September 20, 2019
Had a great time sitting down with Jen Cohen in this podcast - a lot of insights here on how to really narrow in on your biggest strengths, figure out what makes you different, and clarifying some of my thoughts on mentorship and working for free.   TIMESTAMPS: 0:20 - biggest advice for parents —> listening 2:00 - nudging vs cramming, certain directions and see how they respond 4:00 - whats the 1 thing about you that makes you impactful 6:00 - leaving money on the table 6:50 - my North Star is admiration and legacy 9:40 - kids growing up in the shadow of their parents 12:10 - working for free 14:30 - clarifying my thoughts on mentors 16:10 - talent vs work ethic/discipline 17:25 - thoughts on mastermind classes 19:00 - why I sell wine/sneakers 20:30 - produce content on scale 22:10 - how to make 100 things not create 100 things 24:15 - adding value through TikTok and Linkedin 26:30 - I pretend someone in my family died to keep my perspective
September 19, 2019
What up podcast! This is an instant classic... Tilman Fertitta (the owner of the Houston Rockets) stopped by the office for a new episode of #AskGaryVee - lots of energy, lots of gold here. Tune in as we talk sports, business, and to learn more about Tilman's arcade business ;) This was fun!! Tweet me @garyvee with what left an impression.   TIMESTAMPS: 1:00 Tilman Fertitta Origin Story 3:30 Entrepreneurs and Athletes 7:45 How I Want to Live 10:30 Family Business 12:00 When Banks Fail 11:00 Business Arbitrage 14:00 Buying Into the Houston Rockets 16:30 Clip for the future  18:00 Building a fan base 18:30 Owning IP 29:00 One thing Gary really cares about  19:40 Why Tillman wrote the book  21:00 Everybody is in the hospitality business  23:30 Why Gary loves athletes 30:30 Virtual kitchens and the current delivery service model
September 18, 2019
What up podcast! Marc Randolph (the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix) stopped by the office for a new episode of #AskGaryVee - so much gold in here for those of you in your 30s or 40s navigating a new career move, starting a business, or if you just want to learn the backstory of how he got there. Listen and tweet me what you thought @ GaryVee and follow me on LinkedIn so you don't miss any livestreams in the future!   TIMESTAMPS: 1:00 - Marc Randolph Intro 2:10 - Not taking "No" as an answer 7:00 - Early signs of entrepreneurship 9:00 - Gary's advice and Marc's life are the same 11:00 - 26:00 | Marc's Career path 26:00 - I suck at selling, I'm great at talking about the things I care about 30:00 - Timing and seeing patterns to be a better executive 31:00 - People like the past because it is safe 33:30 - Gary's dream of what heaven looks like 39:00 - A great question from Gary 42:00 - Putting on a Curry jersey to feel more confident 44:00 - Marc's Netflix Share Strategy
September 17, 2019
What's up podcast listeners? On this episode the dynamic star and entertainer Lilly Singh stops by the NYC office! Think you're going to love this episode - we talk judgement; of self and others, creating vs being on the sidelines, and lots of tactics and ideas and insights that I hope you're able to learn from. If this episode resonates with you, please tweet @garyvee with your feedback!   TIMESTAMPS: 4:45 - Crush it! 8:30 - Product of a viral video 9:30 - First 1 million video  10:15 - Balance on extremes  14:00 - Disappear December  17:15 - Lilly’s childhood 20:15 - Yes to mango juice  21:15 - Okay is happy not making money :) 26:15 - Nikita and timing 27:40 - Jamie, question 1, overcoming burnout 30:15 - Judgement is not sustainable 33:00 - Practicing “no” and not judging yourself 46:00 - Final rant about judgement and not wasting your time
September 16, 2019
Podcast Nation! With #LilVee I was passionate about sharing the tools tips and mindset selling slime and learning entrepreneurship for kids. This is a really special Keynote and Q&A at the the Slime Bash on September 10th here in NYC. Please tweet me @garyvee if you had a chance to listen to this episode and what you thought - I get a chance to go really deep on many of my favorite parenting topics and would love to your takeaways and feedback.   TIMESTAMPS: 4:15 Happiness Needs to be the North Star 7:45 Changing Your Mind is Good 10:15 Producing Content At Scale 13:15 Sacrifice for your Dreams 15:30 The Establishment Never Believed in Me 16:15 Take Accountability 17:15 Losing can be your best friend 18:15 Door to Door Sales 23:45 Everyone should aspire to smile in their Toyota 24:25 Q&A Start
September 15, 2019
Parents, this is a great episode  with a different vibe than you might be used to and I think you're going to LOVE it! Thought leader and educator Janice Bryant Howroyd stops by to talk about admiration for our parents, how adversity shaped her and details and insights from her life\. Parents and kids, take some ideas here and tweet me @garyvee with what you thought about today's episode.   TIMESTAMPS: 1:00 Intros 4:40 It’s All Context 9:40 Admiration for Parents 11:00 What’s your story? 15:10 Osmosis and Living It 16:30 It’s Your Attitude, not Your Aptitude 17:20 Don’t Make it About Yourself 18:20 Adversity leads to success 20:30 Parent Teacher Conference
September 14, 2019
Podcast listening community! This is a high energy #AskGaryVee with the dynamic Marie Forleo, author of her new book "Everything is Figureoutable" and Host of Marie TV. On this episode we talk abut finding your passion, building team culture, and answer call-in questions! I think you're going to get a ton of value from this episode and please tweet me @garyvee with your feedback. TIMESTAMPS: 4:00 - Intro to Marie Forleo 6:00 - Finding your passion with tasting 9:30 - Coaching and mastermind ecosystem 11:50 - Everything Is Figureoutable 14:00 - 2 things important in culture 16:00 - Living til 140 years old 17:55 - Question 1 by Brittany, having side gigs and being half way through your savings 23:45 - Question 2 by Franklin, living happily on making $600 a year 32:15 - Amanda likes Marie more than Gary
September 13, 2019
In this episode of AskGaryVee, we sit down with Faisal Sublaban aka @thehotelboss and discuss the importance of DOING instead of just thinking about building your business. TIMESTAMPS: 1:30 - Intros 3:45 - Faisal’s Childhood story 5:15 - Radical candor and wanting the pressure 6:30 - Optimistic management 9:40 - Shower pressure and gummy bears 12:25 - First Question: Alex “Implementing hospitality undertones to medicine and for doctors” 18:00 - Second question: Patrick “Having a challenge at scaling his business” 19:50 - There’s no universal correct answer, it’s what’s correct for you 29:00 - Raghav TikTok Fail 30:30 - Third question: Alex “How can I start, trying to figure out if it’s a good idea
September 12, 2019
Podcast Listeners, get your notepads out! This is a behind the scenes look at how we do LinkedIn content. Strategist & Copywriter on my team Raghav asks me questions as we walk through how we produce writtle articles and cartoons and other content for LinkedIN. Enjoy, and I hope you're going to love this if you've been searching for LinkedIN strategy and insights! Share what your feedback on LinkedIn and / or tweet at me @garyvee, would love to hear what you think! TIMESTAMPS: 4:07 Get attention while the attention is there 6:03 Striking while a platform is hot 7:10 Why I dominated Instagram 9:45 We should be charging for this 10:59 January 24, 2013 "Hey, whose on vine?" 11:57 This is the shit I do... bring massive value  
September 11, 2019
What's up podcast listeners? On this episode Mark Pulisic Host of Soccer Unplugged stopped by. We talked contemporary parenting, what it's like raising a professional athlete, and share our takes on the infamous College Athletics Admission scandal. This is a fun episode I'm excited for you to listen. Tweet me @garyvee with your thoughts and comments on this episode, would love to hear what you think. Also, for soccer highlights and news, check out One37pms very own @properfootball on instagram and give us a follow if you like what you see :)  - To learn more about Marc Pulisic, Host of Soccer Unplugged Podcast, and father of Cristian Pulisic, winger and attacking midfielder who plays for Chelsea FC: @markpulisic     TIMESTAMPS: :53 - Starting a youth sports business 2:10 - What’s the secret formula 2:51 - Eliminating Friction … at scale 5:47 - Kids are treated as corporate executives 6:58 - College Admissions Scandals 18:20 - Pay for Play 19:33 - The Solution is Communication 26:10 - Excuses and Complaining 29:35 - This is how you’re going to make it 32:00 - Accountability vs Ridicule 32:30 - Your Actions Have Consequences 35:25 - Quantifying Distractions 38:00 - Your kid is showing you they aren’t committed 38:55 - Start listening and stop imposing 39:30 - What is the balance 40:10 - The merit of consequences 44:00 - It’s all about judgment
