of time for wrestilng podcasts, then make sure that one is Sam Roberts wrestling podcast!
Simply The Best
Sam is the man
If you want the best weekly podcast for a fan from a fans perspective this is absolutely the best available. Great interviews that you didn’t know you wanted to hear. A positive, optimistic view rather than being overly nit-picky as a lot of wrestling fans are.
I don’t like it
It's @xmannyx
Is there a way to hide this podcast from iTunes feed?
100% awesome podcast!!
If you are a wrestling fan, then you need to subscribe to Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast!! The format, the guests and everything in between are awesome!! From backstage news to opinions, it’s all here!!
Sam is like grey hair.
Trying to find an analogy for Sam was hard but, I feel this is fair. I've been listening to Sam since his days on Opie & Anthony on XM radio (SiriusXM), and listening to him was like finding a grey hair. At first your upset and you feel old and you hate it just like I hated him. After time and more grey hair comes in you begin to just accept it and eventually you stop pulling them and dyeing them. You just finally say hey I kinda like this look its distinguished. This is basically a long winded way of saying Sam was the worst and now he is what I look forward to every week. This podcast is my only must listen every week, other podcasts I will catch up on in time. So if you want to know about wrestling on any level or understand what your child, spouse, significant other, or friend loves so much about sports entertainment then listen to this man and you will understand everything. Thanks Sam for helping me get back into and loving WWE and Wrestling again!
Best if Both Worlds
My favorite wrestling podcast. Gives me the behind the scenes look into superstars with the interview, and then the current story line discussion with the state of wrestling. Thanks, Sam!
Great interviews
Sam gives great interviews from a fans perspective.
A wrestling fan’s podcast for wrestling fans
D Chaplow
6 out of 5 stars
The Best Wrestling NERD
Robbie Dubb
Great podcast. Sam Roberts is a total nerd that loves wrestling and I love every second of it. I really enjoy his perspective. I wish his fantasy booking would come true more often because it’s everything we want to happen. Actually, just make him a WWE writer at this point please.
Not a pleasant human to listen to
I can take a rant or a rave here and there, but not even the extraordinary guests on here can get me through the ramblings of the host.
Great podcast
Positive influence on the IWC
Sam has a positive influence on the IWC. We have plenty to be negative about in every day life. We can’t let that ruin the whole reason we watch! Stay positive folks, the show always gets better 👍👍Thank you Sam!!
Sammy Bran Muffins
Ole Let Em In Sammy is the best of the best. The Last Professional Broadcaster may not be what the world deserves right now, but he’s definitely what it needs. BOO THE BAD GUYS!!!
Sam the Man
I love in insight Sam has it’s awesome!!!
Big Dog in Podcast Yard
Every week Sam does awesome job interviewing people in the wrestling industry. Always get a good laugh along with knowledge.
Sam the Mam
Drake All Day
Listening to Sam is like listening to Howard Stern if he were a huge wrestling fan. Such a natural interviewer! Never appears fake or contrived.
Must Sub for Wrestling fans!
CJT 76
The best wrestling podcast not hosted by an actual wrestler! The best interviews from an actual fan!
One of the best wrestling podcasts around.
Constantly has great guests from the wrestling world and has another great segment where he discusses current news. He loves to interact with his fans and just makes a perfect listen.
Sam’s the man!
One of if not my favorite Podcast out there! Really enjoy Sam’s positive outlook to the world of wrestling. Highly recommend this podcast to any wrestling fans out there.
The last professional broadcaster
I love Sam’s podcast! Always great guests and a great perspective on professional wrestling! I listen every week!
Podcast is the haps
In a crowded field of wrestling podcast, it’s one of the few I make time for every week...and that says something.
Sam thank you for doing this podcast! Finally, a wrestling podcast that doesn’t constantly trash the business of pro wrestling! Thanks for being upbeat and honest. Great interviews!
A Must listen
Sam puts together a entertaining show every week. You can tell Sam is fan of wrestling. Each week has a great interview with an interesting guest, and give his weekly wrap up in the world of wrestling.. If you like wrestling, this is a must listen.
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