August 19, 2015
The event in Redding, California: Huge success, over 1,000 in attendance. Mainstream media working together to disinform the public about geoengineering. 4,000 people die a day in China from respiratory illness. Lake Michigan ice balls produce no studies, ignored by media. Is “renewable energy” really renewable? How to get involved.
August 12, 2015
Eight dead doctors, 5 missing, what is the common connection. MSM distracting the public as usual. Presidential post only a prop in the play. Chinese currency devaluation continues. “Quantative Easing”: Just printing more money. Markets – including gold and silver – are completely manipulated. Weather warfare used to punish countries that don’t submit globally. Breaking
August 5, 2015
How is it that people don’t notice the dying trees? Using “experts” to continue public denial. Heat index in Iraq near highest ever recorded. Is “green” energy really green? Cultural hypocrisy at an all-time high. 90% decline in aquatic and insect life in Shasta county! Mercury in teeth, light bulbs, and soil. Science for control.
July 29, 2015
Iran: The bigger picture. Climate engineering is related to everything. The new political parade. The facade of choice. The Killings: Paul Wellstone, Matt Simmons. Why was Saddam Hussein really demonized? Is it all about oil? How to get involved.
July 22, 2015
Politicians and corruption: There is no end. Government is not here to help you. News just a prop for political corruption. No news programs tell the truth about climate engineering. How to communiate with people about climate engineering more effectively. Plant die offs continue to mount. Human illness from the ongoing spraying. How to get
July 15, 2015
“White Bark Syndrome”. Mainstrea media disinformation a “circus of distraction”. The public does not know about the imploding world economic and ecological conditions. Impending environmental collapse caused by ongoing geoengineering programs. UV intensity burning leaves; people feeling the sun’s intensity. Food-fish population down as much as 90%. China GDP plummeting. China building ghost cities. Keeping
July 8, 2015
Setting up a better system; reaching more people by rebroadcasting on a major northern California radio station. Largest event taking place in northern California. Greece fails as the environment collapses. Fallout from fires. Loss of 75% global biomass. Global plankton down 50% to 60%. Global wildlife down two-thirds. If the spraying stopped today, what would
July 1, 2015
How do we understand those around us who don't care about global destruction? Deliver the message and move on. Many are waking up. Mainstream media keeping up the normalcy bias. How to get involved.
June 24, 2015
Many battles about resources. Elevated atmospheric CO2 results in higher plant nitrogen levels. Congressional aids now turning against geoengineering truth. Don't run from the issues. Face it head-on. Calfornia approaching 120 degrees. The reality we have known is over, but don't be adverse to it. How to get involved.
June 17, 2015
Things are going to start happening fast and furious. Why are there no hurricanes? Gulf oil well still leaking; media not talking. Whistleblower says aircraft used for spraying can be taken out if pilot defects. Pilots told, "You talk, you die!" Whistleblowers put in prison; Why? How to get involved.
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