September 10, 2019
Podcast listeners, today you get a special Inside 4Ds episode. This session took place on August 15th out of our NYC office. As you know 4Ds is one of my favorite things to do as I get to help solve every day business problems that entrepreneurs, SMBs and personal brands deal with. Fires me up!! If you're interested in attending a 4Ds session check out the link here and tweet me @garyvee with any questions ;)   TIMESTAMPS: 00:30  - 5:20 Guest Introductions 7:05 Being Agenda Driven - not all posts are created equal 9:05 Turning Referrals and word-of-mouth into creative 10:20 Eliminating Friction … at scale 12:55 Think like a ‘magazine’ company (Think like a publisher) (Think Like Vogue) 19:55 The High School Party Concept 25:35 - Video of the Day Question 26:30 - Why Vulnerability will work on LinkedIn 27:45 - How to work with old school businesses and not selling to the unsellable 35:05 - Benefits of FB Groups 37:05 - Creating Content for Dual Sided Marketplaces (37:05 should we cut this part) 40:05 - Family Cookie Business and building demand to penetrate new territories 43:15 - Generating demand for software businesses 45:50 - Optimizing on shipping for food businesses to retain control 46:45 - Rapid fire Q&A   Thank you for listening, and if you have any feedback, please remember to tweet me @garyvee or leave a comment on my LinkedIn Post!
September 9, 2019
On this episode, Oscar-winner, producer, screenwriter, and author Brian Grazer talks about finding human connection, listening, selling and sharing insights on what's holding people back. Brian produced films such as “Beautiful Mind”, “Liar Liar”, “8 Mile”, “American Gangster” and many more. Hope you enjoy this episode if you have any feedback please tweet me @garyvee. TIMESTAMPS:   1:50 : what I learned from selling as a kid   4:50 : all the benefits come from adversity   5:50 : the problem with contemporary parenting   8:20 fighting in school   8:45 bringing fighting back   10:45 strategies for effective listening; being present   11:20 the art of human connection   28:20 what’s stopping people
September 8, 2019
Happy Sunday podcast listeners!! Wanted to drop some fire for you today ... this rant should help you get your mind right as we all look to close out 2019 strong. How you perceive life and this world is everything and I just hope this can one of you get your mind in a better place than it was yesterday
September 7, 2019
I want to help all of you guys be the best version of yourself ... this episode is a mash-up of 10 of my "ideologies". Please listen closely as I really think these next 20 minutes can help you take that next step. Tweet me @garyvee to say hi and have a great Saturday! Timestamps: 1) :16 - Stop complaining 2) 2:10 - Chase happiness 3) 3:20 - Stay in your lane 4) 4:57 - Go do shit 5) 6:54 - Play longterm 6) 8:35 - Figure yourself out 7) 11:57 - Take action! 8) 13:40 - Find optimism 9) 15:16 - Stay driven 10) 16:18 - Live your life  
September 6, 2019
What's up podcast listeners. Special treat for you today. As I got to sit down with my good friend Matt Higgins, founder of RSE Ventures. We talked about our upbringing and similar our paths have been, his role on Shark Tank, and got the opportunity to answer Q&A from the crowd! Tweet us @garyvee and @mhiggins if you listened
September 5, 2019
What's up podcast listeners. Today's episode is an interview from my time in Australia. We spoke about hard work and not cutting corners, how to be authentic and much more.    For ANY podcast feedback / ideas tweet @garyvee AND @teamgaryvee   Timestamps: :20 - How are you building wealth outside of VaynerX     2:20 - What do you do daily to build mental resilience?     4:40 - I don’t like giving advise that is just a humble brag    7 - Why most humans aren’t authentic      10:10 - Why I don’t talk about my non-profit work    12:40 - I go on stage because I’m on operator, not a commentator
September 4, 2019
What’s up podcast. Today’s episode is a great 25 minutes of motivation for you on this Wednesday morning. Check the timestamps below for the most fire pieces of content from a few different talks I’ve done. Let’s make happiness the priority - nothing more important. Tweet me @garyvee with any thoughts
September 3, 2019
The great thing about entrepreneurship is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you came from. The market does not care about anything except the value you are bringing to it. Once you realize this and how leveled the playing field really is, you can start providing the real value that the market wants. Tweet me @garyvee if you agree Timestamps: 4 - Where my passion for the Jets comes from   6:30 - How sports are a form of escapism   8 - The power of eSports   13:50 - How I describe myself   18:40 - I’m not an investor I just make smart decisions   22:20 - Patience is my leverage
September 2, 2019
Fire episode!! Got to sit down with Sarah Holloway and do an episode on her podcast Seize the Yay. Really enjoyed it :). Check out the timestamps below, should help you pick and choose your moments. Tweet me @garyvee what you thought
September 1, 2019
Shout out to our very own @dustinnotjustin for the intro! Today's episode is a phone I did with the Australia Newspaper while I was in Australia. Since the audio wasn't the best, my team turned this into a mini rant of how to make content at scale and the importance of it for your business. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions Timestamps: 3:30 - Why aren't people posting? 6:40 - Long term value always wins 10:45 - Take advantage of today's internet 14 - Why I started a direct to consumer brand
August 31, 2019
What's up podcast. Epic keynote here from my Australia tour a few. Hope it gives you a little burst of energy this Saturday. Tweet me @garyvee and say what up! Timestamps: 8 - Take advantage of LinkedIn   18:50 - Why are you not making content for the internet?   35:25 - Parents struggle to anticipate where the world is going in the context of their child   47:40 - The platforms aren’t dying you just need to get better   1:01:30 - Voice is next and here’s what you need to do   1:15:00 - If you don’t know social media don’t hire someone, put in the work yourself first
August 30, 2019
What's up podcast hope you're all having an awesome Labor Day Friday. Today's episode is a news interview I did while I was in Australia. We talked about what the hardest question to ask yourself is, why I think I'm a successful business man and ended with an awesome rapid-fire Q&A. Enjoy and tweet me @garyvee with any questions Timestamps: 1 - My real passion   5:30 - What parents struggle with the most   10:40 - The environment I grew up in had a major impact in who I am   14:30 - Where my business success comes from   20:15 - Make take on spirituality/faith in context to what I do   23:05 - Quick Q&A
August 29, 2019
What's up podcast! This is a great interview I did with Channel 7 while I was in Australia. We talked a lot about entrepreneurship, being lonely and the 2 ways to go about building a business. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions
August 28, 2019
What's up podcast! Tomorrow's episode is a keynote I did in Brisbane recently. We ran it yesterday on Facebook live to pull some of your collective top moments. Make sure to check out the timestamps below!! A lot of talk on how to master a platform, where to go if you need free information and how to get over your fear of putting out content. Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback! Timestamps: 9:17 - It takes a lot of work to build a business   16:47 - There’s a crippling amount of inaction around putting out content   27:59 - I can’t hear the cheers or the boos   42:53 - Go live in the platform if you want to understand the platform   50:23 - Whoever asks loses   57:25 - Fuck data ;)   1:08:25 - GOOGLE!
