A Luddite’s Embrace
B-3 Boy
I found the content of the first dozen or so episodes that I selectively downloaded to be extremely valuable. I’ve listen to several on multiple occasions and just returned for more. Thanks for sharing. I strongly recommend this podcast to all retail investors.
Tips on Success
This is a very informative podcast. The hosts help break down the success routines of the wealthy. Really good!
Marck Aghnatios
I enjoy your show! I was compelled to leave feedback this morning. You have done many segments on bitcoin - I wish in the future you prepare more for these particular shows or have more prepared and informed/rehearsed guests to speak about bitcoin. I am tempted to skip your next segment on the topic - while I regard your content with credibility, it’s unfortunate when a guest of yours compromises that bond. Keep up the great work!
Less bitcoin
I feel like I have been deleting my downloaded episodes because all of them are bitcoin related. Hopefully they can get back on track so I can listen again.
Very educational!!!
I don’t like ready books so I had to find ways to educate myself. I don’t know how I just found your podcast but I listen to you guys on my way to work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to people like me.
Too much bitcoin pumping
Less bitcoin more stocks
mostly great content
Guys - I love the podcast but catching up this weekend I listened to your discussion with Ken Fisher. Boy - what a major disappointment! He would not answer one question with any degree of commitment and used a bunch of old platitudes about it being impossible to time the market etc etc. Though this is true, in a guy who has made the majority of his money by charging very stiff AUMs on unlucky investors on the promise that he has super insights to share (at a price), this I think his reticence to give any practical answers to even a single question was entirely because he refused to take a stand and be identified to be wrong about anything which would work against the heavy marketing he has for his company. I am honestly surprised that you would feature someone who has never had the small investor’s back and has stolen so many millions from so many investors with his high fees. He represents the opposite of what your show is about and I am disappointed that you highlighted his ‘work’ on your podcast. What a waste of 35 minutes that I shall never get back - my own fault for expecting that you would be able to get him to answer anything with even a modest degree of honesty....I love your show but this episode was beneath your usual high standards
Prime Time Investing Content
So glad that I found this podcast. I am a 5-6 year old investor trying to get a better understanding of the markets function and direction and this podcast has it all! They speak in easy-to-understand and straight forward terms that allow for deeper mechanistic understanding of complex concepts. They also value stocks and just let you listen to their valuation process. Iv learned so much about the complexities of valuation and also through just listening the their Berkshire shareholder meeting that are available on the podcast anytime they have one (who couldn’t learn from buffet). Let’s not for get the best part, that get billionaires investors and the managers of billions to come on the show and help them break this down with experienced and tried investors. Keep doing what you do guys! I’m going to keep listening!
Mr future
These guys have great advice and great book reviews. Please continue to find the best and most interesting guests you can, regardless of their sex or nationality. I guess these guys are just "Givers"!
Jeff Clark From New Hampshire
I've been listening to the pod for almost 7months now. I've also gone back and binged older episode. Preston and Sig are great host and do amazing at breaking it down. I know I want to be like a sponge and soak in all the info. Listening to their pod has helped so much in my growth in leadership, stocks, ETA, bitcoin, billionares Pov and everything related to business. I love Sunday mornings for the new episode.
Would have saved 30K
If I only would have watched their courses on YouTube before spending my money on trash companies.
Almost no women
I’m a fan of this podcast for its information but there are almost NO female guests on this (aside from the Oprah episode). Investing is such a man’s world and as the number one investing podcast it would mean a lot to feature more women leaders in the industry and get their perspectives.
Laid out in a palatable way.
The episodes are short enough to digest what I view as dry information. The balance between both hosts gives different perspective! Really good!
Start from beginning! Good stuff
Great show
I am a beginner trying to learn more about investing and I’ve already learned a lot from this show. Not only is it easy to follow but it’s interesting and the first podcast that can keep my attention. Definitely recommend.
Excellent podcast
This is an excellent podcast for new stock investors looking to grow their knowledge about investing.
I started from the first episode and it has been changing my mentality since then. It has changed the way I invest! Highly recommend!
What an incredibly valuable resource. Thank you! Wish I had come across this a lot sooner!
Part of my weekend routine
I cant recommend this podcast strongly enough. A coworker turned me on to this two years ago and Preston and Stig have legitimately improved my life. Since starting i have finally executed the investment portfolio optimization plan for my wife and I that i have been delaying for ~ 5 years. Additionally i have increased my own personal reading of both finance and healthcare to invest in my own education. Lastly after hearing them reference it 10 times i purchased fit for life and have fully embraced the easy part of the diet which has made a meaningful improvement in my health and energy. I am a podcast evangelist for my friends and family and this is always in the standard list that i add to peoples phones. Thank you both for all of your work and commitment to thoughtful analysis of this critically important topic.
Such a good podcast
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It has a very good content, knowledgeable and important for one to actually know all the business terms and how a business actually works. Thank you for the hosts for this fabulous show.
Simply amazing!
I chose the word “simply” very deliberately because Preston and Stig do a very good job of making complex topics accessible to a regular investor. Love the show!
Has helped me in many so different ways. Just a diversity of intelligent ideas and people. Thank you
Excellent take
This is a very easy listening, plain and simple explanation of business basics.
