NEVER lost:
Not even a round!
Trump Jr? Seriously?
Have always loved your show but will never listen again after you having Donald Trump Jr. on your show. What a joke.
Baddest Average Fighter
Diaz vs Masvidal should be for the baddest average fighter belt
The point of not being gangster
GoGettah F'Sho
I first noticed that you need to pay for back episodes at the Olympics in Brazil when I ran into Matt Lindland and asked him about a funny story Chael had told. I’ve never ever needed to listen to an old podcast so whatever. The ads. whatever. You can skip right passes them. But this stupid “uncle Chael song” and prerecorded nonsense like “top 10s” and asks for Rumble v Jones... more like Ngannou. Dated himself—his own Chael Rule. That’s what’s gonna get the unsub
Tough guy and a smart guy.... Thanks for entertaining me for years now!
Boring show and his voice his annoying
Whiny girl voice. Crap fighter too.
Your supersized episode was amazing, everything that is great ann B out the show was in there tough guy talk, great guest, team quest sories, you name it. Right out of the gate I knew I was in for a treat when Chael wanted to recruit the fast at 40th row to be a pitcher for nailing Jeremy Stevens with a beer, why isn’t anybody breaking that down, instant classic.
Chael P. has one of the best podcast....
Very Good, with a couple negatives
WHAT I LIKE: Sonnen is intelligent, knowledgeable, entertaining, honest, thinks his own thoughts, has an interesting perspective, and can carry a show solo (way better than having s stupid sidekick) WHAT I DISLIKE: These are minor quibbles, but there needs to be a short interlude between content and advertisements. Also, Sonnen sometimes silly-nilly inserts excerpts from prior shows, which is annoying if you’ve already heard those segments and seems like a cheap filler.
Great MMA Show
Chael’s the master at breaking down fights, fighters and all things MMA. People complaining about too many ads is like saying “I like my friend but he’s a loser cause in the middle of the day he goes to work instead of hanging out with me.” Hit the fast forward button fools! I’ve listened to many MMA podcasts and their are a lot of great ones but if you just want a straightforward show about fighters and fighting this is the one! Not like BTB or BYM (which are great) but those are like 90% comedy and rambling and 10% fighting talk (sometimes less). Crushing it Chael!
Too many commercials
Great show wayyyyy to many commercials come on guys drop the greed it ruins the show
Greta episode w/ GSP!
GSP was a great guest . I liked the back and forth conversation. New concept... maybe? Love the show TY Chael. Chuck Seas
Good Stuff
JonnyC from Kentucky
One of my favorite podcasts. Get to hear a highly intelligent guy with MMA experience talk about the world of combat sports. Keep It up man.
Bring back Joel full time
Great show. Miss Joel being on full time. Please bring back The Godfather
Stop talking about sports you have no clue about!
Love the pod Chael, you’re awesome and super intelligent 99% of the time, but man I find myself literally fast forwarding or turning the pod off when you start talking about basketball. “Basketball is easy?” Come on Chael, let’s be real, for a guy who’s probably never played an organized game of basketball, let alone a 3 on 3 game, just stop it with the basketball talk ok? We come to you for MMA expertise, stay in your lane Hahahaha. Your credentials for speaking on basketball quite literally equal the credentials us fans have on MMA, although I’d argue us fans watch a HELL OF A LOT more MMA than you watch basketball. With that said, love the pod man keep up the good work, just STOP talking nonsense on sports you don’t play or watch. That is all, you are welcome!
Too many ads scattered throughout the show Also I don’t like “The Godfather”
Friend of Garth
Chial is very informative and funny. I always look forward to new episodes! Thank you mr. Sunnon, you are a great podcast host!
You Are Right Chanel
R.I.P. to Funny
Make all championship fights 3, 1 minute rounds.
All Hail Chael!
Was introduced to this guy via The Jim Rome show, had no idea he was in MMA or had a podcast. By far my favorite caller in The Smack-Off every summer. Should’ve won it in 2017 with the “shut up to Jim” call. I’m a big podcast listener and go thru dozens of them trying to find one that I like. I’ll listen and drop them after one episode, if even that much. Chanel’s podcast transcends MMA. Chanel’s a natural talker. He’s a professional talker, which makes his podcast outstanding. I’m interested in MMA but more into Crossfit. I get a lot out of the podcast when he talks about conditioning, fatigue management, fight prep, etc. Even if you’re a non-avid fan of MMA, like me, I deeply respect the athleticism and conditioning of the fighters, Chael makes it interesting. I’ve enjoyed every one of his podcasts I’ve listened to. Great interviewer. Free podcast, no subscription or request for patrons. Since it’s free there are ads, big deal, that’s to be expected, it costs money to make a podcast. Add this to your podcast list, truly the Gold Standard!
Imma insight
Dan sold out
Cheal has a different view on MMA then most fighters. He understands its a business , sport and entertainment. His views and break downs from fighters to the problems of MMA are critical and needed . He always fills you on the back story of fighters “beef”. He also has a unique insight on what promoters are saying between the lines.For fans of MMA it’s a must have . Hate the Commercials. But it’s free so who am I to talk .
Ads get a little crazy
Devlin v
50% rambling with hidden gems & 50% ads.
A rare review
It’s even when I don’t agree, He is a great at getting is points across is always seems open to new ideas. He Really is a gentleman and a role model who conducts himself in a way that most dudes could learn from... plus he’s just cool as all hell. The American Gangster is always a great listen.