August 27, 2019
Podcast! Let's make sure we're all finishing 2019 as strong as we physically can. Put in that extra hour a day, start the side hustle, ask that girl/guy out. Make the most of it! This episode is a fire keynote I did in Melbourne a few weeks ago, a lot of good business strategies I'd love for you to try to implement. Tweet me @garyvee your favorite moment
August 26, 2019
What's up podcast, happy Monday! This episode is a fun interview I did in Australia a few weeks ago. Talked a lot about why I create content for the end user, how there is no "next platform" and a lot more. I tried some of the best snacks Australia has to offer during this interview so if you hear me chewing it's because I was trying to multi-task :). Tweet me @garyvee to say hi Timestamps: 5:40 - I create content for other people   8:50 - Don’t guess for the sake of creating content   10:30 - There’s no “next platform”   13:40 - Why Mark Zuckerberg is so impressive   15:30 - People talk about privacy but don’t live it
August 25, 2019
Happy Sunday! More from Australia 2k19 :). Had a really great talk with Nick Bell about how to balance quality and growth when building a business, the importance of a global footprint and why I don't "turn off". Tweet me @garyvee with any questions or to say hi ;) Timestamps: :55 - How do you balance quality and growth when building a business?   4:40 - How I feel about competing for new business   6:20 - The importance of a global footprint   7:05 - My biggest mistake in running VaynerMedia   10:05 - I don’t turn off, I unplug by focusing on my hobbies   10:35 - Why I want to get into TV/film in the next 5 years   12:40 - The importance on posting content on LinkedIn
August 24, 2019
What's up podcast happy Saturday. Amazing episode with Mark Bouris - we sat down a few weeks back in Australia and he really pushed me to go deep into my upbringing, selling and much more. Make sure you check out the timestamps in the episode description, a lot of the best moments are marked down there. Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback! Timestamps: 2:50 - Business is a game to me … can you love your process?   4:15 - Do you think Entrepreneurship is a way out?   6:15 - What is the fabric of life for you? I’m from the dirt.   9:40 - I only dream at macro levels   12:20 - Dreaming vs Execution   15:30 - I don’t extract value out of my audience   17:30 - What jab jab jab ended up being   22 - Why I love sports   26:30 - I created entitlement at VaynerMedia
August 23, 2019
What's up podcast listeners happy Friday :). Today's episode is a new interview I did in Australia, a lot of fire in here, if anything stands out tweet me @garyvee so my team knows!! Also make sure you listen till the end specifically the last 6 minutes, for my honest input on a few business ideas I was pitched. Keep an eye out for the video version of that segment ;) Timestamps: 6 - My primary message is happiness   7:45 - We have to define our own success   11:35 - You have to look in the eyes of the messenger   15:15 - Flexing your wealth in front of 8 people is the same thing as flexing in front of 8 million people   17:25 - The market is my mentor   21 - My honest input on a few business ideas
August 22, 2019
What's up podcast listeners! Excited to share my recent keynote from my trip to Sydney. Some really good insight into how I get the most out of my team, the value of communicating and why I hope Instagram eliminates likes. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions or to say hi and have the best Thursday :) Timestamps: 3:10 - Scalable vs Non-Scalable activities   6:40 - The internet at scale   14:15 - Eliminating Instagram likes   22:40 - How I position success   31:20 - The value of communicating/building your brand   36 - Free content on a daily basis   43:30 - Stress and adversity in business   59:15 - How I get the most out of my team
August 21, 2019
What's up podcast! If you haven't noticed I've been talking about sports cards A LOT recently ;). Today's episode is a panel I did with Jason Koonce and Josh Luber at the NSCC a few weeks ago. We talked about how cards have the chance to become art and how I'd invest in cards if I had under $100. Tweet us all @garyvee @joshluber & @otiasports if you have any questions  Timestamps: 5:30 - Why I “hate” StockX 7:13 - The 3 things I think everyone should be thinking about when flipping 13:00 - What can happen if you can sense an increase in demand happening 16 - If you’re a 7 year old kid with $20-30, what would you buy at the convention? 19:47 - I think Sports Cards have a chance to become art
August 20, 2019
What's up podcast listeners. Today's episode is a sports card panel/Q&A I did in Chicago while I was at the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC). For those of you who follow my content you know how much I love buying and selling sports cards. For any of you trying to change up your investing or see if you enjoy the sports card flipping game, this podcast will bring a tremendous amount of value. Tweet me @garyvee if and what you're flipping!! Timestamps: 3:30 - Macro sports card trends to keep an eye out for   8:20 - I didn’t think Patrick Mahomes would be good but boy was I wrong   18:12 - I’m a big fan of "the market over everything”   25:47 - How to deal with Twitter bullies   28:10 - How does StockX affect the sneaker flipping industry   34:40 - Soccer cards are a layup
August 19, 2019
Happy Monday podcast listeners! Great episode here today with Kyle and Jackie O from KISS 1065. Sat down with them when I was in Australia last week and took some live call-ins. Linking the FB Live page below if you want to check it out. Make sure to tweet me @garyvee if you listened to this episode and have any questions Timestamps: 3:15 - Best always wins   10:30 - There’s no pressure to have your life figured out, keep trying things out   14 - Q&A with people calling into the show   21:10 - Q&A part 2 :)
August 18, 2019
What's up everyone. While I was in Australia I sat down with Australian Media company Mumbrella to talk VaynerMedia, my content machine and why I travel so much. Enjoyed this one and would love to borrow 28 minutes of your time on this Sunday morning. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions/comments/concerns
August 17, 2019
What's up podcast. Super tactical episode for you today - if you're big on YouTube these 20+ minutes are huge for you. Sat down with Benji Travis of Video Influencers to talk about the ins and outs of creating video content that wins on YouTube. Make sure you listen for his take on how content/thumbnail/title affects performance - amazing insight! Also check out his book "YouTube Secrets" on Amazon
August 16, 2019
Shout out Sam Craig on my team for the podcast intro. I sat down with Jack Bloomfield a few days back while I was in London. He asked a lot of good questions that led to my insight into teenage entrepreneurship, things to think about when building a business and the best thing that happened to me in college. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions and check out Jack on IG @jackbloomfield Timestamps: 3 - By the age of 7, 80% of my activities outside were business   5:02 - The best thing that happened to me in college   11 - Don’t judge the end of the first quarter   14 - The quickest answer to 94% of parenting questions   18:15 - Stop manipulating and start listening   20:45 - What to do if you have $2k