Solid advice
lion tamer 775
Love it. More insightful than years of my “advisors” advice.
Jose Nińo
The best podcast on investing, hands down. These guys are so smart and fun to listen to!
The real deal
These guys are the real deal. They speak well, provide incredibly useful information and have brought on many insightful guests. Their book reviews are also awesome and well thought out. Excellent work!
Excellent content
I never leave reviews for podcasts, but I found this today and I am very impressed. Great work guys! Thank you for putting in the effort to make this happen.
Raw Zoots
So impressed by the presentation of what seems like a foreign language to most of the general public. What you guys have here is a great thing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website BuffettsBooks.com There is a treasure trove of info there!! Please make more podcasts!
Thank you so much for the podcasts. It’s very help for me as a beginner for investor!
Best investing podcast
This is an amazing podcast!!!!! LISTEN TO IT!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I learned more about stocks in the Warren Buffet podcast than I learned in investing classes.
Excellent Podcast!
This is the perfect Podcast for those who want to rewrite their brain to start thinking like the Billionaires! — @STRALLENT
Creative Curve
These are all great tips! How do we absorb this information in a usable way? Allan, how can we get to know your company better? Branding is always an issue!
Excellent podcast, love going back to listen to some of my favorite past episodes - all of them still relevant today. Both Preston and Stig are excellent hosts - each clearly puts a ton of time and love and passion into every episode... I have learned more from listening to this podcast than all the books, textbooks, and life experience I have put together (28yr old - MBA in Accounting & Finance minor). I recommend this to all my friends and coworkers - least I can do to try and repay these guys. Please note - some episodes can get technical - important to not listen at 1.5x speed - and definitely pay attention! Thank you for everything Preston and Stig (and Tobias (reading Deep Value now) and Colin and Hari).
New to Investing
A great resource for me as a new and young investor. Gives me exposure to all areas of investing with two great personalties that love what they do.
Simply. Brilliant. Thank you!!
I remember about 3 years ago when it first occurred to me that if I wanted to have a lot of success in life, I should probably start by studying what highly successful people had done, what books they read, what their mindsets were, what their habits were, how they budgeted their time and money, how they approached investments... I came to the conclusion that I should probably just study billionaires. Three years and countless books, biographies, and documentaries later, and I stumble upon this gem of a podcast with two guys who have compiled most of that into one easily accessible format! This is one of the best tools I have ever found. Thank you for putting this out into the world. Thank you for interviewing these minds and sharing it with us all. I have been on a BINGE of this podcast and I will follow you for as long as you continue to put this out. This is quality work of immeasurable value. Preston, I have also recently purchased your books of Amazon and I intend to devour those with the same intensity as I have devoured this podcast. Thank. You. 🙏🙏🙏
The best podcast ever!
I have been listening every podcast show. Have learned more in this podcast than in my MBA- Freddy
I’m new to this investment thing but because of one of my close friends Carl (@cjoeblack @raisingbenjamin) I’m beginning to understand and ready to make the good solid selections of investment 💪🏾😤
Awesome pod cast !
Snapchat Executive
Best podcast on investing
Please no more bitcoin
Great podcast but enough with bitcoin... no one care
Adult material
Dino de'oro
This is one of the best podcasts I've yet to encounter. The material, presentation and research are first rate. This podcast demands my absolute attention because of it's enormous amount of actionable information. Thanks for the effort.
Awesome Source of Investing Information
Greatly enjoy your reviews on investment books and your group discussions on potential value stock picks. Keep up the great work! Frank S.
Great podcast!
I’m so glad i stumbled across this podcast. It’s a perfect combo of business advice, interviews, investment tools and they interview my favorite economists & business leaders. Excellent podcast!
Clear and easy to understand
Wow...just finished the first episode and the knowledge that I gained in 26 min is already starting to change, if not already, my mindset for investing. I want more...luckily there are more!
Simply the best investing podcast out there
I can’t thank Preston and Stig enough for the awesome contribution in value investing teaching for new investors like me. Keep up the great work guys!
Great stuff
Love this show, downloaded almost all of them and listening to them in chrono order. Even without the investing stuff, the talk about interesting stuff alot. The main two points I would say could be improved are: Being less opinionated and more factual. For example, if they said what their return was with what strategy they were using, that would be better then what they thought was a good idea. I would be much more interested in what they thought were good investments if they had a 20% return for the last 5 years straight. And two, it would be nice to have more viewpoints on the show, for example, someone who is a gold bug, big on bitcoin, etc Love the show, just wanted to give my feedback and really like that you promote creating value and giving.
Want to learn investing and business
Qais Rasooli
listen to Preston and Stig as they break complex investing and business scenerios into the most understandable fashion thanks to you both.to me You are like Charlie and Buffet are to you.
Fun and helpful
Totally entertaining, educational, and insightful. This podcast explores ways not just to invest better but also to live better and get more joy from your life. I’ve been listening to it for about 2 1/2 years and am consistently Informed, engaged, and impressed with every episode. Thanks for your great work!
Thank you for providing this treasure trove of financial content
What books have been the most impactful to your developement?
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