Credibility in question
I’ve listened to this podcast for a while. This is an updated review. I’ve previously appreciated the non partisan approach to discussing political issues. However the Russian episode presents serious credibility questions about the creators of this podcast. Regardless of party to ignore facts and paint a picture of a powerless leader of Russia and Russians eagerness to befriend the US is a gross mischaracterization on known facts. SHAME of you CSIS.
Fantastic podcast!
Always feel informed and inspired!
Best interviews
HA Schwartz
Consistently one of the best podcasts in the entire ecosystem.
Great show-awful sound engineering
The show itself is fascinating when my ears can take it. I enjoy the intelligent and timely subjects. The ongoing problem is that the volume of guests' voices is too low but if I turn up the volume enough to hear them, my ears get subjected to the unbelievably loud voice of the host. I try hard to listen every week but it is painful. And disappointing that such a great show is supported by such poor production! Give this great show the support it deserves!
Fantastic series
Smart Woman in Austin, TX
The only reason this series hasn't become more popular is that many men likeley assume it's not relevant to them. GREAT job on this series - well-chosen topics, well-qualified guests. This is on my "my listen" list every week.
So far so good
so much for girl power! wohooo
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