August 15, 2019
Podcast listeners - great news ... I am finally back in the US after 2+ weeks in Australia. Hope you're all doing well :). Today's episode is a Mompreneurs podcast I did in LA back in late July. A lot of really good parenting talk and some insight into how my parents helped me become the man I am today. Hope you enjoy and tweet me @garyvee to say hi  Timestamps: 5:05 - Why is your self esteem wrapped up in your children’s accomplishments?   11 - Allowing other people’s opinions to dictate your actions needs to stop   17:20 - How I parents my children   24:15 - How my parents suffocated me in a good way   31:10 - I don’t to make my money on my audience   36:15 - If you need money you need to start flipping
August 14, 2019
What's up podcast listeners - today you get to hear a new piece of content with my good friends CJ McCollum & Jordan Schultz. They hosted me on their podcast a few weeks back and I'm super fired up to share it with you. We jammed on greatness, how the outcome of the game comes down to a few plays and we even got CJ to give us his sleeper picks for next season. Enjoy and tweet us @garyvee @cjmccollum & @schultz_report with any questions   Timestamps: 5:15 - How important is it to be able to adapt?   12:40 - How Gary’s passion for trading cards started?   16:30 - CJ McCollum’s NBA sleepers   31:30 - Situation affects greatness   38:30 - The outcome of the game comes down to a matter of a few plays   46:30 - Mindset matters   51:45 - Adversity leads to success on and off the field
August 13, 2019
Podcast listeners, brand new keynote from a talk I did in Columbus, Ohio on July 16th. Thank you SkySprout for hosting such a great event, a lot of great Q&A about 30 minutes in. Check it out and tweet me @garyvee with any questions :) Timestamps: 4:30 - How Team GaryVee is similar to a football team   10 - Creating content at scale is a good business   17:30 - I want to do a 24-hour Q&A   27 - It’s not about which form of content is best, it’s which are you best at   33:15 - How much do you have to jab before you right hook?   40 - What would be the first position you’d hire today?   59:40 - Figure out how to change your bills   1:09:00 - Marketing in a regulated industry   1:18:00 - How to overcome fear
August 12, 2019
What's up podcast. Hope you're fired up on this amazing Monday. Brand new keynote from my most recent trip to Malaysia. Enjoy and tweet me @garyvee with any big takeaways!! Timestamps: 6:30 - Be self-less when creating content   16:30 - The reach on these platforms is real   26:10 - Don’t give with expectations   36:20 - Let the consumers decide, not you   41:10 - Why some people don’t agree with me   51:40 - Choose, live and adjust
August 11, 2019
Happy Sunday! Fun episode today that wraps up our Cannes series. I was on a panel with Brian Whipple, Steven Wolfe Pereira and Roxanne Taylor - we talked a lot about EQ in the workplace and the importance of being able to be yourself at work. Make sure to tweet me @garyvee :) Timestamps: 1 - Why is EQ important in the workforce today?   5:45 - Are corporations focusing on employee purpose?   11:40 - Finding the balance between practicality and the ambition of kindness within an organization   16:35 - Everything bad that happens at VaynerMedia is my fault   23 - You need to be able to be yourself at work   27:30 - Some of the biggest opportunities in the marketing industry
August 10, 2019
Whats up podcast listeners! Shout out to Jason for the intro on his last day. Today you get to hear a unique interview I did in Cannes in June with the Daily Lion - some great questions about Vaynermedia and our approach to advertising. Enjoy and tweet me @garyvee with any feedback. Enjoy your Saturday
August 9, 2019
Podcast listeners - great episode for those in the trenches and looking to learn from execution. I sat down at Cannes with Todd Kaplan - who is a good friend of mine and also the VP of Marketing for PepsiCo. We talked a lot about how PepsiCo is approaching marketing and using the "challenger" brand approach. Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback or questions! Timestamps: 7 - How Todd’s career started in college   13:15 - If you respectfully ask you’re putting yourself in a good position   19:40 - State of the union of Pepsi vs Coke   24:30 - Pepsi’s approach to Super Bowl 53   30:20 - Where do you get your “culture”?   34:55 - How do you balance an entrepreneur built for speed and an executive with process?   37:10 - Life is what you make of it
August 8, 2019
What's up podcast listeners. Shout out Brian the intern on team Gary for the fire intro! Today's episode is a talk I did in Cannes to a group of young creators in the ad industry. I'd love your attention for the next 45 minutes, make sure to tweet me @garyvee if you have any feedback or questions. Enjoy your Thursday! Timestamps: 7:10 - 2007 Wine Library set me up for angel investing    8:45 - The most interesting point of my career   12:20 - The only thing I think about is the consumer   14:45 - VaynerMedia’s philosophy   22:30 - Don’t stay quiet because you think it won’t play well in the room   27:50 - We push hard against what “on-brand” means   31:40 - What’s the price of the attention? 37:30 - Work ethic at VaynerMedia   44:25 - Nostalgia is the most underpriced thing in the world
August 7, 2019
Podcast listeners, this is one of the most important episodes I've ever put out. Entitlement is the single most important topic I want to try to breakdown - please please give me 9 minutes of your attention as this is so important. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions/comments/concerns this episode sparked
August 6, 2019
What's up podcast listeners. Today's episode is an interview I did with Cindy Gallop from Cannes a few months back. We talk a lot about the topics that society refuses to discuss, like money, death and sex. Cindy's background and career path is one that I really admire and I'd love if you all took the 37 minutes here to get to know who she is if you don't already :) - tweet us @garyvee & @cindygallop Timestamps: 3:50 - The three things people don’t talk about   12 - Taking a leap of faith   14:30 - How to make a public talk unique to you   22:30 - Experience matters   25:30 - Fuck pandering to the dying establishment   31:40 - Where Cindy’s primary focus is
August 5, 2019
Shout out to Nakia for the fire intro!! Check her out at @nakiagrowsgyms on IG especially if you're in Australia. Today's episode is a really good Q&A I did with the Rutgers Football team. Punchline? You have so much time :) - enjoy and tweet me @garyvee if you want to intro a podcast episode   Timestamps:   7:10 - The importance of communication   14:45 - I love Ls   23:50 - My big thing   33:30 - The best way to build your brand   39 - Nobody cares   47:30 - Don’t dwell when you haven’t even started
August 4, 2019
Shout out Katie on Team Gary for the intro! Happy Sunday everyone :) today's episode is an interview with my friend David Meltzer who has a new book coming out and is doing a lot of great stuff. We talk about sports and process and much more. Tweet me @garyvee !!   Timestamps: 4:45 - Give your best stuff away for free   11:30 - What do you want to deploy your attention to?   20:15 - How do you get to 6/7 figures?   29:20 - Why do you do what you do?