Best mma show
Rated four out of five stars because the show no longer features Chael’s wacky cohost Joel The Godfather Supernaw. The golden era of this show was when Chael would needle Joel and critique him until he provoked an explosion of rage by The Godfather. In several classic episodes Joel would actually storm out of the studio leaving Chael to finish the show on his own. Some of the good Chael vs Joel fights are on YouTube.
Really appreciated how candid he was on the episode right after retirement. Great show all around
TJ podcast was 5 Stars & Chael Ret.......
Anthony NorCal
The TJ and Chael pod was great!!! I was a fan of TJ and even more now!!! Dude was honest and gave his heart!!!! Proud of you TJ!!! MMA just lost ONE OF THE REASONS I WATCH MMA!!! Mr. Sonnen retiring makes me sad and happy all in the same!!! I started watching and following MMA cuz of Chael. I will miss your fights but glad your still around!!! Nobody in MMA I wanted to win against everyone except Chael!! Thank you for all your dedication to the sport and most of all thank you for all your entertainment for many years!!! To me you will always be a CHAMPION!!! Anthony Discover Bay Anthony Fanucchi Discovery Bay, Ca
Missed podcast
Curious, did you skip a show on Friday? Anyway to let us know if there’s going to be a missed day?
Stop reading ads during the program. Ruins the flow of the show.
Save this podcast
Commercials with MMA talk sprinkled in here and there... Still rated this 3 stars because old episodes are great 👍
I’ve had it you you all
Second time unsubscribing. This used to be hands down the best MMA podcast period. I’ve been listening ( For a meaningful period of time ) actually from the beginning. First problem was Joel. Interrupting and cursing like crazy. I stopped listening. Now more talking about anything but MMA. MOVIES , TV shows , basketball , actresses , the list goes on and on. Cheap still repeats himself over and over and over and over. ( A fair statement by me) I could keep going but you get the idea.
To many ads for me
BestMM a podcast ever
lonly peter
You had a major hand in convencing DC fans Brock was a better match that stipe. You corporate shell sellout
Please please please
Great podcast but please please please STOP TALKING ABOUT PRO WRESTLING/WWE. You should stick to combat sports Chael.
He’s a good host, but...
Chael is a great host, but there are so many ads within 45 minutes it really does cut the flow down. If this was structured like a normal podcast (ads at beginning/middle/end) instead of every 5-8 minutes, it would greatly improve the podcast.
You’re Welcome Rules!
Uncle Chael has the most entertaining podcast out today.
Check out upstate mma
Love chaels show. If your a fan of mma podcasts do me a favor and check out/search for upstate mma on iTunes podcasts and give a listen!!
Great podcast
We need more Joel! Miss that dude
Love it when Chael and Joel talk wrestling
adam d t
Keep it up
Love listening to Chael (even though he’s not always right) but this Joel guy he brings on offers nothing. He only trashes media,speculates on things there is no evidence of, and gives stupid over the top predictions “Anthony Smith is going to KO Jon Jones” FOH
Matthew M
slim slimington
Joel is awesome!! Please keep bringing him on the show. His point of view verses yours is great. Great dynamic between you two.
It’s a go for Joel
your moms boots
Really like the pod cast! Joel adds a good point of view I like the show better when he’s on could definitely use less commercials like do them all at the beginning or all at the end of the show but other then that keep them coming
Joel is the man!
Great MMA talk and theory
Love chael with all my being as a performer! This show hits the mark, and Joel has the best ways of saying what Chael can’t! Lol KEEP IT UP GUYS
Analytical and approachable.
Sonnen is a very polarizing figure. I have always liked him. Whether or not you are a fan of mma, or sonnen, there is something here for everyone. Sonnen has a very calculated approach to his podcast. You can tell how passionate he is about what he is doing, and it shows in this well finished product.
Anti-reality propaganda
Sad that this is incomprehensible anti-reality pro-UFC propaganda. He never says anything that doesn’t feel like it can directly from Dana White’s mouth. This had made him less and less interesting. Sad that he went to college and still doesn’t know what science is. This world doesn’t need any help from from ignorant athletes who have no conception of science and spout nonsense. We have enough intellectual punching bags (now literally) claiming the earth is flat. Clearly Chael has been punched in the head too many times. He needs to retire from both fighting and talking in public.
Can you just steal a Podcast name??
Michael Malice has been doing a podcast with the same name, “Your Welcome” for years. The spelling mistake is intentional but regardless, it sounds exactly the same. You couldn’t think of anything yourself?? I guess it’s the CTE, TBI and Post-Concussion Syndrome..
Chael is the most entertaining man in mma. Im convinced he could talk about the most boring topic in the world and make it entertaining. It’s a should listen if you like mma and a must listen if you like yourself.
Love the show but ...
Decided to give it a try and I love the show chael is awesome, but .... that Joey guy he’s ok sometimes but sometimes I can’t finish a show because of him alittle annoying, other than that great podcast so worth it , the ads aren’t that bad either chael has to make money or the podcast wouldn’t be
The “Godfather” Ruins the Podcast
Chases is great however the “godfather” is an idiot and ruins a great potential podcast.
The Godfather is back!
Very happy that Joel has been back, I think he’s funny and Chael making fun of him is hilarious! Hope it’s a regular thing again #godfathermark
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