August 3, 2019
What's up podcast listeners. This episode is from Cannes back in June and is a really fun one. You'll get to hear 6 teams pitch me there best voice idea/alexa skill. If you haven't checked out my Alexa skill make sure you do ;) and if you have any podcast feedback for the team tweet us @garyvee & @teamgaryvee. Enjoy your Saturday Timestamps: :30 - Team 1 13 - Team 2 24:30 - Team 3 37:45 - Team 4 48:10 - Team 5 59:05 - Team 6
August 2, 2019
Podcast listeners, today you get a special Inside 4Ds episode with color commentary from Nick Dio. This session took place on July 10th out of our office in LA. As you know 4Ds is one of my favorite things to do as I get to help solve every day business problems that entrepreneurs, SMBs and personal brands deal with. Fires me up!! If you're interested in attending a 4Ds session check out the link here and tweet me @garyvee with any questions ;) Timestamps: 4:10 - How do we transition our ad dollars from TV/radio to social?   11 - How do we figure out what creative to run ads on?   19 - Sales vs branding   24:10 - Where do you start when looking to make video content?   27:30 - B2C marketing in a niche industry   34 - Sprinter vs marathon runner when building a business   41:30 - Raising money vs borrowing from a bank   43:50 - Rapid fire Q&A
August 1, 2019
Shout out Max Browne on my team for the intro! Podcast listeners, today you get to hear a Q&A/Keynote style conversation I had in Cannes at an Ernst & Young talk. We talked a lot about marketing, how CMOs and other executives are operating and a lot more. Enjoy and let me know what you thought on Twitter @garyvee Timestamps: 3:40 - Are we thinking about campaigns or customers? 9:15 - Good for the business and good for consumers is different 14 - We live in a world where everyone optimizes around their business model 19:05 - Volume of creative matters 24:30 - Why I’ve always been practical
July 31, 2019
What's up podcast listeners - today's episode is an interview I did in Cannes back in mid-June with the Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube, Kevin Allocca. We talked a lot about how to make better video content and what the world is becoming in this new era of technology. Please please listen and tweet me @garyvee if you have any questions/feedback/or want to say hi :) Timestamps: 4:50 - Every kid wants to be an influencer 9:15 - The world is not ready for the next level or video 14:50 - Why it's so hard to know what's trending and to trend 23 - There is so much data available    
July 30, 2019
I sat down with Facebook's VP of EMEA Nicola Mendelsohn to talk brand authenticity and how I use my personal social channels to help Fortune 500 brands implement platform best practices. A lot of gold in here!! Make sure to tweet me @garyvee if you have any questions or want to say hi ;) Timestamps: 1:10 - What does brand authenticity mean to you? 4:05 - Which brands are communicating well? 5:15 - Are there stages where creativity and authenticity matter more? 6:35 - What is one piece of advice you would give to a small business trying to find its voice? 9:15 - What are you favorite platforms? 10:05 - How do your personal social profiles help you bring value to big businesses? 12:40 - What are some of the next big trends? 14:00 - Facebook rapid fire Q&A
July 29, 2019
On this episode, NASCAR Executives Steve Phelps and Jill Gregory stopped by. For those of you who don’t know, Steve is the President of NASCAR and Jill is the CMO. They came by and talked about how they became NASCAR fans, innovating the sport, the challenges facing NASCAR currently, driver road rage and plenty more! Hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any feedback for us make sure to tweet me @garyvee Timestamps: 8 - New era of NASCAR drivers 11:15 - Being authentic and charismatic 15:20 - What we believe works 21:30 - NASCAR's challenges 27:20 - NASCAR compared to other sports 33:10 - Branding in NASCAR 39:30 - Tradition in NASCAR  
July 28, 2019
Podcast happy Sunday! I hope today's episode motivates you to take control of your life. A lot of mindset talk and how important it is to take full responsibility for everything you do. If you like this check out for more motivation and make sure to tweet me @garyvee and give your podcast feedback ;)
July 27, 2019
What's up podcast - one of my favorite times of the year is when I get to sit down with the VaynerMedia interns. A lot of really thoughtful questions in here and some new stories I haven't told before. Enjoy your Saturday and if you have any questions tweet me @garyvee :) Timestamps: 3:30 - Tasting things is the #1 strategy in your 20s, taste more 9:30 - Everyone worries about everyone’s actions but their own 17:15 - One big truth about VaynerMedia that not a lot of people know 24:15 - How Gary controls his public image 34 - Nobody really knows you 41 - Greatest unlock in life
July 26, 2019
What's up podcast, shout out to the intern Jason for the intro. Today's podcast is a mashup on the importance of mindset, entrepreneurship today and why I love being on the record. If you want to intro a podcast, make sure you tweet me @garyvee and let me know when you listen to the podcast and the last episode you heard ;). Check out this Youtube page for more fire!! Timestamps: 4:20 - You can be happy without money 7:35 - Entrepreneurship has gotten too cool 10:05 - I’m on the record 12:10 - I’ve always loved adversity 15:05 - There is no more hiding
July 25, 2019
What's up podcast, super nerdy episode for you guys today. My friend Jason Koonce who is a phenomenal card player and also very knowledgeable in the flipping cards space stopped by to talk how to make extra income through e-bay, what's on his radar right now and some of his biggest wins/loses. Plus we predicted some athletes that whose stock will rise in the next 6 months so make sure you listen to the full episode. Tweet us @garyvee & @otiasports Timestamps:   2:25 - What to do with your $5k   6 - Jason's top GaryVee "What the fucks"   11:30 - Invest in sports "villains"   15:15 - When cards took off again   19:45 - USA Women's Soccer arbitrage   26 - Predicting sports upset arbitrage   28:30 - How Gary, Jason and Lou would spend $1000 on sports cards right now   35:10 - My new card with Topps   38:40 - Biggest card price jump over the last 2 years
July 24, 2019
Podcast, really special treat for you today. Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux who are better known as the Lamoureux Twins stopped by today. For those of you who don’t know, Monique and Jocelyn scored the game-tying and game winning goals in 2018 Winter Olympics to help the US Women’s National Ice Hockey team clinch the gold medal. We talked growing up in a sports family, the new foundation they just launched, the greatest athletes in American history and a whole lot about parenting. Hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any questions for us make sure to tweet @garyvee & @lamoureuxtwins ;) Timestamps: 5:00 - Lamoureux Twins’ favorite sport other than hockey 9:00 - Entrepreneurship wasn’t cool 14:00 - The New Foundation they launched 18:00 - Biggest fight they got into 23:00 - Best players they have played against  26:00 - The greatest athletes in American history create their brand 36: 00 - How to build confidence in your kids and keep them unique 43:50 - Gary’s parenting advice, but you do you as a parent 46:30 - Best way to take out delusion from kid’s life
July 23, 2019
What’s up podcast! Super star human & NBA player Kevin Love stopped by today. We discussed his road through UCLA and ultimately to Minnesota, the importance of not hearing the boos or the accolades and Kevin’s take on how to stay tough during a depressive time in your life. Kevin has recently begun to take on a voice in the mental health space. For more on how he’s dealt with his struggles, make sure to check out his Players’ Tribune piece here   Timestamps:   3:40 - I was born to be in the NBA   10:35 - The #1 business I would start today (youth athletics)   15:30 - How Kevin Love ended up at UCLA   18:30 - Biggest surprise of joining the NBA (can’t prep for volume/speed/talent of league)   23:20 - Off the court … mental health   31:15 - Players Tribune article   39 - How do you market talent to the masses?   44:20 - Fashion in the NBA   45 - How do you stay focused on your goals when dealing with mental health/depression?   53 - When the home team boos after the away team goes on an 11-0 run   58 - Turning negativity into a positive
July 22, 2019
What's up podcast. This is a brand new keynote I did in June at a conference hosted by Ericsson. I talk a lot about my DNA as a salesman and an entrepreneur, immigration, using your skills to your advantage and a lot more. A lot of good Q&A in here! Again really urging all of you to do what makes you happy and live your life to the fullest :). Tweet me @garyvee with any podcast feedback!! Timestamps: 4:20 - Why I had 8 lemonade stands as a kid 9:55 - My DNA has always been consumer centric 14:50 - How to leapfrog using your skills 22:40 - Are you sure you don’t have budget for social media marketing? 29:05 - Marathon running vs sprinting 36:10 - Being a practitioner of your craft 42:20 - Work ethic is a controllable part of the game 46:20 - Why LinkedIn and Twitter have become much more important platforms for me
July 21, 2019
What’s up podcast. This episode is a throwback from 2017 where I sat down and gave advice to a young man. Enjoy and let me know what you thought on social by tweeting me @garyvee
July 20, 2019
What's up podcast! This episode is awesome new content as I sat down with John Caudwell to talk personal brand, entrepreneurship and all things business. Enjoy and tweet @garyvee with any takeaways questions or to just say hi :) Timestamps: 3:50 - My commitment to output 9:40 - How John is measuring his growth on social 17:05 - What's on your mind these days? 26:45 - Documenting vs creating 33:40 - Your immediate circle needs to understand the mission 40:35 - The power of post-production at scale
July 19, 2019
Shout out Georgia Green for the intro! Today's episode is from a while back but is soooo fire. Benji Travis (check him out @benjimantv) stopped by to talk building brand, creating a team to help you win and thinking bigger. A lot of gold here - listen carefully!! Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback ;) Timestamps: 3:15 - How I built my brand   5:25 - The importance of engagement   8:00 - Using video to build a business around your passion   11:15 - You need to know you   13:05 - How to create a team to help you achieve your goals   16:40 - There’s talent out there, you just have to ask   17:10 - How much of storytelling should be aspirational?   19:30 - One life
July 18, 2019
Shout out Susanna Page for the podcast intro! This might be one of the best episodes for DTC businesses that listen to the podcast. I did a fireside chat in London recently, got a lot of questions on Empathy Wines and KSwiss which I answered in a way to bring value to anyone selling direct to consumer. Would love for you to listen to the whole 19 minutes and tweet me @garyvee if you have any feedback/questions ;) Timestamps: :45 - How Empathy Wines started   3:15 - Year 2 of Empathy: act more as a brand rather than leveraging a personal brand   3:50 - Is Instagram the most important platform for Empathy?   6 - What is the best way for a DTC company to build brand   9:15 - Why it’s tough for publicly traded companies   12:15 - Brands moving into physical retail spaces   13:20 - Consumer’s only care about convenience    15 - KSwiss 004s campaign   16:15 - The role of influencers in DTC    
July 17, 2019
Shout out Amanda Martin for the podcast intro! Today's episode is a mashup on accountability and winning. Tweet me @garyvee if you want to intro an episode, we're trying to get VaynerNation involved ;) Timestamps: 3:10 - You have to persevere    9 - If you’re good enough you will win   14:15 - Successful people work   20:10 - I’ve made so many calculated risks that failed   27:10 - The honey empire
July 16, 2019
First off shout out Christine Capone for the podcast intro :). Cool episode for you all today - this is conversation with a fan who offered to drive me to an event a few weeks back in Stockholm. We talked about a business idea of hers, I think this will be unique insight into how I approach building businesses. Let me know what you thought on twitter @garyvee Timestamps:   1:50 - Hire people who are good at what you don’t like doing   3:15 - Divide and conquer, or do everything together?   5:30 - Potential market vs actual market   8:20 - Spend your time on business development   9:20 - How do I get Empathy Wines in Sweden?
July 15, 2019
What's up podcast. Today you get to hear a fire keynote I did in Singapore earlier this year. A lot of high level marketing tactics, how to win on social and the importance of perspective and a state of the union of entrepreneurship. Tweet me @garyvee with any takeaways and enjoy your Monday ;) Timestamps: 6:30 - The importance of knowing what you like to do 12:30 - Targeting x creative 18:25 - The more content that you put out… 24 - Why more content leads to more success 32:20 - Hire people that are better at the things you’re not great at 38:30 - Mix up your content, for the audience 48 - Facebook and the cannabis industry 53:10 - The importance of humility 1:01:00 - People don’t understand entrepreneurs if they’re not entrepreneurs 1:06:00 - Don’t be in the convincing business
July 14, 2019
Shout out Anthony Smith for today's podcast intro. If you want to intro an episode make sure to tweet me @garyvee & @teamgaryvee with your feedback on twitter!! This episode is all about motivation. Hope you enjoy on this Sunday and are ready to crush it this week ;) Timestamps:   1:35 - I hope your truth is actually your truth   4:20 - Why can’t people understand the opportunity at hand   7:20 - Focus on the future, not the past   11:20 - The only thing I care about
July 13, 2019
Yo guys this episode was so good we didn't even get to call anyone in. My friend Michael Chernow and I talked about some real shit - make sure you listen to the full episode and tweet us @garyvee and @michaelchernow for feedback or questions or if you dropped your phone number and we didn't call you. Much love
July 12, 2019
What's up podcast - been a month or so since we did an #AskGaryVee so I'm super fired up to be back and loved having Sharlee Jeter and Dr. Sampson David on the show. We talked a lot about willing things into existence, delusion, failure and took so epic calls as always. Tweet us @garyvee @sjeter2 & @drsampsondavis and let us know if you enjoyed the episode. Happy to be back :) Timestamps: 5:30 - Willing things into existence and the value of our “Brain” 9 - 8th place trophies and practical optimism  12:15 - Don’t Create Delusion 18:40 - Micro failures can be macro wins 23:15 - Why I wink 26:30 - One story I never like to tell 35 - Selfless and selfish behaviors 51:50 - How to get control of your life when you are dwelling 1:00:00 - Question of the day: What is your fear?
July 11, 2019
What's up podcast. Today you'll hear a motivational mashup made by youtube channel Motivation Affirmations, check out the original link below and shout out to First In Line member Joshua Bittman for today's custom podcast intro! For a chance to intro a podcast episode make sure to give us feedback on social by tweeting me @garyvee ;) Timestamps: 1:45 - Do you have the ability to weather the storm? 6:45 - I know happy and unhappy people 13 - No one becomes successful without putting in the work 18:45 - I didn’t talk till I was 35 26:10 - Quality vs quantity home time 35:25 - The game is the journey  
July 10, 2019
What's up podcast. Awesome 4Ds episode for you guys today, this session took place on June 10th and a lot of serious topics were covered. Please listen to the whole thing and tweet me @garyvee with any questions. Check out for more info Timestamps: 1:30 - How do you create urgency for a product catering to SMBs? 8:30 - When scaling so fast, how do you make sure the knowledge transfer happens? 9:30 - Can B2B SaaS products leverage influencers? 11:20 - CTA advice for a IRL banner campaign? 15:50 - How do I become a thought-leader in multiple online communities? 30:20 - How do I brand my Mortgage company to steal consumers from the bigger companies? 38 - Should we brand the company or the human being? 39:10 - TikTok or Instagram? 41:30 - How do you properly right hook? 47:25 - Should I build my own media team or outsource?
July 9, 2019
Podcast hope your week is off to a great start. Currently in LA and fired up about the ESPYs and all the energy out West. Today's episode is about mindset. Listen carefully as this could be the push you need. Check out the original video from the Mulligan Brothers and tweet me @garyvee with any feedback ;) Timestamps:   2:30 - The last scene in 8 Mile   6 - I’m obsessed with practicality    12:30 - What are you looking for   18 - I’m 40+, how do I start?   26 - The reality of what I want   32:45 - The great mistake of my career   38:35 - What if
July 8, 2019
Today’s podcast is from a talk I did in Sweden a few weeks back. We talked a lot about why engagement is the most crucial factor for results and the well being of your employees, as well as accountability and entitlement. Please tweet me @garyvee with any takeaways from this episode and have a great Monday :) Timestamps:   5:30 - I care more about retention than profit   10 - I don’t micro-manage, I “bat-phone”   16 - less rules, less process   21 - my view on culture and leadership   29 - understand your own shortcomings   32:30 - call the bluff   37 - employee engagement can lead to financial success   42:30 - emotional intelligence and communication
July 7, 2019
What's up podcast. today's episode is a 7 minute clip from a keynote I did in Jakarta earlier this year. Choose this as some Sunday motivation for you all and hope this gives you positive energy heading into the new week. As always tweet me @garyvee with your feedback and for a chance to intro an episode. Also please check out :) Timestamps: 1:30 - you need to get your mind right 3 - did you fuck up or no? 4:55 - you need the full context
July 6, 2019
Today's episode is a segment from a talk I did last year in Auckland, NZ that my team said has been getting a lot of attention. It's so important that everyone starts talking to the world, my team tries to put out 100 pieces of content per day... I hope this episode brings some value to you and tweet me @garyvee with any feedback  Timestamps: 2:25 - the reality of the internet 5 - this era will go away 7:40 - put out all your best info for free
July 5, 2019
Today's episode is a brand new keynote I did at the 2019 Financial Brand Forum in Vegas on April 15th. I was really on my game for this hour and talked a lot about putting the past on a pedestal, how technological advances are making brand more important than ever, speed and more. If you want a chance to intro a podcast episode leave a video review on twitter and tag me @garyvee ;) Timestamps: 16:00 - The problem with putting the past on a pedestal   23:00 - the only thing we are left with is brand   33:30 - why do we live completely different lives than our business practices   41:15 - who here has clicked a banner ad?   54:09 - all we care about is speed
July 4, 2019
What's up everyone happy 4th of July. I've been on vacation for a few weeks now so it's good to be back and hope to get some of you to check out ;). Today's episode is an exciting mash-up around my definition of greatness. There's a few rants in here, some throwback conversations with my good friend Lewis Howes and a meeting from last year with NBA player Nik Stauskas. Please tweet me @garyvee and say hello!! Timestamps: :35 - Lewis Howes asks “what’s your definition of greatness” 3 - Greatness is a mindset 4:10 - Conversation about greatness between gary and NBA player Nik Stauskas  8:20 - Lewis asks “what’s your definition of greatness” for the 2nd time 9:10 - Know who you are, own it, and greatness will follow
July 3, 2019
Today’s episode is a mash-up of advice I've given to several different small cookie businesses over the last few years. I'm not sure how cookies keep popping up but I think this is good advice to apply to whatever niche product you're selling. You’ll hear a caller from a live stream from a month ago, 2 different #askgaryvee clips from 2015 and 2017 and a fire rant from way back in 2011. Enjoy and let me know @garyvee on twitter if you liked this episode  Timestamps: :45 - #askgaryvee 245 7:25 - May 2019 live stream 14:20 - #askgaryvee 71 15:33 - sell the damn cookies rant
July 2, 2019
What's up podcast. A few weeks ago in May I was stuck in Toronto and did an Instagram live Q&A with around 15 different people. Some fans, entrepreneurs, business partners and life long friends joined in. I always talk about watch what I do not what I say. Try to think about ways constantly be bringing value to your audience ;). Let me know what you thought on twitter @garyvee and enjoy your day! Caller Timestamps: #1 - 2:50 #2 - 7:05 #3 - 13:25 #4 - 19:20 #5 - 20:35   #6 - 31:10   #7 - 36:50   #8 - 40:55   #9 - 42:50   #10 - 47:45   #11 - 52:30   #12 - 57:30   #13 - 59:10   #14 - 1:01:20   #15 - 1:02:30 Pre-Roll info: James R. Stengel is an American businessman, author, professor, and public speaker. He served as the global marketing officer of Procter & Gamble from 2001 to 2008 and is now hosting Gallery Media Group's new show called The CMO Podcast. For more info check out
July 1, 2019
This episode is my second time on my friend Aubrey Marcus' podcast. We talked the impending dissolution of privacy, the rise of open relationships and much more. Enjoy and let me know what you thought on social @garyvee and make sure to check out our new show The CMO Podcast ;) Timestamps: 10:10 - Bandwagon sports fans 19:30 - "You'll always be disappointed if you think some big force is gonna save you. You'll always be disappointed. So just solve it for yourself”  33:50 - Ego vs confidence 51:45 - Own your truth and everything else will fall into place   1:06:10 - Limit things that make you unhappy   James R. Stengel is an American businessman, author, professor, and public speaker. He served as the global marketing officer of Procter & Gamble from 2001 to 2008 and is now hosting Gallery Media Group's new show called The CMO Podcast. For more info check out
June 30, 2019
Hope your Sunday is going absolutely perfectly. Today’s you’ll hear an awesome episode from the 4As Strat fest in October of 2016. I talked a lot about the shortcomings of traditional media, dealing in alternatives and the ROI of different situations. Enjoy the episode and the rest of your weekend, please please let me know what you thought on social @garyvee
June 29, 2019
Trying something new in this episode. First In Line member Dan Willis got a chance to intro the podcast because he left a review on twitter. If you want to get a chance to intro an episode make sure you give us feedback on social ;). Super fired up on this keynote I did in Vegas on May 14th. A lot of b2b and b2c talk here as well as focusing on capitalizing on the attention your cultivating. Enjoy and let me know what you thought @garyvee Timestamps: 3:01 - Attention of the person you are trying to reach 9:15 - The future of Linkedin and how to take advantage of it. 14:01- Advice for B2B companies. 20:30 - The importance of communication and the opportunity available now 30 - The future of text platforms. 34:30 - Speak your full truth in your career. (Better to die on your own sword) 37:50 - Hacking your attention and being the next layer. 42:00 - How do you track the ROI and know that the work you put in will be useful? 45:43 - Why do you push people to Instagram when your audience is on Twitter? 47:31- How do I engage my customers on social? 50:21- How do you deal with entrenchment and bureaucracy within an organization? 52:18 - Why K-Swiss? 55:13 - Do you think we will be in an A.I arms race?
June 28, 2019
What's up podcast today's episode includes 3 different clips that are all pieces of insight into how to get a job at VaynerMedia. You'll hear the story of how my designer DKirk got a job here two years ago (check out the full video below), a question Mark Cuban asked on an #AskGaryVee show from 2015 and a clip on why I loook for EQ over IQ. Enjoy and tweet me @garyvee with any feedback ;) Timestamps: :33 - How DKirk got a job on my team 9:35 - Mark Cuban on #AskGaryVee 105.5 12:03 - Why I hire EQ over IQ  
June 27, 2019
Happy Thursday podcast. Today's episode is an inside look into our 4Ds consulting course. As I'm sure many of you know, we bring small businesses and entrepreneurs into VaynerMedia HQ to teach them all things social and digital. This episode took place on May 28th, 2019 and has a really powerful hour long Q&A with myself and the people attending. A lot of value in here!! Check out the link below to learn more about 4Ds and tweet me @garyvee if you have any feedback
June 26, 2019
This episode is all about hiring, firing, company culture and leadership - will be so valuable for a lot of you building businesses or managing teams. Do you like this style format? Please tweet me @garyvee with any feedback I can pass along to my team :) Timestamps: :35 - Employees rely on their leader’s vision   1:35 - How to make good hires   4:32 - How to build company culture   6:24 - Fire bad employees, or let them quit?   10:20 - Why you first 20 hires are so important   16:50 - Leaders need to develop their communication skills   17:21 - How to make a key hire   20:25 - Preparing your employees for change
June 25, 2019
This is a fun episode to release so I really hope you all listen to the full thing. Jessie Reyez and I talked about her career about a year ago in June '18 and she's really taken off since. The advice I gave her about putting out more music and more content, collaborating with others as a way of reaching new audiences and capitalizing on all biz dev opportunities really applies to almost every vertical. If you don't know Jessie's music check her out and tweet us @garyvee & @jessiereyez with any questions ;) Timestamps: 2 - Collaborate with people outside your demo 6:20 - You have to strike when it’s hot 9:30 - Artists need to evolve 20:15 - Scale only comes when you let the audience be the judge 25 - I’ve been in my own head forever 27 - I’m not looking for anyone’s validation 32:30 - I’m going to shove positivity down your throats for the rest of my life
June 24, 2019
If you don't know Jay Shetty I hope this episode opens the door for you to his content. He's one of the most authentic story-tellers and is a great friend of mine. About a month ago I was on his podcast "On Purpose" and we got into an in depth talk about how to stop caring what people think about you, why you should focus on happiness not hustle and why you need to contextualize advice before you decide to listen to it. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you thought on social @garyvee
June 23, 2019
Hey guys happy Sunday. This episode of The Insurance Guys podcast was filmed back on June 6th at VM HQ and was a blast to record. We talked a lot about how valuable it is to genuinely like other people and some of my biggest goals in life. Scott Howell & Bradley Flowers hosted a great episode and it would mean the world to me if you checked them out on Instagram and and their podcast Let us know what you thought about the episode, tweet me @garyvee !! Timestamps: 4:10 - Why people want to take a selfie with me 12:30 - The difference between my content and most people's content 23:15 - Why I'm building brand 28:30 - Buy your significant other flowers on a random day 37 - What is the thing your most insecure about in the whole world?
June 22, 2019
We finally got it!! This keynote in Jakarta was filmed back in February of 2019, my team just last week got the final footage so I'm really fired up that you now get to listen. This keynote came after a 24 hour flight and a quick shower - glad I did it as the Jakarta crowd was awesome ;). I talked a lot about my take on the biggest weakness of human beings. We struggle to block out the noises of other peoples judgement and my goal is to help you do what makes you happy, not to care about what other people think of you. Let me know your thoughts by tweeting me @garyvee and have the best weekend! Timestamps: 6 - Optimism is the fuel to practicality  19:05 - One of the best places in the world to product content 26:05 - Why are you not doing it? 32:10 - I started VaynerMedia in another company's office 45:20 - Are you going to do something or do what everyone else does? 51:10 - Q&A
June 21, 2019
Today you're going to hear me talk in a way that most of my biggest fans, even most of my team, have probably never heard. As some of you might already know, the motto behind my new sneaker with KSwiss is making the shift towards positivity and optimism. It's about living a life where you make happiness a choice, and you get there by looking at the world through the lens of positivity and optimism. In this interview, I really open up and talk about the struggles I had when building wine library in a tone that might be new to most of you. I really really hope you enjoy this episode, please tweet me @garyvee with any feedback or takeaways and have the best Friday ever  Timestamps: 4:20 - Happy, with consequences if we got out of line 12:50 - I used to struggle with defeat 18:45 - I'm very quick to deal with reality 26:15 - I new I could help build our family business 34:15 - The power of perspective    
June 20, 2019
What's up podcast. This is a killer episode as my team put together a mash-up of all the marketing tactics I'm currently bullish on. You'll hear some Q&A and segments from keynotes that will really help a lot of you understand where you need to focus your energy today. If you want to see where these clips came from check out a few of the links below. As always let us know what you thought by tweeting me @garyvee and have a great day :) 1:15 - The 80/20 rule 4:35 - Be authentic when speaking to new audiences 8:30 - Trying things is a good context point 12:15 - The $1.80 strategy to growing your social audience  
June 19, 2019
What's up podcast. I got to be on episode one of Andrew Cordle's new show Famously Generous which was really awesome. We talked about money and why it's not a popular topic to talk about in America, as well as generosity and some other core ideologies of mine. Please tweet us @garyvee and @andrew_cordle with any feedback or follow up questions Also wait for it at the end ... big wallet/little wallet show down ;) Timestamps: 4:20 - The problem with money 10:20 - Money is a character revealer  16:30 - Why don't we "teach" money 30 - Everyone should play big wallet little wallet publicly
June 18, 2019
Podcast. Today you get to see a new episode of the When's Happy Hour Betches podcast hosted by Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman. We had a really great conversation around entrepreneurship, caring less about other peoples opinions and a lot more. Check it out and let me know what you thought on twitter @garyvee - for more on the betches podcast go to :)   Timestamps: 1:55 - Extra reps in the gym matter 6:20 - Being able to make a change is a huge strength 9:30 - Some of the biggest businesses of all time shut down before they become the biggest business of all time 16 - I had to work on giving negative feedback 23:40 - It's what I do when I'm awake
June 17, 2019
What’s up podcast. I was so excited and humbled that so many of the USC community came out to hear me speak that I really went deep in the topics discussed. This keynote was 4 years in the making as I spoke at USC in 2015 so it was really great to be back. We talked about the state of entrepreneurship and so much more. Tweet me @garyvee with feedback or to say hi. Let’s have a great week :) Timestamps: 11:05 - The importance of an L 28:50 - The "at bat" is the macro win 43:10 - Has technology changed the way you sell? 65:45 - How the KSwiss partnership began 80:40 - Facetiming Gunna  
June 16, 2019
Loved loved loved having my DAD, Sasha Vaynerchuk on the show this week. Anyone that's in a family business NEEDS to hear this one. There's a lot of really, really important topics here, and the call-in questions were even deeper. We go back and forth about topics like what to do when you feel you're underpaid in a family (or any) business, talk to a father-son business pair about when and how to start trusting your children to lead and take over a business, and you get an EXTREMELY in-depth look at where my work ethic and practices came from. Don't miss this one, and let me know what you thought. P.S. There's a few really great stories in here ;) 13:00 - You have to be patient 24:00 - Importance of investing in your business 36:00 - How do I know if I should be paid more? 51:00 - Work life balance
June 15, 2019
Really really really excited to refresh this episode of #AskGaryVee where the main man, my father Sasha Vaynerchuk joined me on the show to answer some tactical questions about growing a business alongside me. Whether you're just starting your vlog or you're trying to deal how to scale massive growth, this is a seriously fire episode you can't miss. Enjoy your weekend :) 2:36 - You've led Wine Library & Vayner through insane growth. What's your best advice to those leading growing teams? 7:49 - I started daily vlog series. Should I focus on Youtube or Facebook video? Or both? 9:49 - What's one question you get asked all the time that you can't stand answering? 16:01 - Successful leaders say you're the sum of the five people you spend most time with. How do you level up your five? 21:31 - How bad do you wish Tom Brady was your QB?
June 14, 2019
What’s up podcast. In today’s episode you’ll get to hear two clips centered around parenting advice that my team told me have been getting a lot of buzz. The first is a phone call from #AskGaryVee w/ Cat & Nat that was insane and the second is a clip from my episode on Heather Monahan’s podcast. Check out the links below for the full episodes of both and let me know what you thought on social :wink: #AskGaryVee 312 w/ Cat & Nat - :31 Gary on Creating Confidence w/ Heather Monahan - 15:15    
June 13, 2019
I see too many companies putting effort into social solely for the purpose of doing social. If companies put more of an emphasis on brand and sales, I think that there would be a positive and dramatic shift in how that company thinks about and executes on social. Let me know your thoughts on this episode @garyvee on twitter :)
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